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DYM Chapter 706

Seeing Ye Mo picking himself up and walking towards the bed, Mu Xiaoyun’s heart pounded violently and her neck turned red and sweet once again. Although she had slept with Ye Mo last night, she didn’t know about it, but now that she knew what Ye Mo might do next, her heart was thumping even more. There was worry, there was joy, and more than that, there was anticipation.

Outside, the sky was already somewhat hazy and bright, but Ye Mo’s divine sense once again swept up the triangle-eyed man. He was sneaking around with a cloth bag and was walking towards Mu Xiaoyun’s house. Ye Mo sneered in his heart, this guy was really horny.

“Xiao Yun, you sleep first, I’m going out for something.” Ye Mo said as he put Mu Xiaoyun on the bed and helped her pull the covers back.

“Ye Lang, are you leaving?” When Mu Xiaoyun heard Ye Mo’s words there was immediately no way to continue lying down, she hurriedly climbed up and grabbed Ye Mo’s hand.”

Ye Mo hurriedly said, “You don’t need to worry because I heard dogs barking outside just now, I don’t know if that Liao’s surname sent someone over.”

“Ah, what then?” Mu Xiaoyun was no fool, when Ye Mo mentioned it, she remembered that it was simply too easy for someone like Young Master Liao to investigate where they lived.

Ye Mo gave Mu Xiaoyun a don’t worry smile before he opened the door and walked out. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept the bag in this triangle-eyed man’s hand carrying some incense or something like that, and he smiled even more coldly in his heart. He didn’t know when Mu Xiaoyun was discovered by the triangle-eyed man, but he didn’t even bother to ask, and casually sent a fireball over.

The moment the man with the triangular eyes saw Mu Xiaoyun washing his face he was completely enchanted by Mu Xiaoyun, he was not even willing to wait a day. It was just that Mu Xiaoyun was very resourceful and immediately ran away to Magnetic West Town.

He even followed her all the way to Magnetic West Town and again to Huangping Village. Only he didn’t expect that just after he arrived at Huangping Village, he was turned into a pile of flying ashes and didn’t even have the chance to beg for mercy.

Ye Mo quickly returned to the wooden house, but Mu Xiaoyun was already fully dressed, holding the pair of scissors in her hand, and was walking out. When she saw Ye Mo return. She was instantly relieved.

“What are you doing with the scissors?” Ye Mo looked at it strangely, but after he asked, he understood, so she was trying to help.

Mu Xiaoyun blushed and said, “I actually want to help you ……”

Ye Mo put away the scissors, stroked Mu Xiao Yun’s hair and said, “It’s not good to continue living here, I’m going to leave here. Are you coming with me?”

“Well, of course I’ll go with you. Sang-du, in the morning I am. I ……” Mu Xiaoyun replied with surprise immediately after hearing Ye Mo’s words. As for the latter half of her sentence. Ye Mo had already heard it out.

She probably thought that she had spoiled her fun in the morning, so she was guilty.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said once again, ”There are plenty of opportunities in the future. Don’t care about one morning. It’s not even dawn yet, so let’s leave now. I’ll just pack up the things here.”

After saying that, Ye Mo packed those things that had not been delivered into his bag in three strokes, he had to get out of here as soon as possible.

Although it was said that that Liao family and Yu family Ye Mo didn’t even put it in his eyes. But if these people came every day, he couldn’t kill them every day. Even if he killed every day, after a long time, he would still attract the attention of others. The main thing was that his body was about to heal and he needed to study the three pages of golden paper as soon as possible and collect some medicinal herbs in the meantime within this month.

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, joy flashed in Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes as she heard and understood Ye Mo’s meaning.

Watching Ye Mo burn the hut down with a fire. Mu Xiaoyun was dumbfounded for a moment, this was also the place where she had lived for several years. However, she quickly reacted that her husband was going to take her away from here forever, so there was no need to leave anything here.

The fire immediately woke up the village, and by the time many people came to put out the fire, the place had completely burnt to a flying ash. Ye Mo’s fireball was different from an ordinary fire however, where he would have waited for others to come and put it out.

Mu Xiaoyun felt that she was picked up by Ye Mo as if a gust of wind and went out of the village.

“You point out where the place where you collect medicinal herbs is. We’ll just go to that place and collect herbs while hiding.” Only after leaving the village did Ye Mo look down and ask.

“Keep walking along this road, after about fifty miles or so, you’ll see Beizi Mountain. Sang-jun. You can put me down, I can walk. I can walk quickly. I often come here alone to collect medicinal herbs.” Mu Xiaoyun struggled a little in Ye Mo’s arms.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “I know you can walk fast, but in a little while, it will be bright outside here, so it’s faster for me to hold you.”

Before Mu Xiaoyun could reply, she felt as if a gust of wind was sweeping by her ears, she carefully looked at the roadside, but saw the trees that were flying backwards, which scared her and made her close her eyes.

When Mu Xiaoyun opened her eyes again, she found that she had already reached Beizi Mountain, and Ye Mo was still advancing rapidly inside.

Mu Xiaoyun couldn’t think why Ye Mo was moving so fast, she said urgently, “Ye Lang, you can’t go inside, there are many beasts inside, it’s dangerous for the two of us to go in.”

“Wait a little longer ……” Ye Mo said and advanced another 20 to 30 miles before stopping, this was already completely deep in the old forest.

As soon as Mu Xiaoyun landed, she hurriedly pulled Ye Mo and said, “Ye Lang, this is deep in the Beizi Mountain, let’s hurry out, as long as we are outside, we can avoid the Liao family’s people.”

Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun’s worried and eager look, but knew that she was completely worried for herself, and something else came out in his heart. He couldn’t help but rub Mu Xiaoyun’s hair again and said, “Xiaoyun, I’m not an ordinary person, you can see that, otherwise I wouldn’t have come here so quickly. I didn’t come here mainly to hide from the Liao family, I came here to collect medicinal herbs, and to cultivate.”

Mu Xiaoyun suddenly woke up, yes, if Ye Lang was an ordinary person, how could he have walked so fast? And hold his own?

Hearing Ye Mo talk about cultivation, Mu Xiaoyun suddenly asked, “Ye Lang, are you from the Hidden Sect?”

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment and said, “To be exact, I am not from the Hidden Sect, I have enemies with many Hidden Sects, so they want to hunt me down and kill me. For example, the Taiyi Sect, for example, there is a Daoist nun called Jing Hu, they are all my enemies. Because my strength is still too low now, I can only put up with them. Since I just came here, I don’t even know where the Hidden Sect is located. At the beginning of next month, Hang Shui will hold a recruitment meeting for the Hidden Sect, and I want to go to it, after I join the Hidden Sect first, then I can talk about it.”

After a pause, he said, “I came here just to collect some medicinal herbs and then improve my cultivation level. Otherwise, I won’t even lose my life, not to mention revenge. Before I go to Hang Shui, I will find a safe city for you to settle down ……”

“No……” Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes suddenly turned red, although she longed to live here with Ye Mo all the time on this, and very much did not want Ye Mo to go fight and kill others again, but Ye Mo was going to Hang Shui, she must go with him. She was afraid, afraid that she would be left alone.

“You are my Sangha, I want to stay with you.” Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes were hazy with tears, what she feared most was that Ye Mo would leave her down and then never return.

Ye Mo sighed and hesitated for a moment or said, “Actually, I am already married, I have two wives, they love me very much, and I love them very much. Xiao Yun, I ……”

Mu Xiaoyun trembled, she seemed to feel the strength in her body completely disappeared in general, did Ye Lang not belong to her either?

Seeing Mu Xiaoyun standing there for a long time without saying anything, Ye Mo was a little worried and took her hand, this time he really didn’t know how he should persuade.

“Xiao Yun, if you don’t mind, I am willing to take you back to see Luo Ying and Qing Xue, they are both my wives, they are both very kind and will definitely like you.” Ye Mo felt Mu Xiaoyun’s cold hand and said with some worry. In his heart, he understood that with a character like Mu Xiaoyun, if he rejected her completely, even if he gave her a city, she would not live happily.

Who let himself move her white rabbit, who let him also like a girl like Mu Xiaoyun, now he couldn’t even think of not being responsible.

Mu Xiaoyun’s face showed surprise, Ye Mo’s later words made her unable to hold back the excitement inside her heart any longer, and the water droplets across the inside of her eyes fell down. She hugged Ye Mo tightly, deeply afraid that once she let go, Ye Mo would disappear.

“Ye Lang, of course I don’t mind, I am willing to be a concubine, I am already yours, I will listen to the two ladies very well, I will definitely …… I thought you didn’t want me anymore, I, I …… ” Mu Xiaoyun’s excitement could be felt even by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo pulled Mu Xiao Yun compa*sionately and said in a soft voice: “Xiao Yun, you still didn’t understand my previous words, I said that men and women are equal outside. If you are willing to marry me, you are my wife just like Luo Ying and Qing Xue, then there is no such thing as a concubine, you don’t have to condescend to yourself. If Luo Ying and I and Qing Xue weren’t in love with each other, it would all be monogamous out there.”

Mu Xiaoyun was not a fool, she could hear what Ye Mo meant, Ye Mo and his two wives were very much in love, and it seemed that he had no intention of marrying again. If it was anything else, Mu Xiaoyun would definitely not have taken the initiative to ask for it, but now that Ye Mo was her husband, she would have to follow him no matter what.

“Ye Lang, do you like me?” Mu Xiaoyun liked Ye Mo very much, and although she didn’t want to ask this question, she couldn’t help but ask it.

Ye Mo gently put his arm around Mu Xiaoyun, “Xiaoyun, of course I like you, if I didn’t, I wouldn’t have said the words to take you back, don’t think too much about it. I am now going to dig a cave as a place for us to live here for a month.”

Ye Mo’s words finally made Mu Xiaoyun let go of those remaining worries, Ye Lang still liked himself, if he really didn’t, he definitely wouldn’t have said the words to take him back. If he didn’t like himself, how would he rub himself there? Hearing Ye Mo say that the two of them would live here for a month, Mu Xiaoyun’s heart thumped once again.