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DYM Chapter 703

While Mu Xiaoyun was sorting out his things, Ye Mo was looking at the medicinal herbs that Mu Xiaoyun had collected back. The more he looked at them, the more astonished he was. Apart from many precious medicinal herbs, he actually saw three spiritual herbs, the Mingxian Gra*s, the Full Sky Star and the Double Leaf Mushroom. He knew that the double-leaved mushroom was the main material for making the Great Peel Pill, which was a pill needed in the late Qi cultivation stage and was even useful in the early Foundation Establishment stage.

But here he actually saw this kind of spiritual herb, Ye Mo’s heart instantly burst into flames, the small world was really not a waste of time. It was just a pity that after these spiritual herbs were collected back by Mu Xiaoyun, only the medicinal properties were left but not the spiritual properties.

The fact that Mu Xiaoyun could preserve these spiritual herbs intact and not lose their medicinal properties showed that she knew a lot about medicinal herbs.

It looked like when the time came, all he had to do was ask this Mu Xiaoyun where these herbs were collected from, and then go and raid them himself. Unfortunately, it was a great pity that he did not have a Spiritual Medicine Garden and could only preserve them for a certain number of years. If he had a Spiritual Medicine Garden, he could even plant some of the medicinal herbs here all in.

At this time, Mu Xiaoyun had already sorted out her things and came to Ye Mo and said, “Mo Lang, I have prepared the water, are you going to take a bath?”

Ye Mo, however, pointed at the herbs and asked, “Xiao Yun, did you collect all these back?”

Mu Xiaoyun nodded and said, “Yes, it’s just that my father only taught me some common things back then, I didn’t dare to use the herbs to treat people, I could only collect some herbs to sell to barely get by with my mother-in-law.”

“Your father was a doctor? Oh, a groom?” Ye Mo subconsciously asked.

“Yes, don’t you know about this Mo Lang?” Mu Xiaoyun looked at Ye Mo strangely.

Ye Mo smiled awkwardly, although he wanted to tell Mu Xiaoyun right now, but his current injuries had not yet completely healed. And it wasn’t like he could silence Mu Xiaoyun.

“I’m going to take a bath ……,” Ye Mo immediately digressed.

Mu Xiaoyun didn’t care, hearing Ye Mo say he was going to take a bath she immediately followed him. When she saw Ye Mo looking at her somewhat suspiciously, she immediately blushed and said, “Mo Lang, I’ll help you wash up.”

“Ah ……” Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun in a tangled manner, and only after a long time did he say, “That, have you always helped me wash before?”

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and said, “In the past, my concubine was very afraid of Mo Lang and there was no wedding. So, so there was no …… Now that Mo Lang has returned, the concubine only has Mo Lang now, and all those ceremonies are not important ……”

Ye Mo finally understood, it turned out that this Mu Xiaoyun was only Mo Youshen’s fiancee, and before he could hold a wedding, Mo Youshen had already left the place. And it seems that the previous Mo Youshen was still very strict, so Mu Xiaoyun was afraid of him.

And now her own personality was certainly different from Mo Youshen’s. This was what made Mu Xiaoyun rise up to be close to him. Ye Mo rubbed his forehead in a tangled manner. Then he turned back and smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll just wash myself. You wait for me outside for a while.”

“Mo Lang, I was born as your man. Death is your ghost, do you resent me? I don’t care about your, your ……” said the latter. Mu Xiaoyun was almost about to cry out.

Ye Mo hurriedly waved his hand and said, “No, I’m used to bathing alone.” As for what Mu Xiaoyun said about not caring, Ye Mo didn’t even listen to it. Even if he had listened, he didn’t know what Mu Xiaoyun meant.

Although Ye Mo pleasantly rejected himself, Mu Xiaoyun’s mood remained low.

Even though a few Dust Removal Decisions and a few Clear Water Decisions could be much drier than a bath. But Ye Mo didn’t want to disappoint Mu Xiaoyun and went to take a bath anyway.

While looking at the small room with only one bed, Ye Mo was thinking in his mind about how he would sleep at night.

“Mo Lang. You sleep, I’ll help you ……” Mu Xiaoyun quickly packed up and came over.

When she saw Ye Mo looking at the bed with some difficulty, she immediately knew what was on Ye Mo’s mind, and quickly said, “Mo Lang, I used to sleep in the woodshed all the time, I’ll just go to the woodshed later when you’re asleep.”

Immediately, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept to the woodshed behind the house, and he was speechless in his heart. That woodshed was dark and damp. It was obvious that the thatch hadn’t been changed for a long time, and then it was caused by leaking rain, how could this be slept in?

“Where it’s too damp, there’s no way to sleep.” Ye Mo shook his head.

“No, it’s because after my mother-in-law pa*sed away. I haven’t been changing the gra*s on the roof, that’s why it’s like this ……,” Mu Xiaoyun suddenly stopped the conversation. She suddenly thought of a very important issue. It was that her own Mo Lang had not seemed to have mentioned going to her mother-in-law’s grave to pay respects until now when he had returned, which didn’t seem quite right.

“You are my mother-in-law, don’t you want to sleep with me?” Ye Mo suddenly asked, if Mu Xiaoyun was unwilling to sleep together for whatever reason, he didn’t mind cultivating outside for the night.

“No, no, I am willing, of course I am willing ……,” Mu Xiaoyun’s small face was a little red with excitement, she never thought that her husband would take the initiative to say such things. For a moment, she even forgot about the problem she was thinking about just now.

Ye Mo sighed in relief, “Then let’s sleep.” Even if he slept in bed, he could still recover his true qi and use the spirit stones to heal his injuries.


Mu Xiaoyun waited for Ye Mo to take off his jacket and get into bed, then carefully blew out the candles before rustling around and starting to undress.

Ye Mo did not dare to use his divine sense to sweep her, a lone man and a woman sleeping in the same bed would think more without thinking more, to Ye Mo Mu Xiaoyun was not Yu Yuyan. Even if Yu Yuyan were to strip naked and fall asleep beside him, he would not have any thoughts as long as he had a Clear Heart Technique, but Mu Xiaoyun was just a little too likeable, if she were to sleep beside him, would he have to use the Clear Heart Technique.

Before Ye Mo’s thoughts could turn around, a warm and fragrant body was already pressed against his arms. Mu Xiaoyun’s body was soft, and although she was pressed into Ye Mo’s embrace, Ye Mo could clearly feel her trembling and shaking more and more.

“What are you afraid of?” A feeling of pity suddenly rose in Ye Mo’s heart as he reached out to hold Mu Xiaoyun’s rough hand, but he didn’t know how he should comfort her.

When her own hand was held by Ye Mo, Mu Xiaoyun could no longer hold back her inner weakness, and she suddenly hugged Ye Mo tightly and cried out. She seemed to be crying out all the grievances she had suffered all these years.

Subconsciously, Ye Mo wrapped Mu Xiaoyun into his arms and cursed Mo Youshen for what a b*****d this guy was. However, he immediately felt that something was wrong, he could not treat Mu Xiaoyun like this. A deep sense of guilt immediately welled up within him, he felt sorry for Luo Ying and Qing Xue. He subconsciously let go of his hand, but he didn’t have the courage to push Mu Xiaoyun away and leave her alone to hide and cry.

What Ye Mo was most afraid of right now was Mu Xiaoyun whispering in his ear and taking her. Or crawling over to do something with him. He knew that his immunity to Mu Xiaoyun now could be said to be so low that even any little spark could start a fire.

Luckily, what Ye Mo was worried about did not happen, not only did Mu Xiaoyun not think of getting up to kiss, she did not even suggest anything that would make things difficult for Ye Mo. It seemed that for her, just being in her husband’s arms was already the happiest thing in the world. Even if Ye Mo let go of her hand, she just took the initiative to hug Ye Mo.

Being hugged by such a gentle and lovely woman, Ye Mo surprisingly slowly calmed down, he did not continue to think about other things, but slowly carried out the circumference of the heavens. He even found that even without the need for spirit stones, his speed of repairing his true qi was much faster than that of Yufu.

He didn’t know how long had pa*sed, but he unexpectedly fell asleep slowly.

Ye Mo was very responsive and when he woke up again, the sky was already dawned. He looked down at Mu Xiaoyun, her underwear had been completely pulled down, revealing two naughty and cute white rabbits. A kind of fire rose from the small of Ye Mo’s back, he felt a little dry cough in his throat, and he actually subconsciously reached out to hold that soft white rabbit.

An indescribable feeling and fragrance rushed into Ye Mo’s nose and he almost couldn’t stand it. He once again rubbed the white rabbit in his hand, it felt good in his hand and carried a strong elasticity.

The sleeping Mu Xiaoyun involuntarily moaned out, she wrinkled her nose and suddenly moved towards Ye Mo once again.

What am I doing? Ye Mo came to his senses and cursed himself for being faint. He was immediately about to take his hand away when he saw Mu Xiaoyun who had opened her eyes.

She was awake? Ye Mo awkwardly pulled his hand away and Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously blinked her pretty eyes and immediately understood what was going on. Her face rose a little red, she suddenly liked her Sangha like this, she felt a pleasure in her heart.

Mu Xiaoyun grabbed Ye Mo’s hand and once again put it into her chest and said in a low voice, “Mo Lang, although we can’t be the same as other couples, but this way I also like it very much ……”

Ye Mo once again took hold of that snowy white ma*s, but in his heart he was a bit puzzled, why can’t we be the same as other couples? What does this mean?

Mu Xiaoyun, however, did not care what Ye Mo was thinking in his heart, her face looked more and more rosy, even her neck had reflected red. It was the first time Ye Mo saw a traditional woman like Mu Xiaoyun with a hint of charm in the corner of her eyes, that watery look made Ye Mo almost forget that the person beside him had nothing to do with him.

This doesn’t seem right, Ye Mo’s hand stopped, he has a wife, how can he be like this? Moreover, the reason why this Mu Xiao Yun was like this was because she treated him as her husband. By doing this himself, it seemed like he was taking advantage of someone’s danger.

Ye Mo had just thought of this when he found that the hotness of his lower body was touched by Mu Xiaoyun’s involuntary hand. He clearly felt Mu Xiaoyun tremble for a moment, and then she surprisingly grabbed his fiery heat with one hand.

Only Mu Xiaoyun quickly removed her own hand, she didn’t even move. However, Ye Mo could see that her face, which was still rosy just now, turned pale and her whole body shivered once again, much more than the shaking just now, while Ye Mo also felt her body, which was crouched on his chest, become stiff and straight.