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DYM Chapter 705

Ye Mo did not finish his words and was interrupted by Mu Xiaoyun for the first time. She seemed to calm down as she looked at Ye Mo again and said, “Does your husband think I’m stupid? Easy to follow the clouds?”

She shook her head to herself and continued, “I met you when I was forced by that man and had nowhere to run. I thought you were Mo Lang, and I never imagined that my Sangha would become as good to me as you are. I felt happy and I didn’t want to leave you anymore, so I came back to Huangping with you again ……”

Only then did Ye Mo understand that she had really intended to leave, but only after meeting herself and realizing that her personality seemed to have changed so much, she was more and more surprised and completely treated him as a Sangha. And while there were certainly reasons for her suicide as she said, more importantly, I’m afraid it was still a deep disappointment.

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly stopped her words, she seemed to remember Ye Mo’s hand, and grabbed Ye Mo’s hand and said, “Aiya, did the scissors hurt your hand just now?”

“No.” Ye Mo smiled faintly, it was absolutely impossible to break his hand with that one blow.

But Mu Xiaoyun still grabbed Ye Mo’s hand and looked at it carefully before she put her heart down. After thinking about it, she rubbed Ye Mo’s stomach again and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry, Sang-jun.”

“Little Rhyme, I have already said that I am not your Sangha. You are a free man now, only the person who is married to you …… oh, married to you is your Sangha.” Ye Mo hurriedly corrected Mu Xiaoyun’s point of view.

Mu Xiaoyun sobbed again, “No, you are my husband, and you also said that we have skin to skin. And, and …… I like you a lot. Sang-du, don’t you like me?”

“No, it’s because, because ……” Ye Mo guessed that Mu Xiaoyun really liked him, probably because she had less contact with people. Or maybe he gave her something to fall back on when she was at her most helpless, and that’s what made her think this way.

Should I tell her that he was married, that might be better. If there was no Luo Ying and Light Snow, he would have accepted Mu Xiaoyun, no matter from that aspect. Mu Xiaoyun was a likable girl.

When he and Light Snow were together, he didn’t know Luo Ying was here yet, so it was justifiable. Now that he not only had Luo Ying, but also Light Snow, it would be somewhat unjustifiable to say that he would dabble with another girl.

“Sage-husband, yesterday many people in Magnetic West Town checked their accounts. Was it to check you again?” Mu Xiaoyun was only subscribing to deadly principles in matters of men and women, but she wasn’t a fool. If she were a fool, she would not have been able to live alone with her mother-in-law in Huangping for several years.

Calmly, Mu Xiaoyun already understood that Ye Mo was not her husband, and with Ye Mo’s nature there was absolutely no thought of impersonating her husband to possess her. The only possibility was that the martial law in Magnetic West Town yesterday was to catch him. He must be a man without an identity, and the reason he accepted a relationship with himself was because one could help her, and the other was to help himself.

After just a short time together, Mu Xiaoyun already had a good feeling towards Ye Mo. If there was no skin-to-skin relationship, she might have been able to accept what Ye Mo said. But just as Ye Mo had said. She and the other party had all gotten skin to skin, he had even grabbed her breasts and moved him there himself. Apart from him. Couldn’t one still marry someone else? So putting aside the matter of Mo Youshen, Ye Mo was undoubtedly her husband.

“Yes, I’m sorry for what happened yesterday and I used you for a bit.” Ye Mo nodded honestly and said. After saying that, he hesitated for a moment and then took the initiative to say, “Actually, I am not from here, I already told you earlier. I come from the outside world.”

Ye Mo thought that by saying this again, he would definitely cause Mu Xiaoyun’s disbelief. He did not expect that after listening to him, Mu Xiaoyun nodded and said, “Sangha, I know that in the outside world, there are many countries with many very strange things, and they can even fly into the sky with the help of tools.”

Ye Mo was startled in his heart, he looked at Mu Xiaoyun in surprise and asked, “How do you know about the outside world?”

Mu Xiaoyun lowered her head and was silent for a long time before saying, “Because once I heard my mother-in-law talking to him, my mother-in-law? said that my father-in-law came from the outside world …… She also said a lot about what the outside world looked like, just like what you just said… …”

Ye Mo’s heart moved, could it be that this Mo Youshen’s father was still from the Inner Concealment Sect? Ye Mo was aware that the Inner Concealment Sect was someone who could go out, if Mo Youshen’s father was from the Inner Concealment Sect, then it would be normal for him to head outside.

Mu Xiaoyun didn’t pay attention to Ye Mo’s expression, and again seemed to explain something to Ye Mo as he said to himself, “Our Mu family have all always been a family of medicine, my grandfather opened a medical school, my father followed my grandfather to learn medicine, and even I have always followed my father to learn medicine. I remember when I was very young, one day a Daoist came to my home and read my fortune, he said that my future husband’s surname would be Ye.

Because that Daoist’s reading was very accurate, my father agreed when he went to my house to propose marriage when I was sixteen years old. Only not long after the marriage proposal, before I was engaged, a flood broke out in my hometown, which later caused a plague, and all my family members were lost, and I was saved by his aunt and brought to Huangping ……”

Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun suspiciously and asked, “Xiaoyun, didn’t you say you were originally ……”

Although Ye Mo did not finish his words, but Mu Xiaoyun understood what he meant. She shook her head and said, “The surname Mo is his mother’s surname, while his father’s surname is Ye. As for why he was surnamed Mo, I don’t know. But in fact, his surname is Ye Youshen.”

Mu Xiaoyun had changed her mouth as she spoke and no longer addressed her mother-in-law.

There was such a coincidence, Ye Mo couldn’t help but rub his nose again, he was originally surnamed Ye and a random fake surname happened to be surnamed Mo. Thinking of this, Ye Mo subconsciously asked, “What is Mo Youshen’s father’s name?”

“His father’s name is Ye Cai ……,” Mu Xiaoyun said, and Ye Mo was so shocked in his heart that he almost dropped the scissors he was holding to the ground.

“Xiang Gong, you ……” Mu Xiaoyun had spoken to Ye Mo for a while and had now completely figured out the matter, even if Mo Ying was not surnamed Ye, but what that Daoist said might not be true. So in her heart, she had already positioned Ye Mo, who had skin-to-skin contact, as her husband.

Ye Mo grabbed Mu Xiaoyun’s shoulder and repeated again. “You said that Mo Youshen’s father’s surname was Ye? And is called Ye Cai?”

“Yes, what’s wrong, Sang-jun?” Mu Xiaoyun got a little worried, Ye Mo’s expression seemed odd and even worried her a little.

Ye Mo calmed down. Only after a while did he slowly said, “Little Rhyme, because my surname is Ye, my original name was not Mo Ying, but Ye Mo. Mo Ying is but a fake name that I gave to avoid others. And. My father is also called Ye Cai, I heard.”

“What?” Mu Xiaoyun was shocked for a moment before she reacted, she hadn’t even heard the second half of Ye Mo’s sentence, the fact that Ye Mo’s surname was Ye was already the greatest joy. No wonder that Daoist said that her future husband’s surname was Ye, so that was the case.

“Ye Lang ……” Mu Xiaoyun could no longer find it hard to herself, her whole body squeezed into Ye Mo’s arms, if she originally still had some small knots in her heart, now she was completely free of any knots. The knot in her heart had been completely opened. It turned out that the person she was hugging was really her husband, her husband. She was even more ashamed of herself for taking the scissors to kill herself just now, for the sake of someone else, she had actually disregarded her husband’s feelings and killed herself.

Mu Xiaoyun’s softness and warmth squeezed into Ye Mo’s arms, but Ye Mo’s thoughts were not on this anymore. At this moment, he was thinking a lot. Was his own father, Ye Cai, and this Mo Youshen’s father the same person?

If they were really the same person, then a lot of things could be explained. Why did Mo Youshen look so much like him, and why Mo Youshen could not be humane.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo suddenly spoke up and asked, “Xiao Yun, did you recognise that I wasn’t your husband because Mo Youshen couldn’t be humane? And how did you know that?”

“Ah. No …… Ye Lang, I, you are my Sangha. I ……,” Mu Xiaoyun suddenly felt nervous after hearing Ye Mo’s words, and her body that was warm just now once again became a little cold.

Seeing that he had scared Mu Xiaoyun, Ye Mo hurriedly put his arm around her and said, “Don’t be nervous, speak slowly, I don’t mean to blame you.”

In his heart, Ye Mo was sighing secretly. This Mu Xiao Yun seemed to be very worried that she had left her behind, she was like a wounded little bird. She couldn’t afford any more blows. However, Ye Mo had pity for Mu Xiaoyun in his heart, and the gentle and lovely Mu Xiaoyun also made Ye Mo very fond of her, but to say that he would accept her, how would he explain to Luo Ying and Qingxue?

Ye Mo looked at his hand and suddenly felt a bit chagrined, he had done it, and it seemed that Mu Xiaoyun had already decided that it was a skin-to-skin relationship. And he had originally said that it was a skin-to-skin kiss in order to enlighten her.

Mu Xiaoyun seemed to quiet down slightly as she said hesitantly, “Once, I came back earlier from picking herbs and saw him at home, angry at his mother-in-law. I didn’t dare to go in, so I went to the woodshed for a while and heard my mother-in-law say, “Your impotence is something your father said, he said it was hereditary and even if the best doctors were brought in, they couldn’t see it.” My family has been studying medicine for generations, so of course I know what heavenly impotence is all about, so, I am, in the morning ……”

Probably because she was used to it, Mu Xiaoyun unconsciously uttered the word mother-in-law again.

The latter words were clear to Ye Mo even if Mu Xiaoyun didn’t say them. His guess might be true, he and Mo Youshen were most likely half brothers, and Mo Youshen’s condition was exactly the same as his before.

It was just that he was a cultivator and had cultivated to the third level of Qi cultivation and could open up his meridians, while Mo Youshen couldn’t even think about opening up his meridians, so perhaps he was truly impotent for life.

Ye Mo finally understood this matter, he didn’t even have any feelings for his cheap father Ye Cai, let alone that Mo Youshen, even more so, he wouldn’t care.

Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiao Yun, who was like a bird in fear, and suddenly thought of that fortune teller she said up, could this be true? If it was true, then he might really be Mu Xiaoyun’s husband.

Although he had some doubts, but Ye Mo knew that he could not disbelieve such things, back then, Jiumeng Mountain was a quite powerful master of Yi Shu, and he still learnt many of his own things from him. Besides, in the cultivation world, many cultivators with high levels of cultivation were very accurate in the art of projection. If I could meet that old Taoist here, I might as well go and communicate with him.

“Don’t you worry, when I leave, I will definitely take you out of here.” After saying that, Ye Mo reached out and picked up Mu Xiaoyun and walked towards the bed once again.