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DYM Chapter 680

Because this place in Luo Yue simply cannot be spoken of in a common sense way, who knows if they will suddenly drop a missile over? Even if they drop a missile over, are you going to go and declare war on Luo Yue? If it was any other country, there would be the JCC to sanction it, but Luo Yue, it was sanctioned twice.

And the JCC, with the interference of certain countries, launched two consecutive unjustified invasions against Luo Yue, so their words were no different from farting to Luo Yue.

For a while, many countries farted inside the JCC while starting to contact Luo Yue individually, hoping to gain understanding from both sides.

What these countries didn’t expect was that Luo Yue was very good at talking, as long as the war reparations were 30 billion Luo Yuan. Thirty billion Luo Yuan was a huge sum of money, but people in Luo Yue could lend the country loans, you could take out loans. And relative to a country, 30 billion won can still be afforded, it’s just a matter of spending money to eliminate disasters.

Once one country takes the lead in paying this money, then the rest of the countries feel that this amount is nothing, lest they be missed by this madman, Luo Yue. As long as any of the missiles landed on their territory, then their losses would be more than $30 billion. In the end, even if the whole world united to wipe out Luo Yue, so what? What is lost is lost forever.

So apart from Rice, almost all of the remaining nearly thirty countries that participated in the Second Coalition agreed to Luo Yue’s reparation plan.

It hadn’t occurred to the JCC that their meetings were still farting around and the aftermath of the Loyue war had already been de-railed for the most part. Although they knew that many countries were in separate contact with Loyue, the JCC could not wait for the matter to be resolved as soon as possible.

It looks like Luo Yue made those moves. It’s not like they’re really crazy enough to want World War III, they just want money. As for Rice, all the people know that 30 billion Loonie dollars, that’s never going to happen.

Turner became another tragedy after Kenrao, he was not down by the people, but the second war of the coalition failed. He had to take the blame and resign.

Once again there were ma*sive demonstrations and even vandalism and looting in Rice. Some people opposed the second invasion of Loyola by the Allied Forces, while others began to demand the continuation of a third invasion of Loyola. They demanded that all countries in the world wage war against Luo Yue and cheer on Rice. Unfortunately, that was just wishful thinking.

Negotiations with Loyue began under the auspices of Rice’s new president, Darci, who didn’t seem to want to dwell on the matter. He had just taken office. He needed to restore the economy and stability of the country as soon as possible.

In the end, the two sides agreed that Rice would compensate Luo Yue for the war losses of 200 billion Luo Yuan, the moral losses of the people of 50 billion Luo Yuan, and an additional 100 billion Luo Yuan to redeem the 360,000 captured Rice soldiers. In the end, Rice compensated Luo Yue a total of 350 billion won for its economic losses.

With such a large amount of reparations, even in instalments, even the strongest Mi economy was caught in a whirlwind, not to mention the fact that Mi lost far more than what was indicated in this war. Their Pacific fleet was almost crippled, and the losses to the army and air force were incalculable.

Perhaps these will take some time to recover slowly, even if it is a decade or two, but the Pacific is a place where strength speaks. Rice’s Pacific fleet was almost 80% taken out in the Loyola War. And next Britain and France and even Japan began to ease their fleets into the Pacific, and perhaps this was Rice’s greatest loss.

The South East Asian Alliance, because of the power of Loyola and the fact that it was right at the heads of the South East Asian countries, did nothing about Loyola’s suggestion that they had helped the allied forces by using the Straits of Malacca. Luo Yue began to garrison Malacca and took over this important waterway with the Southeast Asian countries.


Yin Qingyan did not find Ye Mo’s refining boring in the slightest. She had even been frozen, she didn’t know where Ye Mo had fished out a sword of more than a foot, nor did she know where Ye Mo had fished out a colored stone.

If these only surprised and baffled Yin Qingyan, then the flames that suddenly struck out from Ye Mo’s hand and the fact that the sword could hover and transform in front of Ye Mo’s face had frozen her.

She trained in ancient martial arts, but what Ye Mo was doing now was beyond the scope of ancient martial arts. This made her wonder what had happened to Ye Mo.

Because of the increase in cultivation and the Five Elements Stone, Ye Mo had hardened a damaged top grade flying sword into a top grade top grade flying sword magic weapon. Although it was not yet top quality, that was not because of the materials, but because Ye Mo himself was not a refiner, and also because his cultivation level was still slightly lower.

The flying sword let out a clear chirp under Ye Mo’s divine sense, and Ye Mo stood up very satisfied, although he used some five element stones, but he was even more pleased with the flying sword now.

“You ……” Yin Qingyan had just said the word you when Ye Mo reached out and pulled her behind him.

Yin Qingyan was taken aback, and only then did she feel some hunger, she didn’t even know how long she had been watching Ye Mo refine.

The room was already dark inside, but Ye Mo said, “Who are you people?”

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yin Qingyan then saw that there were suddenly two more people inside the room. If it wasn’t for Ye Mo speaking, she wouldn’t even have been the least bit aware of it. It was because these two people were standing under the window, as if they were two shadows.

“It’s not your turn to ask what we are. I only ask one thing, did you take the three stones in Meng Kui’s hand?” The tall, thin figure to the left of the window abruptly let out a voice that was as cold as a dead man’s.

Yin Qingyan subconsciously grabbed Ye Mo’s clothes, she even got a little nervous in her heart, she was already at the middle Yellow level cultivation, she didn’t even know when these two people came in, no wonder Ye Mo said her cultivation level was too low.

If Ye Mo hadn’t been here, that sound of dead ice would have been enough for her to suffer.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept over, one of these two people was an East Asian and another was white, one of them was also a psychic. It wasn’t the first time Ye Mo had come into contact with a psychic, and he also knew that there were cla*sifications of psychics. Because he had seen them so many times, Ye Mo also knew that the energy fluctuation on this psychic was at least a level three psychic.

However, Tier 3 psychic abilities were a little too small in front of Ye Mo. Ye Mo wondered how he could be chased over so quickly when he was on the boat trading with Meng Kui.

Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept out, he did not sweep up Meng Kui, it looked like that Meng Kui had already been silenced. Soon Ye Mo found an additional fishing boat on the sea to the side of the cruise ship, there was also a dinghy tied underneath the cruise ship, it looked like these two people came from above the fishing boat.

Ye Mo’s hand suddenly appeared a milky white stone and said, “Is this the kind of stone you are talking about?”

When the two men saw Ye Mo suddenly take out the spirit stone, the shadow that was like a dead man seemed to fluctuate for a moment, but that shadow soon calmed down again.

“How many did you take out in total?” This black shadow suddenly asked again, a pistol suddenly appearing in his hand.

It was Yin Qingyan who saw the pistol in the moonlight, and she pulled at Ye Mo a little nervously, “They have pistols.”

Ye Mo patted her back, signaling her not to worry, before saying, “I took three, but I still have quite a few of these stones myself ……”

When Ye Mo’s three were said, the man with the pistol was immediately about to raise his gun, but after hearing the second half of Ye Mo’s sentence, he put the gun down again.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, if it wasn’t to find out where this spirit stone came from, he would have fired and killed it long ago.

“Where did you get the extra stone from? Where is it now?” The tall, thin man asked Ye Mo what he was about to ask.

“I’m in business, so you guys take me to your boss and maybe I’ll trade the stones to him.” Ye Mo said nonchalantly.

Ye Mo’s calmness and nonchalance made the two men’s hearts grow more and more suspicious, they didn’t know where Ye Mo’s strength came from, but it was the best thing for Ye Mo to take the initiative to ask to see his boss.

“Good, you come down with me.” The two men suddenly opened the door to Ye Mo’s room and said. The reason why he didn’t kill the two men and go straight there was that Ye Mo didn’t want to alert the other party. Even if it was a short amount of time, a lot of things could happen.

Seeing that Ye Mo was going to go with these two unidentified people, although she didn’t know why Ye Mo didn’t resist, Yin Qingyan immediately wanted to make a move, no matter what, she couldn’t let these two people take Ye Mo away. She believed that Ye Mo must have his reasons for doing so, and was not afraid of these two people.

Seeing that Yin Qingyan still looked worried, Ye Mo took out a bracelet and handed it to her and said, “Put this on, I’ll be back in a while.”

Although she was hungry, but Ye Mo was taken away by two strangers, Yin Qingyan couldn’t eat anything at all.

The cruise ship could let the people from the dinghy come up, so it was clear that they must have a connection with the people on this cruise ship. However, Ye Mo was not worried about Yin Qingyan, his divine sense had already swept through and there was no existence on this ship that could threaten Yin Qingyan.

When Ye Mo arrived at the fishing boat again, then after his divine sense spread out, he realized that this was not a fishing boat, it was simply a converted warship. There were about thirty to forty people on the fishing boat, all of whom were equipped for the military.

These two men brought Ye Mo to a simple room, and the tall thin one pointed to one of Ye Mo’s team inside and said, “The stuff is on him, we have seen it. He said he had a lot more of this kind of stuff and wanted to come over to trade, so I brought him here.”

After the tall thin man finished speaking, he and another man stood by the door, obviously blocking Ye Mo’s way.

There were already four people inside the room, and the yellow-skinned middle-aged man suddenly laughed loudly when he heard the tall, thin man’s words.