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DYM Chapter 715

After hearing Ye Mo’s words, Liu Lei looked around and then whispered, “No wonder Brother Mo didn’t know, I heard that the two sects, ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ and ‘Twin Sword Sect’, had gotten into trouble in Hang Shui City, and now the two sects are about to merge in fire.”

Ye Mo was happy to hear this, it was really going along the direction he had designed, as long as he could delay this matter for a while longer, then even if someone knew that he had done it, it would not matter.

Ye Mo made a surprised face and asked, “Didn’t you say that these two sects were both first cla*s sects? How could they possibly get into a firefight? You also told me yesterday that the division of interests has basically been fixed now, and unless there are special circumstances, the big sects won’t fight each other, ah?”

Liu Lei shook his head and ordered another bowl of soy milk, then said in a small voice, “I just heard about this matter, I heard that a particularly rich bearded man appeared at the door of the auction last night. Not only did he rob the ‘Twin Sword Sect’, he also robbed the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’. Both of these sects are first-cla*s sects, and when things are snatched away by others, that’s something they definitely won’t stop at.”

“But it’s only the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ and the ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’ that have a problem with that bearded man, it’s only logical that they should unite together with the same enemy, how is it possible that these two are fighting? ” Without waiting for Ye Mo to speak, someone from the table next to him heard and also came over to interject.

This time Liu Lei didn’t answer, but someone had already answered for him, a black-faced man at another table said, “Actually, that’s also true, I heard that after the auction ended in the early hours of last night, the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ and the ‘Twin Sword Sect ”The people from the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ and the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ went after that big bearded man jointly. Even many of the people who coveted that bearded man didn’t dare to chase him out of the city.”

Looking at the people around him who were getting more and more confused, the black-faced man said proudly, “Originally, there were no twists and turns in this matter, but the problem was that the ones who went out were four people, two experts from the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ and two experts from the ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’ But the problem was that there were four people who went out, two experts from the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ and two experts from the ‘Twin Sword Sect’. But the one who came back was only one, only one expert from the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’, and that was Senior Xia, the deputy hall master of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’.”

“What? That bearded man is so powerful?” The man who asked just now was so surprised that his voice even turned a little louder.

Ye Mo secretly endowed in his heart that what this guy said unintentionally was the truth. If everyone thought so, then it would really be dangerous.

The black-faced man said disdainfully, “You simply don’t need to use your head to speak, that bearded man looks only about thirty years old, he can beat four experts by himself with one woman? And there is also an innate expert from the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ among these four. There are things that a little bit of brain analysis will tell you.”

Seeing that the people around him seemed to be subdued by his aura, this black-faced man once again said smugly, “In the early hours of this morning, senior Xia Chongyan of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ returned alone and had his arm cut off. He said it was that bearded man who did it, and said that the bearded man was quite powerful. After he had killed a Xiantian expert. It also left him seriously injured, but this kind of thing is something that no one would believe.”

“Then what should we do?” Another person came over and asked. Ye Mo, however, found that a circle had gathered here with him as well, and it turned out that this was how these circles had gathered.

“What to do? Go to the scene and investigate, of course.” The black-faced man said after. Satisfied, he looked around at the growing number of people.

“And then what?”

The black-faced man himself didn’t seem to want to sell the story, and when he heard someone continue to ask, he added, “After a few seniors from the intermediate sects went there. At the scene, they saw the corpse of Elder Min Zhifeng of the ‘Twin Twin Sword Sect’ and also the corpse of the young patriarch of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’, Period Qi Chong, who was still nailed to the ground with a scimitar. The point is that the scimitar also belonged to Wei Wu, the missing Earth-ranked expert of the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’, and it was later discovered that Min Zhifeng’s wounds were also caused by this scimitar.”

“Ah ……” all those who heard about this matter shouted out in surprise.

When the black-faced man saw that the crowd was captivated by his words, he immediately said in a low voice, “This is not the most important thing, the most important thing is said to be that someone saw the word ‘forging’ under Elder Min Zifeng’s finger. It is likely that Elder Min Zhifeng was so powerful that he did not die for a while, which is why he scratched out a word with his hand. Leaving a hint of a clue. And do you know what machete was the one that cut off Elder Xia Chongyan’s arm? It was Elder Min Zhifeng’s slash mark. Now you guys know why.”

“No wonder ……” someone had already exclaimed in awe.

“But why would the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ dare to do that? And where is that ‘Forge Weapon Hall’s’ Wei Wu?” Someone remembered Wei Wu and immediately asked.

A fat martial artist jacked in at this point, “I heard that that bearded man has a lot of money, I guess he has the rest of the heavenly treasures on him, wealth and treasure move people. I heard someone say that someone saw Wei Wu outside Hang Shui City in the early hours of this morning, he also bought some daily necessities, as if he was going to walk.”

After Ye Mo heard this. Only then did he feel that he had gone a bit too far, this planting seemed a bit crude. It was too much, so someone must have suspected it. But even if they were suspicious, he just had to get through these few days.


Inside the largest conference room in Hang Shui City, it was now filled with experts from various sects. The deputy hall master of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ and the two elders under his sect, Wei Wu, had killed the young patriarch of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’. There were also the two Min Zhifeng, which was not a small matter.

Whether it was the young patriarch of the ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’. Even the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ had to give an explanation for such a matter.

Xia Chongyan’s face was blue, now he had only one arm, but he still had to come here.

“As I said, this is that fellow’s plant. Wei Wu and I are only a half-step Innate and an Earth Grade, how could we have killed Elder Min Zhifeng? And if we did kill him, how could Wei Wu have left that scimitar behind? Isn’t this a place where there is no silver bullet?” Although Xia Chongyan was furious, he still had to explain.

A white-faced middle-aged man from the ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’ snorted coldly, “Xia Chongyan, do you dare not do what you dare? Could it be that our ‘Twin Twin Sword Clan’ is afraid of you? If you didn’t kill my son, could he have killed himself? Would Elder Min Zhifeng, a Xiantian expert, commit suicide? Of course, you can’t kill our elder with your little skills, but it’s easy to hide behind a spear, but it’s hard to guard against a hidden arrow, so if you suddenly strike from behind, who will be able to guard against you?”

Although Xia Chongyan was angry, he knew that this was not the time to get angry, he could only barely suppress his anger and said, “Patriarchs here, and also Patriarch Period, that bearded man is indeed an expert more powerful than a Xiantian, I admit that I am no match for him. I didn’t even look at him when he came out with his sword and killed Elder Min Zhifeng.”

“Haha ……” That term patriarch of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ recoiled in anger, but where was the slightest hint of laughter on his face, “Xia Chongyan you piker How dare you say that a person of around thirty years old is more powerful than a Xiantian? Everyone here, I would like to ask you, have you ever seen an Innate master in his thirties? Have you ever seen an Innate expert under the age of forty-five in the Divine Continent, not to mention the age of thirty?

Xia Chongyan, you said yourself that the bearded man used a sword, how come your wound was caused by a machete? Why? How come all the marks on your iron whip were also caused by the scimitar used by Elder Min Zhifeng. Old pipsqueak, I, the ‘Twin Sword Sect’, will kill you, old pipsqueak, even if I have to burn down the jade and stone.”

When Period Youxin finished speaking, he had already drawn the longsword behind his back. Seeing the patriarch draw his longsword, all the experts on the ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’ side immediately stood up and drew their weapons.

And the action of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ side immediately caused the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’ side to likewise all stand up, and the scene was on the verge of a frenzy.

“Everyone, please give my Kun Qian Sect face, although Vice Hall Master Xia is extremely suspicious in this matter, but Wei Wu has not been found yet. I think it is better to find Wei Wu first. He also appeared outside Hang Shui City in the early hours of this morning, and although his appearance is very strange, since it happened, I think it is better to investigate it before we talk about it.”

An old man from the Kun Qian Sect stood up.

“I agree with Senior Ling, apart from Wei Wu’s actions being fishy, there is also the question of why that bearded man has disappeared. The matter is also odd as neither he nor his companions have shown up.” One of the elders from the Taiyi Sect stood up and chimed in.

This old man from the Kun Qian Sect was known to everyone as Ling Wushui, a peak Innate Heaven expert. He was definitely an expert among experts in the Divine Continent, and with the Kun Qian Sect as his backing, his face could not be denied.

Although Period Youxin was very reluctant to give up, but Ling Wushui had given his word, he could only wait with hatred.