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DYM Chapter 71-72

Chapter 71

Li Bangqi was alarmed because his master had once told him that the highest level of cultivation in the martial arts world was the Heaven level, and although he had been practicing martial arts for more than ten years, he had not even reached the lowest Yellow level. At best, he had only touched the edge of the higher martial arts. But legend has it that there are very few people who have actually reached the Heavenly rank, or no one has ever seen one.

Even his master himself had only just touched the threshold of the Yellow rank, though he was unable to go any further. The real martial arts masters came from ancient martial arts families and some hidden sects, but these ancient martial arts families were usually not present in the world, they were only in pursuit of martial arts and the ultimate, so it was hard for ordinary people to meet them.

If there was someone who could block his ‘Blinding Storm Fist’ one day, it would mean that that person had already touched the threshold of the Yellow Rank, and he was definitely not a match for that person.

And now that Li Bangqi’s ‘Blistering Rain Fist’ had finished, and his stick opponent was still as steady as a mountain, Li Bangqi immediately remembered his master’s words and knew it was no good, and immediately had to return to defence.

But just at this moment Park Dong Yok suddenly turned into two in one, and in that one breath of Li Bang Qi’s hesitation, Park Dong Yok was already kicking Li Bang Qi in the chest.

The pain of his broken ribs made Li Bangqi forget the fact that he had been kicked out of the ring. But he immediately reacted to the fact that he had lost, and had been beaten and lost by a Vice Pavilion Master, who hadn’t even come out. At this point the pain in his ribs no longer bothered him, the only thing left was the shame that the stick had stolen from his ancestors and ended up defeating him.

The noisy venue was suddenly silent. Li Bangqi represented the highest level of martial arts in Ninghai, but he couldn’t even beat a vice-pavilion master. How could this make the thousands of people present feel ashamed? The reason why Li Bangqi did not take action until today was because he had just returned from Yanjing yesterday. But unexpectedly, as soon as he returned, he suffered a defeat.

Chen Weilin, the vice president of the Ninghai Martial Arts a*sociation and also the president of the Ninghai University of Science and Technology Student Union, said with a gloomy expression, “Send Bangqi to the hospital quickly, we admit defeat in this fight ……”

There were boos all over the venue and many people had already started to walk out in dismay. However, Chen Weilin’s phone suddenly rang, Chen Weilin picked up the phone, and just after listening to the words, he shouted in surprise, “What, found it? Good, I’ll take over here ……”

“Master Park, we have another member of the martial arts a*sociation to challenge your master tonight, and this is the last challenge, if we are unable to defeat you this time, on behalf of the Ninghai Martial Arts a*sociation, I will not challenge your side again.” Chen Weilin’s words caused boos from everyone present, not challenging the other side was a sign of acknowledgement of their status, Chen Weilin was mad.

“Hahahahaha, welcome to the challenge, we in Han Quan are not afraid of a challenge, we are afraid of no challenge. I say how come there’s only one challenge for a few days in a row now” Park Dong Yok smiled arrogantly, he hoped that the more challenges the better. Only when there were more challenges would their ‘Korean Wind’ Taekwondo become more and more famous.

“What, there are still challenges coming? Keep staying and supporting, we have to beat this stick to understand what is the real Chinese national art.”

“Yeah, yeah, stay and keep cheering for our guys ……”

“Stay if you want, I’ve had enough of this destruction, let’s go.”

“Yeah, go away, why stay and end up cheering for the sticks.”

With the chatter, half the number of people were gone at once and the crowded venue soon emptied. But those who hadn’t entered the venue outside, hearing that there were still people coming to continue the challenge, still had many who stayed. Soon another newcomer squeezed in and the venue, which had just been empty, was slowly filling up again.

“What kind of person is that? How dare he want to challenge? But even if he loses, I’ll still top him, at least he’s not a coward.”

“Yes, of course I’ll top him, unlike some people who have no pa*sion when they see our guys lose, no wonder the sticks are rampant.”

“I heard that Chen Weilin got the call to arrange it on the fly, but the sticks must want as many people as possible to challenge them, so that they become more and more famous.”

“Famous, I don’t think so, the challenge hasn’t even started yet, and the sticks know for sure they’ll win ah.”


When Ye Mo arrived at Ninghai University of Science and Technology, he also didn’t expect there to be so many people inside the venue. It was almost too much to describe it as a sea of people, and even though Ye Mo was a non-crowded and somewhat light-hearted cultivator, it still resonated a bit with the enthusiasm of these hot-blooded students and Ninghai citizens. He did not yet know that this was already a scene where a small number of people had gone.

Ye Mo followed Fang Yucheng into the venue through the back pa*sage, and no one came up to say anything because he was too ordinary, ordinary and no different from the usual a quiet student.

“Brother Fang, that senior has been found? Has he come? Where is he?” Chen Weilin was immediately surprised to see Fang Yucheng and came up with several question marks in quick succession.

“He is it. Master Shadow, a senior in the martial arts world.” Fang Yucheng said as he pointed at Ye Mo.

“Ah ……” Chen Weilin froze in surprise, how could it be such a quiet young man? However, he immediately reacted to the fact that he was acting rudely, and hurriedly extended his hand out and said, “Senior Shi, how are you, my name is Chen Weilin, the vice president of Ninghai Martial Arts a*sociation. It’s really very nice to meet you, but that Park Dong Heng is quite powerful, why don’t I play some footage of his bouts for you to see first?”

Ye Mo waved his hand and said what: “I’m very pressed for time, forget about the videos, the sooner the competition the better.”

Chen Weilin opened his mouth and said to himself, “How crazy, it’s really too crazy. All the people who had fought Park Dong Heng had studied the video of his hands and had studied it over and over again, and even then, no one could last twenty minutes in his hands.

What kind of person was this Shi Ying? Could Yucheng have been mistaken? In case he went up for just one round and was thrown down by someone else, it would be a small matter for him to be injured, but the face of our Ninghai martial arts community would be lost. Thinking of this, Chen Weilin looked at Fang Yucheng, he wanted to know what Fang Yucheng had to say.

Seeing Chen Weilin looking at him, Fang Yucheng waved his hand and said, “Chairman Chen, just follow Shi Ying’s request and make the arrangements, he is indeed on a tight schedule, it would be best to call the owner and deputy owner of ‘Han Feng’ to come over for a competition together within three hours. I believe that after this competition, the ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo will go back from wherever they came from in disgrace.”

Fang Yucheng was quite impressed with Ye Mo’s skills, he didn’t believe that the ‘Han Feng’ gym master could still him out in less than one round, but this divisional shadow in front of him could, and with ease.

Seeing that Fang Yucheng had said so, Chen Weilin could not say anything more, looked at Ye Mo, turned around and went out to make arrangements.

“Wait.” Ye Mo, however, called out to Chen Weilin.

“Are there any more requests? I will definitely arrange it properly.” Although Chen Weilin didn’t have a plan in mind, Ye Mo was brought back by Fang Yucheng after all.

“You go and tell that what’s-his-name Taekwondo to better come along, so as not to waste time. Another one is please tell me where this Park Dong Heng likes to break others the most.” Ye Mo said to Chen Weilin.

“What?” Chen Weilin was truly dumbfounded at this, just now he had said that this Shi Ying was already crazy for not even watching the video, now he knew what was crazy.


Chapter 72

“What?” Although Park Dong Heng spoke fluent Chinese, he was still a little angry at Chen Weilin’s proposed request and changed his voice. It had been a month since he had been challenged, and there was no one in Ninghai who was a match for him. Now there was someone else who wanted to challenge the whole of their pavilion, or all of them together.

Park Dong Heng said with a grimace, “Yes, but defeat me first. Maybe after a match with me, he won’t say that again. Oh, or maybe he won’t be able to say the words anymore. I’m sorry, President Chen, I’d like you to tell him the words of the match when the fists and kicks have no eyes, don’t go into the hospital and then regret it, although we at ‘Han Feng’ welcome challenges, not just any sidekick can come and challenge, end of story, if you still want to compete, then hurry up.”

After saying that, he turned around and sat down to close his eyes, surprisingly, he no longer paid attention to Chen Weilin.

“What, the challenger who came tonight actually wants to pick on the whole ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo by himself? Really or not?”

“Bullish, who is this, so bullish, even if he loses, I’ll still support him.”

The people in the venue immediately came to a boil when they learnt this news, the news instantly spread throughout the venue, because of this news, the supporters who originally only had a glimmer of hope became exuberant all of a sudden, although they knew that this possibility didn’t exist, the enthusiasm burst out and couldn’t be stopped.

Ye Mo did not have to wait long before Chen Weilin came over, followed by another man behind him. The man behind Chen Weilin took an agreement and asked Ye Mo to sign and fingerprint it.

Only after the man had left did Chen Weilin say, “That Korean said that you would only be qualified to talk to the rest of their Taekwondo about the bout if you defeated him, and now he is waiting on the stage.”

The hot and excited venue became somewhat quiet after Ye Mo entered. Originally, they thought that the challenger who could make wild statements would at least be tall and big, if not big and thick, but Ye Mo, with his quiet appearance, clearly looked like a student.

Many people could not bear to see their eyes being ravaged and quietly retreated, saying that even if they were no match for someone else, they could not use such a trashy way of stalking them. Li Bangqi at least seemed to be close to 5’9″, but not only did he not look stout, but he also did not look like a martial arts master.

Park Dong Heng also froze, to be honest, he had some expectations of this mouth-breathing Shi Ying. But he didn’t expect it to be such a young man. It could be said that the most inconspicuous person among those who had competed with him in the past month was the one in front of him.

“You are the one who wildly said that he would challenge our entire guild?” Park Dong Heng pointed at Ye Mo and really couldn’t figure it out.

Ye Mo, however, didn’t answer Park Dong Heng, he just said coldly, “If you want to fight, hurry up, I have things to do, I don’t have time to compensate for a Martian like you to play.”

He could tell at a glance that Park Dong Heng’s strength was slightly stronger than Wen Dong, but if he were to fight with Wen Dong, he might not be Wen Dong’s opponent yet. If he were to compare himself to the big brother Hu he met tonight, he would be too far behind.

A Martian? Park Dong Heng repeated, but quickly reacted that he was saying he hadn’t seen the world. With that, he replied, “I’ll show you what regret is.”

After saying that, Park Dong Heng immediately snatched a combination kick, in Park Dong Heng’s mind, if he made this combination kick, Ye Mo would definitely not be able to avoid it. He wanted to kick Ye Mo up first, and then when Ye Mo fell, he would do a back spin kick to break Ye Mo’s leg. This was not all, the final part of his plan was that the moment Ye Mo’s leg broke and fell, he would also do a downward kick, making sure that Ye Mo’s face would also be covered in colour, preferably by breaking Ye Mo’s nose bone.

The voices cheering on the field immediately paused for a moment, many of the people present had seen Park Dong Heng fight several times, this was the first time that Park Dong Heng used a combination kick right after he came on the field, and it was even swifter than usual, it seemed that he hadn’t brought out his full strength in his usual fights.

The timid girl didn’t even dare to look at Ye Mo’s downfall anymore and closed her eyes.

Ye Mo sneered, judging from this Park Dong Heng’s hands, he knew that this would be the end of him for the rest of his life, he would never be able to go any further, his hands were too petty. Although Ye Mo did not practice Chinese martial arts, he knew that an opponent who wanted to put his opponent to death with his first move was definitely not a formidable character. Unless he was really powerful to the extent that he was hundreds of times more brilliant than his opponent.

And this Park Dong Heng was trying to beat Ye Mo to death with his first move, he was too high on himself.

Ye Mo didn’t even move, he just looked coldly at Park Dong Heng’s flying combo kick.

It was over. All the people watching Ye Mo let out a secret sigh, he couldn’t even dodge, this was a bit too second rate. Chen Weilin had lost his mind, looking for such a person to be abused.

Park Dong Heng’s idea was a good one, and it was flawless for himself. Or for those opponents he had met, the idea would not be difficult to realise. Even if it could not be realised, he still had a backstroke that would have no effect on him personally.

Unfortunately, he had met Ye Mo.

The first move Ye Mo made was to reach out and grab his ankle. The second move was to swing him up, and the next was to fly up and kick him twice on top of the knees of both legs.

Before Park Dong Heng had time to scream out, Ye Mo’s third move was to quickly kick him in the chest a few more times, and the fourth move was the final kick, which landed right on the bridge of his nose.

The last thing Park Dong Heng, who was screaming out from the intense pain, heard was, ‘The last thing he heard was, ‘I’ll send you a backward a*s-flat sand pose’. After hearing these words, he felt himself sitting in the middle of a cylinder at once. Countless amounts of rubbish covered his face.

It had been a few seconds since Ye Mo walked down before thunderous calls erupted from the arena, surprisingly, he had kicked this arrogant stick for a month so easily. Let you be wild in China, what taekwondo, it’s not something that we Tang Dynasty people pa*sed on to the Korean peninsula many years ago, now you’re talking about your own taekwondo. It’s true that when you meet the old ancestors’ moves, you still have to get your a*s backwards.

The inside of the arena was already in chaos, with countless calls being made out, or in.

“Come on, really, it’s a real defeat, it’s only one move, it’s brilliant to die for. There should be more in the back, hurry up, but there’s no more room inside.”

“Hahahahaha, who told you to D*mn well leave, well, it’s a good thing I didn’t listen to you, brilliant, brilliant, one move. What? How do you describe that move? Anyway, just think of it as Little Lee’s Flying Dagger. Yeah, go and regret it, no time to talk to you, I’m going to watch Idol ……”

“I can’t, I’m in love with Brother Shi Ying, I want to marry him ……”

“You don’t have to be a nymphomaniac will you, with your look, alas, it’s a bit difficult.”

“Miao Yuan, you want to die ……”


“What? I can’t believe you won? Or one move? D*mn, how can I be so unlucky, after watching for a month straight, I won the last game without watching it, no way, I have to hurry over, it’s too D*mn exciting ……” a young man who was eating at a big stall, hung up the phone and was about to leave.

“Hey, you haven’t paid for your meal ……,” the boss shouted as he hurried out, but there was no one left.