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DYM Chapter 708

Looking at Mu Xiaoyun’s jīng eyes that still had tears in them ……. Ye Mo even had some guilt in his heart, he felt that before this moment, his and Mu Xiaoyun’s giving was not reciprocal at all.

That kind of giving does not refer to material things, but to an indescribable giving of body and mind. To Mu Xiaoyun, he used to at best like this simple and even somewhat obsessive girl, and later, fearing that she would not be able to think straight, he promised to take her to Luo Yue. In Ye Mo’s heart, he still had Luo Ying and Light Snow, his younger siblings, and even his friends and Luo Yue. But in Mu Xiaoyun’s heart, perhaps he was everything to her.

Perhaps in his original thoughts, losing Mu Xiaoyun would make him feel heavy with guilt, but time would eventually fill in everything. But in Mu Xiaoyun’s mind, losing Ye Mo was tantamount to losing the whole world, Chapter 708. It was ridiculous that he was still thinking about how to get Mu Xiaoyun to divert her attention and how to introduce her to more friends.

Since I promised, let’s do it, I just don’t believe that I won’t have the day to ascend. If that day does come, what’s the harm in taking a few beautiful wives of my own to the Immortal World? A woman like Mu Xiaoyun is a blessing to marry, not a liability.

Ye Mo let go of his mind and seemed to feel his realm loosening up a bit, and he no longer wanted to bother with the rest of it. He reached out and pulled down Mu Xiaoyun’s underwear, don’t think about what you shouldn’t think about, do what you should do.

“Xiang Gong ……” Mu Xiao Yun, who was already lost in Ye Mo’s kiss, suddenly felt her clothes being pulled away and suddenly raised her head in surprise, she suddenly understood that her husband wanted her.

Mu Xiaoyun’s body was even more sensitive than Ye Mo had imagined, he even just held her and she immediately became a little hot and soft all over.

“Ye Lang, you wait ……” Mu Xiao Yun suddenly said trembling, the tenderness in her eyes almost dripping out, yet she could ask Ye Mo to wait at this time.

It was Ye Mo who also stopped in some confusion, but saw Mu Xiao Yun take out a four-sided white handkerchief from under her pillow. Ye Mo immediately understood what was going on, Chapter 708 Everything about her he suddenly had something moving in his heart. It turned out that she had been waiting for this day for a long time and had already prepared it.

“Mother said, the first time to use a handkerchief …… six, Mu Xiaoyun’s voice was as small as a mosquito, but Ye Mo could clearly feel the kind of eagerness she had.

“Okay, Xiang Gong, you come up ……” Mu Xiao Yun’s words sounded a bit earthy and silly, but it was that unspeakable silly that made Ye Mo’s heart even more compa*sionate.

A bright red plum blossom fell on the white handkerchief, Mu Xiaoyun hugged Ye Mo tightly, mother said the first time some pain, but she did not feel the pain, her whole body and mind were on her Sangha. She felt her husband’s every time so strong that it was hard for her to be by herself. Her eyes became misty and she even unconsciously called out softly for her husband.

*Qihang text* “Sage-hun, you can eat this face-lifting pills yourself, I don’t need it ……”

“I still have a lot of them, eat the face-residualizing pills, the appearance is immediately restored. Now although I am not afraid of anyone, but there are many of them, in order not to let them recognize I better be careful.”

“Sangha, will this really fly when you learn it?”

“Of course it’s true, that’s what I learned,but this is something that can only be learned between us, no one can tell ……”

“Sage-daddy ……”

It had been half a month since Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun lived in the mountains, and during this half month, Ye Mo had collected a large amount of spirit herbs. Although there were no high grade spirit herbs, but compared to the difficulty of meeting a ‘Silver Heart Gra*s’ on Earth, this place was already heaven to Ye Mo.

Mu Xiaoyun looked more and more delicate after she ate the Face Restoring Pill and under the cultivation techniques taught by Ye Mo. Compared to half a month ago, she had more of the ethereal aura of a spirit rhyme.

Ye Mo knew what he had come here for and knew that Mu Xiaoyun wanted to cultivate. Although he wanted to, he still managed to restrain himself from wreaking havoc on Mu Xiaoyun and delaying her cultivation time and his own search for medicinal herbs.

The thing that made Ye Mo happy was that Mu Xiaoyun also had spiritual roots, only that her spiritual roots were not much better than his own. In comparison, Luo Ying had the best spiritual roots, followed by Bei Wei then Light Snow then Mu Xiaoyun and finally Ye Mo. Ye Zifeng and Ye Ling, on the other hand, surprisingly both had no spiritual roots, which made Ye Mo very disappointed.

Although Ye Mo had taught many people to cultivate, his own spiritual roots were *Qing Yi Er Ya* the worst.

Although outside, Ye Mo had almost lost any confidence in cultivating to ascension, but after coming to the small world, this confidence swelled up again.

Beizi Mountain was not really famous in the Small World, but Ye Mo had already found nine kinds of spiritual herbs for the Qi cultivation stage here. There were many more such mountains and forests in the small world, and Ye Mo believed that if he searched all the way through, he would definitely be able to find more. What’s more, there might be some relics here.

Ye Mo already had the ‘Green Flower Green Leaf Gra*s’ and he knew that there was still ‘Bitter Decade’ here, so if he could find the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ again, then even if it was a little later, he would definitely have no problem building his foundation. He would definitely have no problem building his foundation.

Ye Mo used some ‘God Raising Wood’ along with the rest of the materials to help Mu Xiaoyun refine a necklace. Then he helped her refine a storage ring, plus a flying sword, and gave two spirit stones to Mu Xiaoyun.

Mu Xiaoyun had never received such a beautiful ring and necklace before, and it was even harder for her to own it. However, in order to make Mu Xiaoyun speed up her cultivation, Ye Mo gave her a ring and a necklace. Apart from occasionally lingering with Mu Xiaoyun, most of the time was spent providing various pills for Mu Xiaoyun to cultivate.

Although Mu Xiaoyun hated to stay with Ye Mo every day, she never bothered to refuse what Ye Mo said. Moreover, hearing Ye Mo’s words that if she didn’t speed up her cultivation, she wouldn’t be able to be together in many years, she even grabbed all the time she could to cultivate 0

Mu Xiaoyun’s qualifications were only slightly better than Ye Mo’s, so even though she was much more diligent than Light Snow and the others, her cultivation speed was still much slower.

A month pa*sed by in a hurry, and within this month, Ye Mo only went to look for various medicinal herbs every day and then refine pills, with all the extra medicinal herbs intact in his storage ring. His idea was that these medicinal herbs could still be viable inside the ring for half a month, and perhaps after half a month, he could leave the small world. Once he had returned to Luo Yue, he would plant all the spiritual herbs inside his own medicinal garden.

Mu Xiaoyun could just cultivate, even with Ye Mo’s various pills, after a month had pa*sed, Mu Xiaoyun would just barely advance to the first level of Qi cultivation.

Hang Shui City.

As one of the largest cities in the Divine Continent, Hang Shui City was originally one of the most densely populated places. These days, Hang Shui City was even more crowded, with all sorts of people constantly pouring into it.

All knew that the triennial recruitment of disciples for the Hidden Sect would soon be held here. The Divine Continent is a place where the Hidden Sect reigns supreme, and the people of the Hidden Sect have the highest status here. Anyone who joins the Hidden Sect is like a fish leaping from the dragon’s gate, with a bright future, and even a brighter future for his or her family. Even if you are just an outer disciple of an ordinary second-cla*s sect, this is still the case. Of course if you join a sect that is simply not good enough, you don’t have anything to brag about.

On the spacious concrete road outside Hang Shui City, there were constantly various carriages coming by. The people who came to Hang Shui City to take part in the Hidden Sect disciple campaign were mostly teenage disciples from the major clans, except for a very few ordinary commoners’ sons and daughters. To put it bluntly, they were all rich masters.

That was why these people were all brightly dressed and shiny.

Most of the commoners who did not have money had come on foot, and even the few who had money for the journey had come in a carriage in partnership with many others.

The woman was as beautiful and dazzling as a fairy descending from the earth, while the man seemed to have been disfigured and looked ordinary beyond compare. These two walked together as if a small plant and a delicate lily were out of tune.

Normally, such a beautiful woman would have come in the most luxurious carriage with numerous attendants and escorts, not on foot with such an ordinary man like this.

The first thought of the two people around them was that the woman had been coerced by the very ugly man, but when they saw the way the woman looked at the man, they would immediately understand that they were very wrong in their thinking. The woman was walking down the road, but even a fool would know that her whole body and mind were on the man beside her.

Mu Xiaoyun’s body *Qihang text* at this time was indeed all on Ye Mo, she couldn’t imagine that Ye Mo could really take her flying to Hang Shui City. She still remembers the shock and disbelief she felt when she just flew up into the sky, and she is still a little confused until now. If Ye Mo was a ma*s of ice, she would have completely melted Ye Mo by now.

“Sigh, a flower in the wrong place ah ……”

“Don’t say so chirpy, you can just say it’s stuck in cow dung.”

For the various comments around, Ye Mo just seemed to not hear, and Mu Xiao Yun really didn’t hear, her mind was now on Ye Mo, where would she have time to listen to anything else.

The gates of Hang Shui City were majestic and wide, and several soldiers at the entrance were checking all those who entered Hang Shui City. Ye Mo was suddenly a little thankful for that Jing Hu Daoist Nun, if she hadn’t made a bit of a fuss last time, he would still not have an identity tag now. She was good enough to make a scene and let herself have a proper identity plate.

For ordinary people to enter Hang Shui City, it was surprising that they had to pay five silver coins each time. Ye Mo paid ten silver coins, and then brought Mu Xiaoyun into the incredibly prosperous Hang Shui City.

If he saw concrete roads and brick structures for dwellings, Ye Mo thought it was nothing, but he actually found electric lights inside Hang Shui City.

There was actually electricity in Hang Shui City, and the electric wires were also spread out everywhere as if they were spider webs. Why was there such an advanced thing here in Hang Shui, but not in Magnetic West Town? Ye Mo was greatly puzzled.

Ye Mo quickly figured out what was going on, the power generation technology here must have been brought in by those from the Hidden Sect. Hang Shui was the gathering place of the Hidden Sect, so they had developed this place. And whether there was electricity elsewhere, I guess with the kind of selfish character in the Hidden Sect wouldn’t care in the slightest.

It was also Mu Xiaoyun’s first time in such a busy city, and she nervously pulled Ye Mo’s arm and looked around.