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DYM Chapter 704

“What’s wrong with you?” Ye Mo once again reached out to grab her wrist to see if she was sick, when Mu Xiaoyun suddenly got out of bed and hurriedly walked out. She didn’t even come close to answering Ye Mo’s words.

Ye Mo frowned, he felt that something was not quite right with Mu Xiaoyun. With Mu Xiaoyun’s docility, she would never not answer her words. Ye Mo immediately followed him, although his divine sense could see Mu Xiaoyun, he felt that Mu Xiaoyun was definitely not normal.

It was definitely not due to being sick, if she was sick, he would be able to tell with a single glance.

Mu Xiaoyun walked quickly, she pursed her lips and didn’t say a word, she just walked over to the stove and picked up a pair of scissors and plunged them down her throat with hardly any hesitation.

She was going to kill herself? Ye Mo immediately understood that it must be because Mu Xiaoyun had found out that she was different from her husband and that was why she was like this.

In front of Ye Mo, of course he would not allow her to commit suicide. Ye Mo reached out and blocked her scissors, which stuck in Ye Mo’s hand and was snatched off by Ye Mo.

“Why do you want to kill yourself?” Ye Mo’s tone was calm, although he was posing as her husband, it wasn’t his intention, it was just because Mu Xiaoyun had mistakenly identified the wrong person and he was using her in pa*sing. As for the kind of impulse in the morning, it was completely unexpected and he reacted in time.

Although it was also considered a violation of her, but on the outside, the situation shouldn’t be considered very serious, right?

“You, you are not Mo Lang, you are not Mo You Shen, you, you …… me, I ……” said halfway, because the scissors were taken away by Ye Mo, she could only squat down and keep sobbing. This Sangha that she liked was still a fake after all, and the Mo Lang of her own might not even be as good as before.

Ye Mo secretly shook his head, surprisingly he was recognised. Although he didn’t know how Mu Xiaoyun recognised him, he knew that he wanted to sneak Mu Xiaoyun to a safe place and leave, but now it seemed that he couldn’t. He needed to leave Mu Xiaoyun immediately, just in this state of Mu Xiaoyun. It was inappropriate for him to leave her anywhere.

Even though Ye Mo had a clear conscience, he had used someone after all, and he had grabbed her b**bs. Thinking about his impulse in the morning, Ye Mo was extremely chagrined, if he didn’t move her white rabbit, he would have left if he wanted to. If he left now, if she killed herself, it would have to be considered because of himself.

After thinking so much. Thinking about what just happened. At this point, Ye Mo already had about a few eyebrows. The reason why she recognized herself should be because she caught there, most likely that Mo Youshen did not have this function. That was what caused her suspicion.

However, this Mu Xiaoyun was really good-hearted, she now knew clearly that she had long been clear that she was not her husband and was impersonating her husband. Yet she did not utter any words of rebuke. Let alone yell out a scolding. If this Mu Xiaoyun had made a lot of noise and cursed, he would have been a little better off, but she didn’t even scold herself in the slightest, she just picked up the scissors and killed herself.

Now he had to comfort her. Ye Mo had never comforted anyone before, and he racked his brains but could not think of a good way. Suddenly Ye Mo thought of something, that is, when Mu Xiaoyun had just seen herself in Magnetic West Town, the fear in her eyes seemed to be more than the thought of herself. To be precise, she was avoiding that triangle-eyed man. Meeting herself was just an accident within an accident. There was no longing or surprise from the bottom of her bones.

Or maybe her attachment to herself was after the meal at the restaurant. Ye Mo recalled a little, the period of time from the restaurant meal to going to Yu’s house and back again. Mu Xiaoyun was becoming more and more dependent and unrequited towards him, this dependence and love even far exceeded the time when they had just met. It should be right, that was the case.

In contrast. When she had just taken herself for her Mo Lang, there was no surprise at all in that forlorn and sad expression of reunion after a long time, but rather a kind of self-pity for her fate. And the dependence and love for him was something that came later.

“Are you and Mo Youshen engaged? Have you had your wedding? Or are you already Mo Youshen’s? Or did you have skin to skin?” Ye Mo asked several questions in a row. The reason why he asked this was that Ye Mo guessed through his contact with Mu Xiaoyun that Mu Xiaoyun and Mo Youshen must not have had any skin-to-skin relations.

Mu Xiaoyun subconsciously shook her head. Her expression was somewhat bewildered, but she stopped sobbing.

Ye Mo said in his heart that this woman was really dead in the head. The first thing you need to do is to get married. Not to mention outside, just take that Yu Yuyan, according to Mu Xiaoyun’s theory, Yu Yuyan should even go and commit suicide.

“Then, at most, you and Mo Youshen are just a verbal agreement between the elders, not only is there no ceremony, but in essence you and Mo Youshen have nothing to do with each other either. So that means you are not Mo Youshen’s wife at all now, what do you have to dwell on?”

Ye Mo suddenly found himself surprisingly eloquent, he continued without even thinking, “Mo Youshen left you and his old mother at home and simply didn’t care, this is already unfilial and unfaithful. When he left for a few years, he didn’t even bring back the living expenses of you and his mother, and his mother even relied on a weak woman who had nothing to do with him to take care of her, which is completely unkind. This kind of unfaithful, ungrateful, unkind and unrighteous person is worthy of your commitment to a woman who has no name and no ties to him?

Well, you say that his aunt saved your life and you raised his old mother for so many years and sent her to her death. That is more than enough to repay his aunt for saving your life, and you repay him for saving your life without any connection to him, just because of his aunt. So you don’t owe that Mo Youshen anything, and to say that you do, it’s him who owes you.”

Mu Xiaoyun lifted her head and looked at Ye Mo somewhat dumbfounded, she had never thought about these issues. When she was discovered by the triangle eyes, she was already ready to flee Huangping, she just didn’t think that she would happen to meet Ye Mo. Now that she thought about it in her mind, she hadn’t really thought about that Mo Youshen, who she hadn’t seen for years, before she met Ye Mo. The reason for her growing attachment to her husband was because Ye Mo had made her attached to him, did it have anything to do with the name?

The reason why she was in the Mo family was because she was saved by his aunt at the time of the catastrophe.

Ye Mo suddenly said coldly, “If we’re talking about keeping the name, although I don’t have any rituals with you either, I’m the one who has skin to skin with you. You give up someone you are skin to skin with, but you go and kill yourself for an unkind, unrighteous, unfaithful and ungrateful person who has nothing to do with you, why don’t you think about the person you really have a relationship with? If you still want to commit suicide, I will no longer care, be my guest.”

Ye Mo finished these words with a big sweat in his heart, such thick skinned and thick black words can only fool this little rhyme sister ah, if he said such words in China, spittle can drown him.

“Ah ……” Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes suddenly showed some despair when she heard Ye Mo’s words.

She suddenly stood up quickly and aimed her head at a huge stone mortar in the corner of the house and stuck it. If this was hit solid, it was Ye Mo who couldn’t save her.

Ye Mo was horrified and blocked in front of her extremely quickly. Mu Xiaoyun’s head was stuck right on Ye Mo’s stomach, and Ye Mo did not dare to use his true qi, so he was really hit hard by this one. He really didn’t understand why this woman was so brain dead.

“Xiang Gong ……” Mu Xiaoyun was shocked when she realized that she had actually hit the top of Ye Mo’s stomach, she hugged Ye Mo and screamed, the fear in her tone was overflowing.

However, Ye Mo sighed with relief, she seemed to have figured it out. If that was the case, it wasn’t a bad thing to be hit. Now he had to continue to correct her, lest she think too much again when he left, or be tricked by others.

“Little Rhyme, ah, actually I’m not really your Sangha. I come from outside the Divine Continent, and that place is called Huaxia. In Huaxia, not to mention that we are just skin to skin, even people who are actually husband and wife can still get divorced. And men and women are equal, there is no such thing as who repudiates who. So as for what happened between you and me, big deal. As for you and that Mo Youshen, this kind of relationship can be completely ignored.”

Speaking here, Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun’s shocked gaze and said with increasing smugness, “That is to say, you are you, there is no one worth killing yourself for him or anything. So don’t say Mo Youshen, you should not even put this kind of relationship with me in your mind.”

Seeming to feel that his words were a bit unkind, Ye Mo rubbed his nose and said, “That, I’m sorry about this morning, because you’re very pretty, so it was hard to be by yourself for a while.”

However, Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and just hugged Ye Mo’s waist tightly and squeezed her head into Ye Mo’s arms. It had been a long time before she lifted her head and said to Ye Mo, “Sang-du, you are right. You and I have already had skin-to-skin contact, so that means you are already my husband. But I actually went to kill myself because I had skin-to-skin contact with my husband, and when I understood that, I was even more ashamed, so I had no face to see you.”

After saying that she was covering in Ye Mo’s arms again

Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiao Yun speechlessly, what kind of reasoning is this, feeling that after half a day of talking, she still didn’t understand what it meant? It turned out that she committed suicide for the second time because she was sorry for herself, this change was too fast. She had already committed suicide for two people in a short while, so how many lives would not be enough to commit suicide, right? Ye Mo shook his head, not knowing what he should say again.

If Mu Xiaoyun came to the outside world, this would be completely lost after being lulled a little. That wouldn’t do, even if she was left to live alone, she would still suffer in the future, not every place was Huangping Village.

But it didn’t feel like she was that stupid, if she was, she wouldn’t have covered her face with dust.

“That, Xiao Yun, you get up and listen to me, you haven’t understood what I mean. I mean outside ……”

Ye Mo didn’t finish his words and was interrupted by Mu Xiaoyun for the first time. She seemed to calm down as she looked at Ye Mo again and said, “Does your husband think I’m stupid? Easy to follow the clouds?”