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DYM Chapter 709

Mu Xiaoyun’s grace made almost all the people look sideways, and as long as a man was a man, he would feel that the man next to Mu Xiaoyun was not good enough for her. Yet no one dared to come up and make an untoward move, because this was Hang Shui City.

Hang Shui City was the gathering place of the Hidden Sects, where almost all of them had their residences. Even if you were of high status, even if you were the lord of another city, you would not dare to spill your guts here in Hang Shui. What’s more, even if someone wanted to be wild, they wouldn’t be in this stall.

Although the Hidden Sect only looks for qualifications when recruiting disciples and doesn’t care about character at all, if you molest a woman as soon as you come to Hang Shui City, then the impression score of the sect will definitely drop. So those who coveted Mu Xiaoyun, although they didn’t see Ye Mo in their eyes, and didn’t want to make a move at this time, even if they had an itch for Mu Xiaoyun, they would have to wait until they joined the sect.

However, although many people did not dare to make a move openly, it did not mean that no one dared not come up and strike up a conversation. Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun had just entered the city when they were stopped by three people.

“Hello this brother, I am Ma Shilong, is your brother also here to attend the Hidden Sect Disciple Recruitment Conference?” The young man in the lead walked up to Ye Mo and greeted him with a fist. Only although he was greeting Ye Mo, his eyes were looking at Mu Xiao Yun.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, of course he knew what Ma Shilong meant, and immediately replied in a nonchalant manner “So it’s Ma sh*t, er ……”

“My name is Ma Shilong.” Hearing that Ye Mo had even called him by the wrong name, Ma Shilong’s heart immediately became uncomfortable.

“Oh, good, good, your name is Ma sh*t …… what comes after it? Look at this memory of mine …… Huh, I see that the sugarplum over there is good, let’s go, let’s go take a look.” Ye Mo said once again, but was immediately attracted to a candy gourd seller not far away. He then simply forgot about Ma Shilong’s words and pulled Mu Xiaoyun over.

Only after he and Mu Xiaoyun took a few steps, he seemed to think of something else and said with a sigh once again, “Ah Xiaoyun, we’d better go. Although the candy cane is good, but …… I’m already disgusted.”

Ma Shilong was even a fool. Now he knew that Ye Mo had deliberately left out one word of his name. He was so angry that his face turned red and he immediately shouted angrily “Stop right there ……”

As soon as Ma Shilong’s words fell, the two men next to him had already blocked the way of Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun.

Ye Mo smiled coldly, although he hadn’t broken through to the sixth level of Qi cultivation yet, but to him it was just a matter of a pill. And after coming to the small world, to refine a Peiyuan Dan. Yet there was not much difficulty.

Originally, Ye Mo’s intention was to find the location of the Taiyi Sect first. Or rather enter the Hidden Sect through Mo a sect first and then ask for the location of the Taiyi Sect. The next step was to keep searching for spiritual herbs to refine pills and reach the seventh level of Qi cultivation. That is, after the late stage of Qi cultivation, he directly killed his way up to the Taiyi Sect.

But that didn’t mean he needed to hold back, a small character like Ma Shilong. He would just kill them at will. If the Hidden Sect wanted to find trouble with him, even if he took Mu Xiaoyun with him to cultivate in the wilderness, he could still achieve his goal completely. As for the location of the Inner Hidden Sect, he could always ask for it after he cultivated to the seventh level of Qi cultivation.

Although Ye Mo knew that Mu Xiaoyun’s appearance was very eye-catching in this kind of place where strength was paramount and there were almost no legal constraints. However, he was not comfortable leaving Mu Xiaoyun alone in any place. He knew that this was a place where fists spoke. A weak woman like Mu Xiaoyun would not be bullied to death in other places. This place, Hang Shui City. No matter what, anyone had to show their true face to the public, so it was unavoidable for Mu Xiaoyun to be seen by others.

Ye Mo pulled out the machete on his waist, as long as this Ma Shilong made a move, he immediately killed these three people. As for whether he should leave the place after killing them, he needed to see how the other side would handle it.

Just at this time, an equally young man walked over. He came to Ye Mo and clasped his fist and said, “This friend, put the knife away first, fighting with knives drawn in the street is not allowed here. If you make the first move, you will be the one to lose out, instead giving the villain a chance to win.”

The youth said then turned his head to look at Ma Shilong again. With a cold smile “So it’s Brother Ma sh*t. I have heard about Brother Ma sh*t of the Meng Zhongcheng Ma Family for a long time, I never thought I would actually meet Ma sh*t today …… haha, really, really.”

After this youth finished his greeting, the surrounding onlookers all laughed loudly.

Ma Shilong’s face was blue with anger, and he even hated the name a little, it was surprising that two people called him horse sh*t today, and this person who came behind him obviously said this on purpose, and said it more than once. In the beginning his name was Ma Yes Long, meaning that he was a dragon of the Ma family. It was just that he disliked the fact that Ma was a dragon was too commonplace, so he changed is to Shi, and now he thought that whether he changed it or not, it was still horse sh*t.

The young man in front of him also looked luxuriously dressed and had several attendants behind him, so at a glance he was not a simple man either. So even though his name was called Horse sh*t by this man, Ma Shilong did not dare to snap at once. Moreover, he also knew that in Hang Shui City, fighting was not allowed.

“Who are you? What business is it of yours of mine, Ma Shilong? You insist on standing up for a country bumpkin?” Ma Shilong asked with a grim look on his face.

“Haha ……” the young man said with another laugh, “You don’t need to say what your name is, I know your name Ma sh*t Well …… I, Liu Lei I am Liu Lei of the Liu family of Lanhua City. The world’s affairs under the world’s control, I will be in charge, you how?”

“You ……” Ma Shilong’s hands were shaking in anger, Liu family of Lanhua City he had also heard of, like his Ma family is a big family, the strength is not lower than the Ma family. If it wasn’t for the fact that Hang Shui City didn’t allow fighting, he would have wanted to make a move now.

Because of Ye Mo, there were now more and more people around. There were already a lot of people in Hang Shui City, and with it being these days, the street was soon blocked.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way ……” There was a shout from outside and a horse-drawn carriage came over.

Seeing the carriage coming, the people watching around made way. You know that inside the main street of Hang Shui City, ordinary people are not allowed to ride in carriages, and all carriages pa*s through the side streets. And this carriage could take the main street, at a glance it was a person with a history.

“It’s the Purple Huā Fairy’s carriage ……”

“Oh my, the Purple Huā Fairy has actually come to Hang Shui City, this is so surprising ……”

“If I were to take a look at the Purple Huā Fairy, I would be willing to live a few days less.”


As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew that this Purple Huā Fairy seemed to have some origins. He pulled Mu Xiaoyun and also moved aside, it was better to keep a low profile at this time. Once his identity was revealed, Jing Hu would learn about it.

Although he did not fear Gaiyu, he was also afraid that Gaiyu would break through. If he ignored everything and said that he had all three pages of the Golden Sutra, then it would not be the small fry that would come after him, but the entire Hidden Sect.

The Inner Hidden Sect was deep and full of experts. Once they found out that Ye Mo had such a heaven-defying item on him, he might not have a place to hide in the small world.

When the Purple Flower Fairy came over, not only did Ma Shilong move aside, but Liu Lei also moved aside. However, the carriage came to a halt when it reached the street in front of Ye Mo.

A moment later, a woman in a green dress came down from the carriage. This woman looked exceptionally clean, her eyebrows were radiant, her dark hair was draped over her shoulders like a waterfall, and her whole person was like not eating fire and smoke. She seemed to be taking only a few steps, but she was able to make some moving charm out of it.

Is this woman the Purple Flower Fairy? Ye Mo was puzzled and used his divine sense to sweep into the carriage, there was another woman inside the carriage. And the woman inside the carriage looked three times more beautiful than this green-skirted woman who came out outside, and her whole person carried a hint of nobility and coldness, giving the impression as if the three feet in front of her were ice. However, the woman was looking at Mu Xiaoyun and her expression seemed somewhat stunning.

Ye Mo withdrew his divine sense, not interested in continuing to observe.

“This sister, my lady would like to invite sister to the carriage for a while ……” The green-skirted woman came in front of Mu Xiaoyun, gave a slight salute, and then invited.

Ye Mo already understood that this excellent looking woman was actually the personal attendant of the woman on top of the carriage, and it turned out that the woman on the carriage was the Purple Huā Fairy.

“Sorry, I’m with my Sangha.” Mu Xiaoyun hastily replied, and after she finished, she pulled Ye Mo’s hand and said, “Sang-du, let’s go.”

She disliked the fact that so many people were gathered around to see her and her Sang-du, she liked to hang out with her Sang-** in peace and quiet on top of the busy street.

“Ah …….” The green-skirted woman didn’t seem to expect her invitation to be rejected, she froze for a moment and immediately said again, “My lady is the Purple Fairy, this sister ……”

Mu Xiaoyun frowned, she had already refused and this green-skirted woman had to keep saying it in front of her, which made her somewhat dislike it. She just didn’t know what more she should say in refusal to get this woman to move out of the way.

“No way, she actually declined the Purple Huā Fairy’s invitation?”

“Yes, such a good opportunity, this woman is beautiful though, it’s really, hey ……”


Ye Mo coldly snorted and said, “My mother has already said that she doesn’t want to go, so be my guest.”

Suddenly Ye Mo’s eyes frowned, he actually heard the sound of voice transmission, that purple huā fairy actually told the green-skirted woman in through this voice transmission and invited herself into the carriage together. However, this voice was immediately pounced upon under Ye Mo’s divine sense.

Ye Mo immediately used his divine sense to scan this purple clothed fairy again, and yes, it was indeed just a Xuan level cultivation. A mere woman with a late Xuan level cultivation could actually transmit sound into a secret? Ye Mo couldn’t even believe it, even before he had built his foundation, he didn’t have the means to transmit sound.

As expected the green-skirted maid listened to the young lady’s words, this time she didn’t even look at Ye Mo, but walked up to him and said with a salute, “This gentleman, my young lady would like to invite you and your maiden to enter the carriage together for a small chat.”