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DYM Chapter 694

Ye Mo came from the cultivation world and was certainly not ignorant of what was happening in front of him. If this was either a teleportation formation or an entrance organ, it was an extremely powerful spatial concealment formation. Moreover, this suction force was completely abnormal, which meant that he had not entered this in the normal way, and if this was a spatial formation, he would most likely be torn into pieces at any time.

When he thought of this Ye Mo immediately broke out in a cold sweat and he immediately deployed his whole body’s true qi to try to protect his body. Although he knew that if it was really a spatial formation, this amount of true qi he had would not even be enough to fill half a breath in.

Without Ye Mo having to mobilise his true qi, his true qi had already been tumbled up in an instant, directly hitting his five internal organs and all the meridians in his body. And in a very short time, it was sucked empty again, Chapter 694 – Grasping Croak The internal organs were once again as uncomfortable as if they had been shifted, and his meridians began to crack.

If his meridians hadn’t been substantially upgraded and widened last time, Ye Mo even doubted that he would have been able to resist this intensity of pulling at all. But if this continued, perhaps in the next second, he would still be pulled to pieces.

With a “bang”, when Ye Mo was already desperate, the pull of space suddenly disappeared without a trace, and he was thrown to the ground as if he was thrown from the air. The tremendous force caused him to spurt a few mouthfuls of blood again.

Not dead? Ye Mo’s first reaction was to see if Daoist Nun Kaifu was nearby preparing to sneak up on him, but he soon realised that Daoist Nun Kaifu wasn’t even here. The place where he was was just a somewhat desolate ancient path.

Ye Mo was slightly relieved and only then did he pay attention to his situation, his true qi was gone at all and his body was covered in torn blood marks. Ye Mo cursed in his heart, he must have opened the ‘Heavenly Pivot’ bit of the ‘Transverse Seven Stars’ through an abnormal technique, which caused the squeezing of space. It was a good thing that the space was not deformed in the wrong phase. Otherwise, where would he still be alive? He might have been torn into pieces.

Knowing that his situation was bad, Ye Mo’s first reaction was to take out Chapter 694 – Grabbing the croaking ‘Lotus Life Pill’. However, when Ye Mo took out the bottle containing the ‘Lotus Life Dan’, he found that it was unexpectedly empty. The last ‘Lotus Life Pill’ had been eaten by him when he was fighting against Daoist Nun Jing Hu.

Ye Mo’s heart immediately sank. This was the first time he had come to this place, and it was also the legendary Inner Concealment Sect. That meant that there were many experts here, and once his cultivation was gone. Here was an existence where he was at the mercy of others.

He still had four ‘snow lotus seeds’, but only the ‘snow lotus seeds’ were useless, ah, he had no more auxiliary herbs for refining pills. The auxiliary herbs for the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ had all been refined by him, and to refine the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ he had to find the auxiliary herbs first.

Besides, even if he had the auxiliary herbs now, there was no way he could refine the ‘Lotus Life Pill’ before he had recovered his true qi. Luckily, there was still a lotus puff, although it was a bit wasteful to eat it like this, but for the current Ye Mo, only recovering his strength as soon as possible was the most important thing.

After pinching a piece of lotus puff and throwing it into his mouth, Ye Mo had the heart to look at what he was holding.

Wrapped in the torn daoist robe was a red bib, which made Ye Mo freeze for a moment. The first thing he thought of when he saw the bib was that it reminded him of that Daoist nun Jing Xi.

The Daoist nun was even older than the Daoist nun, so he didn’t expect her to be wearing such a belly bib, and it looked like this Daoist nun was also an old and immodest fellow.

Ye Mo picked up the bib and took a look at it. There was a sewn pocket underneath this bib. Ye Mo did not hesitate to pull this pocket open.

A faint golden light made Ye Mo almost scream out, the golden page he had searched so hard for was actually inside this belly pocket.

“Haha ……” Ye Mo grabbed the golden page and finally couldn’t help but laugh out loud. All the depression was dispersed in one go. This was a good, wonderful, croaky grab.

That old Daoist nun found out that she had sacrificed her sex and thrown the golden page away I wonder what kind of expression she had? Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s heart was just a burst of dark pleasure.

After laughing, Ye Mo immediately felt a hint of something wrong. He didn’t know much about the small world, and the only source of information he had was from Fay Lok. The only source of information he had was from Faye Lok. And Faye Lok hardly ever went out to sects, so she didn’t know much about this small world.

In case the place is not very big and there are only some hidden sects here, will he be found out soon? Another one was that now that Daoist Aunt Kaifu’s golden pages had been taken away by herself, would she get annoyed and tell all the people that the three golden pages of the “Our Luo Sutra” were in her possession?

If Daoist Aunt Jing Hu really let out the news like this, then he would really be in danger?

Ye Mo calmed down, he knew that the first thing he had to do now was to recover his strength before making plans. Since he had just swallowed a piece of lotus seed, he wanted to find a place to repair his injuries. As for the wounds on his face, they were of secondary importance, although they were wounds that were blown out by the countless duster threads from Daoist Nun Jing Hu, but it was very simple for Ye Mo to get rid of these wounds, he just needed a ‘Face Preserving Pill’.

In Ye Mo’s mind, instead of restoring the wounds on his face, he should just leave him be. Who knows if Daoist Nun Jing Hu will issue a wanted notice when he goes out of the small world and takes another ‘Face Preserving Pill’?

Only before Ye Mo had time to act, his divine sense already saw a caravan coming from the road ahead. Without thinking, Ye Mo immediately threw what he was holding into his ring and then moved from the middle of the road to the side of the road.

If he wasn’t really hurt too badly right now and his true qi was dried up, he would definitely not be willing to meet with strangers at this time. It was just that he was so weak now that he was moving very slowly. By the time he was just close to the roadside, a large group of people and cars had already come over.

“Why are the cars stopped? What’s going on?” A clear voice came out of the carriage.

One of the accompanying guards walking in front of him hurriedly ran to the side of the carriage and said, “Miss, a very badly injured man was found on the road, he is moving a bit slowly and we have to wait for him to pull over before the carriage can pa*s.”

“Oh, let me see.” As the voice finished speaking, the curtain of the carriage had been pulled back. A clear and beautiful woman’s face showed up from inside the carriage.

Ye Mo was wondering how the carriage here was still a horse-drawn carriage with an escort to clear the way. Even the address was Miss, could it be that he had travelled to the past again? Ye Mo was still familiar with the 5,000 years of Chinese history.

In his opinion, he had only come to a small world of the Inner Concealment Sect at most, even if the technology here was a bit worse than outside, it should not be too different. Although people from outside could not generally enter, after all, people from the Inner Concealment Sect could go out, and some things could still be interchangeable. But now he saw the horse-drawn carriages and dirt roads, there was no modern life at all.

While Ye Mo was wondering, the face of a young girl was revealed inside the carriage. The young girl was not ugly and was somewhat clean looking, but in Ye Mo’s eyes it was just that. Ye Mo’s two wives were both as beautiful as fairies, so although this young girl was good looking, in Ye Mo’s eyes, she was only similar to An Zhiqi.

This young girl had upturned eyebrows and powerful eyes, and at a glance, she was the kind of person who was very autonomous and opinionated, and even had a temper. This kind of character, generally had a Missy temper and was very spiteful. Ye Mo didn’t want to mess with it at all, and thinking of this, he hurriedly lowered his head and moved back a few steps again so that the road had completely given way.

“A bit interesting.” The young girl smiled faintly and suddenly said once again, “Take this man away and let him recuperate in that carriage at the back.”

She said because she saw that Ye Mo was covered in blood and his face was even wounded to the point that she couldn’t see a single intact part of it. But when his eyes looked at himself, he did not show any fear, and in the end he lowered his head to say that maybe he was still ashamed of himself because he was too beautiful. So she actually came up with an excellent idea the moment she saw Ye Mo.

If Ye Mo knew what this woman was thinking, he would probably go crazy. He would definitely stare at her with wide eyes and say, “There’s actually a woman like you who doesn’t know how to be modest, I’m only lowering my head because I’m injured right now and don’t want to cause trouble, it has nothing to do with your looks.

“Miss, this person is of unknown origin, do you really want to take him away?” The guard said after a moment of hesitation.

The woman suddenly took out a handkerchief and wiped her eyes without a trace “Yes, take good care of him, don’t ask any other questions.”

After saying this, she whispered to herself, “He’s disfigured ……” before pulling the curtain up.

The guard looked at this Ye Mo in confusion, and then at the lady who had already pulled up the curtain, and was somewhat puzzled. Could it be that Miss knew this miserable looking guy?

But he also knew that what the miss decided, no matter what, had to be done properly, once he displeased the miss, he would be finished.

“What’s your name? Where are you from? Why are you so badly injured?” The guard came in front of Ye Mo and asked in a somewhat unhappy tone.

The conversation between the woman and the guard, Ye Mo had heard it long ago, and now that this guard came to him and asked him what his name was, Ye Mo knew what was going on. However, Ye Mo had no interest in going with this group, what he wanted to do most now was to find a place where there was no one to heal his wounds.

“Mo Ying, I’m just a businessman, because I made some money, I met robbers on the way, so I became like this.” Ye Mo didn’t know any of the names of the places here at all, so he could only make up nonsense like this.

“Hmm.” This guard was obviously not a deep-hearted person either, but Ye Mo’s words had already made him suspicious of Miss’ words. But he was only a subordinate, and he didn’t dare to say anything about this suspicion.

“Alright then, you will come with us, you can rest on top of our carriage first, when we wait until the town, someone will help you with your treatment.” This guard nodded and said.

Of course Ye Mo didn’t want to go with these strangers, he quickly said, “Thank you then, it’s just that my condition isn’t very serious, so you guys should go first, I’ll be able to go back by myself.”