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DYM Chapter 714

“Senior Xia, when the time comes, we’ll split the gold tickets on that fellow equally, leave his iron essence to senior, and the ‘Qi Qi Stones’ will also be a set for one person. The rest of the stuff, if senior doesn’t see eye to eye, just give it to me. Of course, that bearded man is reserved for senior.” Period Qi Chong knew that Xia Chongyan hated Ye Mo to the core, so he had already distributed the things in advance.

Xia Chongyan snorted coldly “Yes, I just need to kill that ungrateful fellow myself.”

“Then of course, that woman is ugly, but hey ……” Period Qi Chong smiled heatedly, a hint of viciousness on his face. Even if the woman was even ugly, if she offended him, Period Qi Chong, she would still have to suffer.

Ye Mo had long known that among the four people who had come, only one Innate made him a bit apprehensive, the rest of them were really not much of a threat to him. Now Chapter 714 – Killing Without Destroying He only had to sneak attack and kill that Innate, then the four guys who came today were the ones who sent him golden tickets.

“Xiao Yun, you drive the carriage a bit further and then just wait for me.” Ye Mo looked at the sky that was already somewhat dawned and knew that the other party was about to make their move.

“Mm.” Mu Xiaoyun had great trust in Ye Mo, in her eyes her own Sangha was able to fly, what other person could beat him. When her husband told her to go first, it was because he was worried that she would leave him tied up. With Mu Xiaoyun’s understanding, of course she would not do such a thing that would tie up her husband’s hands.

Ye Mo jumped off the carriage with an invisibility spell, and then put his hide on the side of the road without moving. He knew that with his current stealth technique, unless he didn’t move, once he did, his true qi fluctuations would immediately be discovered by the ancestors.

“Elder Min, Senior Xia, let’s do it.” Period Qi Chong looked at the middle-aged man beside him, and then at Xia Chongyan and said.

“Good to do it.” Several people nodded and quickly rushed towards the carriage.

The middle-aged man who had been following Period Qi Chong was of Innate cultivation, so he was the fastest and was the first to arrive at Ye Mo’s side. Ye Mo immediately stormed up just as he pa*sed by. The flying sword in his hand had already turned into a white mane and directly Chapter 714 – Killing Without Destroying stabbed from the back of this Innate expert’s heart into his heart.

Just as Ye Mo moved, this innate expert felt the fluctuation of his true qi and a constant danger of death seeped into his senses. The middle-aged man immediately knew that it was not good, this was someone’s secret plan to kill him. He was shocked and angry and immediately had to dodge the threat of the sword.

But Ye Mo’s own ability could have killed an ordinary Xiantian expert, plus it was an unexpected sneak attack. With this sneak attack speed of Ye Mo’s flying sword. There was no way for this middle-aged man to dodge even if he was an Innate expert.

Ye Mo’s flying sword with a sword light pierced directly into the heart of the Xiantian expert. With the sword qi bursting out, even if the middle-aged man had a higher cultivation level than an Innate, there was no way to save his life and he didn’t even have a chance to resist.

Seeing that the guy with the highest cultivation level was successfully attacked by himself, Ye Mo was overjoyed in his heart. His idea was to make this Innate guy get seriously injured, and then kill him with his next sword. However, he did not expect this Xiantian expert to be so careless and chase his own carriage without even defending his whole body. This was simply looking for death.

This also gave Ye Mo a lesson, that even when facing an opponent you despise, you cannot be defensive at all.

The middle-aged man spurted out a blood sword from his back and then fell down a few steps in front of him. As soon as the middle-aged man fell, he immediately woke up the remaining three. They all stopped in their tracks and stared in shock at this bearded man who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“You seek death ……” The first one to react was Xia Chongyan, who roared in anger and lunged towards Ye Mo. He only thought that his companion had been a*sa*sinated by this man, but for a moment, he unexpectedly did not think that his companion was an Innate expert. An Innate expert had been a*sa*sinated, could he be any better?

Ye Mo smiled coldly. Instead, he put away the flying sword in his hand, facing a half-step Innate expert, he was not under any pressure.

Ye Mo, who had put away his flying sword, instead kicked up a scimitar and grabbed it in his hand. This scimitar was the one used by the middle-aged man who was already at Xiantian cultivation level just now, and after he died, Ye Mo instead took it over and used it.

“Ding ding ……” After several clashing sounds, the iron whip in Xia Chongyan’s hand had been cut off by the scimitar in several pieces. Xia Chongyan’s soul flew away, at this point if he didn’t know that he was not a match for this bearded man at all. He would be a fool.

His opponent’s skills were so much higher than his that he was barely able to resist after this encounter. No wonder even a Xiantian expert had been killed by him. This was simply not something that could be done by an ordinary sneak attack.

Xia Chongyan could not care about his face and anger, he had already developed the idea of escaping. Only this thought had just come out. He felt a chill on his left arm, and his entire left arm was cut off flush by his opponent.

Xia Chongyan’s heart and soul split, and without even thinking, he turned around and left. Instead of chasing after him, Ye Mo leapt up and kicked the Earth-level martial artist who was with Xia Chongyan in the chest, and the Earth-level martial artist who was trying to escape was instantly knocked unconscious by Ye Mo’s kick. But just this moment, Xia Chongyan had already fled without a trace.

Period Qi Chong’s face turned pale, it was only a few breaths of time before the Innate expert who was following him was killed by someone else. And Xia Chongyan of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ had even escaped with a severed arm, and another expert of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ who was at the peak of the Earth Grade was now still on the ground, pa*sed out.

There was no moment when this young master of a first-cla*s sect felt death so close to him. His face paled as he looked at Ye Mo’s figure slowly walking over. He wanted to say a word to beg for mercy, but his teeth started chattering.

Although Period Qi Chong was already at the peak of Xuan level cultivation, his cultivation was all piled up from pills and sect resources, and he didn’t have much fighting experience at all, so how would he know what to do at this time? If he knew that this bearded man was such a terrifying fellow, he would rather give all the money he had with him than chase him here.

“You can’t kill, kill me …… I’m the young master of the Twin Sword Sect …… I …… you spare me, I won’t pursue you for killing Elder Min ……” Before Period Qi Chong could finish his words, he was already knocked out by Ye Mo with a kick.

Ye Mo collected all the gold tickets from Period Qi Chong and that Xiantian expert, and picked up the scimitar beside the already fainted ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ martial artist, first stabbing it above the Xiantian martial artist’s wound, and then nailing Period Qi Chong to the ground with another stab.

After doing this, Ye Mo then came next to that Xiantian expert and used his nails to scratch the word ‘Forge’ on the ground before he stopped.

When Ye Mo was done with this, Mu Xiaoyun had already come over.

“Xiao Yun, these people wanted to kill us, so I killed them first.” Ye Mo was afraid that Mu Xiaoyun would be scared, so he took the initiative to explain.

However, Mu Xiaoyun grabbed Ye Mo’s arm and shook her head “Ye Lang, I’m not afraid.”

Ye Mo was secretly impressed with Mu Xiaoyun’s courage, knowing that those who had never seen killing before would definitely be a bit resistant and even scared when they met such a bloody scene, especially girls, but Mu Xiaoyun was not afraid.

Instead, Mu Xiaoyun said again, “Back then, my hometown was hit by a great disaster, and there were dead people everywhere, I …… I ……”

Seemingly remembering the past again, Mu Xiao Yun’s heart seemed a little sad.

Ye Mo wiped Mu Xiaoyun’s tears, lifted the earth level martial artist on the ground as soon as he could and stepped on his sword with his arm around Mu Xiaoyun. It was only when he reached outside Hang Shui City that he landed.

Ye Mo slapped the Earth-level martial artist awake and pointed to the stalls that had been set up outside Hang Shui City at dawn and said, “I have now closed your meridians, unless I open them for you, you are bound to die. Now you do something for me and go to that stall place and buy me a samurai suit. Go quickly, if you try to pull any tricks, you won’t even see the sunrise today.”

“Yes, senior, I have bought the samurai uniform, can senior …..” This earth level martial artist had completely understood what a thick slab of iron they had hit today, even Xiantian was a dish in front of him.

“Get lost quickly, you are not qualified to negotiate with me, if you still want to talk nonsense, you don’t have to go.” Ye Mo was about to make his move after he finished speaking.

Where would that Earth level martial artist dare to hesitate, he hurriedly ran to the sliver of vendors outside the city, purchased a set of warrior clothes and hurried over again.

Ye Mo nodded in satisfaction and a fireball turned this Earth-rank martial artist and the warrior uniform he bought into flying ashes. Only then did he take Mu Xiaoyun and fly stealthily into Hang Shui City and enter the Blue Sea Hotel.

Although she did not know why her Sangha had gone to such trouble, Mu Xiaoyun never asked, in her opinion, as long as it was done by her Sangha, then it was right.

By now it was already dawn, Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun resumed their original attire at the Blue Sea Hotel and rested for a long time before they left the hotel. Ye Mo, however, did not eat inside the hotel with Mu Xiaoyun, but came outside the hotel. The main thing was that he wanted to inquire about the news.

The reason why Ye Mo had to do this in the early hours of the morning was because Ye Mo knew that if he really killed all four people, then even if he and Mu Xiaoyun had no similarities at all, he would still be checked out. So he used the underhanded trick of killing but not destroying and spared Xia Chongyan, to say that playing dirty, Ye Mo would not be afraid of these guys from the Hidden Sect at all.

Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun walked out of the hotel and came near Hang Shui 〖Radio〗field, they saw numerous people gathered together. Most of them were in groups of three and five, and seemed to be discussing something.

“Brother Mo, my little brother is here.” A call from Liu Lei came from inside a breakfast shop.

Ye Mo was trying to inquire about the news, so he hurriedly brought Mu Xiaoyun into this breakfast shop.

“It looks like Brother Mo has already found a place to live.” Liu Lei and Ye Mo talked very well, so he was happy to see Ye Mo.

Ye Mo nodded “Yeah, staying at the Blue Sea Hotel. There isn’t even a place to stay around here, it’s only a little farther away.”

“Not bad, the Blue Sea Hotel is also a good place to stay.”

Just as Liu Lei finished speaking, Ye Mo began to ask, “Brother Liu, I saw all these people gathered together this morning, I wonder what kind of things they were talking about?”