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DYM Chapter 73-74

Chapter 73

“That Shi Ying somewhat resembles a person from our school, what’s going on?” Immediately, there were students from Ninghai University who saw that Shi Ying and Ye Mo were somewhat alike, but obviously couldn’t believe it. Who didn’t know what kind of person Ye Mo was at Ninghai University, how could he have turned into Shi Ying.

“Cut, you are dreaming, it’s your school, the most powerful one in your school, Li Bangqi, has already hung up.”

“……” The student who spoke earlier felt the same, after all, there are too many similar people, closed his mouth and did not say anything more.


“Senior Shi, I didn’t expect you to be so powerful, I really hired the right person to invite you here this time. It’s almost like a dream, we ……” Chen Weilin was so excited that he couldn’t speak a bit, he didn’t expect this Shi Ying to be much more powerful than what Fang Yucheng said. That arrogant Park Dong Heng is simply not in the same cla*s as him.

Although Fang Yucheng knew that Ye Mo would definitely win in the end, he didn’t expect him to win so cleanly.

A tall-looking girl ran in, seeing Ye Mo her eyes flashed with expectation, but she still said to Chen Weilin, “Chairman, a reporter wants to interview Brother Shi Ying, look ……”

Chen Weilin of course also wanted the reporters to interview, for him the louder this matter was reported the better, but he had to consult Ye Mo’s opinion.

Ye Mo of course heard the girl’s words, but waved his hand and said, “No need for an interview, you hurry up and arrange for that whatever pavilion master to compete with me, I’m tight on time.”

“Good, good, of course your matter is the main priority Brother Shadow, I will go and arrange it immediately. Yu Yarui you arrange to push the reporters away, just say that senior Shi Ying needs to rest.” After saying that Chen Weilin hurriedly ran out, but his footsteps were much lighter than before.

Seeing Chen Weilin go out, Yu Yarui suddenly took out a small notebook and a pen and walked up to Ye Mo with some trepidation and said in a small voice, “Brother Shi, can you sign for me?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “Sure.”

After saying that, he took the book and pen, and just after writing a word he felt that something was wrong, he was used to writing it as Ye Mo, and the first word was actually written as a ‘Ye’, but he only hesitated for a moment, and next wrote the word Shi Ying.

Yu Yarui took the book with a red face and said thank you, then hurriedly ran out, she still had to go and talk to the reporter about not being able to give interviews. But today she came to be the first to get Shi Ying’s autograph, and her heart was still thumping. Just thinking about the envious looks the students in the dormitory would give her later, Yu Yarui couldn’t help the curve of her mouth.

“Why won’t Mr. Shi give an interview?” The female reporter outside the door was surprised to hear Yu Yarui talk about Ye Mo’s refusal to give an interview. Although they were only a media outlet in Ninghai, who didn’t want to be famous nowadays? It was surprising that they didn’t want to be famous when they had the opportunity to be famous.

Seeing that the reporter was a little upset, Yu Yarui quickly said, “Senior Shi Ying may still have a competition, why don’t you ask President Chen of our student council later, I can’t make a decision on this.”

“Fine, then I will go and speak to your vice president directly, if not, I will go and ask the president of the Ninghai Martial Arts a*sociation directly.” This female reporter said angrily, she was very upset that Ninghai Science University was still holding such a big stance.

Just as Ye Mo was waiting a little impatiently, Chen Weilin hurriedly ran over, with excitement and excitement on his face.

“What’s the word?” Fang Yucheng had been accompanying Ye Mo, and he knew that Ye Mo was pressed for time, so as soon as he saw Chen Weilin enter, he immediately asked.

“The stick has admitted defeat, the ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo is moving out on the same day and will not use that title in the future.” Chen Weilin said excitedly, his face full of pride and smugness, as if Park Dong Heng had been defeated by him.

Fang Yucheng frowned and said, “How can the bats admit defeat? I’ve seen that president of theirs. And that president is way more powerful than Park Dong Yok, this doesn’t seem right.”

But Chen Weilin said, “Yes, they have made it very clear and signed it. After that president came to check Park Dong-Hyung’s injuries and watched the video, he then said that he conceded defeat. However, he also said that admitting defeat was only temporary and that he wanted to fight Senior Shi Ying once in the same place a year later.”

Ye Mo frowned, he didn’t have time to come and compete a year later, but now that the person had already admitted defeat, he couldn’t fight in again.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, Chen Weilin immediately said, “I didn’t promise him, but he said that he didn’t have to, he would come here a year later, and he wouldn’t blame Senior Shi Ying if he didn’t come to the competition. It just said that if our people don’t come everyone will understand who wins and who loses.”

“So arrogant even after losing a fight, these sticks are really shameless.” Fang Yucheng was furious for a year.

Ye Mo waved his hand and said, “What happens in a year, let’s talk about it in a year, I’m leaving.” After saying that Ye Mo stood up and was about to leave.

Seeing that Ye Mo was about to leave, Chen Weilin hurriedly said, ‘Senior Shi Ying, today is a happy day, why don’t I be the host and go to the ‘Into the Taste House’ for a meal together. Also, there are just a few reporters outside the door waiting for you to go out.”

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “A meal will be excused, I have something to do, how about this, I’ll just go through the window.” After saying that, he opened the window and jumped down.

“Ah …… this is the third floor.” When Chen Weilin’s words fell, Ye Mo had already jumped out of the window and disappeared.

Chen Weilin and Fang Yucheng hurriedly rushed to the window to look down, where there was still Ye Mo’s shadow.

Although Ye Mo was gone, the inside of the venue was even more chaotic, beer and champagne were everywhere, and the noise was mixed with screams. For no other reason than the fact that the ‘Han Feng’ Taekwondo gym, which had been winning for a month straight, had voluntarily admitted defeat. These sticks can take what you drop for themselves right in front of your face, and getting them to voluntarily concede defeat was tough and difficult.

In a flash, the name of Shi Ying resounded throughout Ninghai Science University, and also spread out at a very fast pace, many people could know that Ninghai had produced such a supreme master as Shi Ying.

The happiest people on this night were those who saw Ye Mo and Park Dong Heng fight with their own eyes, and the unhappiest were the reporters who had waited for half a day without waiting for Ye Mo.

But there was also the most depressed group of people, they were the ones who temporarily walked out of the venue, and now their feelings were indescribable.

To say that they regret it is already light, just like a hardcore supporter of the national football team (of course, now the national football team has supporters Lao Wu is not sure.) I was watching the World Cup championship battle between the national football team and Brazil in general (of course I know this can only be YA), and at the end of ninety minutes, the score on the field was still zero to four, with the national football team trailing.

Although the referee added three minutes to the game, there were so many fans exited because they were disappointed, but three minutes later, they learned outside the field that the national football team scored five goals in three minutes and finally pulled Brazil down to take the Hercules Cup by five to four. And they didn’t see the five goals in three minutes, so you say it’s depressing.


The time was already around eleven o’clock at night, Ye Mo quickly left Ninghai University of Science and Technology, the second thing he had to do now was to go and help Ning Qingxue heal, at this time the person accompanying Ning Qingxue next to him should be asleep.


Chapter 74

When Ye Mo arrived at the small courtyard, he found that there was also a woman in her thirties sitting in front of Ning Qingxue’s chuáng, who bore a slight resemblance to Ning Qingxue, and presumably should be her mother. But her mother’s face was really young, I’m afraid that if it wasn’t for Ning Qingxue’s affair, she might look a little younger.

As Ning Qingxue’s mother was there, Ye Mo was not sure if he should go in now.

Just as Ye Mo was hesitating a bit, the woman who was sitting by the chuáng spoke, “Qingxue, put down the box in your hand and go to sleep.”

“Mom, you go to sleep, I want to be alone ……” The voice was so small that if Ye Mo didn’t have divine sense he really wouldn’t have been able to hear it.

The woman sitting by the chuáng sighed and said after a while, “The nurse and I are sleeping outside, so if you have something, just ring the bell. If it hurts, tell mommy, then have the nurse come in and help you with the anesthesia.”

Ye Mo watched as the woman walked out and brought the door with her, wiping her eyes outside the door. The place outside had indeed been converted into a makeshift medical place, with two young nurses leaning against the side of the chuáng and taking a nap.

Ye Mo waited for a while longer, and when the woman was sitting on the chuáng, he quietly went over and ordered a few people to sleep xué. he didn’t want someone to suddenly barge in while he was helping Ning Qingxue with her treatment.

After finishing this, Ye Mo entered Ning Qingxue’s room, which was also his room in the beginning, only that Ning Qingxue had let her have it after she arrived. After entering, Ye Mo felt both familiar and seemingly a bit unfamiliar at the same time.

Looking at Ning Qingxue who was holding the box, Ye Mo knew that she was badly injured, even a bit more than he had expected, but he just couldn’t figure out why she was always holding this box of hers.

Ye Mo was still wondering whether to tell Ning Qingxue directly to help her heal or to let her sleep and then help her heal, when he heard Ning Qingxue’s low murmuring voice. Immediately after that, he saw the red sè mobile phone in her hand, and Ye Mo immediately understood that the mobile phone was recording, Ning Qingxue was explaining the aftermath.

“Ye Mo …… I’m sorry, I have to go, I hurt you, I really regret it so much. But I really want to see you before I die and say sorry to you …… After experiencing those things, I realized how childish I was …… to know how wide your xiōng embrace is. I didn’t regret going out of the way for that little plant …… I just regretted going to you like that.

I read your letter to know how lonely you were, never having any friends …… but I still hurt you over and over again like an evil woman …… and used the money from your blood sales to buy thousands of dollars of alcohol… …But I never thought about your feelings, I just capriciously did what I wanted to do …… When I understood this, I was leaving ……”

Ning Qingxue coughed a few times and her face became paler and paler, but she still moved the phone closer and continued, “Ye Mo …… I don’t know if I love you, but if there is still a chance to be betrothed to you …… I I will definitely not go to use you as a shield again I am willing to marry you …… maybe not related to love just afraid you say I am not worthy of you …… marriage certificate I left by my side, never went to divorce I will not go to divorce again, you are the only husband I have in this life …… Whether you know it or not, whether you admit it or not, I, Ning Qingxue, am willing to be your wife and am already your wife.

Ye Mo, still want to say sorry …… I have been your wife, a day of wife’s obligations have not done, but for you to cause a lot of trouble …… I am like a child who does not know anything, once thought he knew everything (pause for a long time Ye Mo, I will in heaven Bless you …… you have to live well, it’s just a pity I couldn’t leave a child for you …… find a girl who will love you in the future …… don’t be like me ……”

Said here, Ning Qingxue took a few breaths, stroked the medicine box in her hand with her hand, and said again, “Ye Mo, I’ve never called the word husband in my life, I want to call it so badly …… but I can’t… …

There is a gra*s inside the courtyard, I go to take care of it every day because I have seen you once take care of the same gra*s the same way, I don’t know if it is useful to you …… If it is, you can take it away when it grows up …… Maybe that is the only thing I can leave for you The only thing ……

Ye Mo …… husband …… are you okay?” Ning Qingxue’s voice gradually lowered.

Ye Mo suddenly felt a little sour in his heart, and there was some shame in his heart. To be honest, at first he helped Ning Qingxue, but he was not as xiōng and broad-minded as Ning Qingxue thought. He just thought that Ning Qingxue’s melancholy look looked like Master Luo Ying, so he was willing to help her. He also thought that when Master Luo Ying was in trouble, he could likewise meet people who would help her.

There was also the list of blood sales but not because of her ah, that is, he could not spend all his money, he would also go, waste is a shameful. But yet Ning Qingxue thought it was for the sake of raising her, and even kept feeling guilty about it.

It is clear that Ning Qingxue is also a kind-hearted girl, only that her life circumstances and origins have given her a kind of nobility that does not like strangers, or rather a loneliness. In fact, after peeling away that cocoon she has wrapped herself in, how is she not a kind and somewhat pathetic person. It’s a pity that she confuses love with feeling jī and guilt, perhaps one day she will come to understand.

Ye Mo sighed and was even more determined to save Ning Qingxue. It was better not to tell her for the time being, after all, his skills were somewhat appalling, lest he scare her.

When Ye Mo thought Ning Qingxue had fallen asleep and was about to go up and also seal a few of her meridians and help her heal, Ning Qingxue suddenly picked up the phone again and murmured: “Dad, mum I’m leaving …… my daughter is unfilial, I’m already married to Ye Mo… . that box is the dowry he accompanied me, don’t let that box come separately from me when the time comes. There is a gra*s inside the yard that I left to Ye Mo …… If he comes, give him this phone along with it, if not (there was another long pause) forget it ……

I’m sorry that I caused so much trouble for my family and yet I just walked away…”

Ning Qingxue’s voice suddenly lowered, Ye Mo was wondering if he was going to tell her that he had come when Ning Qingxue suddenly mō out a dagger from inside the box and stabbed it down at her throat ……

The distance was so far apart that it was too late for him to grab the dagger, he could only put his arm in the way of her throat.

The dagger stabbed into Ye Mo’s arm, and once it was blocked by Ye Mo’s True Qi, it could no longer be stabbed down.

Ning Qingxue, however, fainted again because of the excessive force. Ye Mo pulled out the dagger, although the dagger did not pierce very deep, it still brought out some blood.

When he saw that Ning Qingxue had already fainted, he raised his hand and sealed several of her meridians again, so that she could not wake up for a while. Only then did he go to get the box she was holding.

However, Ye Mo found that Ning Qingxue was holding the box tightly in her hand, even though she had already fainted, but her hand was firmly clasped to the box. Ye Mo could not take it off unless he forcefully snatched it off.

Ye Mo shook his head helplessly and could only open the box in Ning Qingxue’s hand, and the contents inside were all the same. Ye Mo took out a bottle of pills and once again took out the pack of silver needles.

He inserted two heart protection pills into Ning Qingxue’s mouth, and the pills immediately dissolved and absorbed in her body under the operation of his true qi.

Ye Mo picked up another 108 silver needles and used his true qi to remove the poison. He turned Ning Qingxue over again and took off her blouse.