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DYM Chapter 711

It will be held at the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ headquarters in Hang Shui Square, and this time’s is this evening.”

Liu Lei said here, hesitated for a moment and added, “But those who enter must pay one hundred gold coins each, otherwise they will not be allowed to enter.”

It could be said that this condition was quite harsh for ordinary people, one hundred gold coins was not considered a small amount of money in the small world, it was a large sum of money. It was equivalent to ten thousand silver coins, and one silver coin to an ordinary family could live for a week.

After bidding farewell to Liu Lei, Ye Mo took Mu Xiaoyun and looked for a few hotels, and they were indeed all full. If he didn’t want to attend the auction, Ye Mo would have gone to the Hang Shui Hotel. Because Ye Mo wanted to attend the auction, if he made any noise, at least Liu Lei would know his background. Although Liu Lei was a good person and worthy of friendship, but after all, it was only the first time they met, Ye Mo did not want him to know too much about himself.

In the end, under Ye Mo’s gold coin offensive, he and Mu Xiaoyun finally found a nice place to stay, the Blue Sea Hotel, a little further away from Hang Shui Square. It was clean, just that the price was several times higher than others. But these were not even on Ye Mo’s mind, as he took Mu Xiaoyun into the room and immediately started to change his appearance.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo was once again disguised as a bearded man, while Mu Xiaoyun became a Jianghu woman with a somewhat vicissitudes on her face.

“Are we going to the auction?” Mu Xiaoyun knew what was going on in Ye Mo’s mind, and she asked this meaning that she didn’t have much money on her.

Ye Mo nodded understanding Mu Xiaoyun’s meaning, he smiled and said, “I still have hundreds of tons of gold inside my ring, now let’s go exchange it for some gold coins, I just don’t know how many gold coins I can exchange for one of my gold bricks.”

The gold bricks in Ye Mo’s hand were all moved from the country of rice, one piece was more than ten kilograms in weight.

After disguising himself, Ye Mo carried Mu Xiaoyun and jumped stealthily from the window, then took Mu Xiaoyun to purchase another carriage, before driving the carriage to the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’.

The ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ was still known to Ye Mo through Liu Lei, as he had no way to take so many gold bricks directly to the auction hall, he could only turn them into gold coins before he could enter.

Although it was just getting dark. But the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ was still not closed, and the lights were even bright inside.

Ye Mo took Mu Xiao Yun and drove the carriage to a secluded place outside the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’, took out a thousand gold bricks and piled them on the ground, then covered them up with something before letting Mu Xiao Yun wait here and he himself entered the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’. The thousand gold bricks added up to more than ten tons, if they were placed on top of the carriage, it might even crush the carriage.

When Ye Mo entered the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’. Yet, he found that the bank here really had a bit of a modern atmosphere in it. Although there were no computers. However, there were magnetic cards. But the most used were still gold tickets. Ye Mo took a look and saw that most people were taking gold tickets for use.

When Ye Mo took out a gold brick in the parlour. Even the head of the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ was attracted to it. He had seen gold of this purity before, but it was really the first time he had seen such a neatly made large piece of pure gold brick.

This was because the gold bricks Ye Mo brought were much higher in purity than gold coins. So it was offered by the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ at a price of 10,000 gold coins for a gold brick. Ye Mo was very satisfied with this price, he thought that the few thousand gold coins he could exchange would be good enough, 10,000 gold coins was completely beyond his expectation.

But when this bank keeper heard this bearded man in front of him say that there were still a thousand of these gold bricks left, he almost went crazy, this man was too rich. But when faced with the large pile of gold bricks outside the carriage, he was completely dumbfounded.


An hour later, Ye Mo left the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ with Mu Xiaoyun in his carriage. He exchanged a thousand gold bricks for ten million gold coins, and apart from ten thousand gold coins in cash inside Mu Xiaoyun’s ring, the rest was all exchanged for one hundred thousand gold tickets.

Ye Mo’s smashing down a thousand gold bricks at once at the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ was quickly learned by the senior management of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’. Yun Ziyi immediately rushed to the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’, and when she saw so many gold bricks of the same size and amazing purity, she was also secretly amazed. This customer was really too bold, so many gold bricks, did he really transport them in a horse-drawn cart? It was a pity that there was no marking on this gold brick.

Ye Mo certainly wouldn’t be stupid enough to not even remove the English on the gold bricks, so to investigate the provenance of these through the gold bricks. Definitely not realistic, unless someone from outside came in.


When Ye Mo brought Mu Xiao Yun to the Hang Shui Hidden Sect auction, there were already many people here.

When asked carefully, Ye Mo realised that the one hundred gold coins Liu Lei said was only the lowest one to enter the venue. The higher ones even required a thousand gold coins. Of course there were even higher ones, but Ye Mo just needed the ones with private rooms and that was it. The one thousand gold coins already had a private room, which was enough for him.

After paying one thousand gold coins, Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun entered the private room, although it was said to be a private room, it was actually just a small cubicle, and the label on it was number 392.

One thousand gold coins was already considered good, and Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun enjoyed a fruit treat. They didn’t have to wait long before the auction had started.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and he immediately became a little cautious in his heart, there were surprisingly more than a dozen Innate experts in here, and there were three more, and he couldn’t tell the cultivation level of the other party in the slightest. Not to mention the dozen or so Innate experts, even three of them were bad enough for him, not to mention the three other guys who he didn’t even know the height of, which made Ye Mo have a new perception of the strength here once again.

In this place, he must be careful. Otherwise, if he was not careful, he would have to fall into the abyss. What rea*sured Ye Mo was that he didn’t see Daoist Nun Jing Hu, but he did see the box of Cihang Jing Zhai. Neither Lok Hustle nor her Eldest Sister Ye Mo saw them, so it seemed that they had not come over.

At the same time, Ye Mo saw the box of the Taiyi Sect, which had an old Daoist whose cultivation he could not tell, in addition to a Xiantian expert, plus a young Daoist priest. The only thing was that the young Daoist was nestled next to a plump and beautiful woman, which looked a bit incongruous.

That Yu Yu Yan joined Shangqing Mountain Ye Mo also saw, only that Shangqing Mountain’s box was much too shabby compared to those of the Taiyi Sect.

The person presiding over the auction was a young woman, she was wearing a tight aqua dress with a sexual innuendo and seduction, this young woman reminded Ye Mo of Yun Bing.

Like Yun Bing, she had a devilish figure,****, with well-defined curves. The only difference was that her eyes carried a charm, and if you glanced at her without thinking, you felt that her big watery eyes were speaking to you in general. Yun Bing, on the other hand, had a cool look inside Ye Mo’s impression, and although her relationship with him eased up later, it was far from the kind of charm in this young woman’s eyes.

Thinking of Yun Bing, Ye Mo secretly sighed, wondering if Yun Bing was doing well now, and Ting Ting didn’t know how she was doing. He himself had already gotten married, so if there was nothing going back this time, he could go and see Yun Bing with Luo Ying and Light Snow.

“Welcome everyone to the triennial Hang Shui Hidden Sect Auction, I am Meng Lan and I will be hosting today’s auction. Tonight’s auction will be bursting with numerous good items, there is sure to be something in here that everyone will like, and I hope that everyone will be able to get the items they want.” The young woman in red’s words were not coy, but they had a taste that made others feel charmed into their bones.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through and sure enough, many couples had come together for the auction and the women around them couldn’t help but frown, seemingly disliking this woman’s kind of voice. Ye Mo subconsciously glanced at Mu Xiaoyun beside him, only to find that Mu Xiaoyun didn’t care about the young woman on the stage at all, her mind seemed to be all on herself.

“Alright, the auction will now begin, the first item to be auctioned is called a solar powered digital camera. This kind of thing we don’t have the means to make here right now, it can record your images clearly ……”

As Ye Mo listened to Meng Lan’s words, he became more and more speechless in his heart, if the whole room was full of such things, he would really regret coming here.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that this digital camera was bought by someone for 10,000 gold coins. 10,000 gold coins was a gold brick. One should know that such a gold brick could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of Chinese Yuan outside. Moreover, the price of gold coins here is far from being as simple as converting with outside dollars, if you really want to convert it, 10,000 gold coins even have the purchasing power of two million dollars. To actually take so much money to buy a digital camera, this business was too good.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, but found that many of the sects were somewhat disdainful of this price, so it was evident that these people knew the true price of the digital camera.

Luckily, no such nonsense happened next, it was all some magic weapons, ores, pills and gongfa and so on, which gradually tended to be normal. It was just that Ye Mo couldn’t look at any of these things and never bid on them.

“The following item to be auctioned off is an ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, the effects of the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, although all of us here know about it. I would like to briefly explain that the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ can give a ninety percent hope of entering the Earth level at the Xuan level, while even the peak of the Earth level has a twenty percent hope of entering the Ascendant. If it is used to raise a small realm, it is a 100 percent chance. The reserve price for the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ is now fifty thousand gold coins, and each increase must not be less than one thousand gold coins ……”

Before Meng Lan had even finished his words, the scene was in an uproar. It could be said that the auction had only entered the 60xs section by now.

Ye Mo’s heart was equally startled when he heard the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, his divine sense immediately swept the fruit inside the wooden box on the stage, and it was indeed the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’. Surprisingly, it was the same name as the one called in the Luo Yue Continent, there was indeed something odd here.

The ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ was self-evidently useful to Ye Mo now, as long as he had a ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, he could immediately refine a furnace ‘Peiyuan Dan’. The effect of a ‘Yuan Cultivation Pill’ made from the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ was certainly the best, and with a furnace of Yuan Cultivation Pills, Ye Mo was sure that if he was given a certain amount of time, he would be able to cultivate to the late stage of Qi cultivation.

The ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ must be taken and definitely not given to others.