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DYM Chapter 681

There were already four people inside the room, and the yellow-skinned middle-aged man suddenly laughed loudly when he heard the tall, thin man’s words. Ye Mo didn’t seem to see what the middle-aged man was laughing at as he swept a glance at the four people, then without waiting for the middle-aged man to stop and speak, he said first, “Answer me two questions and I can give you all my stones.”

Although he had only just entered, Ye Mo had already discovered that there were at least three cameras inside this room, and they were very much like the kind of latest ray cameras from Rice that Shakichi had shown him back then. Although he didn’t know what controlled this camera, he believed that even if someone was staring at the surveillance, he couldn’t see his face.

The middle-aged man stopped laughing as he looked Ye Muran up and down again carefully before lighting a cigarette and then saying slowly, “I really want to know what you are relying on? And where did you get the rest of it from, apart from the fact that you got that stone from Meng Kui?”

Ye Mo frowned a little, “So you didn’t call me here for business? If you are willing to answer my question, I will of course speak up.”

Although there were four people inside the room, Ye Mo knew that only this middle-aged man was the main figure. Moreover, his cultivation level was also the highest, already at the middle Xuan level cultivation, while the remaining three were not even at the Yellow level. Although Ye Mo could grab him and use the God Control Technique to ask, but the higher the opponent’s cultivation level was, the greater the difficulty in this matter, and if he was not careful, the other party’s soul would fly away and he would lose a source of information.

There was a wooden box on top of the table in front of the middle-aged man, and as Ye Mo spoke. His divine sense had already fallen inside the wooden box. When he saw the two grey pieces inside the wooden box, he was immediately overjoyed.


At the same time, inside the most central meeting room of the ‘Northern Sand’ compound, a man suddenly stood up and said in a hoarse voice, “Quickly, immediately blow up fishing boat 043.”

All the people inside the conference room fixed their surprised eyes on this man with a hoarse voice, and they were puzzled. It was because fishing vessel 043 had already found the ‘airplane stone’ that had gone missing in Canada, and the surveillance video showed it. The man who had taken the ‘chi-machine stone’ had already boarded the fishing boat, is it crazy to blow up the fishing boat at this time?

Moreover, even if there were no ‘Qiqi stones’, it would be crazy to blow up a fishing boat at this time. To blow up one’s own boat and kill one’s own people at this time, what is this if not madness?

The man with the hoarse voice suddenly stood up and said, “I’m not crazy. The man who boarded our fishing boat may look a bit blurry, but I knew as soon as I heard his voice that he was definitely Ye Mo, the same Ye Mo we were going to blow up on Ice Helmet Island, and he’s not dead. If we don’t blow up the fishing boat now, with his means, he might be able to know where our ‘Qi Qi Stone’ came from, and he can also find our base through the fishing boat. So, if we don’t blow it up in three seconds, I request to leave here immediately ……”

The man at the head of the conference room, who could not tell his age. At this moment, he also stood up and said in a deep voice, “I believe in brother Dongfang, order down and blow up fishing boat 043 immediately.”


At this moment inside the room on the fishing boat, almost all of the people looked at Ye Mo with disdain, rather than talking to Ye Mo. It was more like watching how Ye Mo went from ignorance to despair.

The middle-aged man even smiled faintly, in his opinion, Ye Mo was already a lamb to the slaughter, perhaps the young man in front of him thought he had a few moves, but since he had come here, it was his call.

The middle-aged man stood up. Walking a few steps, he looked at Ye Mo with a mocking meaning and said, “Of course, I am in a good mood today, so of course I can tell you where these stones came from, and you will be satisfied after hearing my words.”

Ye Mo’s divine sense kept an eye on the whole fishing boat, although he did not put the people here in his eyes, but after experiencing too many things, he would not underestimate anyone.

Suddenly, an inexplicable uneasiness rose up from his heart, that uneasiness was somewhat dangerous, even as his divine sense pounced on some fluctuations in the unoccupied bilge. That fluctuation was exactly like the one he had met on Ice Helmet Island a few months ago. Ye Mo barely even thought about it and immediately rolled up the wooden box on the table and went out through the window with the speed of a flash of light.

“Want to run …..” The man with Xuan level cultivation reacted very quickly, as soon as Ye Mo moved, he immediately tried to catch him. What made him furious was that this guy fled just by fleeing and even took his wooden box with him.

However, his speed was still much slower, Ye Mo’s figure had already disappeared, and before he could react again, the fishing boat had already erupted with a shocking explosion, a flame that burnt the nearby sea red. It would be difficult for the people on the fishing boat to leave their ashes behind, not to mention escaping for their lives.

Ye Mo stood in the air, his face calm, but in his heart, he already understood. This was already the third time, the first time was that submarine, and the second time was at the base of the Antarctic ‘Northern Sands’. If you add the time on Ice Helmet Island, this was already the fourth time. This organisation is ruthless, it can be said to be ruthless, poisonous and decisive. Not only are they ruthless to their opponents, they are just as ruthless to their own people.

It was just a pity that if they had only been a few minutes slower, he could have at least learned the source of the spirit stones from that middle-aged man’s mouth. With a bit of luck, he could even ask about the lair of the ‘Northern Sands’.

He was already sure of one thing, the person who was dealing with him was ‘Bei Sha’. Ye Mo guessed that the reason why this modified fishing boat was blown up this time was because the people from ‘Beisha’ had recognised him through the camera and then made an impromptu decision.

It was impossible to recognise him as Ye Mo through the camera because after arriving at the fishing boat, he covered his face with True Qi and all the camera saw was just a blurred shadow. Others could find him, it must be because of his voice, not many people had heard his voice, Ye Mo became more and more suspicious of that Dongfang Tang in the first place.


The fishing boat made such a loud explosion sound, and the fire was halfway across the sky, that people on the cruise ship that was not far from the fishing boat had seen it. Many people came out and stood on the deck, looking at the fishing boat that was burning into a big fire not far away, silent and speechless.

When Yin Qingyan saw the dinghy that Ye Mo had boarded going in the direction of the fishing boat, it was only a short while before the fishing boat was already burning, and she was instantly struck in her heart as if she had been hit by a hammer. She felt chills all over her body and her hands were even trembling.

Was Ye Mo gone just like that?

“Sister Yan ……” Ye Mo’s voice came over in time.

When Yin Qingyan saw Ye Mo standing beside her, she instantly flung herself into Ye Mo’s arms and whimpered out again. Only this time she quickly reacted and stood up straight, taking out a handkerchief and wiping her eyes, “I was scared to death just now, I thought you were …… on that boat”

Ye Mo knew that Sister Yan was genuinely kind to him, and he suddenly felt a little guilty. What he did himself did not take into account the feelings of others.

In order to avoid Sister Yan from continuing to think about that incident just now, Ye Mo took Sister Yan away from the boat ramp and went to the dining room. Yin Qingyan also hadn’t eaten for a long time and was a little hungry, plus now that Ye Mo was fine, she was in a better mood and even forgot to ask Ye Mo about the weapon refining.

But this was only temporary, as Yan ate something and soon remembered about Ye Mo. She thought of Ye Mo’s inexplicable taking out things, as well as putting them away again, and she became suspicious.

“Tell me honestly, do you have an ability to hide things away and then others don’t know about it?” Yin Qingyan eventually remembered the question.

Ye Mo rubbed his head, “Yes, Sister Yan ……”

“Then bring it ……” Sister Yan reached out her hand, she saw Ye Mo’s innocent look and immediately said, “Don’t pretend, my diary …… ”

Ye Mo had no choice but to take out his diary and hand it to Yin Qingyan, “Sister Yan, I just read the front, I didn’t have time to read the back because I had something to do. I say you are really stingy, you have to take back what you gave away, hey ……”

As if she didn’t hear Ye Mo’s words, Yin Qingyan put the diary away in her arms without hesitation. But surprisingly, she did not ask Ye Mo why he could collect things, and how Ye Mo could return to the cruise ship unharmed after the fishing boat had exploded.

After putting Ye Mo’s diary away, Sister Yan’s words seemed to have become much less.