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DYM Chapter 678

When several of Velza’s long-familiar mini missiles landed precisely on the same warship which slowly sank to the bottom of the sea before his eyes, when several of the allied missiles were easily intercepted by the Loyue fleet, when hundreds of Loyue planes with cruise missiles flared and swept over the allied warships.

Velza knew that it was the Loyals forcing them to surrender. If they did not surrender, it would not be these flares below, but the same countless and locust-like mini ballistic missiles as before.

Although Verza knew that at this distance he could break through and even sink half of the Loyola warships with certainty. But he also knew that once, his side actually opened fire, then none of the allied fleet would survive. The fact that the Loyals could intercept the missiles at such a short range showed how strong their radar system was, and that the interceptor missiles were even fired automatically.

Velza surrendered.


Immediately after receiving Verza’s order for a general attack, Sean, the allied land battle commander, ordered a manned attack on the ‘Fine Beach Valley’. He knew that as soon as he received this order for a general attack, then thousands of fighters would be supporting his land forces.

And indeed that was the case, as the hundreds of thousands of land forces on his side had just started the general attack when nearly a thousand fighters on the land side had already leapt over the ‘Hosotan Valley’ and started bombing the defences of Loyue. Sean knew that there were hundreds and thousands more planes coming from Verza to support the ‘Hosotan Valley’, and once the ‘Hosotan Valley’ was taken, Loyuki would be a fish under the Allied Forces’ knife.

Sean, of course, knew the plan for this war and would have preferred to take Loyuki before the Navy did, preferably if he had already taken it and then welcomed Verza.

The idea was good, but the truth was cruel.

Nearly a thousand of the allied fighters flew up and received a dense care of mini missiles before they could reach the defences of Loyue.

That so many long-eyed bombs against these nearly thousand fighters. It was hardly a challenge at all. The allied jammer and early warning planes did not even react before they were shot down by the locust-like mini air-to-air bombs.

Watching the countless fighters overhead being shot down in a very short period of time, all the Allied soldiers were frozen in their tracks. What kind of battle was this? Were Luo Yue’s anti-aircraft guns so outrageously accurate?

Once the air force was knocked out, without air support the Allied troops would be nothing even if they had more. One could imagine Luo Yue’s planes dropping bombs indiscriminately over the Allied troops’ heads. All the Allied troops only had to do one thing, just wait to be killed.

Xiao En’s heart was cold as he looked at the almost defenceless Allied Air Force. How the f*ck was this going to be fought? When had fighters become such easy old hens to kill?

Before Sean could react, countless mini missiles had already landed precisely on top of a tank. The only sounds in his ears were the constant explosions of those tanks and armored vehicles.

As countless roars rang out and the dense ma*s of Luo Yue bombers flew over, Sean finally came to understand. He finally experienced the feelings of the Army Commander Pollirad from the last allied invasion of Loyue, he even shivered a little, Loyue’s weapons were so strong to this extent.

“Retreat ……” Sean completely disregarded Verza’s order to retreat himself even if he wanted a general attack again.

But Lo Yue’s fighters didn’t bombard at will. Instead, they bombed intensively on the retreating Allied forces and gradually advanced towards the ‘Hosotan Valley’.

The 300,000-strong Allied army was completely compressed into the tiny ‘Hosotan Valley’ by Luo Yue’s bombers, and the Allied air-to-air missiles were useless against Luo Yue’s jamming planes. The anti-aircraft guns could only occasionally hit a single aircraft, and once one of Loyue’s planes was shot down, Loyue immediately had several powerful explosive bombs land in the middle of the Allied crowd.

Sean knew that the Loyola bombers were forcing him to surrender. Although he was very reluctant to surrender to this small place, he knew that once Loyola lost patience, the 300,000-strong Allied army would probably be wiped out. A land army without air power. Beneath the other side’s powerful bombers, there was only waiting to be slaughtered.

Shaun surrendered.

There was nothing he could do. As he watched each of the sagging Allied soldiers, dropping their weapons at the muzzle of Luo Yue’s guns, Sean’s heart was dripping blood.

The second war between Luo Yue and the allied troops also ended. The difference from the first time was the process, the second war lasted four and a half days. It was the same as the first, but the outcome was the same. The second war was marked by the destruction of all the Allied forces.

During the second war of the Allied invasion, Luo Yue sank 109 Allied ships. Sixteen hundred warplanes were shot down, fourteen hundred helicopters were sunk, and countless tanks and armoured vehicles were destroyed. Fifty warships were captured at the same time. Including four aircraft carriers. Two hundred fighters and one hundred and fifty helicopters were captured. The total number of tanks and armoured vehicles was over two thousand, while 360,000 soldiers of the allied forces were captured.

In contrast, Luo Yue lost seventeen fighter planes, thirty-two tanks and twelve hundred soldiers. It was impossible not to draw the world’s attention to such a glorious battle.

And while Loyue defeated the allied forces, it once again stationed troops on the island of Gion. This of course was not the main point. The main point was that Luo Yue had invaded Luo Yue twice with Rice through the Straits of Malacca, and in order to prevent any eventuality, Luo Yue asked Rice to immediately withdraw its troops from the countries along the Straits of Malacca.

Because the Southeast Asian countries twice allowed Rice to invade Luo Yue through Malacca, Luo Yue raised serious dissatisfaction with the Southeast Asian countries and hoped that the Southeast Asian countries would give Luo Yue an explanation.

In fact, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Rice did not necessarily have to go through Malacca to invade Luo Yue, as they could have come through the South Atlantic. But even though they knew that Luo Yue had her heart set on Malacca, Southeast Asia could not say anything to Luo Yue at this time, because what Luo Yue said was the truth. Of course, the main thing is that Luo Yue has the courage and strength to say this, and Luo Yue is also a war lunatic who does not follow the usual rules.


At this moment almost all the world’s eyes stopped at Luo Yue, no one had thought before that with such sure win tactics of Velza, he lost and lost in a mess.

Many military theorists believed that Verza’s tactics were the most effective tactics against Luo Yue, but they did not expect Luo Yue’s technology to once again beat those theories to the ground. In the face of absolute strength, any tactics are just a floating cloud.

Luo Yue gave the world too much of a shock, although too much of the same shock would not be a shock anymore. Today, Luo Yue is a recognised power in the world and they do not need to look at other countries anymore. Because they can produce the weapons they need themselves, they can wipe out hundreds of thousands of troops without the help of other countries at all.

It was only then that all the men remembered the words of the famous military theorist Sikh Rönner. It was only then that they remembered the words of the famous military theorist Sikh Rungel, who had been alone in expressing a different opinion when no one else was optimistic about Luo Yue. As it turned out, the difference between a true expert and a bricklayer is not how well you speak, but whether you are right or not.

So Sikh After the second war between Loyola and the Allied Forces, Sikh Rönner’s article “The new era of war, the air force is over” was serialised on countless newspapers and websites, and several TV stations around the world invited Sikh Rönner to do an interview. The article has been serialised on countless newspapers and websites, and several TV stations around the world have invited Sikh Rungel to do interviews.

The article showed that in the new age of mini-ballistic missiles and in the new age of electronic jammers, air force fighters are a tragedy, an ornament. Because they are poorly defended, they are easy targets, and even more so where the missiles are aimed.

Ye Xing took the draft of “New Era Warfare, Air Force is Past” and sneered disdainfully, this bricklayer really dared to say ah, really ignorant people are pointless.

In Ye Xing’s opinion it was the opposite, the era of air force was not already over, but had just arrived. Luo Yue’s current electronic jammer, and the ‘air-tracked ballistic mini-bomb’ that had just made a big splash, etc., these things would soon be eliminated. And out of these will come new air force fighters, and the first generation of fighters coming out of Lo Yue will be such fighters.

When jamming and radar systems are in balance, when missiles and anti-missiles are in balance, the world is still an air force talking.

Luo Yue was on a roll because Ye Xing knew that what he had was already far ahead of this era, but as time pa*sed, there was always a time when these gaps would be filled. When these gaps are filled, the air force will still be the dominant force on the battlefield, and not without the power to fight back, as in this war.


At this time on the cruise ship where Ye Mo was, Yin Qingyan had quickly carried all of her things to Ye Mo’s room.

“You help me carry the bed out, I’m afraid that if I don’t watch you, you’ll make a ghost.” Yin Qingyan said as she stared at Ye Mo. She didn’t know what was going on, Yin Qingyan always felt that Ye Mo had lied to her, when Ye Mo said he didn’t have his diary with him, she always didn’t quite believe in this matter.

Ye Mo’s suite had two bedrooms, which was why she had made this request. If Ye Mo had really read her diary, so be it, she was going to go out of her way. But without reading it, she absolutely could not let him have the chance to read it, at least not when he was with herself. She wasn’t ready for that kind of thing, it was a little too sudden.

Ye Mo looked at Yin Qingyan speechlessly and said, “Sister Yan, I won’t sleep at night for the next few days, I have to refine something, so you can sleep in my bed.”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yin Qingyan suddenly stared at Ye Mo with a deadly stare, as if she wanted to find traces of lying on his face.

“Are you trying to wait for me to fall asleep and then crawl into bed? And refine things, who are you fooling?” Half a day later, Yin Qingyan’s words once again left Ye Mo speechless.

Although Sister Yan was beautiful, even if she wasn’t his real sister-in-law, but in his heart he was really satisfied after having Luo Ying and Light Snow, he had never thought of having something with Sister Yan.