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DYM Chapter 716

No matter what the plan was, at least Ye Mo now knew that he didn’t need to worry about anything in the last few days. He took Mu Xiaoyun around inside Hang Shui City and also bought some small things.

These few days were too happy for Mu Xiaoyun, not only could she be with her husband, but she could also follow him around Hang Shui City. She loved to look at the little jewellery, yet she didn’t necessarily have to buy it, she was satisfied just by looking at it. She couldn’t remember how many years it had been since she had been free to wander the streets like this and then watch the busy people on both sides of the street.

When she was a child, her mother had held her hand like this as she wandered through the busy streets and then looked around. But that disaster took it all away.

The disaster that separated her from her loved ones and left her struggling alone in Huangping. Those thousand days and nights, she suffered, but never once had she had a full meal, and had to take care of her mother-in-law who scolded her at every turn. If she hadn’t met Ye Mo, the man who was already her husband, she wouldn’t know where she was being bullied now.

Mu Xiaoyun wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, when I was little, I was also my mother’s baby.

Sensing Mu Xiaoyun’s sadness, Ye Mo pulled Mu Xiaoyun’s hand and asked, “Xiaoyun, what’s wrong with you?”

Mu Xiaoyun clutched Ye Mo’s hand tightly and thought in her heart, “Now that I am my husband’s baby, my mother should be relieved to watch from heaven.

“Miss, look at those two people, they are the ones we saw yesterday. That mother of his is following him, what a flower in ……” Seeing Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun walking into a jewellery shop, the green-skirted girl not far away pouted to Yun Ziyi next to her.

Yun Ziyi smiled faintly. Yesterday, Mu Xiaoyun and Ye Mo had refused her invitation, and now she had no more thoughts of continuing the invitation. However, when she saw Mu Xiaoyun and Ye Mo walking inside the jewellery shop, she suddenly frowned, she unexpectedly had a familiar feeling.

The backs of those two people seemed like she had seen them somewhere, Yun Ziyi thought for half a day but just couldn’t remember where she had seen them before.

“What’s wrong, Miss?” The green-skirted girl saw Yun Ziyi frowning. Immediately, she asked.

Yun Ziyi said with some confusion, “How come it seems like I’ve seen the two of them before?”

The green-skirted maiden giggled, “Miss, of course you’ve seen them before. Didn’t you see them on the street yesterday.”

Yun Ziyi smiled to herself, “That should be the case ……”

After saying this she was just about to turn around and leave when she suddenly stood still again and said, “No. I didn’t see their backs yesterday, I just saw the female queen and felt that she was extraordinary, that’s why I had the thought of getting to know them. But I just felt that their backs were just familiar ……”

“The backs ……” Yun Ziyi suddenly muttered another sentence, and suddenly her face changed drastically and she looked at the green-skirted girl beside her and said, “Xiao Ling, go and check for me if they left the city this morning and then came in again …… uh, better forget it.”

Yun Ziyi thought about it, it shouldn’t be them. If they were the ones who left the city this morning, they certainly wouldn’t be hanging around here now, they would have been controlled long ago. But the backs of these two people really resembled the back of that Dahu and that woman from yesterday ah.


The day pa*sed quickly for Mu Xiaoyun, as she followed Ye Mo back to the Blue Sea Hotel. She was still reminiscing about shopping with Ye Mo.

Although Ye Mo was eager to refine the ‘Accompanying Yuan Dan’ now, he was afraid that the aura of the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ would attract the attention of some experts, so he didn’t dare to do it now.

Mu Xiaoyun curled up in Ye Mo’s arms and suddenly asked, “Ye Lang, isn’t that ‘Qi Qi Stone’ very precious?”

Ye Mo said with a hmph, “Yes. That thing I call a spirit stone is very useful for our cultivation, it’s just that it’s rare and hard to see in general, so it’s especially precious.”

“Then, Ye Lang, I don’t need this thing, so I’ll give you mine too.” Mu Xiaoyun just wanted to take out her own spirit stone, but was pressed by Ye Mo’s hand, “No, keep yours, you’re cultivating the slowest now, I hope you can cultivate faster, otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up.”

Hearing Ye Mo say this, Mu Xiaoyun hurriedly put down her hand, once she couldn’t keep up with Ye Lang’s cultivation speed, this was what she was most worried about. Ye Lang said that he could ascend to the Immortal Realm at the highest level of cultivation, what if Ye Lang, Sister Luo Ying and Sister Qing Xue all ascended, leaving her here alone? It was fine if Sister Luo Ying and Sister Qing Xue both ascended, but if Ye Lang left her, she would have nothing.

“Ye Lang, I’d better get up and cultivate.” Mu Xiaoyun felt the crisis and was about to get up and cultivate.

Ye Mo pulled Mu Xiaoyun’s hand and said, “Although cultivation should be grasped, it doesn’t need to be this urgent, it’s something that comes slowly, the more urgent it is, the more you can’t catch up.”

“Well ……” Mu Xiaoyun felt her lips being blocked by her husband, she immediately went soft and couldn’t help but wrap her arms around Ye Mo.


This was already the second day that Ye Mo had arrived at Hang Shui City, and it was also the first day that the Hidden Sect’s recruitment of disciples began. The largest area of Hang Shui City, Hang Shui Square was already crowded with people.

Hang Shui Square was the largest square in Hang Shui City, with a square area of tens of thousands of square meters. Although this square was huge, there were just as many people coming, so the top of the square was still crowded with people.

When Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun arrived at the square, they realised that the sects here were all divided into various levels. The three special grade Hidden Sects were in the most conspicuous places. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through and found that all three of these hidden sects had innate experts sitting in them, and there was also an expert from the Taiyi Sect whose cultivation he couldn’t tell.

When Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into the Taiyi Sect, he even felt the expert from the Taiyi Sect subconsciously look at his side. Ye Mo immediately withdrew his divine sense, this guy was an extremely dangerous person. Originally, he wanted to join the Taiyi Sect and then cultivate to the seventh Qi cultivation level to take revenge and leave, but it looked like this plan would not work.

Until you reach the seventh level of Qi training, you should never deal with the Taiyi Sect. If you don’t deal with the Taiyi Sect, you don’t have to deal with other major sects either.

Ye Mo avoided a few of the great hidden sect experts, then carefully moved his divine sense to the rest of the area. He finally found out that there were a total of three major Extraordinary Hidden Sects, twelve other First Cla*s Hidden Sects, thirty-six Second Cla*s Hidden Sects, and one hundred and twenty Third Cla*s Hidden Sects. Apart from that, there were several unranked hidden sects and small factions that were recruiting disciples.

Although he could not join the Taiyi Sect directly, it did not matter to Ye Mo, as long as he could enter the hidden sects and find the location of the Taiyi Sect. He was looking for the Taiyi Sect to settle a score, it was not necessary to join the Taiyi Sect.

In the end, Ye Mo decided to choose to go to a second-cla*s sect.

There were long queues standing behind all the special cla*s sects, not to mention being recruited, and it would take a day to stand in line to get to the recruiting disciple’s position. While the second-cla*s sects stood in front of the same number of people, it was the third-cla*s sects that had a lot less people behind them.

“It’s better to go to the third cla*s sect.” Ye Mo said helplessly and pulled Mu Xiaoyun to the back of the ‘Flashing Fist Sect’ and started standing in line, which was a third cla*s hidden sect.

After standing in line, Ye Mo realised that the test in front of him was very fast. The first level was for candidates to place their hands on top of an instrument and then use their internal qi to activate this instrument. Candidates without internal qi simply put in their own hand and then the interviewer would activate the instrument.

The apparatus has five crystal spheres on it, which are similar to the size of a dragon’s eye. When the candidate’s internal qi was stimulated, either there would be no response or a few of the orbs would light up.

Ye Mo noticed that the fewer crystal orbs that lit up, the more dazzling the light was, the higher the qualification. The brighter they were, the duller the light was, or the less bright they were, the less qualified they were.

Looking at these orbs with their own colours, Ye Mo’s heart suddenly shook, wasn’t this something that could be a test for spiritual roots? How could there be such a thing in the small world? Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and found that almost all sects had something to test for spiritual roots.

It was something he wouldn’t even do, and there were actually so many of them inside the small world. Although this thing was like a rotten street in the cultivation world, Ye Mo still didn’t expect so many of them inside the small world. He had to get one of this thing no matter what, and even if he couldn’t, he still had to know how it was made.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept into this testing apparatus and found that it was just a simple five element formation inside and nothing else, it was actually that simple?

However, Ye Mo immediately reacted that this should be the simplest method of testing spiritual roots, this method could only test out the five lineage spiritual roots, and there was no way to test out for mutated spiritual roots. Because the cultivation world tested spiritual roots with eight crystal pillars, while here there were only five small orbs, so obviously there was no way to test for mutant spiritual roots.

“No qualifications, fail, next.” The interviewer was quick, and most of these people who came to test had no spiritual roots, or some of their mutant spiritual roots were not qualified.

“But my lord, I am able to cultivate, I am now a yellow level martial artist ……” The male who was deemed as unqualified looked at the testing instrument with some disbelief. He could obviously cultivate himself, and at a fast pace, so how could he say he had no qualifications?

The interviewer’s face sank, “I’ve already said unqualified, what are you still saying, if you don’t believe me, you try another sect.”

The man left the place with a dejected face, he had just come here after trying from another sect, otherwise he would have come to the third cla*s hidden sect there. Ye Mo, however, knew clearly in his heart that this guy was most likely a mutant spirit root. Although ancient martial cultivation was not quite the same as cultivation, the requirements for qualifications were the same.

“Level five qualification, unqualified, next.”

“No qualification, not qualified ……”

“Fourth level qualification, OK, stand behind me.”


Only then did Ye Mo realize that this test was really fast, he was standing at the back, but it was his turn soon.