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DYM Chapter 677

A cold smile crept across his lips as he watched the dense ma*s of fighters and warships swoop down on Loyue. He was well aware that across the way, out of his sight, hundreds of thousands of allied troops, led by Army Commander Sean, were at that moment launching a general attack on Loyue.

Although they did not speak, it was clear from their demeanour and movements that they had great admiration for Verza, the commander of the allied forces this time. At the beginning of the war, no one had the courage of Verza. Not only did he take the initiative to build a large number of dummy warplanes, but he also built a large number of warships.

This was tens and hundreds of billions of dollars, plus this time General Verza ordered five f-22 fighter formations to attack Loyola, a feat of courage that no one else could have done.

Because those who know Verza well know that when he asked those fighter formations to attack Loyola, they knew that they were not going to attack, they were simply going to die. If the people of Rice knew about this secret plan, he would be the biggest sinner of all, even if he had to be hanged.

But he succeeded, and if you look at the fact that no missiles have been launched so far, you can see that Verza was right, he completely consumed the missiles. And now the allied fleet was getting closer and closer to Loyue, and as soon as the landing began, no matter how powerful Loyue’s technology was, they were bound to lose.

Verza looked back at the staff officers and commanders who were looking at him with adoration, and felt comfortable in his heart. He was enjoying this, and he loved it when people admired him from the bottom of their hearts. He could even imagine him standing in front of the Luo Yue government building surrounded by a crowd of flashing lights, or even thinking of the whole world cheering for him, or even thinking of the people of Rice pushing him to the throne of heroes. Perhaps he would be the next President of Rice.

Verza swept the faces of the staff officers behind him, then said calmly, without moving, “Gentlemen, perhaps there are still a few hours left. We will be able to stand in front of the government building in Loyola and open the champagne ……”

But Verza suddenly felt strange, he did not see elation and congratulations, or even some flattering words on the faces of the staff officers behind him, which was unusual. He even saw some panic and nervousness.

While Verza was still wondering, numerous loud rumbles sounded and he subconsciously looked back and his face turned pale.

The surface of the Indian Ocean, which had just been unbelievably calm, was now densely packed. At that moment, it was already crowded with bombs. It was as if these bombs had eyes, landing precisely on top of their warships. Only a very few would land in the sea. And most of the bombs would erupt with a loud roar.

Not to mention that their interceptor missiles would have no effect on such mini-bombs, even if they did, it would be a joke to use interceptor missiles to intercept such small, dense mini-bombs.

Missiles? There are missiles this small in the world?

“Boom, boom ……” Before he could fully come to his senses, he felt some vibrations from the carrier he was on.

Several of those mini-shaped missiles landed on top of the carrier’s runway, and the carrier was hit with several craters the size of football fields. And some of the fighters that hadn’t taken off turned into a cloud of fire at the sound of that explosion.

Verza was frozen in his tracks as the dense mini missiles flew into the middle of the fleet with a powerful roar.

Verza subconsciously looked up at the sky over the Indian Ocean, the formation of allied warplanes, which had been densely packed just a moment ago, had become sparse in a very short period of time, and the sky was grey and hazy, with the sound of warplanes exploding and crashing into the sea from time to time.

“No……” Virza’s mind went blank as he spurted out a mouthful of blood and screamed furiously. His blank brain soon came to some realisation that this was the killer of Loyuki. They had actually created such a small ballistic missile. This mini-bomb was fast to launch, had a fantastically high hit rate, was still low cost and could be launched in a dense orbit, if this ballistic missile could be ma*s produced, Rice was finished, the Rice fleet was finished, this time the allied forces were finished ……

A cold hearted Verza immediately pa*sed out. He was completely unable to accept such a fiasco before victory, and he would become a sinner of Rice for the ages.

While Verza pa*sed out, staff officer Fira and the others all reacted. Immediately, they kept pressing the chest and squeezing the man’s middle. Finally, he was able to wake up again.

The first thing Verza did when he came to his senses was to pick up his binoculars. The sky was turning grey to black and there was a nasty smell of burning everywhere, the remnants of explosives, the remnants of burning aircraft.

The Allied fighters, however, were becoming more and more scarce, and only a few could even be seen occasionally fleeing in a panic, followed by a mini missile catching up with the fleeing fighter and knocking it down into the sea.

Velza watched in amazement as the countless missiles sent out by the allied fleet were shot down without incident, most of them not even needing to be shot down because of the interference.

Apart from the very few missiles that could land on the Luo Yue land ma*s, his own fleet had no chance of fighting back at sea.

Suddenly he felt a shaking of the carrier beneath him and his mind shot up, retreat, retreat, retreat now ……

“General Verza, you need to go down immediately, this watchtower will be shot down soon ……” Fira, the staff officer, hastily pulled Verza, who was already in a daze, to go down.

Verza threw Fira aside and asked, somewhat dazed, “What are our losses? No, never mind the losses, retreat, retreat now ……”

He finally said what was on his mind, Virza had been in many wars, but never one that had been fought like this. He thought back to that Gulf War when his army beat that guy who didn’t know the sky was too high to find his way. That guy didn’t even have a chance to fight back before he was beaten off by the coalition forces, which ended up losing just a few hundred men.

But the current war reminded Verza of the Gulf War, and this war was just like that one, except that this time it was not the opponent who was defeated, but the coalition forces led by himself.

“Sixty-one battleships lost, two carriers lost, 900 warplanes lost, 800 helicopters lost. Soldier casualties not counted, just a lot of returning warplanes with no resting place, many carriers now unable to hold aircraft ……”

As the figures were reported up, Verza almost pa*sed out again, how much time had it taken? The allied forces had lost nearly half of their strength, if this had been fought for hours, total annihilation would have been a certainty.

Verza’s heart was bleeding, he knew he had made the same mistake as Cecchini, he was finished, completely finished. But he had to take these remnants of his army with him before he was completely dead.

“Retreat, retreat immediately ……” Velza did not have the same calmness he had at the time, except to call out the word retreat.

No need for Verza to call out, these allied fleets had already started to slowly retreat, they knew this was not a fight, this was a death sentence.

Several amphibious troop carriers were sunk, countless tanks and soldiers fell into the water, yet not a single warship dared to stop to rescue them, because it was shown that as soon as the warships stopped, several of those mini missiles would immediately come over.

“Boom …… boom ……”

The entire Indian Ocean had turned into a cloud of explosions and smoke, and the countless hissing on the sea made people feel the cruelty and coldness of war.

Luo Yue’s mini missiles were like a hailstorm, endless ……


Some warships of neutral countries and some media warships were looking at this war in the distance in disbelief, some diffuse smoke and burning smell came to make them clearly perceive that this is real, not unreal.

Just half an hour ago, Loyola was a lamb to the slaughter, but half an hour later, Loyola was showing its fangs and pulling out such a terrifying killer. They had actually created mini missiles that were like hand grenades, and had such a long range and accurate positioning.

Looking at the mini missiles, which were still densely packed in the sky like locusts, even without looking at the results, everyone knew that the allied forces were finished, completely finished.

Four days ago, Verza’s famous money-burning tactics had been recognised by many military experts around the world. They all agreed that Verza’s tactics were tailor-made for use in Luo Yue’s case.

And four days later, the decreasing number of missiles in Loyola showed that Verza’s strategy was right and that his money-burning tactics had been successful. The final shocking general attack made it clear to all that Loyola would be doing very well if it could hold out for half a day.

For as soon as the allied forces landed, Loyue would be certain to lose.

But when Luo Yue’s mini missiles came out like locusts, everyone was shocked, everyone was frozen. As they watched countless fighter planes fall into the sea and countless warships sink to the bottom of the sea, the allied commander Verza was numb, all the soldiers of the allied army were numb, and the allied operational command room was even more numb.

And all the neutral countries and those watching, and even some of the news covering the warships had a cold feeling. Luo Yue was strong, but no one had expected Luo Yue to be this strong. Last time when the allied forces came, they relied on imported missiles and their own developed electronic jamming machines, and they managed to beat the allied forces to the ground.

But how long has it been since they developed this mini-missile, and it can be launched in unlimited densities. This kind of missile was like locusts, even if any army came, it would be an ashes to ashes ah.

Verza’s fleet had just exited the striking range of the dense mini-missile, and he hadn’t even had time to breathe a sigh of relief when dozens of battleships with the Luo Yue flag erected suddenly appeared in front of him, while the radar of the allied forces had not reacted in the slightest before.