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DYM Chapter 684

An Zhiqi nodded cautiously “Yes, I’m sure it’s him now, apart from that, I have a strong feeling that it’s him. I also feel that he is suspicious of me because he is very close to Fu Li’s boyfriend Chen Guang, so we are somewhat familiar with each other. But he would never take the initiative to contact us, but I feel that since Mr. Guan died, he has been with us a lot, and that time in Antarctica, he also took the initiative to go there.”

Ye Mo fell silent, if this Dongfang Wang was so technically powerful, once he invaded Luo Yue’s website, then the result was unthinkable ah. Although he had let Void Moon Hua dictate Ye Xing last time, but he was not sure about such things. One good thing was that Luo Yue’s current military base and government network was disconnected from the external network, but this still had to draw attention to Chapter 684 – Ridiculous Motives, and must not allow others to connect to Luo Yue through wireless devices.

After a while, An Zhiqi once again took the initiative to say: “I confirmed that this matter was related to Dongfang Wang because once when we were eating in the canteen, he took the initiative to ask me what I thought about the sudden transfer of half a billion pounds from the Swiss bank. I was just stunned, but I was already on his guard, so at the time I said, as if nothing had happened, ‘It’s not like it’s our country’s money, I don’t care to think about it.'”

“What was his expression like at that time?” Ye Mo suddenly interjected and asked.

An Zhiqi thought for a while before saying, “He just smiled and in the end actually said that he would invite me to dinner tonight. But I actually agreed at that time because I was a bit scared of him in my heart. Luckily, he sent me back after dinner and didn’t say anything more. That incident is still scary for me even now when I think about it. I didn’t want to be with him very much, but I had to hold back the fear inside me, and whenever he was with Chen Guang and the others, I still pretended to talk and chat together as if nothing was wrong.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly “An Zhiqi. I believe what you said is true, just what I don’t understand is, that Dongfang Wang likes killing people so much, why didn’t he kill you?”

“What did you say?” An Zhiqi Chapter 684 – Ridiculous Motives looked at Ye Mo with a puzzled face, she didn’t know why Ye Mo was saying these words.

Ye Mo said indifferently, “If I’m not wrong, that Dongfang Wang started to suspect you a long time ago, and he killed that student who picked up your notebook. It was to give you a warning, not really to kill to silence you.”

“What?” An Zhiqi’s mouth opened wide in shock at Ye Mo’s words. She had always done well and treated Dongfang Wang as she always did, so how could Dongfang Wang possibly see that?

Ye Mo, however, ignored An Zhiqi and said directly, “Although I don’t know why Dongfang Wang didn’t kill you, I’m sure he already knew that you suspected him. First, Mr. Guan and you have known each other for a long time, and the people his Weibo goes to should all be some acquaintances. That’s something you should be suspicious of. Of course that’s not the main thing, the main thing is that the first time you visited Mr. Guan’s Weibo, the computer you used would have been your home one, I’m sure he could have checked it out. If those aren’t certain, then the fact that he asked you about the bank at the end already suggests that he knows it was you.”

“No way, I bought that computer at home not long ago too, and I haven’t opened it since then, I’ve used a different laptop.” An Zhiqi denied it flatly.

“Maybe he already had some information about your computer?” Ye Mo immediately said.

An Zhiqi shook her head. This time she didn’t answer, she didn’t think what Ye Mo said was quite right. The computer inside her boudoir never contacted others, Dongfang Wang would not know about it.

“Let’s not talk about that, this Dongfang Wang is becoming more and more interesting to me, this is already Yanshui River, you have never been to Dongfang Wang’s house, how are you going to find it?” Ye Mo waved his hand and said. The two of them were walking and talking, and almost two hours had actually pa*sed.

But in his heart, Ye Mo was thinking, even if this Dongfang Wang didn’t mess with him. If he messes with him, don’t blame him for not being polite.

“Wait. I still have one thing I haven’t told you.” An Zhiqi suddenly said.

“Oh, what is it?” Ye Mo asked.

An Zhiqi said, “The last time the six of us went to Antarctica with a tour group, you also went to the place where we were stationed. Actually, the first one to climb the mountain was Dongfang Wang, who carried a blue bag up the mountain. And after he came down, that blue bag disappeared and we didn’t hear him say anything about it afterwards. I even wondered if he had deliberately left the blue bag on the mountain. Although Chen Guang and Yu Xiaodong and the others didn’t pay attention to this matter, I had been following him, so I saw it.”

Ye Mo nodded, and he decided to go to that mountain to take another look once he returned to Luo Yue.

An Zhiqi didn’t know what had occurred to her and suddenly became a little uncomfortable. Ye Mo could feel her nervousness and even some hint of worry.

“Are you worried that Dongfang Wang will come back for you?” Ye Mo asked.

An Zhiqi nodded “Although I don’t believe he will suspect me, but you’re right, what if he suspects me?”

Before Ye Mo had time to answer An Zhiqi, his divine sense swept up to a very ordinary tiled house with a very small yard in front of it. There were two bedrooms inside the tiled house, but there was no one inside the rooms. In one of the bedrooms, Ye Mo swept up a large backpack. This backpack Ye Mo had seen before, it was the same bag that Dongfang Wang had brought with him in Antarctica.

“I’ve found his home, you come with me.” Ye Mo finished speaking and walked straight towards Dongfang Wang’s home.

Dongfang Wang and his mother were not at home, and the house was very clean.

Ye Mo took An Zhiqi and walked into Dongfang Wang’s room. As soon as Ye Mo stepped into the room, his divine sense swept a very small camera in a corner of the room, and it became clear in his heart. This Dongfang Wang was really not an ordinary person, no matter what his relationship with his two brothers was, this Dongfang Wang was a person with ambition. Very organised and planned in doing things, and he liked the feeling of having everything in his hands.

When An Zhiqi walked into this room, she suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. Just as she was about to say that Dongfang Wang was not here and wanted to leave, a voice suddenly came from inside the room “You really won’t let me go, I know who you are, I have no intention to be your enemy and I can’t fight you, but I will let you go. An Zhiqi, you even brought someone else into my room, you, you ……”

When Dongfang Wang said the first half of his sentence, his tone was calm, but when he spoke of An Zhiqi, his emotions suddenly became agitated, and he could not even say a complete sentence.

An Zhiqi suddenly felt goose bumps all over her body, she looked around and subconsciously moved closer to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t say anything, he was thinking, this Dongfang Wang had really calculated that he would come to him, and had actually avoided it beforehand. Moreover, listening to his words, he seemed to know his identity. This was an absolutely dangerous person, a person who anticipated everything beforehand and was definitely a dangerous fellow.

“What does it have to do with you if I bring Brother Ye here ……,” An Zhiqi replied tremblingly.

“An Zhiqi, I know you suspect me, but I didn’t kill you, I thought you had a good feeling about me because I liked you. And you never hated me, that day when I invited you to dinner, you agreed to me without even thinking about it. Whenever I was with Chen Guang and others, you never avoided it either. But why did you bring someone else to my house today? Why? Why on earth?” Dongfang Wang’s voice was filled with deep disappointment, even with trembling and excitement.

Only then did Ye Mo understand that this An Zhiqi was Dongfang Wang’s dream girl. This Dongfang Wang was such a smart person who still couldn’t see through this. If he had a higher emotional quotient, he might have been able to tell at a glance that An Zhiqi’s feelings for him were not good, but fear.

When she heard Dongfang’s confession, An Zhiqi’s body winced, she could not imagine that this pervert had fallen in love with her. At this moment she also knew that Dongfang Wang must have installed a camera here, she didn’t expect that what Ye Mo said was true, Dongfang Wang really knew that she was the one who read Mr. Guan’s Weibo and also suspected that he was the one who did the case.

Ye Mo patted An Zhiqi’s shoulder and said, “Why should this kind of pervert be afraid, don’t worry.”

An Zhiqi was perhaps encouraged by Ye Mo or thought of something, she suddenly pointed at the speaker that made the sound and cursed, “Dongfang Wang, you scum, you have such high computer skills, even if you want to keep Teacher Guan from finding out about you, I believe you can still do it, but you even killed Teacher Guan, dare you say that Teacher Guan was not killed by you? ”

“Yes, I killed him, but not because you guessed that you found out about me. I used his computer as a broiler and he didn’t even know about it. Nor would anyone have known that his computer was just one of the countless broilers I had. I didn’t kill him because of this, but because I loved you. And he, a toad who still goes around asking you this and that every day, I wanted to kill him a long time ago. I know you suspect me, yes, you are right in thinking that I did all those things, and I did not kill you because I love you, although I have never confessed it, but I want you to be the queen in my heart ……” Dongfang Wang’s voice continued. His tone was getting more and more agitated, as if he wanted to rip out his heart and show it to An Zhiqi.

“I pooh, don’t disgust me ……,” An Zhiqi suddenly pooh-poohed, and seemed to think of something else as she suddenly hugged Ye Mo, then directly kissed him on the lips.

Ye Mo immediately knew what An Zhiqi was thinking, he was speechless and just about to speak, but An Zhiqi released Ye Mo and said, “I will like you, so don’t be disgusted ……”

A roar came out from the speakers inside the room, and Ye Mo even heard the sound of something breaking. He couldn’t help but shake his head, this Dongfang Wang still really liked An Zhiqi. But An Zhiqi’s move really did blow him out of the water, only this way, Dongfang Wang’s hatred for him could only get deeper.