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DYM Chapter 707

A middle-aged man and Yu Yuyan are sitting in the study discussing something in the Yu family’s home in Magnetic West Town. This middle-aged man is called Yu Sheng, and is none other than Yu Yuyan’s father. He had scolded Yu Yuyan yesterday in front of many people. And now his face did not look the least bit angry.

“I didn’t expect Liao Wei to be so ruthless, robbing that woman is just enough, but he even burned her husband to death without even leaving his bones behind.” Yu Yu Yan shook her head after she finished, she hated Ye Mo just as much. Although her purpose had been achieved, she had offended Senior Brother Guan.

Even though she didn’t have much love for Senior Brother Guan, he was an inner disciple of Shangqing Mountain, and once she got involved with him, it would be like having a person to rely on.

After being chagrined, Yu Yuyan calmed down and thought carefully, Chapter 707 – Golden Dots Offending Senior Brother Guan is actually nothing, when the time comes, go and explain to Senior Brother Guan, and she is still a virgin, I believe Senior Brother Guan can verify it out through other.

The only thing that was a bit unfortunate was that she was cultivating several times faster than usual around that Mo Ying. If that Mo Ying hadn’t died yet, it would have been nice to keep someone like that around for her to cultivate. From this point of view, it was a pity that Mo Ying had died.

The middle-aged man pondered for a moment and said, “I don’t think that Mo is simple. If you think back carefully, you will find that he went from being counted on by you to being brought outside for interrogation. Even in a situation of certain death, he still had a calm expression, and he ended up saying something that shocked everyone, and then took her wife and left gracefully. That Liao Wei immediately sent his men after him, and surprisingly, they didn’t catch up.”

“Father, do you think that Mo Ying might not be dead yet?” Yu Yu Yan asked in amazement, then added, “Should we send someone to Huangping again to take a look?”

The middle-aged man shook his head and said, “As for whether he is dead or not I am not sure, but there is one thing, that Mo Ying is definitely not simple. From my point of view, he shouldn’t be able to die that easily.”

Yu Yu Yan was only a little puzzled at this point Chapter 707 Golden Dots, from the time she met Mo Ying. To the point where Mo Ying agreed to come with her and ended up drinking inside the room, it all seemed a bit out of the ordinary. It was when drinking, that Mo Ying seemed to be normal during the first pot of wine, and the second pot of wine, he said he was drunk.

Seeing his daughter frowning and thinking, the middle-aged man said again, “As for their affairs. The reason why my Yu family has been in Magnetic West Town for so many years. That’s because there is still some heritage here. Nowadays, your brothers are all fops, none of them have any hope of joining the Hidden Sect, now all my Yu Family’s hopes are pinned on you, after you go to Shangqing Mountain, you must seize the opportunity.”

Yu Yu Yan nodded, of course she understood what her father meant, meaning that her own conditions were not bad. Even if she couldn’t cultivate to a higher level, she should still be able to pull in a few backstops for the Yu family at Shangqing Mountain.


Mu Xiaoyun was very strange, her husband and her had come to the innermost part of Beizi Mountain together, and she had clearly only seen him with two bags, and she knew what was inside the bags. But she just didn’t know how he could take out so many things from his bag, such as rice, oil, salt, pots and pans, and even a solar oven that she had never seen before.

He said that the solar oven was brought from outside and that it worked really well, not even using firewood, just the sun or even some light to start a fire to cook things.

On top of that, there was even a big tent. The Sangha is really good at this. Not only had he dug a huge cave at the mountain wall, he had also placed the tent inside the cave. If these were not the most surprising things to Mu Xiaoyun, then the big bed he had created out of thin air almost made her think that her husband was an immortal.

Even if she was stupid, Mu Xiaoyun knew that her husband was not an ordinary person at all. Originally she had thought that she would have to suffer with Ye Mo in the mountains for a month, but now it was not suffering, it was simply more comfortable than living at home.

When Mu Xiaoyun saw with her own eyes that Ye Mo had easily killed a wild wolf. She was completely relieved.

It was already the third day, and Mu Xiaoyun was lying alone in bed, thinking a little too much in her mind. Originally, she thought that on the first day, she would have another incident with her Sang-duk that night three days ago. But after her husband had set her up, he was beside himself with cultivation every night. This made her heart a little uncertain. And a little worried. And today, her husband had even dug another huge cave across the road, saying that he was going to cultivate something very important, and asked himself not to disturb him.

Today was already the third day since he arrived at Beizi Mountain, and at this time, Ye Mo’s injuries had completely healed, and his cultivation had even advanced another small step. Ye Mo was sure that with a small opportunity, he could immediately advance to the sixth level of Qi cultivation.

In the past three days Ye Mo did not go anywhere except to heal his injuries, and today his injuries had completely disappeared. The first thing Ye Mo did when his cultivation was restored was to take out three pages of golden paper, he wanted to see what these three pages of golden paper really were.

The three pages of golden paper were carefully taken out and placed in front of Ye Mo’s eyes, and the kind of golden light that made Ye Mo worry that it would spill out for tens of miles did not happen. These golden pages just seemed like very ordinary paper lying flat in Ye Mo’s hand, without the slightest change.

Ye Mo turned the three golden pages upside down and looked at them over and over again, but could not see anything. Half an hour later, Ye Mo confirmed that there was no difference between the three golden pages and the two golden pages, except for the fact that they could not be torn by hand, there was really nothing strange about them. He used his divine sense to look at them carefully and again, but there was no way for his divine sense to penetrate the paper.

Ye Mo shook his head, somewhat disappointed, and swept his divine sense onto the three golden pages at the same time, he wanted to compare what subtle differences there were between the three golden pages.

However, what Ye Mo did not expect was that when his divine sense swept onto the three golden pages at the same time, it seemed that a tiny bridge had been built between the three golden pages. His entire head was buzzing, and his divine sense was like it was about to crack open and come out of the dike.

And it was as if the three golden pages were about to break away from him, slipping right out of his hands and levitating. But Ye Mo’s divine sense seemed to be the same delicious thing, and the three pages of golden paper would never leave until they had eaten all these delicious things.

Ye Mo was greatly alarmed, if this continued, would he not have to lose his divine sense once again, and in serious cases, he might even become an idiot. He hurriedly tried to withdraw his divine sense, but he found that his divine sense was not under control at all, and in the end even his true essence was not under control, pouring out in the same way.

At almost the same moment, Ye Mo spurted out a mouthful of blood and completely sprinkled it on the three pages of golden paper that were already suspended in front of him. The three pages of golden paper that were trying to slip away were immediately fused together when Ye Mo’s mouthful of blood was sprayed on them. It was like the first rays of sunlight in the morning, appearing before Ye Mo’s eyes with some blinding light.

And with Ye Mo’s divine sense and true essence depleted, coupled with another mouthful of blood being sprayed out, his whole body immediately pa*sed out. The last thing he saw was the wisp of golden light, and it seemed to be shooting towards him.


Ye Mo woke up only to find him lying on his bed with Mu Xiaoyun curled up in his arms like a kitten. It must have been Mu Xiaoyun who noticed that he hadn’t come out, then went in and found him unconscious.

Ye Mo’s first move was to test his divine sense, only to find that it was not affected in the slightest. He immediately tried his true essence again and it was abundant, without the slightest sign of injury.

But Ye Mo clearly remembered that he found three pages of golden paper fused before he pa*sed out. Three pages of golden paper, and Ye Mo’s divine sense immediately swept to the opposite stone room. It was empty, there was nothing inside, let alone the golden pages.

Where were the golden pages? Ye Mo immediately began to check his body. He immediately found a golden dot above his dantian, could this be the golden page? How did it turn into a golden dot? Ye Mo’s divine sense swept to the dot, but found that his divine sense could not sweep in at all. He immediately tried to use his divine sense to transfer that golden dot out, but the golden dot didn’t care about his thoughts at all, it didn’t move at all and didn’t have any intention of wanting to leave Ye Mo’s dantian.

Ye Mo used dozens of methods and finally had to give up in frustration, the golden dot acted as if it had nothing to do with him and did not listen to his command in the slightest.

Giving up studying the golden dot for the time being, Ye Mo was about to get up when he saw Mu Xiaoyun in his arms with a trace of tears still in the corner of her eyes, her hand clutching the clothes on Ye Mo’s chest, as if she was afraid that Ye Mo would suddenly disappear. It was probably caused by being too worried about Ye Mo, but Ye Mo didn’t know how long he had been unconscious.

Ye Mo sighed, although he said that he was afraid that something would happen to Mu Xiaoyun, he was tantamount to acknowledging the statement of Mu Xiaoyun’s husband, but deep down in his heart, he still had some difficulties. That was for no other reason than because of Luo Ying and Light Snow.

In fact, deep inside Ye Mo had a vague idea of something else, which was that he thought that the reason why Mu Xiaoyun liked him was because she had too little contact with people. After taking her to Luo Yue and getting in touch with more people, perhaps her thoughts would change.

But at this moment, when Ye Mo looked at Mu Xiaoyun with tear marks, a string was plucked in his heart. Perhaps his thoughts were not right at all, Mu Xiaoyun was not the kind of girl who would change when she came into contact with more people. She was the same type of girl as Luo Ying and Light Snow, and her own significance to her seemed to transcend everything.

Ye Mo found that not only had the underwear on him changed, but his entire body was scrubbed even cleaner than his dust removal duel. There was no need to look, this was also done by Mu Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo thought about how he had been so busy cultivating as soon as he arrived here that he didn’t even care about what she thought, nor did he say much to her, yet she had never said a single unhappy word. It seemed that her purpose of living was for him, Ye Mo.

Looking at Mu Xiaoyun in his arms, Ye Mo stretched out his hand and wrapped his arms around her completely, somewhat unable to restrain the tender feelings, and gently kissed Mu Xiaoyun on the lips.

Mu Xiaoyun woke up with a start, but she immediately understood that it was her husband who had woken up, and was even kissing her. She forced down a cry of surprise and excitedly took in Ye Mo’s lips, clumsily catering to them.