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DYM Chapter 701

There are only 20 to 30 families in Huangping village, but it is much more sprawling than Anli village, so the households in these villages are sparsely divided in various places.

Mu Xiaoyun lives near the end of the village, in a yellow adobe thatched house, and not far from Mu Xiaoyun’s house there are two other brick houses. Relatively speaking, these three houses were quite close to each other.

As soon as Ye Mo followed Mu Xiaoyun to the entrance of the thatched house, a woman with somewhat dark skin came out of the brick house in front of her. She froze for a moment when she saw Ye Mo who was following Mu Xiaoyun, but she quickly saw the very different Mu Xiaoyun and froze again for a long time.

“Aunt Yu ……” It was only when Mu Xiaoyun took the initiative to call out that the middle-aged woman came to her senses and she immediately said in surprise, “Xiaoyun, you look so good even with a clean face. This is the first time I’ve seen such a beautiful girl like you, tsk …… Huh, Xiao Yun, this is ……”

Mu Xiaoyun immediately said, “Aunt Yu, this is my husband Mo Lang. My husband went out to do business and only came back this time, only that he encountered robbers on the way, so …… I went to Magnetic West Town this time and happened to meet my husband, so I came back together.”

Said Mu Xiao Yun’s face has been a little red.

“Ah, right oh, Xiao Yun you don’t say I didn’t even see it, isn’t this the Mo family’s little groom. It’s good to be back, it’s good to be back. Do you know how much suffering your family’s little rhyme has suffered in your absence, I don’t know how many times it has fallen off the roof, sigh …….” Immediately after Aunt Yu reacted normally, she began to sigh.

Ye Mo was puzzled in his heart, why did he fall off the roof? But he immediately understood what was going on. The place where Mo Xiaoyun lived was a gra*s hut. So once the gra*s rotted away, she needed to go up to the roof to renovate it and replace it with new thatch. But she was a girl, so this kind of climbing up high and down low was a bit difficult for her.

“Auntie Yu, my husband is back, I’ll bring you the money I owe you later.” Mu Xiaoyun hurriedly interrupted the middle-aged woman and said.

“Those are not urgent. There is no hurry, you haven’t eaten anything yet when you came back, right, I’ll go get you something over ……” Aunt Yu was happy for Mu Xiaoyun in her heart. She hurriedly went to get something for the two Ye Mo to eat.

Mu Xiaoyun hurriedly said: “Aunt Yu, don’t take it, my husband took me to the hotel for dinner. There is still food at home ……”

Ye Mo was a bit speechless in his heart, when was the time to go to the hotel for dinner, this Mu Xiaoyun still said it until now.

“Ah, so it’s like that, good, then I won’t disturb your little couple.” Aunt Yu finished speaking, a relieved look appeared in the corner of her eyes.

When Ye Mo saw this look in his heart, he immediately understood the meaning of Mu Xiaoyun’s words coming, he followed Mu Xiaoyun back, but his hands were empty, but he didn’t have anything. Aunt Yu knew from a glance that he had not done well outside. So she looked at herself with some sympathy. Mu Xiaoyun, however, was very observant and she could already see that Aunt Yu was looking at her Sangha with some pity and knew that her family’s Sangha was being looked down upon. So she took the initiative to say that her husband had taken her to the restaurant, which meant that her husband was not doing too badly, and this was a way to gain face for him.

What a kind and understanding woman. Ye Mo secretly sighed in his heart, if this kind of woman was placed outside, she would simply be a wife that any man would aspire to. That Mo Youshen was really lucky, but such a wife, he didn’t know how to cherish it, instead he didn’t care about anything. He had abandoned his family.

Inside the hut was simple, with two small rooms, the outer room was a suggested stove plus some simple daily necessities, and inside was a bed, and nothing else. Despite its simplicity, it was clean and tidy.

The inside of the room emitted the fragrance of some medicinal herbs, and Ye Mo was just about to take a closer look at what kind of herbs Mu Xiaoyun had collected when Mu Xiaoyun interrupted his thoughts.

“Mo Lang, wait for a while, I’ll go boil some water and then I’ll help you get some food ……,” Mu Xiaoyun told Ye Mo to sit down and immediately started to make a fire to cook a meal.

Looking at Mu Xiaoyun who was busy in front of him, some emotions rose in Ye Mo’s heart. Even if he had to leave, he needed to take this Mu Xiaoyun away from here, or at least find a safe place for her to live.

Although Huangping Village was quiet, but now the Yu family’s people and that Liao Wei knew about this place, once he left, they would definitely come back to look for trouble.

But Ye Mo immediately knew that he didn’t need to think much about it, because he hadn’t left yet, and the ones looking for trouble were already here. From a distance, he saw three men coming from the entrance of the village. As soon as Ye Mo took a look, he knew that these three men were either sent by Liao Wei or Yu Yuyan.

Ye Mo stood up, looked at Mu Xiaoyun and said, “Actually, I bought some things for you when I was out doing business, I didn’t expect someone to deliver them today, I’ll go and pick them up, just wait for me to come back.”

When Mu Xiaoyun heard Ye Mo’s words, she was a bit puzzled in her heart, but she saw that there were indeed three strangers coming over, although they were far away from each other, they were definitely coming to her house. And the direction Ye Mo went was exactly those three people, she looked at Ye Mo worriedly and was surprisingly a little nervous in her heart.

Ye Mo arrived in front of these three people and before they could say anything, he took out a gold brick and said, “Don’t bother my mother, I found a vault with many of these gold bricks inside. As long as you agree not to go to my house, I will take you to this vault.

The three men were stunned by the gold brick in Ye Mo’s hand, such a big gold brick was taken out casually by this Mo Ying.

After a while, one of the men then grabbed the gold brick and knocked it with his hand before he said in shock, “What pure gold ……”

Ye Mo, however, casually took the gold brick and put it into his arms. Although these three men did not know how Ye Mo had taken this gold brick into his arms, but all of this was not important now. What was important was that the man in front of him also knew of a vault with countless more of these gold bricks inside.

“Then what are you waiting for, take us to the vault, hurry up ……” a man with yellow teeth immediately said eagerly, going to catch that Mu Xiaoyun could be done anytime, the main thing now was of course for Ye Mo to take them to the vault to find the gold.

If they find the gold, the man leading the way can of course be killed and then go back to catch Mu Xiaoyun.

Mu Xiaoyun was relieved when she saw at the door that Ye Mo and the three men seemed to have only spoken a few words and left in a hurry. Sure enough, they were people they knew, so it should really be Mo Lang who had brought something back. Thinking that although her husband had not returned, he could think of himself, Mu Xiaoyun suddenly had some sweetness in her heart for the first time.

“Compared to before, he seems to be a different person.” Mu Xiaoyun muttered to herself.

Marrying Mo Youshen was a decision made by the elders of the family, and Mu Xiaoyun, who had been taught the three virtues of obedience since childhood, certainly knew that her husband was the sky. It was only right to give everything to her husband, but he remembered to bring her something back, which was a great surprise to her.

“Xiao Yun, where is your husband?” Aunt Yu came over with a bowl of dumplings, and when she saw that only Mu Xiaoyun was standing alone at the door of the house, she asked out in a hurry.

Mu Xiaoyun said with a happy face, “My husband has made some money from his business, he asked someone to bring some things over, they have been delivered now, he went out to pick them up. Ah, Auntie Yu, thank you so much for sending the dumplings over again, it’s really ……”

“Xiao Yun, don’t say that, it’s good that your husband is capable. Hey, a good girl like you actually because of a wicked mother-in-law …… don’t talk about that, by the way, what kind of business does your husband run?” Aunt Yu immediately began to gossip.

Mu Xiao Yun was just about to speak when quite a few more people came chattering outside, all of them older ladies and young daughters-in-law and the like.

“Xiao Yun, has your husband Fa Cai come back?”

“Xiao Yun, you’re so pretty, why do you keep getting your face dirty?


The three men led Ye Mo just out of the village entrance, and Ye Mo looked at Liao Shan and the remaining two guards. It looked like they had been waiting here for a long time, and Ye Mo was in no hurry.

The three men who were with Ye Mo walked up to Liao Shan and muttered something that Ye Mo had heard clearly, about Ye Mo’s discovery of the vault.

When Liao Shan heard the few people’s words, he looked at Ye Mo with some confusion. Ye Mo knew what he wanted to say and without waiting for him to speak, he reached out and took out a gold brick and raised it, then said, “Hurry up and come with me.”

After saying that, Ye Mo turned around and left.

When Liao Shan saw the gold brick, his eyes immediately went straight. This was the first time he had seen such a large gold brick, and without even waiting for Ye Mo to greet him again, he directly followed him.

When the remaining five saw Liao Shan follow, they all followed impatiently.

In the blink of an eye, the seven of them left the village and arrived at a desolate place.

“Surnamed Mo, is this the vault you mentioned?” Liao Shan asked with a puzzled look at this remote place and frowned. If Ye Mo was not alone and there were six of them on his side, he would definitely not have come with Ye Mo to this desolate place.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “This is not a vault, this is where your bones are buried, you see this is kind of nice, right? It’s a pity that that Liao Wei didn’t come over, to be honest, I’m really afraid of the trouble if I have to make a trip to kill him alone.”

“You seek death ……,” one of the guards heard what Ye Mo meant, and without thinking, he drew his single sword and wanted to remove one of Ye Mo’s arms first.

“D*mn, how dare you lie to Laozi, let’s all go together and break both of his arms before we do.” Liao Shan was certainly not a fool, he could hear Ye Mo’s words perfectly well.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and casually five fireballs went out, except for Liao Shan, the five men who wanted to surround Ye Mo were instantly burnt into flying ashes by Ye Mo, but the coins they were carrying fell into Ye Mo’s hands as if they had wings.

Only then did Ye Mo slowly said to Liao Shan, “It looks like I was wrong earlier, this is not a place for you to bury your bones, but a place for you to raise ashes.”

Liao Shan looked at Ye Mo and the several piles of flying ashes with a horrified face, his hands and feet were cold and his whole body just froze.