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DYM Chapter 710

Ye Mo did not have the slightest interest in such things, although the sound transmission into the secret that the Purple Flower Fairy used was remarkable, it was only an ancient martial internal qi into sound secret technique. It was completely different or not comparable to the sound transmission into secret that he had used to cultivate to Foundation Establishment.

He certainly wouldn’t get to know people who might reveal his identity because of such things now, not to mention that this Purple Flower Fairy knew at a glance that she was not an ordinary person.

Thinking of this Ye Mo said with a faint smile apologetically, “This young lady, I’m sorry, my mother and I have other things to do right now, I’m sorry. Please say hello to the Purple Flower Fairy for us, thank you so much for her invitation.”

After saying that, Ye Mo looked at Liu Lei who was a bit dumbfounded next to him and said, “Brother Liu, thanks for what happened just now, I wonder if you have time now, let’s go have a drink together?”

Ye Mo didn’t know anyone here and didn’t know a lot of information. This Liu Lei was a good person, and had helped himself once just now. Although even if Liu Lei did not help, Ye Mo would not be afraid of that Ma Shilong, but then it would make a big mess, so to Liu Lei Ye Mo was still obliged.

One of the reasons for inviting Liu Lei to dinner was so that he could thank him, and the other main purpose was of course to ask about the various situations in Hang Shui City.

Hearing Ye Mo’s reply, the green-skirted woman froze for a moment, what and what? The Purple Flower Fairy asked him to go and he still refused. The reason for refusing was still that he was busy, but on this side he had just finished refusing with this reason, and on the other side he was inviting someone else to drink.

Not only did the green-skirted woman freeze, but also the people around him, and even Liu Lei did not react.

It was not until the green-skirted woman received the lady’s words. Only after she got into the carriage and left did the people around her react and cursed Ye Mo for being so stupid. If they knew the Purple Flower Fairy, how would Ma Shilong dare to do anything to him?

Liu Lei also reacted at this time and immediately said: ”Of course I am free, but I have been in Hang Shui City for half a month now, seeing as you guys are probably just coming here. So today I’ll be the host. Let’s go. We’ll go to the ‘Gathering Taste House’.”

‘Gathering Taste Chapter 710 Understanding House’? Ye Mo suddenly remembered the school hotel at Ninghai University, which also seemed to be called ‘Gathering Taste Building’.


Yun Ziyi had never thought that with her status and position. Inviting two ordinary commoners would be rejected, which made her very uncomfortable. But to someone of her status and position, such thoughts only turned for a moment. It disappeared into thin air.

“Miss, that ugly man is really insensitive, to refuse the Purple Flower Fairy’s invitation.” The green-skirted maiden, although she got on the carriage, still said with a somewhat unconvinced mutter.

Yun Ziyi smiled slightly and shook her head, “It’s nothing, it’s just that that woman surprised me too much. There is actually this kind of woman who is out of the ordinary among the mundane, and when compared to her, I feel that she is the fairy and I am not.”

“Miss, that woman is just an ordinary person too. She is just a little bit more beautiful. Although she is good looking, she is still not a flower stuck in cow dung, how can she be compared to Miss?” The green-skirted girl said somewhat unconvinced.

Yun Ziyi said in a light voice, “She stood there as if she was going to go with the wind, I don’t know why I had this feeling. Moreover, she has an aura of spiritual charm, that is, the man also has this aura. It was just because it was covered up by his appearance. Never mind, let’s not talk about that.”


The price of ‘Gathering Taste House’ was expensive in Hang Shui City, but it was packed with people these days. Luckily, Liu Lei seemed to know some people here, so he was still able to book a small private room.

Liu Lei was very straightforward and liked to manage things that were not fair, but when a few people arrived at the private room they introduced themselves to each other. When Liu Lei learnt that Ye Mo was also here for the Hidden Sect disciple selection, he said with some regret, “Brother Mo has really missed an opportunity today.”

As soon as Ye Mo heard this, he knew that Liu Lei must be saying that he had missed the opportunity to meet the Purple Flower Fairy, but without waiting for him to ask, Liu Lei said, “The Purple Flower Fairy is the daughter of Yun Dong Man, the president of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, the largest merchant in the Divine Continent, and the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce ‘ is the number one chamber of commerce in the Divine Continent, and there are many experts in it. Moreover, legend has it that Yun Dongman himself is a peak Xiantian expert, and even among the Hidden Sects, the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ has a great status. If you get to know the Purple Flower Fairy, as long as she casually says a word in one of the hidden sects, maybe you can join this hidden sect.”

After saying that, Liu Lei was still shaking his head, feeling sorry for Ye Mo that he had missed such an opportunity.

So that was the case, Ye Mo then put the matter aside, he thought that with his ability, it was not a handful to join a hidden sect, so he did not care much about this matter.

“I also heard that the Purple Flower Fairy comes from the Du Tian Sect, that is one of the three Inner Hidden Sects, although now the Du Tian Sect is not as good as before, but ……” seeming to see that Ye Mo did not care much, Liu Lei said another sentence.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing. How come a Du Tian has come out?”

Hearing Ye Mo’s words, Liu Lei looked at Ye Mo in surprise for half a day before he said, “Brother Mo, you wouldn’t even know about this, would you? Taiyi, Kun Qian and Cihang Jingzhai are the three major hidden sects now. But a hundred years ago, the three great hidden sects were Cixihang Jingzhai, Ice Lake and Du Tian Sect. The three great schools of the Hidden Sects are re-elected every hundred years, and the way they are chosen is through a competition. And the last time the three great sects competed for election, Ice Lake and Du Tian Sect both failed, and only Cihang Jingzhai remained among the three great sects.”

After saying that Liu Lei hesitated for a moment and added: “Although the Ice Lake and Du Tian Sects were robbed of the title of the Three Great Sects by the Taiyi and Kun Qian Sects during the last competition, the strength of the Du Tian Sect cannot be questioned and it is still a first-cla*s sect. It’s just that I heard that the sect of Ice Lake has declined and seems to be declining fast, exactly how it is, I don’t know now.”

Ye Mo had wanted to mention the Taiyi Sect, who knew that Liu Lei had taken the initiative to say it, he immediately asked, “Brother Liu, where is this Taiyi Sect?”

Liu Lei shook his head and said, “The Hidden Sect, I have never been there either, as for where it is, as long as you can join the disciples of the Hidden Sect, you will be fine. No matter which Hidden Sect’s disciple you join, you will eventually be brought into the Hidden Sect’s territory. It is said that the territory of the Hidden Sect is divided out separately, and without their leadership, no one can enter.”

Finally and seemingly to remind Ye Mo, Liu Lei said again, “That Ma Shilong is very sinister and vengeful, if Brother Mo is not chosen by the Hidden Sect, you should be careful of him after you leave Hang Shui City.”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, after leaving Hang Shui City, if that horse sh*t dared to find him, then he would really be looking for death.

Although he knew that both Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun came from a small mountain village like Huangping, Liu Lei did not despise Ye Mo in the slightest.

He felt that although this Mo Ying looked very ordinary, he had an indescribable aura. And if Mo Ying was really ordinary, he wouldn’t have a wife like Mu Xiaoyun.

If Ye Mo knew that Liu Lei was thinking like this, he could only be speechless. When he got Mu Xiaoyun’s liking, Mu Xiaoyun didn’t even know what he could do, simply because it was a loving and caring husband. Moreover, although the original Mu Xiaoyun was beautiful, she was not as offbeat as she is now. The reason for this is that one has to do with the Face Preserving Pill, and the other is of course because she cultivates the cultivation dharma.

From Liu Lei, Ye Mo also learned that when the Hidden Sect recruited disciples, the main thing they looked for was qualification, everything else was secondary. Qualifications were divided into five levels, the best being level one and the worst being level five. The Hidden Sects are also divided into four cla*ses, Special, First, Second and Third. Like the three great hidden sects are among the Extraordinary cla*s, while the rest are ranked downwards according to their strength.

In general, if the qualification is fifth cla*s or below, it is basically not wanted and belongs to the trash qualification. Only first cla*s and second cla*s qualifications were up for grabs by the big sects, while third cla*s qualifications could join a second cla*s sect if they were lucky, or a third cla*s sect if they were unlucky.

After talking with Liu Lei, Ye Mo learned a lot and finally it was getting late and Ye Mo had to go out to find a place to stay before he stood up and said goodbye to Liu Lei.

“Brother Mo, I’m staying at the Hang Shui Hotel. You can come with me to check it out, the accommodation in Hang Shui City is very tight right now. Hang Shui Hotel is the biggest hotel in Hang Shui City, the environment there is still ……” Liu Lei suddenly stopped here, he thought of Ye Mo and his wife are ordinary people, Hang Shui Hotel just has a place to stay, it is not affordable for them to stay.

What Ye Mo thought about was how there would still be a place to stay at the Hang Shui Hotel when there were so many sects in the Hidden Sect? He remembered that when he used to participate in the Hidden Sect Competition in Gui Qing, the best hotels were basically occupied by people in the Hidden Sect. How could it be their turn? However, Ye Mo then remembered that those people from the Hidden Sect all had residences in Hang Shui, so they should not need to stay in a hotel. Thinking of this, Ye Mo was just about to ask where the Hang Shui Hotel was when Liu Lei once again changed the subject.

“By the way, apart from the Hang Shui Hotel, there are many places to stay near Hang Shui Square. Besides, Hang Shui Square is also farther away from the auction venue there, and the accommodation should not be as tight as this side.” Liu Lei said in a hurry.

Although he and Ye Mo had talked, he had already invited the other party to dinner, so if he took the liberty of saying that he would pay for someone to find a place to stay, maybe the other party would be a bit offended. Besides, he could tell that Mo Ying was someone who didn’t like to take advantage of others, so he didn’t even mention the matter of offering money to find a place for Ye Mo to stay.

“An auction?” Ye Mo was a little strange and immediately asked. Ye Mo had been to two auctions and got the goodies he wanted, if the Inner Hidden Sect had an auction, wouldn’t there be even more goodies?!!!