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DYM Chapter 693

That Daoist nun also spotted Ye Mo at the same time, only she didn’t even see how Ye Mo came over.

“Haha ……” The Daoist nun who saw Ye Mo’s all huff suddenly laughed, “It’s really hard to find a place after stepping through iron shoes. I didn’t expect you to come to my door when I was about to leave. Kid, if I don’t serve you well, I will have lived for decades in vain.”

At the end of her sentence this Daoist nun’s face was deformed, which showed the hatred deep inside her heart.

Ye Mo didn’t think that this old fellow hadn’t left by now, and listening to her words, it seemed that she already had a way to leave this place. If she really had a way to enter the small world, he might be able to hitch a ride with her.

Thinking of this Ye Mo said with the same smile, “I would let you serve? You’re old and ugly, stripping naked and hugging me would make me vomit in disgust. You should stop putting gold on your face ……”

Ye Mo suddenly stopped here, his divine sense surprisingly saw a dozen corpses, equally dried up, some even showing white, withered bones.

“You seek death ……” When the Daoist nun of Jing Hu heard Ye Mo’s words, her face looked more and more fierce, she suddenly stood up from the huge stone block in the Heavenly Pivot position and was about to strike at Ye Mo.

The nether spirit suddenly floated in front of her and screamed, “This man and I have a mortal grudge, my master was killed by this man at the foot of Broken Peak Mountain, and one of my brothers was also burned by him with fire.”

When Ye Mo heard that Yin Soul’s words, he immediately understood, his eyes coldly stared at the Yin Soul, “So you are another Yin pet of that old woman, it was your luck that you were not discovered and let go, but today you won’t be so lucky.”

After saying that, Ye Mo’s eyes became even colder as he looked at Daoist Nun Jing Hu, he said icily, “I said how come there are so many less people in Anli Village, it’s all because of you, the old thing, who is responsible. Inhumane scum, how dare you collaborate with the Yin Spirit to kill innocents indiscriminately.”

In the blink of an eye, Ye Mo figured out the key to it, that it was the Yin Soul helping the Jing Hu Daoist Nun to find people with spiritual roots through Yin Qi, and then taking them captive for the Heavenly Hub Bit to suck the blood. While the soul of the deceased was devoured by the Yin Soul. Each side gets something out of it. And perhaps the Daoist Nun of Kaifu had promised something to the Yin Soul.

Although this Yin Soul had condensed out a red thread, it posed no threat to Ye Mo, while this Daoist Nun Jing Hu, according to the words of Lok Yue, the eldest sister of Lok Hustle, she should be at a half-step Xiantian cultivation. Against a half-step Xiantian, Ye Mo paid himself no pressure.

Ye Mo estimated that his current cultivation level should be about the same as Ren Pingchuan’s, and with his own flying sword means, he could face Ren Pingchuan in his prime. He could still win against him. He had killed Ren Pingchuan when he was in the middle of the fourth level of Qi cultivation. And now he was already at the late fifth level of Qi training.

Daoist Nun Jing Hu’s face was so gloomy that water was going to drip out of it, she seemed to know that she was not Ye Mo’s opponent when she scolded him, but Ye Mo was just a mole in her eyes.

She raised her hand. A duster suddenly appeared in her hand, and she just took a step forward, the duster in her hand actually crossed the distance of three feet and smashed down on top of Ye Mo’s head.

And that Yin soul saw the Daoist Nun of Kaifeng Hu make her move. At the same time, it also screamed and lunged at Ye Mo’s brow with a hint of Yin Qi.

So fast, is this a half-step Xiantian cultivation level? Ye Mo’s eyes stared and had some doubts in his heart. He struck a fireball directly at the Yin spirit, and at the same time, he struck out with a fist, directly colliding with the dust of the Daoist Nun of Kaifu.

A “click” sound and an unpleasant “bared” sound rang out as Ye Mo was unexpectedly sent flying backwards several metres by the dust.

He was sure that Daoist Aunt Kaifu was not a half-step Xiantian, and his fist bones were cracked by the dust.

Daoist Nun Kaifu flew a meter further than Ye Mo. Then she took a few more steps backwards, before spitting out a mouthful of blood.

She stared blankly at Ye Mo for two seconds before saying word for word, “You have actually entered Innate Heaven as well and can still emit internal fire, I underestimated you.”

He said this, but Jing Hu’s heart was like a shocking wave, how old was Ye Mo. Surprisingly, he was a Xiantian cultivator. If he hadn’t been distracted by that Yin spirit just now, he wouldn’t have simply vomited blood under this punch.

She even thought of leaving, the Seven Star Formation could already be opened, if she suddenly rushed to the Heavenly Pivot position and used her inner qi. Wouldn’t it be possible to get out of here?

But she was still a bit reluctant, nothing more. It was that the “Our Laws Sutra” still had two pages of golden paper in his possession. The Sutra was the main reason she had come out this time, and without it her coming out was meaningless. It was a good thing that she had broken through to the Ascendant by chance, but after entering the Ascendant, she felt the importance of the Sutra even more.

Entering the Innate Heaven as well? Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on after hearing what Jing Hu said. He didn’t expect that this Daoist Daoist Nun Jing Hu had been blessed by the disaster and was now an Innate cultivator, thanks to some miraculous encounters he had recently had, he had cultivated from the middle of the fourth Qi training level to the late fifth Qi training level. Otherwise, he would not have been a match for this Daoist Nun.

That Yin Soul was burned by Ye Mo’s fire ball, and its whole body became even darker, no longer daring to approach Ye Mo, instead it retreated into a foot of the valley, it had already made up its mind to leave this canyon as soon as it had the chance.

Ye Mo likewise didn’t bother with the shadowy spirit, his eyes were fixed dead on Jing Hu. No matter what, this Daoist nun could not be allowed to leave today. Not to mention the fact that she had killed so many people in Anli Village, the fact that she still had a golden page on her made it imperative for Ye Mo to catch her.

That golden page Ye Mo had to get, and after Ye Mo and Daoist Nun Jing Hu had a punch, he also knew that her duster was not simple, and his own punch had not broken the duster.

When Daoist Nun Jing Hu looked at the flying sword that suddenly appeared in Ye Mo’s hand, the corners of her eyes twitched a few times again. She didn’t even get a clear look at how Ye Mo took out the flying sword, and her confidence in defeating Ye Mo was once again quite small.

“I want to make a deal with you, if you are willing, I can ……” Although Jing Hu wanted to kill Ye Mo immediately, but she held back thinking about the two pages of golden paper. What she had in mind was that if Ye Mo could give her the golden pages, then she didn’t mind killing the shadowy spirit, and she could even hand Ye Mo an ancient martial arts technique that was close to the heavenly level.

Without waiting for Daoist Nun Jing Hu to finish her words, Ye Mo laughed harshly, “Old Daoist Nun, I told you that I have no interest in old women like you, you don’t need to use this kind of skin business to attract me, don’t make me sick.”

Ye Mo was saying how disgusting he was, he wanted to make this Daoist nun angry and even lose her composure. Although he was sure of killing Jing Hu, but he didn’t want any accidents.

“You seek death ……” Daoist Nun Jing Hu’s face turned blue with anger, no longer caring about the deal with Ye Mo, the duster in her hand rolled towards Ye Mo with thousands of silk threads. If the first dust of Daoist Nun Kaifu had not used ten percent of her ability, then this time she threw almost all of her power into it, as if she was not willing to beat Ye Mo into pieces.

Almost at the same time as Daoist Nun Kaifu made her move, the Yin spirit that was cowering in a corner suddenly burst out, like a quick blue smoke that was about to rush out of the canyon. The timing was surprisingly just right.

Even if he had suffered a loss at the hands of Daoist Nun Jing Hu, he would not let this spirit escape.

Another miserable scream came out, Ye Mo didn’t have the heart to see if the Yin Soul had been killed by him, the flying sword had already collided with the dust.

The white light brought up by the flying sword was like a sharp, thin blade, slicing the front end of the duster right off. But the internal qi of all the huffing and puffing also caused the flying sword controlled by Ye Mo to lose the possibility of continuing the attack.

The duster in her own hand was not an ordinary thing, but when this not ordinary duster was cut off by the flying sword in Ye Mo’s hand, Daoist Nun Jing Hu did not seem to be surprised or puzzled at all. Instead, she kept attacking Ye Mo as if she was crazy.

The front end of the dust whisk was once again cut off by Ye Mo’s flying sword, and the severed dust strands actually turned into several tiny needle shadows that directly covered Ye Mo’s vital points.

Ye Mo watched as the flying sword went straight through Gao Hu’s waist, bringing up a shower of blood, while Gao Hu seemed to be unable to see it at all and was still attacking him hard.

Had his words really made this old Daoist nun angry? Did she not see that if she continued like this, her duster would all be shredded?

Countless broken dust filaments turned into fine needles and all sprinkled towards Ye Mo. But these dust filaments were not yet able to cause damage to Ye Mo.

“Poof” another shower of blood spilled out as Ye Mo’s flying sword once again pa*sed through Jing Hu’s waist. Ye Mo already felt that this Daoist nun hadn’t really lost her mind, as every time the flying sword hit Kaifa Hu, she would get out of the way of the vital points, and she could even avoid the flexible flying sword attack.

Ye Mo snorted coldly and was just about to control the flying sword that had already been blocked by Jing Hu to move up and do it again. The countless dust filaments in front of him suddenly burst open and Ye Mo screamed in his heart that it was not good.

He could not have imagined that there was this mechanism inside this ordinary dust silk, no wonder Daoist Nun Jing Hu did not care about her dust silk being constantly chipped off.

“Bang, bang, bang ……” Numerous explosions rang out in front of Ye Mo’s body, and Ye Mo felt a surge of pain all over his body.

It was not good to be hit, Ye Mo grabbed the flying sword and immediately was about to leap up when a black shadow interspersed with thousands of explosions of dust struck him in the chest.

Ye Mo spat out a mouthful of blood, he knew that this was the last move of Daoist Nun Jing Hu, she didn’t even want to use her duster. In his anger, Ye Mo was about to take the opportunity to kill the Daoist nun with his flying sword, but he found that the Daoist nun was already standing on the Heavenly Pivot.

No good, she was leaving. Ye Mo didn’t have time to think carefully, he rushed straight over and reached out and grabbed the Daoist nun’s chest.

With a “stabbing sound”, a large piece of clothing on the front of Daoist Nun Kaifu’s chest was grabbed away by Ye Mo, revealing the amazing snowy whiteness. Two huge steamed buns broke through the restraints, shaking Ye Mo even a little.

“Ah ……” After a scream, Daoist Nun Jing Hu immediately disappeared from Ye Mo’s sight.

Ye Mo subconsciously looked at the handful of clothes he grabbed in his hand, and before he could even think about it, a huge suction force came through, and he surprisingly had no room to resist.