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DYM Chapter 682

The two people behind them both ran out of things to say and just ate in silence. Yin Qingyan didn’t seem to want to talk anymore, while Ye Mo didn’t know what to say.

Back at his residence, Ye Mo however did not want to stay on this boat, the Luo Yue War had just pa*sed and he needed to go back immediately.

“Sister Yan, why don’t you pack your things and I’ll take you back with me.” Ye Mo took the initiative to break the awkwardness.

Yin Qingyan looked at Ye Mo with some surprise and froze for a while before saying “The ship is still at sea, how can we go back? Are you saying that I should stay back in my original room?” At the end of her sentence, her face became a little unnatural.

Ye Mo hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, Sister Yan, you also saw me refine the flying sword, in fact, the flying sword I made is for flying, it can take you back.”

Ten minutes later, Yin Qingyan tightly grabbed Ye Mo’s arm as she stood on the flying sword in Chapter 682 – Dongfang Wang Has Secrets, still unable to believe that Ye Mo was able to fly, this was a bit too outrageous.

Seeing that Sister Yan never said anything, Ye Mo had to say again, “Sister Yan, will you go to Luo Yue with me?”

“Ah ……” Yin Qingyan then reacted, she understood that Ye Mo was about to take her to Luo Yue.

She hurriedly stopped Ye Mo and said, “You can drop me off at Yanjing first, I have to go and do something, I will go over when I’m done to look for you.”

Although Ye Mo wanted to go back to Luo Yue directly, he still took Yin Qingyan to Yanjing because of Sister Yan’s relationship. Yin Qingyan was already at the middle Yellow level, Ye Mo was still a bit uneasy, he looked at Sister Yan who seemed to be in a hurry to leave and said, “Sister Yan, why don’t I accompany you on your errand, we’ll go to Luo Yue when we’re done.”

At this moment, Yin Qingyan had finally regained her composure completely, she helped Ye Mo to tidy up her uncluttered lapel before saying calmly, “I want to go alone, you don’t have to worry about me, you have already given me the pills, I will raise my cultivation as soon as possible. One day I will go to you Chuan hesitated for a moment, Yin Qingyan continued to ask, “Are the Yin family and Yin Si well now?”

“They are now in Luo Six Hundred Eighty Two Chapter Dongfang Wang has a secret Yue is very good, Sister Yan why don’t you just go to Luo Yue and find out.” Although Yin Qingyan had already said that she didn’t want to go to Luo Yue, but in Ye Mo’s heart, he still hoped that Sister Yan would return to Luo Yue with him.

There was some mist in Yin Qingyan’s eyes, besides having her own business, she didn’t want to stay with Ye Mo in her heart anymore. She didn’t answer Ye Mo’s words, she just shook her head and said after another moment, “I still have a mirror and a sky blue sheet over there that I didn’t bring out, now that I think about it I regret it a bit Chuan Ye Mo reached out and took out a folded sheet and a mirror and said, “Sister Yan, is this what you are talking about? ”

“Ah, you’ve already brought it back for me?” Yin Qingyan was surprised as she stroked the sheet and once again couldn’t help but hug Ye Mo and sob.

After a long time, Yin Qingyan suddenly pushed away Ye Mo, and took out another diary and stuffed it into Ye Mo’s hand “I’m leaving, the diary is here, and these two things you can keep for me first, you can read the diary after a few years ……” After she finished, she turned around and left, until disappeared from Ye Mo’s sight, and did not look back again.

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan who was already far away, suddenly his heart was a bit disappointed, he didn’t know when he would see Sister Yan next, it was likely that he would never see her again.

After standing alone for a long time, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, Sister Yan had already gone far away, while Yanjing University appeared inside his divine sense.

Unexpectedly, he had actually arrived next to Yanjing University, Ye Mo put away the things in his hand. Although he also wanted to know what was written inside the diary, he decided that he would respect Sister Yan’s wish and read it after a few years.

If it wasn’t near Yan Da then forget it, but since he was here, Ye Mo suddenly wanted to go and see that Dong Fang Wang. This series of events, he was already suspecting that Dongfang Tang had done it, and he not only wanted to ask Dongfang Tang something, but also to find this Dongfang Wang again and ask him where Xi Tang was.

However, Ye Mo had been around the campus for a long time, his divine sense kept sweeping several times, but he did not see Dongfang Wang’s shadow. He had seen Chen Guang, Fu Li and even An Zhiqi, whom he had met last time in the South Pole, but not Dongfang Wang.

In Ye Mo’s opinion, although Dongfang Wang said that he had not the slightest relationship with his two brothers, and even that he had hatred for them, Ye Mo still had *Qing Yi Er Ya* some discomfort with this Dongfang Wang. I have to say that each of the three brothers of the Dongfang family is a smart and penetrating character, whether it is Dongfang Qiu or Dongfang Tang, Ye Mo is uncomfortable when he thinks of this name in his heart.

Especially Dongfang Qiu, even if Ye Mo had killed him a long time ago, but now thinking of all the calculations he had made against him, his heart became more and more uncomfortable. And now there was a Dongfang Tang, who was actually as powerful as Dongfang Qiu. And his methods seem to be a bit more big picture than his brother’s. If this Dongfang Wang goes against him again, even if he is not afraid, what if he calculates something about Luo Yue?

So he came today to confirm some of this Dongfang Wang’s thoughts, and then ask him about his two brothers and the affairs of Xi Tang.

It suddenly occurred to Ye Mo that if Dongfang Tang had defected to the ‘Northern Sands’ and that he was responsible for all this. Then it could be said that whether it was Dongfang Qiu or Dongfang Tang, the power they had defected to was some military power, could this also have something to do with Xi Tang?

Dongfang Wang was not there, and Ye Mo walked into the cafeteria of Yan University. Chen Guang, Fu Li and An Zhiqi were eating, and Ye Mo came in to ask them where Dongfang Wang had gone.

Chen Guang and Fu Li were sitting in one row, and although there was no one sitting next to An Zhiqi or opposite her, there were many boys sitting on all sides. Ye Mo was not a rookie now, he took one look at the eyes of these boys and knew that they were not eating, but were attracting An Zhiqi’s attention.

Because Chen Guang and Fu Li and An Zhiqi were sitting side by side, Ye Mo did not hesitate to sit opposite An Zhiqi.

Those boys looked at Ye Mo angrily when they saw that someone dared to sit across from An Zhiqi. This was a seat they didn’t dare to take, and this guy who came from nowhere actually sat up without saying a word.

“It’s you?” After seeing Ye Mo, An Zhiqi almost spilled the bowl of soup in front of her. Chen Guang and Fu Li also stared at Ye Mo with surprised faces, neither of them knew what Ye Mo was doing here.

“It’s me, excuse me, I’m here to ask you guys about someone. It’s that Dongfang Wang who went to the Antarctic with you guys last time, where did he go? How come I haven’t found him?” Ye Mo had only met a few people on one side, so he didn’t want to waste time.

The tall Chen Guang, however, interjected, “After we came back together last time, Dongfang Wang went to his accommodation, then he asked me to take a leave of absence for him, and never returned to school.”

“He doesn’t live in accommodation?” Ye Mo asked strangely, but in his heart he was thinking a bit more, could it be that this Dongfang Wang knew he was coming to look for him and he left early?

Chen Guang nodded and said, “Yes, he lives along the Yanshui River, that’s where his family is from.”

“You said that Dongfang Wang’s home is from Yanjing?” Ye Mo became more and more strange, according to what Dongfang Wang said last time, his home should be a place called Xitang ah, how could it be in Yanjing? Ye Mo had been to Yanshui River more than once, and he knew that it was a poor residential area in Yanjing.

“I don’t know about that, I only know that Dongfang Wang lives with his mother, they have always lived near Yanshui River, it seems that his account is also from his mother’s side, his mother is originally from Yanjing.” Chen Guang answered truthfully.

“Can you tell me where Dongfang Wang’s home is located in Yanshui River?” Ye Mo felt more and more that this Dongfang Wang was not simple, if Dongfang Wang had really calculated that he would come to Yanjing to find him, it would be too shocking for Ye Mo.

Before Chen Guang could answer, An Zhiqi suddenly jacked in and said, “I’ll take you there ……”

“Good, then thank you very much.” Since An Zhiqi herself was willing to make the trip, Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t refuse.

Watching Ye Mo and An Zhiqi leave the canteen, Fu Li said to Chen Guang somewhat strangely, “What’s wrong with Zhiqi today? How dare she take the initiative to take a stranger to Yanshui River? Besides, when did she go to Dongfang Wang’s house, why don’t I know?”

Chen Guang shook his head, not only did he not understand, but also the many boys inside the cafeteria could only watch the two who went out, also not understanding.

“Can you tell me what your occupation is? And how did you end up in Antarctica that day? Yes, these are not the most important, the most important, how come you only wore that bit of clothing that day, were you not afraid of the cold?” An Zhiqi and Ye Mo had just left Yan Da and immediately threw out several questions.

Although Ye Mo did not want to answer these questions, but An Zhiqi was offering to help today, he had to say again, “I already told you last time that I was a mountain climbing man.”

After saying that and looking at An Zhiqi’s unbelieving gaze, Ye Mo had to continue, “You just don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do. By the way, do you often go to Dongfang Wang’s house in Yanshui River? Do you know much about this Dongfang Wang? Can you tell us about him?”

An Zhiqi looked at Ye Mo speechlessly, this person had not answered any of the questions she had thrown out, he had instead asked himself several questions one after another.

“Before I answer your questions, tell me what your name is first?” It was only after An Zhiqi returned that she knew Ye Mo was not an ordinary person. A mountaineering man could wear single bó clothes and be unaffected in the Antarctic at tens of degrees below zero, she thought about it for many days afterwards but could not figure it out. Moreover, the explosion that day was also bizarre, and now that this person had appeared in front of her, she certainly wouldn’t let it go.

“My name is Ye Mo.” Ye Mo just said four words and then stopped talking, he no longer wanted to ask An Zhiqi any questions, as long as this girl would bring him to Dongfang Wang’s house.

An Zhiqi looked at Ye Mo with some satisfaction and said, “Alright, then I’ll call you Brother Ye, I haven’t been to Dongfang Wang’s house once ……”

Just as Ye Mo was looking at An Zhiqi speechlessly, she said again, “But I know a secret about him.”