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DYM Chapter 702

“Do you know how I didn’t kill you?” Ye Mo looked at Liao Shan and suddenly smiled lightly.

“I …… giggled …… I ……” Liao Shan tried to say a complete sentence, but he could only make his upper and lower teeth just fight.

The man in front of him didn’t make any earth-shattering battle, nor did he make any bloody scene, but Liao Shan felt a fear that came from his bones. Liao Shan came from the Liao family, and he himself was a Yellow-ranked martial artist, he was not someone who had never seen the world. But never had he seen such a perverted tactic as Ye Mo’s, waving his hand and a man flying into dust, what kind of concept was this?

But this was such a formidable person who had been seriously injured by someone, what kind of person was more formidable than him? This simply turned all his previous perceptions upside down.

But what surprised him even more was still to come, this powerful young man, unexpectedly, had an extra chair in his hand, and then he actually sat down.

“Senior, you ask, what questions do you have, you ask ……” When Liao Shan saw Ye Mo sitting down, he finally knew why Ye Mo did not kill him, but wanted to ask him a few questions.

Although he wasn’t sure if he would be released if he answered the questions, he knew that if he didn’t answer the questions, with the power and decisiveness of the man in front of him, he would soon be flying into dust. The young master had kicked the iron board this time, he hadn’t thought that a random person he met on his way back to Magnetic West Town would be so powerful.

If he had known that Ye Mo was so powerful, even if he had broken his limbs, he would not have been willing to go against Ye Mo. Even if he reversed out of the Liao family, he didn’t want to come to Huangping Village.

“Tell me about the main sects in the Divine Continent, and what kind of officials are bigger than the city lord? Also where is the Taiyi Sect and how do I get in?” Ye Mo asked several questions in one breath.

Liao Shan, who was already terrified, immediately shivered after hearing Ye Mo’s words, “You. You. You. ……”

After saying the word you three times in a row, he continued to put out a complete sentence, “You are the person wanted by the Tier 1 Hidden Sect Order ……”

The First Grade Hidden Sect Order wanted? Ye Mo immediately reacted that it was indeed the Kaifu Daoist Nun who wanted him. That Daoist Nun Jing Hu had entered the small world before himself. So she suffered less damage instead. He had taken her golden page, and he still had two golden pages on his body, so adding her golden page would make it all together. Three golden pages on their own. It would be strange if the Daoist nun didn’t want him.

Seemingly knowing that Ye Mo wasn’t too sure, Liao Shan replied knowingly, “There are three levels of Hidden Sect Orders, the highest being the first level Hidden Sect Order, this kind of token comes out, no matter where you are hiding, someone will find you out. Those who can come out of the first level Hidden Sect Order are all from the three great sects, so people wanted by the first level Hidden Sect Order are almost certain to be caught ……”

When he said this Liao Shan seemed to know that the other party would definitely be unhappy if such words were said, so he only said half of it. Then he stopped.

Ye Mo coldly snorted, “Answer my first few questions.”

“Yes, yes ……” Where did Liao Shan dare to talk back.


Half an hour later. Ye Mo finally understood what was going on. The rulers of the Divine Continent were, to put it bluntly, the Hidden Sects. Each of these ancient martial sects controlled multiple cities, and these cities provided the Hidden Sect with cultivation resources and new blood. The bigger the sect. The larger the sect, the more cities it controls. The smaller towns and cities likewise need to pay a certain amount of resources to the larger ones in order to continue to survive.

When a sect grows to a certain level, it can swallow up another sect’s territory and cities, and as long as it is stronger than the other, there is nothing the other side can do. To put it plainly, it’s all about fists.

Of course, many smaller forces and sects either control smaller areas or are attached to a larger sect, like Shangqing Mountain, which is attached to the Kunqian Sect, one of the three great inner hidden sects.

Hang Shui, on the other hand, is a public city, which does not belong to any one sect power, and all the major powers have offices and malls operating here. So Hang Shui is not only the place where public affairs are held, it is also the most densely populated place. It is also a place where every inch of land is precious and land is far more expensive than in other cities.

The Inner Concealment Sect is not something you can just get into whenever you want to. Whenever the Inner Concealment Sect recruits disciples in Hang Shui, only people from outside have the chance to enter the Inner Concealment Sect. Once you become a disciple of the Inner Hidden Sect, you can go with the sect in Hang Shui. It is impossible for a single person to find the Inner Hidden Sect alone.

Of course, if you have a quota plate for disciples of a certain sect, then you do not have to pa*s the test for recruitment to the Hidden Sect, and you can enter the Hidden Sect directly at the same time as that Hidden Sect is recruiting disciples with the quota plate. The source of the quota plate is mainly a certain power or a person who has made an important contribution to that sect and is likely to be rewarded with a quota plate.

Hearing this Ye Mo had understood that this Inner Hidden Sect was even more secretive than the Outer Hidden Sect outside.

But Ye Mo didn’t care, the Outer Hidden Sect was so secretive, he could still find it and destroy the Hulu Valley.

From Liao Shan’s mouth, Ye Mo also knew why the Liao family gave Yu Yuyan the place card. It was because the Liao family’s quota plate was an outer disciple’s quota pie, and although there was a quota plate, one had to reach a certain qualification to enter the Hidden Sect. This qualification is not as strict as the Hidden Sect’s recruitment of disciples, but it must be present.

The Liao family’s disciples are all poorly qualified, and it so happens that Liao Wei has taken a liking to Yu Yu Yan, whose qualifications are not enough to participate in the disciple recruitment process, but she has a place card to enter the sect. So the Liao family and the Yu family agreed to give Yu Yuyan a place in the school, and Yu Yuyan married Liao Wei. In this way, the Liao family does not lose out, because Yu Yuyan is married to Liao Wei, so she is still a member of the Liao family. Once she enters the Hidden Sect of Shangqing Mountain, the benefits to the Liao family are of course obvious.

Unfortunately, the Liao family did not expect Yu Yuyan to be a white-eyed wolf, taking the benefits but going back on them.

After asking about the location of Hang Shui, Ye Mo knew that he couldn’t ask for anything else, and casually extinguished Liao Shan with a fireball.

After killing six people, Ye Mo received a total of thirty-three gold coins, two hundred and fifty silver coins, and over five hundred bronze coins.

Ye Mo didn’t understand the buying standard here, but seeing that most of these gold coins were on Liao Shan, Ye Mo knew that the gold coins here should still be considered worth something. The kind of inflation outside should not be present here.

With money, Ye Mo was not too busy to exchange gold coins at nearby places, exchanging gold bricks for gold coins was somewhat conspicuous in a small place.

Ye Mo took out two large bags and filled two large bags with the food and supplies he had prepared inside his ring, before returning to Huangping Village.

Although the three pages of gold paper were on Ye Mo’s person, he did not dare to take them out now. Who knew what phenomena the three pages of golden paper would emit together. Once his location was revealed, it would be the end. Although he would kill someone like Liao Shan as if he were a chicken, but Kaifa Hu was not Liao Shan. What’s more, Daogu Kaifu had a companion, so if he lured that old woman here, he would be finished.


Although quite a few people had come inside the house and everyone was pulling Mu Xiaoyun to ask questions, Mu Xiaoyun was distracted, she stood at the door from time to time to see if Ye Mo had returned. Deep inside she had a worry, she was worried that Ye Mo would not come back if he went and left her alone again.

“Little Rhyme, do you see if that mouth of your family has come back?” A young daughter-in-law had sharp eyes and saw Ye Mo walking over from afar carrying two large bags.

“Ah ……” Mu Xiaoyun saw Ye Mo at the same time, she was surprised and rushed over to help Ye Mo carry the big bags in his hands.

The big and small daughters-in-law in the house and some young and old who came over one after another all came to see what some fortune Mu Xiaoyun’s husband had made. However, when they saw Ye Mo’s scarred face and then looked at Mu Xiaoyun’s pretty face, they felt unworthy for Mu Xiaoyun.

Luckily, these thoughts soon dissipated with what Ye Mo took out, and Ye Mo handed the bag to Mu Xiaoyun. And while Mu Xiaoyun had been receiving benefits from many people in the village, she was not stingy and gave one of the various food cakes in the bag also on famous wines and such to each family. As long as there were people present, none of them were left behind.

Those who got something, some of them couldn’t help but open and eat it on the spot. The things that Ye Mo brought in were all brought in from outside, and many of them had never been seen by the people here, so of course they tasted great.

Besides, if it was bad, Ye Mo wouldn’t have put it into the ring. Some people even opened the wine on the spot, and that wine fragrance spilled out in all directions, and even if they didn’t drink it, they got a large group of people drunk.

“This is for you, see if it’s enough.” Ye Mo took out the money bag and handed it to Mu Xiaoyun, he didn’t know the purchasing power here, nor did he know how much money Mu Xiaoyun actually owed, if it wasn’t enough, he was going to take out a gold brick and split it up.

Mu Xiaoyun opened the bag, and the dozens of gold coins mixed with hundreds of silver coins inside immediately took the eyes of everyone. This was the first time they had ever encountered such a large amount of gold coins. You should know that a strong young man from the countryside couldn’t make a single gold coin in a year if he did well, and it would even take two years or more.

And Ye Mo took out dozens of gold coins at a time, and so many silver coins, how many years would it take to do that? And such a large amount of money was casually taken out by Mu Xiaoyun’s husband and given to Mu Xiaoyun, just this once, no one present would think that Mu Xiaoyun’s husband was not good enough for her. Some young daughters-in-law even had red eyes when they saw so many gold coins and then looked at Ye Mo.

Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes were also a little red, she thought her husband’s business money was all gone, but she didn’t expect him to bring back so much.

So much money was certainly enough, and Mu Xiaoyun quickly paid back the money she owed, while the money inside the bag remained largely untouched.

Watching the village people leave with envious eyes and gifts, Mu Xiaoyun had a faint feeling of happiness for the first time.