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DYM Chapter 683

If Ye Mo had not been wary of An Zhiqi taking him to Dongfang Wang’s house, then now that she had taken the initiative to tell herself that she knew Dongfang Wang’s secret, instead this caused Ye Mo to have some more doubts in his heart. He was not familiar with An Zhiqi at all, on the contrary, this Dongfang Wang was also An Zhiqi’s cla*smate, so why would she tell him Dongfang Wang’s secret?

Looking at Ye Mo’s somewhat puzzled gaze, An Zhiqi bit her lip and said, “I know that you are definitely not an ordinary person, but I know that Dongfang Wang is definitely not an ordinary person either. Although I have only met you twice, yet I trust you a little more. That day you went to our camp in Antarctica, was it because there was an avalanche in our change, so you wanted to save a few of us? So I believe you are good people. Compared to Dongfang Wang, I trust you a bit more.”

Of course Ye Mo would not have complete faith in An Zhiqi just because of her few words, but said noncommittally, “Just say what you have to say.”

An Zhiqi weighed her words for a moment before saying, “You may not believe me when I say it. Would you believe me when I say that Dongfang Wang’s computer level can also be considered the pinnacle, or even one of the top two in this world?”

Ye Mo, who originally didn’t care much, listened to An Zhiqi’s words and cared instead, although he was a cultivator, he knew that this world was a world where technology was the mainstream. And Ye Xing was the representative of technology in this world, for technology, Ye Mo certainly cared a lot, if it wasn’t for Ye Xing, Luo Yue would not have lasted long before today. And yet computer technology occupies an important position in technology, it can be said that no matter what modern technology and computers are inseparable.

Seeing that Ye Mo was finally showing some interest in what he was saying, An Zhiqi added: “Dongfang Wang is at best a computer enthusiast in the eyes of others at Yan University, and can even only be described as an entry-level enthusiast. The reason I say he is an enthusiast is not that he is very good at computers, but because he has a habit of taking his laptop with him wherever he goes. I, on the other hand, have a reputation as a computer genius at Yan University, and it can be said that as long as there are people at Yan University, there is no one who doesn’t know about me, An Zhiqi.

I am famous not because I am the school beauty of Yan University, but because I am the number one computer expert of Yan University. Perhaps you may think that I am a computer expert. In fact, the computer I’m talking about is far more than the one you use, so I won’t explain these to you.”

An Zhiqi slowly breathed a sigh of relief, slowed down her steps and continued, “Originally, I also thought that my computer skills in Yan University were deservedly number one, that is, the computer room manager of Yan University also often asked me for advice on my problems. But I didn’t expect that someone’s skills were even better than mine, and those skills of mine were simply as ridiculous as a child learning to walk in his eyes.”

Hearing An Zhiqi’s words, Ye Mo suddenly had a not-so-comfortable feeling in his heart. He paused. Subconsciously, he asked, “Is the person you said was even more powerful than you the one who knows the skinny on Dongfang Wang?”

An Zhiqi smiled to herself, “Yes. That’s just me thinking so, I suspect Dongfang Wang or a thing from last year.”

After saying that she didn’t wait for Ye Mo to ask, she said directly. “Last year a bank in Switzerland was suddenly transferred half a billion pounds, this matter was talked about all over the world, it was just that at that time Luo Yue was going through the first big war with the allied forces, so this matter was rather less notable than the war matter.”

Ye Mo frowned, as he listened to An Zhiqi’s words, this meant as if this matter had something to do with Dongfang Wang. Even if Dongfang Wang was powerful, there was no way to make this matter, right? If the money in the bank was so easily transferred, the bank would have collapsed long ago.

An Zhiqi didn’t care about Ye Mo’s expression and said to herself, “I suspect that Dongfang Wang was the one who did it after Yan University’s server room management teacher Guan died.”

“You said that teacher Guan died?” Ye Mo asked curiously.

An Zhiqi nodded her head. “Yes, a week after the incident at that bank in Switzerland, Teacher Guan actually committed suicide at his residence because of something. Originally I didn’t suspect Dong Fang Wang, but a photo made me change my mind. Because Mr. Guan was my computer teacher, he even asked me for advice later on because I was improving so fast. So I had a lot of admiration for Mr. Guan as a person. But Mr. Guan had a good job and a wife who loved him very much, so how could a man like him commit suicide?

Because of my doubts, I went to Mr. Guan’s Twitter account and I saw a photo inside Mr. Guan’s Weibo account. That photo was taken very clearly. It was taken by Mr. Guan when he went to the student dormitory. At that time, Dongfang Wang was also in that dormitory and he was turning on his computer. One of the students gave Mr. Guan a close-up and took a picture of his computer as well. And Mr. Guan especially liked that photo, so he put that photo on top of Weibo.”

“What did you see?” Ye Mo asked at the right time, he believed that since An Zhiqi said so, she must have seen something.

An Zhiqi slowly said, “I saw an English article on top of Dongfang Wang’s computer screen, because those few words somewhat resembled the Swiss bank that had an incident not long ago. So I deliberately took the means to enlarge it to make it clearer, and it was indeed some description of that bank. And that was the bank that had had half a billion pounds transferred to it not long ago, and I thought at the time that this was the bank that was reading the news on the internet after it had happened, but after looking at the date I knew it wasn’t.”

“Just because of that, you suspect Dongfang Wang?” Ye Mo gave An Zhiqi a strange look.

An Zhiqi shook her head, “No, because I remembered another incident, before this there was a time when Teacher Guan had dinner with a few of us, and among them was Dongfang Wang. At that time, I remember one of the students asked, ‘Is there such a computer expert who, after committing a crime with the help of a broiler as a springboard, the other party can’t find out about this broiler at all?’

At that time, I interjected, ‘It’s nothing if the broiler is detected, besides, who would bother with a broiler?’ Mr. Guan’s reply was, ‘No matter how high an expert you are, as long as you borrow a certain computer as a broiler, others can check out your broiler. Of course, as a computer expert should be guarded against his own computer, even if some computer experts who are a hundred times more powerful than him use his computer as a broiler, then there are still traces to be found.’

And when Mr. Guan said this, I clearly saw the disdain in Dongfang Wang’s eyes, although it was just a flash, but I still saw it occasionally, because Dongfang Wang’s computer level was average, so I didn’t care. But now that I think about it, it’s like he used Mr. Guan’s computer as a broiler and Mr. Guan didn’t know anything about it, instead he was talking about how real experts have defenses on their own computers and so on.”

Ye Mo had experienced more or less, although An Zhiqi had not fully finished, he already knew what An Zhiqi meant, he asked, “That Teacher Guan means that as long as someone used his computer as a broiler, he must have known isn’t it?”

An Zhiqi gave Ye Mo an appreciative look and said, “Yes, that’s what Teacher Guan meant at that time. And after I thought about it, I immediately shut down Teacher Guan’s Weibo, and then I tried to investigate Dongfang Wang. I was very careful about what I did, I deliberately wore a mask and sungla*ses to buy a new laptop, even the wireless internet card was anonymous. But when I used this computer again to access Mr. Guan’s Weibo account, the photo of Mr. Guan had been deleted. And as soon as I got in, I was locked out and the person quickly got into my computer and then tried to force the computer camera on. Luckily, my webcam didn’t even have a driver installed, so there was no way for him to turn it on.

I’m pretty sure it was less than five minutes from the time I turned on my computer and entered Mr. Guan’s Weibo account to the time my computer was invaded, which is so fast that I don’t think I could have done that. Immediately after the intrusion, I logged out and then switched to another anonymous network card.”

“And what happened after that?” If this was done by Dongfang Wang, it was Ye Mo who was shocked at this Dongfang Wang’s ability, it was a little too strong.

An Zhiqi surprisingly broke out in some cold sweat, but still continued, “After I changed the card, I immediately accessed the server in the school’s server room, because this server was the one that Teacher Guan was in charge of in the first place. Just in case, I taped up the computer’s camera with thick tape. But I entered the server without even checking anything before I was locked out again. And in less than three minutes, my computer camera was loaded with drivers and turned on. That was really fast, really fast, I’ve never seen anyone so good, even when I installed the driver inside my own computer, it took a bit of time, and it only took the other guy a shorter time to not only install the driver, but also turn on the camera.”

Wiping the cold sweat from her forehead, An Zhiqi gasped and said, “I’m still quite confident in my computer skills, but before I even hacked into the other party’s computer, he had gone through everything in my computer. I understand that I am not even close to this person. I’ve been a hacker before, but this guy made me feel like he wasn’t a hacker anymore, but a network controller. I even felt that within a short period of time, he not only knew my network card mac address, but also my motherboard bios information, and as long as I didn’t change my computer, he could find out.

Because of my deep fear of this person, I threw away my new laptop that day and I didn’t even go to the second-hand computer market to sell it. But on the fourth day, I saw another suicide case where a student had committed suicide inside the dormitory. The official story was that the student’s addiction to online gaming had caused it, but I was familiar with that laptop on top of the newspaper, which I had only bought a short time ago.”

“That Dong Fang Wang is that good? And you confirm it was him? Isn’t your evidence a bit too little?” Ye Mo asked again.