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DYM Chapter 692

When Su Jingwen woke up and found herself lying in bed, and her jacket was off, she was in a state of panic, and her whole brain buzzed as if she had fallen into hell with trepidation.

She remembered that she had been drinking all afternoon, and then a man insisted on taking her home, and then …… Su Jingwen suddenly calmed down. Usually she never drinks outside, but yesterday because Ye Mo got married and the bride didn’t have her, it made her sad in her heart, which is why she drowned her sorrows by drinking alone.

She immediately lifted the blanket, but found that her body was not different, could it be that she had not been what?

“You’re awake?” Ji Wanqing walked in, she saw that Su Jingwen had lifted the covers and asked in a hurry.

“You are?” Su Jingwen looked at Ji Wanqing in confusion, she seemed to have understood that it seemed like this girl in front of her had brought her back.

Thinking of this, she did not wait for Ji Wanqing to speak and asked again, “Did you bring me back last night?”

“Yes, I happened to be at that bar, then I saw you drunk, so I brought you to my house by the way. My name is Ji Wanqing, I haven’t asked what your name is yet?” Chi Wanqing said with a faint smile.

Su Jingwen’s heart immediately settled down, she secretly breathed a slow sigh of relief and immediately said, “I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you yesterday, thank you. My name is Su Jingwen ……”

“What, you’re Su Jingwen?” Ji Wanqing immediately said in surprise.

“You know me?” Su Jingwen looked at Ji Wanqing in confusion, she didn’t seem to be very familiar with Ji Wanqing, how could she know her?

Chi Wanqing hurriedly waved her hand and said, “I heard it from Qingxue, who lived here with me for a while and then also talked about you. When it was your birthday, was it Ye Mo who accompanied you for the first dance?”

“You know Light Snow?” Su Jingwen also cheered up, but after hearing Ye Mo, her expression was suddenly a bit gloomy.

“What’s wrong with you?” Ji Wanqing immediately knew what the reason was after she asked this, and she asked with some trembling, “Sister Jingwen, is it that Ye Mo got married?”

Su Jingwen nodded her head. Soon she realised Chi Wanqing’s emotions, she looked up in surprise at Chi Wanqing, could it be that this girl and Ye Mo were also entangled? How come it was a pretty girl he knew?

Seeming to read her meaning in Su Jingwen’s eyes, Chi Wanqing smiled to herself and quickly said, “Big brother Ye saved me and gave me Little Wolf, he ……. Anyway, I just like him somewhat. You know that my family would not agree with me and him, and that big brother Ye also has a sweetheart. So …… so. That’s just what I think alone. Sister Jing Wen, don’t be overly concerned, actually I went on a blind date yesterday. Then I saw you ……”

So that was the case, Su Jingwen had understood. How was she herself not the same as Chi Wanqing? Ye Mo had never expressed anything to her either, ah?

There are things or people who don’t go for it, and soon it won’t belong to them. Su Jingwen sighed. However, she quickly became a bit sulky, she didn’t go for it herself? It could be said that Ye Mo didn’t give her the chance to fight for it at all.

Whether she knew that he was the master or not, she did feel a little different about him from the first moment she saw him. Otherwise, she would not have invited him to her birthday party, nor would she have asked him to dance the first dance, nor would she have kept the rough bracelet he gave her on her hand, nor would she have stayed at his small compound in Ninghai.

By this time Ning Qingxue and that Luo Ying were already snuggled up in his arms, while she herself was drunk and sulking here. Su Jingwen smiled to herself once again. When Ning Qingxue had asked for a fake marriage with Ye Mo, she was still looking for that master. If she had taken the initiative at that time, the ending might have been completely different.

“What’s wrong with you? Sister Jing Wen.” Ji Wanqing asked the words for the second time.

Su Jingwen shook her head and did not answer.

“Right Sister Jingwen, do you know who Big Brother Ye is married to? Is it Light Snow?” Chi Wanqing suddenly wanted to know who could be married to big brother Ye.

Su Jingwen nodded her head. Somewhat bitterly, she said, “Yes, it’s just that he took two brides at once, Light Snow and Luo Ying. I heard his sister Ye Ling tell me about it, so ……”

“Sister Jingwen, you said he took two wives? This. This ……” Chi Wanqing’s eyes widened, how was this possible?

Su Jingwen smiled bitterly for a moment. It was only after a long time that she said, “Because Luo Yue is his, and that country is also his ……”

“What?” Ji Wanqing was completely shocked, she couldn’t imagine that Luo Yue, who had been popular all over the world and had been attracting the world’s attention, was actually Ye Mo’s.


After his new marriage, Ye Mo spent almost every day with Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue. And knowing that Ye Mo was about to leave Luo Yue, Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue were even more obsessed with him.

Over the past few months, the three of them had been to many places, and the Meinei Snow Mountain was visited more than once, but unfortunately they never met that Snow Velvet Fox again. Ning Qingxue was now at the third level of Qi training, and although she could not fly with her sword, she could hurt her enemies with it.

Tang Beiwei had received the flying sword from Ye Mo, and she had become much quieter than before, but her cultivation had also become diligent. Only Ye Ling, who originally joined Tang Beiwei after her daily business was done, only because Tang Beiwei was now grasping at cultivation, while she could not cultivate the same things as Tang Beiwei and could only cultivate ancient martial arts every day.

On the contrary, Luo Ying’s cultivation level was relatively lower, but she had also broken through the first level of Qi cultivation and entered the second level of Qi cultivation.

But when Ye Mo asked her about the diary, she always pursed her lips and did not want to bring up the topic of the diary. She wouldn’t tell him what was written in the diary, which made Ye Mo helpless.

Three months later, Luo Yue had slowly stepped into the routine and all the work was going on in an orderly manner. While Ye Mo said goodbye to Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue and the others, he left Luo Yue alone.

He knew that if he stayed in Luo Yue, he could only die of old age like ordinary people. It could even be said that even if Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue or even Tang Beiwei could cultivate to Foundation Establishment, he, Ye Mo, would not be able to do so.

His qualifications dictated that if he didn’t look for a chance, his path to cultivation would be even slimmer than Luo Ying and Ning Qingxue and the others. Ye Mo could even think that if he stayed with Luo Yue, one day he would grow old with white hair. Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue, on the other hand, had already built their foundations and could only watch themselves slowly grow old without any recourse. In the end, they would even chase him away. This was not the outcome he wanted; what he wanted was far from that.

Luo Ying and Ning Qing Xue both knew what Ye Mo was thinking, and although they did not want Ye Mo to leave, they still sent Ye Mo away from Luo Yue. They did not ask Ye Mo where he was going, they understood that if Ye Mo wanted to talk about it, he must have said it.

Looking at the three of them from afar, Fay Lok was a little gloomy in her heart. Ye Mo had already gotten married, and Little Sister definitely didn’t know. But even if junior sister knew, so what? If she had already entered the small world, she wouldn’t come out again and Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to enter.

Fei Lok sighed, shook her head, and turned to leave.


Ye Mo searched for a long time in the South Pole, but he could not find the blue bag that An Zhiqi had mentioned at the beginning. According to what An Zhiqi said, at first Dongfang Wang put some things here, and those things were packed in a blue bag.

The reason why he came to look for the things Dongfang Wang had left here was because Ye Mo felt that this Dongfang Wang was also a threat. If he didn’t have the means to find out exactly where Xi Tang was, he would have gone and killed Dongfang Wang.

But since he didn’t find it, Ye Mo didn’t take it to heart, with Dongfang Wang’s current ability he still couldn’t do anything to Luo Yue, not to mention that both Light Snow and Bei Wei were already at the third level of Qi training.

Ye Mo went straight to the Hengduan Mountain Range, although he wanted to enter the small world, he didn’t have seven spirit stones in his hand, nor did he have anyone with spiritual roots for the Heavenly Pivot Bit to suck blood from, the only thing he could try was to take the three spirit stones in his hand and try.

Because the Anori Village is also in the Hengduan Mountain Range, and it was in the Anori Village that Ye Mo met and married Luo Ying in the first place. So Ye Mo came here again, and he wanted to see if that hut was still okay.

However, once Ye Mo arrived, he found a dead atmosphere, although there were still a few women doing laundry at the door, there was no longer the lively scene of chickens and dogs that there was back then.

After a careful look around the village, Ye Mo realised that there was more Yin Qi here, and there were fewer children playing. Although those Yin Qi were invisible, they had a great impact on the people here.

Although he didn’t know exactly what was going on, Ye Mo would definitely not allow these Yin Qi to remain here to harm people. He took out the Yin Destruction Pearl and under the roll of his divine sense, all the Yin Qi covering this village was sucked away by the Yin Destruction Pearl. Just as Ye Mo was about to go down and ask about the situation, a red line flashed past and went straight into the depths of the sea of clouds in the Hengduan Mountain Range.

Ye Mo followed it almost without even thinking about it. It was not the first time Ye Mo had met a Yin Soul that had condensed a solid line. He had seen it last time at the foot of Broken Peak Mountain, but he didn’t expect to meet it again this time in the Hengduan Mountain Range. This kind of Yin spirit was usually very hidden to harm people, but it was very rare to see a Yin spirit like the one Ye Mo met, which spread its Yin Qi all over the village.

The spirit that had turned into a red thread seemed to be very afraid of Ye Mo, and when it saw Ye Mo chasing after him, it sped up even more.

Ye Mo followed this red thread all the way and found that he had unexpectedly arrived at the place he had wanted to come to, the natural canyon inside the ‘Transverse Seven Stars’.

“Daoist save me ……,” the Yin soul being chased by Ye Mo unexpectedly let out a scream.

“It’s you?” Ye Mo had already seen the Daoist Daoist Nun of Jing Hu who was crouching in the Heavenly Pivot position, he did not expect this Daoist Nun to still be here. It was just that she now had powerful qi and blood on her body, and had obviously recovered her cultivation. Moreover, her face was also a little more rosy, and she seemed to be a little younger.