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DYM Chapter 717

Only then did Ye Mo realise that this test was really fast, and although he was standing at the back, it was soon his turn.

Ye Mo put his hand into the testing instrument and slightly transported some true qi into it, but the testing instrument did not respond in the slightest.

“No qualifications, fail, next ……” The interviewer’s wooden words rang out, and before Ye Mo had time to speak, he was already being squeezed out.

Mu Xiaoyun, who was standing on the side, hurriedly came over and took Ye Mo’s hand.

Ye Mo looked at the testing apparatus with some confusion, how could he not have spirit roots? He was clearly able to cultivate, if he didn’t have spirit roots he absolutely couldn’t cultivate. But Ye Mo wouldn’t think that he was a mutated spirit root, a mutated spirit root couldn’t possibly cultivate as slowly as he did.

“Sang-jun, let’s test somewhere else for good, there must be something wrong with their instruments.” Mu Xiaoyun’s words immediately caused a burst of ridicule, but because of Mu Xiaoyun’s stunning beauty, these people did not dare to sneer out loud.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and didn’t care, it was normal for such simple instruments for testing spiritual roots to have deviations. He took Mu Xiaoyun’s hand and went to the most corner sect, since he couldn’t even get into the third cla*s sect, it was better to find a sect that wasn’t in the top cla*s.

As a result, Ye Mo took Mu Xiaoyun to several sects, and the tests all came out to be unqualified. This made Ye Mo very helpless. If it was always like this with no qualifications, then there would be no way for him to join the Hidden Sect, and if he couldn’t join the Hidden Sect, then he wouldn’t be able to enter the Hidden Sect, and likewise he wouldn’t be able to contact the Taiyi Sect.

Huh, didn’t Ice Lake say that it was originally a super sect? How come it is now just hanging the logo of a third cla*s sect? Ye Mo was surprised to see a small sect with ‘Ice Lake’ written in front of him, could it be that this Ice Lake was not the same as the one Liu Lei said?

“Sang-jun, why don’t we go to this sect and try it out.” Mu Xiaoyun also saw the Ice Lake, she said this because there was not a single person testing in front of this sect of Ice Lake, it looked cold and clear. Moreover, it was already afternoon now, and Sagara had not found a sect for him to join by now.

“Good, then let’s go to Ice Lake and take a look.” Ye Mo nodded his head. Agreeing with Mu Xiaoyun’s words.

A man standing next to Ye Mo heard Ye Mo’s words and kindly replied back “This brother, I suggest that you should not go to the Ice Lake. That is only a third-grade sect, do you know what qualifications they need? Level three or above. If I had qualifications above level three, I would have joined a second cla*s sect, where would I go to a place that immediately can’t even keep a third cla*s sect?”

Only then did Ye Mo understand in his heart. Why were there so few people from Ice Lake, it turned out that their requirements were so high. Ye Mo subconsciously swept the location of the Ice Lake with his divine sense. There were a total of five people here. A man dressed as a butler, who looked to be in his fifties, had a cultivation level of around mid Xuan level. A middle-aged woman and a masked young woman, the middle-aged woman was also at Xuan level cultivation, while the young woman was still at Xuan level cultivation.

Looking at the positions of this middle-aged woman and the masked young woman, the two of them should be in charge of recruiting disciples this time.

This kind of strength could be said to be indeed not even as good as a third-ranked sect. Apart from that there was a teenage boy. It looked very slim. Ye Mo reckoned that this teenager should be the disciple he had just recruited, and the last one was an old woman in her 60s or 70s.

Ye Mo shook his head and was just about to withdraw his divine sense, but his heart suddenly shook, he couldn’t even tell the cultivation level of this old woman. Ye Mo didn’t wait for the old woman to frown, he immediately withdrew his divine sense, he knew that any move he made by such an expert would cause the other party to sense.

Last night he found out that one of the three people whose cultivation could not be seen was actually at the ice lake, Ye Mo was greatly surprised in his heart.

There was such an expert in Ice Lake, why was it still a third cla*s sect? Ye Mo’s heart was greatly puzzled. This kind of sect he did not want to join. Because it was too weird.

At this moment, the old woman raised her head and looked in all directions, as if she sensed Ye Mo’s divine sense just now. Ye Mo’s eyes dared not move even more, but just as he was about to pull Mu Xiaoyun away, the middle-aged woman who was recruiting disciples suddenly spoke to Mu Xiaoyun, “Do you want to test? Please put your hand inside the testing apparatus and then just exercise your internal qi.”

“Ah ……” Mu Xiaoyun, however, found herself walking to the front of this testing table, and this middle-aged woman’s words made her feel very kind.

“Sangha, can I try?” Mu Xiaoyun looked back at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled faintly “Yes. You try it, after you try it we will go back first and come back tomorrow.”

The reason why he said this. That was because Ye Mo knew that Mu Xiaoyun’s spirit root qualification was not much higher than his. His own qualification came out to be the worst in the test here, and even if Mu Xiaoyun was good, she was still a fifth grade qualification.

When she heard Ye Mo’s words, Mu Xiaoyun immediately put her hand into the instrument with joy, she saw many people testing she had wanted to try it for a long time, but she wouldn’t take the initiative to try it even if her husband didn’t say so.

The reason why Ye Mo didn’t say anything was because he wanted to be with Mu Xiaoyun, if he could pa*s the qualification test, then Mu Xiaoyun could definitely pa*s. So he would have to put him first, and once he was seen by any sect, he would also let Mu Xiaoyun join that sect. But the other way round, because Mu Xiaoyun’s qualifications were slightly better than his, the sect that looked at Mu Xiaoyun might not necessarily look at him, Ye Mo.

This middle-aged woman liked Mu Xiaoyun when she saw her, Mu Xiaoyun was clear and beautiful, and carried some ethereal aura, and just looked very comfortable, that’s why she took the initiative to say a word for Mu Xiaoyun to test.

Mu Xiaoyun put her hand into the testing device and then applied her true qi to it, and a greenish glow suddenly dazzled.

“What?” Almost everyone in the vicinity was attracted by this greenish colour, even Ye Mo froze, he couldn’t imagine that Mu Xiaoyun was a first level qualification.

The old crone from the ice lake even stood up in shock, staring at Mu Xiaoyun closely, her eyes filled with delight and disbelief.

“Surprisingly, it’s the most outstanding one within the first level qualification, good, good, good ……” The old crone said several good words one after another, her whole person was 〖excited〗.

The middle-aged woman also looked at Mu Xiaoyun in shock, until the old woman finished several good words, then she grabbed Mu Xiaoyun’s hand and said, “What is your name, you have pa*sed, you are now a core disciple of our Ice Lake ……”

The middle-aged woman’s words almost trembled at the end of her sentence, which shows the excitement in her heart at this time. Not only is this middle-aged woman excited, but the butler behind the ice lake and the masked woman are just as excited.

The news of the discovery of the most outstanding qualification in the first level in the Hang Shui 〖Guan〗Field immediately swept through the entire 〖Guan〗Field. Almost as soon as Mu Xiaoyun’s qualifications were tested, all the first-cla*s sects and special-cla*s sects knew about the news.

In a flash, the Taiyi Sect, the Kun Qian Sect, the Cihang Jingzhai Sect and other sects all came over with people. One had to know that during the triennial Hidden Sect’s disciple recruitment event, it was even harder to spot a first-cla*s qualified person, let alone one with the best of the first-cla*s qualifications.

“Lou Lou ……,” the middle-aged woman saw more and more people and glanced at the old crone with some concern.

“Haha …… Feng Lou, Ice Lake is really lucky to have recruited a Grade 1 qualified disciple on the first day, Kun Qian Ling Wu Shui is really so envious.” The one who came over was an old man, just before he arrived, his voice had already come over first.

Ye Mo stood to the side but didn’t dare to use his divine sense to observe this old man, but he could tell from the old man’s aura that this old man’s cultivation would definitely not be worse than the old crone from the ice lake.

“Then I thank Brother Ling for his kind words, Miao Lan, register this disciple, from now on she will be our Ice Lake’s core disciple.” The old crone from the Ice Lake but indifferently said.

The middle-aged woman heard the crone’s words and immediately replied, “Yes, grandma.”

“And wait ……” The old man called Ling Wushui suddenly waved his hand and then said, “I, Kun Qian, am willing to give up the ten cities and give up the five places to collect medicinal herbs from the Five Embodied Mountains next time. As long as Ice Lake can let go of this disciple ……”

The Taiyi Sect and Cihang Jingzhai who came from behind heard that Ling Wushui had offered such a generous condition, they both stopped talking and did not say anything else, even if they had offered conditions, at most, this condition could be said to be quite generous. If Ice Lake agrees to this condition, it is certain that in the next division of sects and resources, Ice Lake will be able to advance to the second cla*s sect.

The old woman smiled coldly, “Sorry, Brother Ling, my Ice Lake is in a state of decline and it is the right time to recruit disciples, so if Brother Ling says this, won’t it cut off the foundation of the people? Although my Ice Lake is in decline, I will never do anything to destroy my own foundation. Brother Ling, be my guest.”

Hearing the old crone’s words, Ling Wushui snorted coldly, then looked at Mu Xiaoyun and said gently, “Girl, my Kun Qian Sect is one of the three great sects of the Hidden Sect, a special cla*s sect. If you join my Kun Qian Sect, not only will your resources and status be far higher than Ice Lake. Moreover, your family will all be glorious beyond compare ……”

“Ling Wu Shui, what do you mean?” The old woman didn’t wait for the old man surnamed Ling to finish his words, a sudden aura appeared all over her body, and the clothes on her body were windless.

The people from Taiyi Sect and Cihang Jingzhai both knew that although Ice Lake had fallen, this Feng Lou’s cultivation was indeed incomparably profound, and it wouldn’t be quite right to make a scene like this because of a disciple.

“Let’s see, why don’t we see what this girl thinks of herself. If she wants to join the Kun Qian Sect then she can join the Kun Qian Sect, and if she wants to join the Ice Lake then she can join the Ice Lake. Of course if she must join our Taiyi Sect, I will definitely let her become a core disciple as well.” An old man from the Taiyi Sect hurriedly came out to round things up, but with this rounding up, anyone who was not a fool would know that the Taiyi Sect also had thoughts about Mu Xiaoyun.