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DYM Chapter 700

Ye Mo did not expect that this Yu Yuyan, who was not very old, was so thick and black. Almost recklessly backstabbing to achieve her goal, even a stranger’s life was not worth a penny in her eyes.

Handing herself over casually to Liao Wei for punishment, it was evident how malicious this woman was.

“You, b*tch, you immediately bring me the quota token for Shangqing Mountain, which belongs to my Liao family. I don’t care who you’ve given the quota plate to now, you bring it to me immediately ……” Liao Wei’s voice was already trembling with anger.

Yu Yu Yan, however, shivered and said, “Brother Liao, the plaque has already been given to Shangqing Mountain, if you must let me go and get it, I will go over there ……”

“You, you ……” When Liao Wei heard Yu Yu Yan’s words, he pointed at her and almost fainted from anger once again.

Ye Mo thought to himself that really, this sign was given to Shangqing Mountain, that is absolutely impossible to get back, once Yu Yuyan went to get it, the unlucky one should be this Liao Wei, even the whole Liao family would be unlucky. This woman, really can’t see it.

Ye Mo had a strong disgust for Yu Yan, this woman reminded him of the three Dongfang brothers, she was just as uncomfortable as these few people.

“I will exterminate your Yu family, bullying people too much ……” Liao Wei was already angry with his mouth.

Yu Yu Yan sneered, but did not reply. And Yu Yu Yan’s parents, and the rest of the Ben Yu family all had calm expressions, without the slightest hint of fear.

At this moment, Ye Mo once again heard the guard say in Liao Wei’s ear, “Now that the Yu Family already has a disciple from Shangqing Mountain, young master, we should go back first and then think of a solution.”

These words made it clear that the Yu Clan was no longer afraid of the Liao Clan, going back was the only way to stop saying this.

The only thing that made Ye Mo wonder was that although Yu Yu Yan could achieve her purpose this way. But in this way. Her own reputation was also ruined. Could it be that a woman’s reputation is not important here? If it wasn’t important why would Liao Wei be so angry and spit blood.

Seemingly sensing that what his escort said made sense, Liao Wei also understood that he couldn’t do anything to Yu Yu Yan. He quickly remembered Ye Mo, the culprit. If it wasn’t him, then how could Yu Yuyan be like this?

Ye Mo of course didn’t know about Liao Wei’s strange theory, he was still thinking in his mind about how this woman Yu Yuyan didn’t want her name.

“Liao Shan. You go and break this Mo’s arms and legs before pulling him over, I want to see how many guts he has ……” Seemingly knowing that there was nothing he could do with the Yu family, Liao Wei transferred his anger completely to Ye Mo.

Mu Xiaoyun, who had been protecting Ye Mo, saw that Liao Wei was going to deal with her husband again, she tensed up again and was about to kneel down and beg for mercy again.

“Huh ……” Liao Wei at this moment however saw that Mu Xiaoyun was surprisingly much prettier than Yu Yuyan, although she was dressed in a coarse cloth dress, but standing with Yu Yuyan, it would only feel like Yu Yuyan was just a maid, Mu Xiaoyun was the fairy.

Liao Wei’s eyes gradually straightened. He stared deadly at Mu Xiaoyun for a long time before he seemed to react. Even the angry expression on his face had dissipated a lot, and his iron blue face had regained some colour.

“It’s fine to not move your husband. You can come with me.” The more Liao Wei looked at Mu Xiaoyun, the more he felt that she was the person he wanted. Compared to Mu Xiaoyun, Yu Yuyan was a scum.

“Ah. No……” Mu Xiaoyun then panicked, she had been hiding her face and was in a remote village, so she had been safe and sound. The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

After Mu Xiaoyun said a few words of no, she subconsciously grabbed Ye Mo’s sleeve.

Liao Wei’s face sank and said: “You follow your husband, an ugly and poor man, that does not have any day to get ahead, my Liao family is also a big family in Lanhua City, I will not treat you badly. I will not treat you badly. If you come with me, you can enjoy your wealth and prosperity. If you insist on not, I will also take you away, and your husband will be killed because of you.”

Although Yu Yuyan had deliberately set up Liao Wei to tear up the marriage contract, he cared that he had slept with someone else for one night, while he did not care about this Mo Ying’s wife. This made her suddenly uncomfortable in her heart, even if she had achieved her goal.

This Mu Xiaoyun had been slept with by Mo Ying every day, how could he not care? Yu Yuyan subconsciously looked at Mu Xiaoyun, and only then did she realize that Mu Xiaoyun was so beautiful that it seemed that even she could not compare to her.

Yu Yu Yan’s face sank, but she quickly returned to normal, she sobbed a few more times and said, “Brother Liao, this Mo Ying is my family’s servant, so you can take his wife away. It’s also considered some compensation from my Yu family to you ……”

“Haha …… Senior Sister Yu Yan, I’m a few days late, what do I need to compensate for?” A young handsome man walked in carrying a long sword while Ye Mo immediately saw the two small words Shangqing at the corner of his coat.

So this guy was also from Shangqing Mountain, Ye Mo thought to himself, but saw Yu Yu Yan’s expression immediately look surprised when she saw this man. She hurriedly walked over and called out in a brittle voice, “Senior Brother Guan ……”

The man didn’t seem to care about the people around him at all as he walked straight up to Yu Yuyan and said in a low voice, “Senior sister Yuyan, how is the method I taught you?”

“Many thanks senior brother Guan, it really is ……” Yu Yuyan replied in a low voice, with love and admiration between her eyebrows.

However, neither of them thought that Ye Mo could actually hear their words, Ye Mo heard the conversation between these two people and already knew it in his heart. This Senior Brother Guan looked like he and this Senior Sister Yu Yan wanted to hook up, but they had to be a wh*re and set up a pagoda, so that Liao Wei would be the one to take the lead and take the initiative to break off the marriage contract.

The process should be that this senior brother Guan and Yu Yuyan get the benefits, Liao Wei is the fool and he plays the scapegoat. In the end, Liao Wei has no choice but to play the role of the scapegoat. The first time I saw him, I had to be the one to take the blame.

“So it’s senior brother Guan of Shangqing ……” It was Liao Wei who saw this man and didn’t dare to continue to take it.

Ye Mo, however, said with a faint smile at this time, “Everyone, I think that although you saw me and Yu Yan stripped and sleeping together, you can’t blame me for this matter ……”

Looking at the room full of people staring at him in amazement, Ye Mo said once again, “To say the least, I still have a debt of gratitude to Yu Yan, but now that Yu Yan has done this to me, I don’t blame her. When Yu Yan first got pregnant in Hang Shui, even though I didn’t know who the father of her child was, I still took her to have an abortion.

Although I said she did sleep with me for a while after the abortion, it was just a dewy love affair. Yu Yan, it’s not that I didn’t pay for it, I gave you all the money I had for my business. Although you only slept with me for a month or so, I didn’t blame you either, to be able to sleep with a woman like you, I can brag a few words among my peers as a businessman isn’t it.”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Yu Yu Yan’s face turned iron blue for the first time, her lips began to tremble, but she was so angry that she couldn’t say a word. Ye Mo’s left sentence about sleeping with her, right sentence about giving money, and even about getting pregnant and having an abortion. In front of her true beloved, how could she hold back her anger.

Sure enough, after hearing Ye Mo’s words, that official senior brother coldly snorted and actually turned around and left without saying a word. Liao Wei’s face was even more ugly, he did not expect that his fiancée had not only hooked up with Ye Mo, but also had an abortion.

It was probably because Ye Mo’s words were so shocking that the rest of the room froze, except for Senior Brother Guan who had already left.

“Let’s go, Xiao Yun.” Ye Mo pulled Mu Xiaoyun and had quickly left the Yu family compound before the others could react.

“Quick, quick, don’t let that woman go, Liao Shan, go and get that woman.” Liao Wei reacted baring over, already forgetting about Yu Yuyan and hurriedly going to grab Mu Xiaoyun.

Yu Yuyan reacted at the same time and her face was stuck white with anger. How dare she call herself a broken shoe in front of Senior Brother Guan and have an abortion. She couldn’t imagine that she had been counted on by a fellow like a mole, and this anger absolutely could not be endured.


The reason why Ye Mo pulled Mu Xiao Yun and quickly left the Magnetic West Town was because Ye Mo knew that he would have to go on a killing spree if he continued to stay in the Yu family. And his killing in public now would not do him any good, the impact would be too great.

Ye Mo believed that even if they got out of Magnetic West Town, that Liao Wei would not let him go, he would kill anyone who came after him.

“What place do you want to go?” Ye Mo asked as he looked at Magnetic West Town.

“Mo Lang, do you still have money on you?” Mu Xiaoyun hesitated for a moment and said hesitantly.

Ye Mo nodded, “There are still many gold coins, do you need them now?”

That was what he said, but what Ye Mo had in mind was to find a place to exchange for some gold coins, it was true that he still had many gold bricks, and there really wasn’t much gold coins left.

Mu Xiaoyun hurriedly waved her hand and said, “No, my mother-in-law pa*sed away and now I still owe some money to others. I want to go back and pay back this money, then leave Huangping with you, wherever Mo Lang goes, I will go.”

Going back to Huangping was nothing, Ye Mo was sure that when he returned to Huangping, there would be many people who would have to come after him, and he would just kill them in pa*sing. But Mu Xiaoyun wanted to go with him, this matter was troublesome. He wasn’t Mu Xiaoyun’s husband at all, and it was inconvenient for him to bring Mu Xiaoyun with him for what he was going to do.

“That, Xiao Yun, look at my notorious reputation and hooking up with that Yu Yu Yan of the Yu family, you are still willing to go with me?” Ye Mo asked somewhat helplessly.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded and said, “Yes, you are my husband, if I don’t go with you, where can I go? I know that Miss Yu lied, besides even if she didn’t lie, what does it matter to Mo Lang if she doesn’t keep her womanhood?”

Ye Mo was a little dumbfounded, what kind of logic was this? This Mu Xiaoyun was a little too defensive of her husband. Even this kind of thing was completely on her side, without even investigating the situation? If she must follow herself, what then? Leave by stealing the take?