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DYM Chapter 713

“The entire atmosphere of the auction hall was set ablaze, this guy really had money. Of course, this was not the main thing, but this guy was not only rich, but also not afraid of death, not even giving face to senior Xia.

Xia Chongyan added 100,000 to 100,000, everyone was already admiring his boldness, the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ was already rich, which was nothing, but this guy in Box 392 was even adding up to one million directly.

At this time, even a fool would know that Xia Chongyan’s action of adding 100,000 to 100,000 and that cold snort had completely angered the bearded man in box 392, so he raised his bid to one million at once. This was not only not giving Xia Chongyan face, but also expressing it in a direct way by hitting his face.

Even though they knew that the guy in Box 392 would not end up well, the crowd present still admired his drive and courage.

“Good, good, good …… really is a hero out of a young man, don’t let the old man down ……” Xia Chongyan’s face was blue with anger, and he slapped his palm on top of the table, revealing the sturdy coffee table above A clear handprint was revealed on the sturdy coffee table.

Ye Mo acted as if he didn’t know that he had offended many people, and after paying the money, he packed the face-basin sized ‘Geng Iron Essence’ in something, his heart really rejoicing.

Mu Xiaoyun held onto Ye Mo’s hand tightly, although she could feel that many people inside this compartment were unhappy with his Sangha, yet she was not too worried, Sangha always had the ability.

Even Meng Lan, who had been using Ye Mo, didn’t have the heart to continue saying anything more about having pluck, if Ye Mo wasn’t considered to have pluck like this, then there would be no one with pluck. It was a pity for such a rich master to die like this. Although it was a pity, Meng Lan did know that this man was bound to die. Without giving thought to the profit Ye Mo had brought her, she instantly forgot about it.

Inside the unmarked box. The woman in purple, however, frowned and looked at it for half a day. She seemed to be trying to make some headway from inside this simple box of Ye Mo’s.

At that moment, the green-skirted girl beside her walked in and said, “Miss, inside box 392 is a bearded man and a woman with some vicissitudes.”

“It really is him.” This purple-clothed woman nodded her head. She certainly knew that this bearded man had exchanged a pile of gold bricks that he couldn’t even think of for ten million gold coins at the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’, and now he had only spent a million or so on him. He still had more than enough money now.

For the next auction, Ye Mo once again bid for a few spirit herbs, and a few ores. As long as Ye Mo bid after a certain level, basically no one bothered to bid. This was because everyone present knew that the man in Box 392 was a madman, and as long as he had his eye on something, any subtle rules were just a pose to him. Besides, this guy was going to die soon, so no one bothered with him.

In fact, Ye Mo himself knew clearly in his heart that he was not without scruples, and generally not particularly important things. He was also not willing to compete with some first cla*s sects for it. If the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ and ‘Geng Iron Essence’ weren’t really too important to him, he wouldn’t necessarily have gone to fight for them. Although he was sure of his escape and had disguised himself. But after all, he had only just come to Hang Shui City. And there were simply too many experts here. In case something happened, he would be better off on his own. But Mu Xiaoyun would be in danger.

“The last to be auctioned are five sets of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ …… two in each set, 500,000 gold coins in a set, each increase must not be less than 10,000 gold coins …… ”

Before Meng Lan’s words were spoken, Ye Mo had already used his divine sense to see the spirit stones, and it turned out to be five groups of spirit stones. Ye Mo’s heart was once again overjoyed, this auction had come at the right time. However, from the offer, the people in the Hidden Sect also knew the importance of the spirit stones.

It would be best for Ye Mo to get all five sets of ‘Qi Qi Stones’, but he also knew that it should be impossible this time. Whether in terms of gold coins or strength, he was still far from being a match for those Extraordinary Sects. Once he aroused public anger, he would not be able to eat his words.

The first group of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ was purchased away by the ‘Taiyi Sect’ for one and a half million gold coins, and the second group of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ was purchased by the ‘Cihang Jingzhai ‘ also bought away for one million three hundred thousand gold coins, and the third group of ‘Qi Qi Qi Stones’ was bought away by the ‘Kun Qian Sect’ at a price of one million three hundred thousand gold coins again.

These three groups Ye Mo did not make a move, although he was uncomfortable in his heart, he could only hold back. Some people at the scene even looked at Ye Mo’s side, wondering why this guy who didn’t know the sky was high didn’t make a move this time, did he not have any money left?

As soon as the fourth set of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ were brought out, the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ quoted a price of one million three hundred thousand, and Ye Mo added one hundred thousand without even thinking about it. For the sects that had already offended explicitly, Ye Mo didn’t mind offending more.

Period Qi Chong was furious, this was tantamount to making it clear that people just didn’t like themselves and wanted to go against him, Period Qi Chong.

“One million eight hundred thousand.” One million eight hundred thousand was already a lot of money, if he couldn’t take the ‘Qi Qi Stone’ this time, it wouldn’t be easy to go back.

“Two million gold coins.” Ye Mo increased the price to two million without the slightest concern.

“Young master, we only have two million gold coins left now, there is no way to increase it further.” The woman beside Period Qi Chong had to warn.

Period Qi Chong’s face was ironic as he said, “Fine, let him buy it, I’ll see how long he can cover it.”

It seemed to know that this madman in Box 392 would never come back empty once he had made his bid. Although someone tried to raise the price to two million two hundred thousand gold coins, Ye Mo immediately raised it to two million three hundred thousand gold coins.

Ye Mo’s unhesitating style discouraged those who wanted to continue raising the price.

The fifth and final group of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ were offered at one and a half million gold coins by the ‘Shushan Sword Sect’ as soon as they were brought out. Just when Ye Mo was still wondering whether to make an offer, Period Qi Chong could not resist quoting a price of two million gold coins.

Ye Mo was overjoyed in his heart, it was better to raise the price from Period Qi Chong’s hand than to raise the price on the ‘Shu Shan Sword Sect’. Ye Mo barely waited for the ‘Shushan Sword Sect’ to offer again before he directly raised the price to two and a half million.

Gold coins were of no use at all in his hands, and he would never be stingy when he could buy spirit stones with gold coins.

Without any surprise, Ye Mo once again got a set of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ at a price of two and a half million. Although everyone knew that this guy would still have to give these away in the end, this result was not something anyone could have expected. Because the preciousness of ‘Qi Qi Stones’ was known to anyone who practiced ancient martial arts, even the three great hidden sects were not willing to eat alone, let alone a rootless and wild cultivator like Ye Mo.

Hundreds of millions of gold coins might be difficult for others, but for the Three Great Hidden Sects and some first-cla*s sects, it was not a difficult task. The reason why they didn’t get into a firefight with each other over the ‘Qi Qi Stones’ was because although these items were precious, they weren’t so precious as to make several major sects fight openly.

Not to mention the special grade sects, even some of the second grade sects could put up a few hundred or ten million gold coins. But the ‘Qi Qi Stone’ was something that was needed by the special grade sects and the first grade sects, and as long as they weren’t fools, no one would be willing to offend these giants. Only Ye Mo, a foolish fellow, wanted to take it regardless of everything.

The ‘Twin Sword Sect’ had brought in over three million gold coins this time, which was supposedly enough to purchase the next set of ‘Qi Qi Stones’, but they didn’t expect that out came Ye Mo, shattering Period Qi Chong’s plans. After purchasing a million gold coins, Period Qi Chong found that his final financial resources could not compete with that country bumpkin, which made him greatly depressed.

As soon as the auction ended, Ye Mo immediately dragged Mu Xiaoyun out of the venue and headed outside the city.

A dozen groups of people immediately set their eyes on Ye Mo, but because there were already two sects, the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’, following him, the others didn’t dare to go up even if they wanted to follow him and get rich. What a joke, these two sects are both first cla*s hidden sects, and there are four people following them, among these four people are a Xiantian, a half-step Xiantian, and a peak of the Earth cla*s, plus a peak of the Xuan cla*s. With this kind of strength, would others go up there to seek death?

Moreover, Ye Mo had offended these two sects, and the benefits on him were divided between these two, which was also a kind of subtle rule, no one would say anything. What speaks here is strength, although Ye Mo is a fat sheep, but to offend the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ for a mere fat sheep is something that the three special hidden sects would not do.

Although they knew that Ye Mo was finished, many people still shook their heads. What a pity, it was not Ye Mo’s life they were pitying, but the numerous golden tickets he had.

Yun Ziyi looked at Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun who were far away and also shook her head, with this kind of formation tracking two guys who were only about thirty, it would be strange if they could still get away. This bearded man had done such a thing and dared to leave the city at this time, she had to admire his courage, it was no different from seeking death. Although he just didn’t have a good end even if he didn’t leave the city, but in the city, other sects had to be slightly more scrupulous about doing things.

“Ye Lang, it seems like there are several people following us.” Even Mu Xiaoyun could see that someone was following them, so it was clear that the four people following Ye Mo were simply unscrupulous.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said, “So we are going out of the city to make our fortune, and we will come back when we are done.”

After watching Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun drive the carriage out of the city, they walked faster and faster and eventually even got more and more remote. Period Qi Chong laughed out coldly as he glanced at Xia Chongyan next to him and said, “Senior Xia, I really didn’t expect this guy to be so good at seeking death, not only did he dare to leave the city, he even walked further and further out of the way, he is good at finding a burial place for himself.”

Xia Chongyan smiled coldly, he was one of the deputy hall masters of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’, although his cultivation level was the worst among the four hall masters, his level of weapon refining was the highest. So even when the sect masters of the three hidden sects met him, they would call him a daoist friend.

And today, he was trampled on by an idiot who didn’t know what he was talking about. If he didn’t chop this guy up with his own hands, he couldn’t swallow his anger.