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DYM Chapter 712

“Fifty-two thousand gold coins.” Almost as soon as Meng Lan’s words fell, someone else offered out, which showed how eager this person was for the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’.

And Ye Mo’s heart was even more eager, although he had found many kinds of spirit herbs, but there was still nothing that could be compared to the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’. Although the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ was not as precious as the ‘Bitter Decade’ in the Cultivation World, it was still a very rare spirit herb, and the fact that the Small World was able to find the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ meant that there were more similar spirit herbs .

“Fifty five thousand gold coins ……”

“Fifty seven thousand ……”

“Sixty thousand ……”


In just a moment’s time, the price had already risen to 93,000 gold coins, showing that there were many people who were determined to get the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’. This price had obviously not reached the bottom line of the crowd, and the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ quickly rose from over 90,000 gold coins to 150,000 gold coins.

After reaching 150,000 gold coins, although there were still people making offers, there were not many individual offers anymore, most of them were concentrated in some luxury boxes, all of them were some powerful families or sects competing.

“Two hundred thousand gold coins.” When the price reached one hundred and seventy thousand gold coins, Ye Mo directly called out a price of two hundred thousand.

As Ye Mo’s price was called out, the entire scene surprisingly fell silent in an instant. It wasn’t that the price was outrageous, but that the offer was surprisingly only for the most ordinary small private room, which was an ordinary person’s private room at first glance. If you knew that after the price reached 150,000 gold coins, the people who offered were all big hidden sects or big families. There were only two ordinary martial artists inside this small private room, and they dared to offer 200,000 gold coins.

It was not a matter of having money, or there were some individuals who had that kind of money, but it would be unwise for an ordinary person, even if they were rich, to compete with some sects for this ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’.

“Two hundred and eleven thousand gold coins.” Someone inside one of the luxurious private rooms in number 009 uncomfortably quoted a higher price and let out a cold grunt. The one who let out a cold snort was a man in his thirties, even if it was someone from Taiyi or Kunqian Sect who wanted to grab it from him, even a guy with no sect and just a few small amounts of money dared to compete with him for the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’.

Ye Mo felt the voice of this offer was very angry, and his divine sense swept over. 009 was written on the top of the private room as ‘Twin Sword Sect’. After talking to Liu Lei, Ye Mo also knew that this ‘Twin Sword Sect’ was also considered a first-cla*s sect. Even if he didn’t know, just by looking at the number of the box, he would know that it wasn’t simple.

No wonder he was so arrogant, he probably looked down on someone like him who was inside the worst compartment and that was why he was so angry.

He was angry and Ye Mo was even more upset in his heart, this was an auction. Why does it have to be given to you? Let alone the ‘Twin Sword Sect’. It was the Extraordinary Sect. The ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ Ye Mo wouldn’t let it go, it was a matter of his promotion.

“Two hundred and fifty thousand.” Ye Mo was uncomfortable and directly increased to two hundred and fifty thousand, if this guy still wanted to increase the price. He would be three hundred thousand. If you are arrogant, I will be even more arrogant than you.

When Ye Mo offered two hundred thousand, there was no one left to raise the bid. Add to that the fact that the young master of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ was now dissatisfied and that Ye Mo had directly raised the price to two hundred and fifty thousand, there was even less people to compete. Even the Extraordinary Sect did not want to get into too much trouble with the ‘Twin Twin Sword Sect’ for a mere ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, not to mention that even if the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ was unbelievable, it would only achieve an Earth Grade Martial Artist. The price of two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins was already the highest price of the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’.

An angry aura flashed in Period Qi Chong’s eyes, this mole not only dared to continue robbing, but also arrogantly used a price of two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. Although Period Qi Chong was eager to take it at a higher price, but even if he was the young patriarch of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’. He couldn’t go too far and take more money to buy something that wasn’t worth that much in the first place.

“Go and find out immediately who that arrogant fellow really is, and later on even if he presents the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ with both hands I will make his life worse than death.” Period Qi Chong panted, forcibly suppressing the anger inside him, and said coldly.

“Yes.” A middle-aged man inside the box quickly went out, looking like he had gone to inquire about Ye Mo’s news.

Ye Mo’s divine sense had already swept through Qi Chong’s side. In his heart, he sneered, even if he didn’t look for him. If this guy wanted to find him afterwards, don’t blame him for the killings.

Two hundred and fifty thousand gold tickets were sent out and the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ had already arrived in Ye Mo’s hand. Ye Mo hastily replaced the wooden box with a jade box, he knew that the medicinal effects of the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ would disappear very quickly if he kept it in a wooden box.

The ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ arrived in his hand. Ye Mo was already very comfortable in his heart, as long as he used the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ to refine a furnace of ‘Peiyuan Dan’. Then his advancement to the late stage of Qi cultivation was a sure thing.

Although he knew that there was no good outcome for Ye Mo if he offended Period Qi Chong, for Meng Lan, the more douchebags like Ye Mo, the better. This would only be good for their auction, not bad. The ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ being sold for two hundred and fifty thousand gold coins was something that even Meng Lan could not have imagined, so her tone became even more delicate.

“Just now the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ has shown us what it means to be rich, this lord in box 392 has gumption, he is indeed a young and wealthy master, I request this lord to continue to pay attention to our following items …… ”

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, of course he could hear what this woman meant, this Sl*tty woman was directly using him as a gun, his current face full of beard had nothing to do with being young at all. When she said this, not only did she stimulate the period Qi Chong, but there was something underneath that no one with a face would just give up. This woman had just taken herself, the fool she thought she was, to be cannon fodder for the auction to increase her income.

As expected, before Meng Lan had even finished her words, many people turned their eyes towards Box 009. Period Qi Chong was even more furious, although he knew what that woman Meng Lan meant, but he just couldn’t contain his anger.

“Young master, let him be arrogant for a little more time, when the auction is over, then we can make our move.” Seemingly afraid that this Young Sect Master beside him was too angry, a beautiful woman inside the box took the initiative to comfort him.

The auction hall got a little noisy, and it was obvious that anyone who wasn’t a fool would know that the guy in box 392 was finished. Not only had that fool given away more money to others, he had also been taken advantage of by that Dream Blue.

Inside a box without any signage, a woman dressed in purple however shook her head, she couldn’t imagine that there were still such fools in the venue. Without any power, he dared to go against the Twin Sword Sect’s Young Patriarch, Period Qi Chong, in Hang Shui City, what was this if not seeking death?

“Miss, that guy is just a bit too idiotic. It’s simply looking for death. It’s just a pity for that companion beside her, hehe.” A young girl from the Green Group beside this woman sighed and shook her head in the same breathless manner.

“You go and investigate the origins of those two people.” After the woman in purple spoke, the green-skirted maiden immediately hurriedly walked out.

“Alright, everyone be quiet, what we are going to sell below is a piece of meteorite ore. This is a piece of iron essence, a treasure for refining magic weapons and supreme sharp weapons, and the reserve price is now eighty thousand gold coins. Each increase in price must not be less than one thousand gold coins.” Dream Blue waved his hand and continued. Immediately after saying that, someone carried out a piece of ore the size of a washbasin.

Because it was an ore, if people who could not forge weapons or could not forge magic weapons already did not have much interest in it, and this ore was also sold at such a high price. So for a while there was no one to bid.

At this moment, Ye Mo’s heart was tremendously shaken, where was this iron essence, this was simply a piece of ‘Geng Iron Essence’. At the beginning, he had obtained a fist-sized piece of ‘Geng Iron Essence’. It was brought to him by Yu Miaotong. And that piece of Geng Iron Essence had now long been used up by him, and it was not even enough. Because ‘Geng Iron Essence’ was very precious in the cultivation world, it was the best material for refining magic treasures. All the magic treasures or spiritual weapons that used ‘Geng Iron Essence’ had astonishing attack power.

Such a large piece of ‘Geng Iron Essence’ was placed here, but no one knew it. If this was placed in the cultivation world, how many spirit stones would it take to sell it? Ye Mo had long wanted to refine a powerful attacking magic treasure after he built his foundation, so how could he miss out on this piece of ‘Geng Iron Essence’?

“Eighty-one thousand gold coins.” Someone inside box 011 had already made an offer.

All those who saw the offer inside Box 011 were not surprised, as Box 011 belonged to the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’. Although the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ was only a second-cla*s sect in terms of overall strength. However, because most of the most famous magic weapons and weapons used by the major sects in the Divine Continent came from the Forge Weapon Hall, the status of the Forge Weapon Hall could actually reach that of a first-cla*s sect, as everyone would give some face.

However, even if the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ had face, asking Ye Mo to give up the ‘Geng Iron Essence’ would be absolutely impossible.

“Eighty-five thousand gold coins ……” Ye Mo had just made an offer and the entire venue was dumbfounded. What did this fool from Box 392 want? Want to go against the sky? He had just offended the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ in Box 009, did he want to fight with the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ in 011 again? How much money does he really have? How many lives did he have to go on being arrogant? You have to know that in Hang Shui City. If you don’t have the strength and are killed by someone from the Hidden Sect, it’s just like killing a mole, and no one will stand up for you.

Inside box 011 was a bald man with a red face, who was also an expert in refining magic weapons from the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’. And he was a half-step Xiantian cultivator. He froze when he heard Ye Mo’s offer, he didn’t expect someone to compete with him for the iron essence. For the ore. If he had to keep it, even a sect like the ‘Taiyi Sect’ would have to give him a few points in front of him and not go to the bidding. And now that a douchebag inside this humble box 392 dared to snatch the iron essence with his ‘Forge Weapon Hall’, it made him furious.

“100,000 gold coins ……” This bald man was a little angry, it’s fine for you to go and be arrogant with the young master of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’, but to be arrogant in front of me is not enough to qualify. Although Period Qi Chong was of high birth, he was only a young master after all, while he, Xia Chongyan, was actually one of the three vice masters of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’.

No matter who he was, he could hear that Xia Chongyan’s tone was somewhat angry and upset. Although the auction in Hang Shui City was open to bidding, there were some unspoken rules that had to be followed, and this fellow in Box 392 had no regard for the unspoken rules at all.

“One hundred and eleven thousand.” Ye Mo didn’t seem to hear such angry voices at all, and unhurriedly quoted a price of one hundred and eleven thousand. Many people were already speechless when this price of Ye Mo came out.

“Two hundred thousand,” Xia Chongyan’s voice was icy cold, this was no longer a normal auction increase, it was directly increased to two hundred thousand, this could even be said to be angry.

“Two hundred and ten thousand.” The voice from Box 392 remained unhurried.

“Hmph, three hundred thousand.” Xia Chongyan let out a cold snort and directly quoted a price of three hundred thousand.

Ye Mo was also angry, since the bidding was done, of course it was by virtue of who had more money, and little by little, he would increase the price upwards. This bald man even resorted to threatening and using money, D*mn it, who is afraid of who?

“One million.” Under his anger, Ye Mo was no longer in the mood to add 10,000 to 10,000.