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DYM Chapter 691

Immediately, Ji Wanqing stood up and walked over to the girl who was drinking. She looked at the girl who was already a little drunk in front of her and then looked at the man standing next to her and asked, “What’s going on?”

The man innocently put his hand out and said, “Here’s the thing, this girl has been drinking since noon and she is now drunk. I asked her where she lived and I was going to take her back, but she wouldn’t budge again.”

“What are you to her?” Chi Wanqing took another careful look at the man in front of her, and her rich experience in detecting people made Chi Wanqing feel that the man did not know the girl who was drinking.

Seemingly sensing Chi Wanqing’s confusion, the man said casually, “I saw this girl here at noon today, and she has been drinking until now, and just now wanted more wine. That’s why I was a bit worried about her, so I offered to help send her back.”

Ji Wanqing smiled coldly, she finally understood, this girl who was drinking knew how pretty she was as long as she wasn’t blind. She had been drinking from noon until now, and this man had also waited from noon until now, clearly to wait for her to get drunk and send her back.”

Never mind that this girl knew Ye Mo, whether the Ye Mo she was talking about was Brother Ye or not, an ordinary girl seen by Chi Wanqing like this would have offered to do her a favour.

Thinking of this, she said to the man, “Thanks a lot then, but now that I’m here, there’s no more business for you here, I’ll send her back later.”

The man was just about to speak when Gu Yin Sheng came over and asked, “What’s wrong, Wan Qing?”

Gu Yinsheng saw the girl who was already a little drunk at the same time, and a trace of surprise flashed across his eyes. Seeing Ji Wanqing was already a great destiny, but he did not expect to see another girl here who was on a par with Ji Wanqing, or even a little better than her.

What kind of day is it?

Gu Yinsheng was already calculating in his heart how the subsequent plot would unfold.

“Nothing, one of my friends is drunk, I have to take her back.” Ji Wanqing said and was about to pull the girl who was drinking.

The girl who was drinking saw Ji Wanqing and showed some surprise in her eyes, “Light Snow, why are you here? Aren’t you getting married today?”

Chi Wanqing already fully understood that this girl must know Light Snow Ye Mo, and the Ye Mo she was talking about was the big brother Ye who had saved her. So it was because of big brother Ye, no wonder …… some gloom flashed across Chi Wanqing’s eyes as well.

Just Chi Wanqing quickly thought of her second half of the sentence, and quickly grabbed her hand and asked: “You said that light snow got married? Who did she get married to? Is it big brother Ye?”

“Big Brother Ye …… Well …… pour me another cup, I want to congratulate ……” The girl’s tone became more and more drunk up.

The man took a look at the conversation between these two and realized that the girl who had just arrived had not lied to him and that the two of them really knew each other. Only he immediately saw Gu Yinsheng and hurriedly called out in fear, “Mr. Gu ……”

Gu Yinsheng nodded and ignored the man, but looked at Ji Wanqing and said, “The hotel across the street is my property, why don’t you take your friend to my hotel for the night.”

But Chi Wanqing had already pulled up the drunk girl and smiled at Gu Yinsheng and said, “No need, my house is right here, what hotel do I need to stay in, goodbye.”

As he watched Ji Wanqing leave the bar with the drunken girl, Gu Yinsheng’s face became somewhat gloomy as he stared at the man who was still standing there, not daring to leave and asked, “What’s your name?”

“Mr. Gu, my name is Zheng Xun, I am a cla*smate of Gu Mingnan and I have met you once.” The man heard Gu Yinsheng ask and hastily replied.

“You tell me the details of this drinking girl’s situation ……,” Gu Yin Sheng pointed to Zheng Xun and pointed to the chair opposite, then sat down himself, no joy or sadness visible on his face.

“Yes, Mr. Gu ……” Zheng Xun hurriedly sat down opposite to Gu Yin Sheng. In Luo Cang, the Gu family could crush him down just by pulling a hair. Conversely, the Gu family could make him eat for the rest of his life just by casually throwing a steamed bun.


Luo Yue Lake was extraordinarily beautiful today, and without even dressing up, it was already the most beautiful place in Luo Yue City, but Ye Ling and Bei Wei still dressed up their brother’s wedding room to make it more festive.

Because Ye Mo did not invite anyone from the Yanjing Ye family, the family members who attended the wedding, apart from Ning Zhongfei and Lan Taro, were Ye Ling, Tang Beiwei and Ye Zifeng.

Although she was heartbroken for her daughter, Lan Taro was still considered to be okay with Ye Mo marrying both his daughter and Susu. After all, Ye Mo was not an unusual person, and now their family had moved to Luo Yue. And instead of taking advantage of outsiders, it was better to take advantage of one of their own.

At least in Blue Taro’s heart, Susu was also considered her family. It was just that because Susu had married Ye Mo, she could no longer let Susu call her sister.

To Ning Zhongfei, as long as her daughter was happy and cheerful, it was fine. If it was in the past, his daughter would be the imperial concubine now. He was one hundred and twenty times satisfied with Ye Mo, who was capable and competent. What satisfied him the most was that this son-in-law also saved his wife, Lan Taro. Back then in America, if it wasn’t for his son-in-law, Lan Taro would have been finished long ago.

As for his own company, it would have been merged into ‘Luo Yue Pharmaceutical’ long ago. He is also very satisfied to be here, Luo Yue is the place where he and his wife want to live.

Even the most lively wedding had to end, at this time, all the congratulatory people had already dispersed one after another, and only Ye Mo and Luo Ying Qing Xue were left inside Luo Yue Lake’s villa.

Luo Ying pushed Qing Xue into the room, but she wanted to leave. But Ning Qingxue pulled Luo Ying’s hand, “Sister Luo Ying, don’t go, just stay here.”

Luo Ying smiled faintly and took Ning Qingxue’s hand, “We talked about it, I’ll come over later. That’s your first time ……”

“Luo Ying ……,” Ye Mo looked at Luo Ying going into the room inside, he couldn’t help but call out. Although he knew that because today was Ning Qingxue’s first time, Luo Ying wanted to leave himself alone with Qingxue, but he was a little flustered in his heart.

He knew what he was thinking, but he didn’t know how he should explain to Luo Ying and Qing Xue, and he suddenly felt a little ill-informed.

Luo Ying turned back and walked up to Ye Mo, wrapped her arms around Ye Mo’s neck and gently kissed him on the lips before she smiled and left. Ye Mo knew that was because she was afraid that she would think too much and rea*sure herself.

Just one kiss made Ye Mo’s heart firm up, no matter what happened in the future, he would not leave Luo Ying and Qing Xue behind, they were his life.

Cultivating the Dao was important, and there were things that were more important than cultivation. If the kind of love he had with Luo Ying and Qing Xue was missing, even if he lived for thousands of years, what would that be? That was just a cup of plain water.

Ning Qingxue seemed to sense what was going through Ye Mo’s mind as she walked up and ambled into Ye Mo’s arms.

Ye Mo looked at Ning Qingxue, who was more delicate than a flower, and a flame rose in his heart. He remembered the scene below the cliff at Shennongjia when Qingxue went to save him alone. He even remembered how his hand almost reached into her chest after Light Snow fell asleep in his arms under the cliff.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s heart grew hotter and hotter, and he couldn’t help but put his hand through Ning Qingxue’s neckline.

When Ye Mo’s warm palm gripped the firmness of her chest, Ning Qingxue ‘whimpered’ and moaned, her face rose like an autumn maple leaf, her eyes became more and more misty, and she could only let out a few words from inside her nostrils, “Carry me to bed… …”

When Ning Qingxue felt the clothes on her body being completely undone by Ye Mo, not only did she not feel cold, she even felt a kind of dryness.

She couldn’t help but squeeze into Ye Mo’s arms somewhat, and a kind of dampness surged up from her abdomen. She could even hear the beating of her heart as Ye Mo’s hand completely wrapped around her.

This was not the first time Ning Qingxue had remembered this scenario, she had even had this kind of thing with Ye Mo in her dreams, but when it really came, she realised that it was surprisingly so difficult to find herself.

Ye Mo’s chest was broad and firm, his lips warm with a masculine scent, causing Ning Qingxue to become more and more mesmerised.

As Ning Qingxue whimpered out in happiness, Ye Mo simultaneously felt an unspeakable satisfaction. He could not have imagined that Ning Qingxue, who used to look cold and icy, the number one beauty in Yanjing, would be so sensitive all over her body. Her body was as soft as a cloud, yet her temperature could melt itself.

A tingling pain came through and Ning Qingxue knew what it was all about as she subconsciously wrapped her arms tightly around Ye Mo’s shoulders. She suddenly remembered this thing she asked Luo Ying a few days ago please come, that kind of happiness made her a little dizzy.

“Sister Luo Ying, does it hurt the first time? I said in the book that it hurts to bite or grab his shoulder, are you like that too ……”

At that time, Luo Ying’s tone was as if from nine days away, “When I was in pain, he was already burned into my heart. But I know I was originally always in his heart, I don’t want him to hurt as much as I do, I just hold him close ……”

I don’t want him to hurt as much as I do, I just need to hold him close …… Ning Qingxue only understood the significance of Luo Ying’s words at this time. A lifetime, from life to death, there is only him, because at that time, he has been burned into your heart. Knowing that his heart hurts himself, how can he bear to let him hurt?

The pain was short-lived, longer was the swoon of happiness and joy, Ning Qingxue could no longer hold back the surging love inside her, reaching out to wrap her arms around Ye Mo’s neck, the tip of her tongue had already reached into Ye Mo’s mouth.


When the sun rose in the early morning, Ning Qingxue opened her eyes, but saw that Luo Ying had somehow been lying on the other side of Ye Mo.

She reached her hand over from Ye Mo’s chest and took Luo Ying’s hand, “Sister Luo Ying.”

The transformation from a girl to a woman made her understand how valuable what Luo Ying told her was.