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DYM Chapter 679

“Sister Yan, I really need to refine something, you can watch me refine it on the side, but you can’t disturb me. Once you disturb me, my true qi will backfire oh, then there will be no saving.” Ye Mo had an affectionate feeling towards Sister Yan, so he didn’t intend to hide it from her, and after the flying sword was refined, he also planned to take Sister Yan out of here first.

After all, the time on the boat was too long, as for the true qi backlash that was a lie to Yin Qingyan, the purpose of course was still not to let her disturb his refining.

“What you said is true? It’s still that serious?” Yin Qingyan looked at Ye Mo with some disbelief and asked.

Ye Mo pretended to be calm and nodded, “Sister Yan, you’ve also eaten the pills I’ve refined, how about that face-residualizing pills I’ve refined? It’s good, isn’t it. There’s also the Qi Cultivation Pill, you only need to look at yourself now that you’re already at the middle Yellow rank to know that I’m not lying to you.”

“Huh, you can tell my cultivation level?” Yin Qingyan looked at Ye Mo suspiciously, the pills that Ye Mo gave her that were truly heaven defying, the Face Preserving Pill allowed her to return to her teenage years. The Qi Cultivation Pill even allowed her to go from a cultivation level of less than Yellow Grade to the middle Yellow Grade directly.

At this time, she believed Ye Mo’s words somewhat, and thinking of this, she stood up and said, “Why don’t I just go out and call me when you are done refining, in case I disturb you, I will be too late to regret.”

Ye Mo was somewhat touched in his heart, he smiled slightly and said, “Sister Yan, in fact, you just need not to talk to me, as for you to take a look is not relevant.”

After hesitating for half a day, Yin Qingyan nodded her head. She was also eager to see what some of the things Ye Mo had refined.

Instead, Ye Mo took out a ‘Qi cultivation pill’ and a book and handed it to Yin Qingyan and said, “Although your realm is already at the middle Yellow level, but you like to run around, I feel that your cultivation level is still too low. I got this book from an old Daoist nun, it should be a very good technique for cultivating ancient martial arts, take a look at it. And it’s boring for you to look at as I refine weapons.”

Although the book in Ye Mo’s hand did not have a cover, he knew that it was a cultivation technique from the ‘Cihang Jingzhai’. ‘Cihang Jingzhai’ in was one of the three major sects of the Inner Hidden Sect, the cultivation technique shouldn’t be too bad.

Yin Qingyan had eaten a ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, so of course she knew how counter-intuitive this pill was. Moreover, she was also considered to be from an ancient martial family, so she was very clear about the value of what Ye Mo had taken out.

Only when Ye Mo saw that Sister Yan had accepted her things did he put his heart down. He began to refine the flying sword.


It had been a few days since the Luo Yue war had pa*sed, but the matter had not ended. Luo Yue repelled the allied army with a strong force and captured 360,000 soldiers of the allied army.

The moment the war ended, Luo Yue did not speak about the war, but announced straight away that Luo Yue’s new long-range intercontinental ballistic missile, which contained Luo Yue’s most powerful radar jamming system, had been successfully commissioned. And on the same day as the announcement, Loyue launched such a new missile at a small uninhabited island in the Antarctic, which was very accurately sunk.

The Allied war against Loyola had just pa*sed, and the reason for it was because Loyola had detonated a nuclear weapon in the Antarctic. But no sooner had the war pa*sed than Loyola detonated a missile in the Antarctic again. And it directly sank an uninhabited island.

If others didn’t know what arrogance was before the war, then this is real arrogance. Although what Luo Yue detonated this time was not a nuclear bomb, it was indeed a single missile that reduced an island to nothing.

It would have been logical for Rice to be outraged by such a direct blow to the face of Luo Yue, and even immediately prompted another joint conference and then called for a third coalition invasion.

But Rice’s response was to remain silent. And Rice’s reaction finally let all know that to pinch a persimmon is to pinch a soft one, and Luo Yue’s face-punching arrogance and provocation was directly ignored. Rice was ignored, and no country was willing to comment on the matter.

Some of the countries that participated in the second coalition, where at this time would stand up and speak out, they could even imagine. Maybe at this moment Luo is waiting for any country to come out and say something and then just a new type of intercontinental missile like this will go through.

Other countries would not dare to do such a thing, but Luo Yue would dare. In the eyes of other countries, Luo Yue is a madman, who dares to touch him, he will immediately hit back. Who would touch this at this point in time, given the previous experience of Rice and Indonesia?

When he found out that the allied forces had been wiped out for the second time, Rice’s President Turner almost turned the White House upside down. When he found out that a demonstration missile had been launched in Antarctica as the first thing he did after the war, Turner was so angry that he immediately wanted to launch a third war against Loyola.

But he didn’t dare move, he had his senses. He knew that Luo Yue’s post-war missile was a provocation to Rice, a provocation to Turner, but there was nothing he could do about it.

Not only was there nothing he could do, he even had a chilling feeling. Luo Yue was too powerful, their technology had completely come to the forefront of this world.

An intercontinental missile was nothing, many countries could shoot intercontinental missiles, and Rice’s intercontinental missile could reach any part of the world. But Luo Yue’s new intercontinental missile was clearly different from other countries, and that was what gave him the chills in his heart.

Other countries’ missiles could be easily intercepted because of their long range, but Luo Yue was different, with their radar jamming system and precise positioning, no country was sure they could stop Luo Yue’s missiles, they were too powerful.

Turner could even imagine how bad it would be for Rice if Loyola became enraged and launched countless of these new ICBMs against Rice regardless of the circumstances. So he knew that this was not the time to pursue the case against Loyola, but rather the time to address the aftermath of this war.

Through the last alliance invasion of Luo Yue, Turner knew that Luo Yue would never rest until they got the benefit after this war.

Although the JCC had been meeting every day, there was no good way to calm down the anger of Loyue. If Luo Yue had been destroyed in the war, then it would have been fine, everyone would have been happy and the benefits would have been shared equally. But instead, Luo Yue won and the allied forces lost, and so completely.

Of course this is not the most worrying thing, the most worrying thing is that after winning, Luo Yue did not lay low about Antarctica, but once again a missile sank an island in Antarctica.

Although they didn’t say a word, the implication was clear: if they didn’t satisfy Loyola, then the next time this new type of missile would be fired at a place other than an uninhabited island.

Sure enough, the next day, Luo Yue TV’s published a statement from Luo Yue City’s Lord Void Moon Hua, “I want the JCC to be an organisation that maintains peace and stability in the world, not a place to start wars and be used by people. I do not want anyone to invade the sovereignty and territory of other countries under the banner of the JCC, and I do not want this to lead to a large-scale war.

The people of the world have suffered enough from World War I and World War II, are some people uncomfortable in their hearts without starting World War III? The sovereignty of Loyola lies with the people of Loyola, and we will not tolerate any further invasion of this place by any person or country, and we will fight to the end. We hate war, but we are not afraid of it. If you want to invade us, if you like WW3, then go ahead.

Of course it makes sense that Loyola, as a new city, does not understand the Antarctic Treaty, and we are willing to contribute to Antarctica and even to compensate. But we do not want this kind of thing to be exploited by people with a darker mentality who do not consult with Loyuki on this matter, or even seek its sincerity to compensate, or disregard the peaceful will of their own people to invade Loyuki’s sovereignty directly through war. Our newly built up land in Loyue has been beaten to the ground because of the war, and I deplore this aiding and abetting by the JCC.

As I said last time, the war has only just begun ……”

Many countries were speechless to hear these remarks, Luo Yue is still beaten to the touch? This is simply nonsense. The entire war ended without a single bomb actually landing on Luo Yue’s land in any sense. Instead, the allied forces were beaten to pieces, hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost their lives here, and countless battleships and planes sank to the bottom of the sea here. But while this could be said of Luo Yue, no one else could stand up and point the finger of blame.

All the countries that participated in the Second War secretly sighed. After Luo Yue said this, she also launched a missile after the war, which showed that if the conditions did not satisfy Luo Yue, they would have to throw their weight around.

Luo Yue only has a population of over 300,000, they are not afraid of war, they have the money. Even if it’s a world war, they don’t care. That’s why Void Moon Hua dared to say three wars, which could be a third war between the allied forces and Luo Yue, or a third world war, Luo Yue had the ability to start a world war. But Luo Yue doesn’t care, other countries can’t care.

As you can imagine, Luo Yue’s missiles after this war and the speech of Luo Yue’s city lord directly indicate that Luo Yue needs answers, and if they don’t get satisfactory answers, then World War III is not impossible, but will definitely happen.

In fact, although what Luo Yue did was over the top, anyone with a discerning eye could see that they did not make the slightest mistake. Luo Yue’s mistake was to detonate a nuclear bomb in the Antarctic first, in violation of the Antarctic Treaty. And the people’s city master said that they were a new city, imperfect in many ways, and after violating the treaty, they agreed to pay reparations and were even willing to contribute to Antarctica.

And the fact that the United Federation launched a second invasion war against Luoyue without consulting Luoyue in any way was in itself completely inconsistent with the international treaty.

It would not have been a problem if Loyue had been exterminated over this, because no one would speak up for a small place that had been exterminated. Unfortunately this time, not only was Loyue not exterminated, but it also turned around and exterminated the UNC and then forcefully demanded a statement from the country that invaded Loyue.

Although the United Federation was still holding various meetings to cope with the situation, the countries that took part in the second invasion of Luoyue by the allied forces were all a bit uneasy, especially some countries that were closer to Luoyue.