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DYM Chapter 718

Ye Mo was calm at this moment, he knew that there were at least three experts in this place whose cultivation he could not tell, and three Innate experts. With this kind of strength, once his identity was exposed, not to mention taking away Mu Xiaoyun, it would be difficult for him to escape if he himself did not fly up in the first place.

Of course now Ye Mo also knew why Mu Xiaoyun was so qualified and still had such a slow cultivation speed. The cultivation technique he had given Mu Xiaoyun was a set of water attributes, and Mu Xiaoyun was obviously a pure wood spirit root, so it was strange that she could cultivate water attribute techniques faster.

The old crone of the ice lake snorted coldly, but did not say anything, she knew that the ice lake was now completely dependent on her alone, and she was still carrying an illness. There was nothing she could do to be strong in the face of the aggression of the three major sects of the Hidden Sect.

Mu Xiaoyun also understood at this point that her qualifications seemed to be rare and she just stood by Ye Mo’s side clutching his arm tightly and said, “I will only stay with my Sangha.”

Ling Wushui smiled faintly, where was this man worthy of Mu Xiaoyun. But he was old in the world and looked at Ye Mo with a flash of murderous intent in his eyes. Then he said slowly, “That is of course, your Sangha can also join our Kun Qian Sect.”

As long as Mu Xiaoyun joined the Kun Qian Faction, then Ye Mo he could kill at any time. Just find a random excuse that he had a problem in his cultivation and he would be fine.

“Little Yun, as long as you join my Ice Lake, your Sangha can of course join our Ice Lake as well.” At this moment, the masked woman who had not spoken suddenly said.

Mu Xiaoyun didn’t say anything, her gaze just looked at Ye Mo. At this moment everyone present understood that the initiative was on this young man who was incredibly poor. At once everyone’s eyes looked at Ye Mo.

Although those experts present could not wait to reach out and crush Ye Mo to death, they still had to put on an amiable appearance at this time, hoping that Ye Mo would give them an answer and join his sect.

Ye Mo smiled coldly in his heart, he had seen Ling Wushui’s killing plan a long time ago. Although he was not afraid, but bringing Mu Xiaoyun to join this place full of killing machines, he was definitely not willing to do so. Moreover, the Taiyi Sect was also all the way. Although Cixihang Jingzhai Ye Mo did not know yet, but when he thought about Jing Hu he knew it was not far off.

Ye Mo, however, without being condescending, clasped his fist and said, “Thank you all for looking up to me, but I have decided to join the Ice Lake.”

Hearing Ye Mo say that he was willing to join Ice Lake, several people from Ice Lake were instantly overjoyed, even Lou Lou, who had been grim-faced, showed a delighted smile.

Ling Wushui and several innate experts stared at Ye Mo with an icy look on their faces, fond of you. Don’t put gold on your own face. If it wasn’t for Mu Xiaoyun, who would know who you are.

“Humph. Insensitive ……,” Ling Wushui snorted coldly and turned to leave. Seeing Ling Wushui leave, the people from Taiyi Sect and Cihang Jingzhai as well as those onlookers all left.

After a while, the green-skirted girl beside her ran over and said, “Miss, we’ve found out. The man’s name is Mo Ying and the woman’s name is Mu Xiao Yun. They both come from Huangping Village in Lanhua City’s Magnetic West Town.”

Yun Ziyi nodded and said, “Xiao Ling, send someone to investigate these two people in Huangping in detail again.”


After Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun joined Ice Lake, even that Feng Lou was very fond of Mu Xiaoyun. Although Ye Mo tested out again without any qualifications, it didn’t draw any discontent because everyone present could see that Mu Xiaoyun’s heart and soul were all on her Sangha.

Everyone secretly sighed that this guy called Mo Ying was too lucky to have married Mu Xiaoyun, and that he had gained the affection of a heavenly girl like Mu Xiaoyun.

Through the middle-aged woman’s introduction, Ye Mo knew that the middle-aged woman was called Miao Lan and the masked woman was called Ji Yilan. The man in his fifties was called the House Steward, and the old crone with the highest cultivation level was called Feng Lou. But everyone inside the ice lake called her Lou Lou. And the yellow-haired teenager, a disciple who had been recruited in not long ago, was called Fei Zhen, a second-grade qualification. Although he was not as good as Mu Xiaoyun, he was no better than Ye Mo.

Because Mu Xiaoyun had joined Ice Lake, Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun had to move to Ice Lake’s quarters. This didn’t come as much of a surprise to Ye Mo, if he had continued to live at the Blue Sea Hotel, something unexpected might have happened. After all, Mu Xiaoyun’s qualifications were simply too high.

Probably because of Mu Xiaoyun’s joining, the next day Ice Lake once again recruited two Grade 3 qualified disciples, a man and a woman. The male was called Zhang Yan. The female’s name was Qi Shuo Ya.


The third day, the last day of the Hidden Sect’s disciple recruitment. Inside the largest meeting hall of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’. Yun Ziyi was looking at the news that Xiao Ling had asked people to inquire about.

Mu Xiaoyun and Mo Ying had been invited by the Yu Family after they met in Magnetic West Town. But Mo Ying and Yu Yu Yan, the young lady of the Yu family, got mixed up and were caught red-handed by Yu Yu Yan’s fiancé, Liao Wei. Liao Wei is furious, but there is nothing he can do to stop Yu Yuyan.

Later on, a disciple of Shangqing Mountain, Guan Jianxian, goes to the Yu family to support Yu Yuyan, but Mo Ying reveals on the spot that Yu Yuyan is pregnant and that he and Yu Yuyan were already together in Hang Shui City. When he learns the truth, Guan Jixian leaves the Yu family immediately, while Liao Wei takes a liking to Mo Ying’s wife, Mu Xiaoyun.

But Mu Xiaoyun is still devoted to her husband, who has betrayed her, and Liao Wei sends his men to Huangping to arrest Mu Xiaoyun.

Strangely enough, none of the men sent to Huangping by Liao Wei could return. This is not all, Huangping Mu Xiaoyun’s house was all burned down by fire, the people of Huangping all thought she was dead, but never thought she would appear in Hang Shui City.

Yun Ziyi put down the information in her hand and pondered for a long time before suddenly speaking, “Xiao Ling, go and invite Yu Yuyan here.”

Yun Ziyi was already suspicious of this Mo Ying and Mu Xiaoyun, not only were they unharmed in the face of the Liao family’s pursuit, but they had also come to Hang Shui City. And what was so remarkable about that Mo Ying? How could he have made such an outstanding Mu Xiaoyun die for him? Was that bearded man from the auction related to Mo Ying or not? If there was a relationship how could he not have qualifications?

Yu Yu Yan had never thought that the Purple Flower Fairy of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ would invite her to the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’. It was as if a pie had fallen from the sky and hit her in the head. Although Senior Brother Guan was not in Hang Shui now, Yu Yuyan knew that once she returned to Shangqing Mountain, she could see Senior Brother Guan again and then explain to him face to face. But little did she know that before she could see Senior Brother Guan, an even bigger pie would fall on her head.

“Yu Yuyan of Shangqing Mountain has met Fairy Purple Flower ……” Yu Yuyan suppressed her inner excitement and greeted first.

Yun Ziyi sized up Yu Yuyan and suddenly smiled and said, “Miss Yu, I am really sorry for taking the liberty of inviting you here, please have a seat.”

“What words from Fairy, it is Yu Yan’s honour to be invited by Fairy Purple Flower.” Hearing Yun Ziyi’s words, Yu Yu Yan hurriedly replied.

Yun Ziyi did not continue with this matter, but opened the door and asked, “Yu Yan, I heard that you know Mo Ying from Huangping, is there such a thing?”

Yu Yuyan was startled in her heart and immediately knew what Yun Ziyi had come to her for. She could not have imagined that the Purple Flower Fairy, would know Mo Ying, who was not even a gra*s root.

But Yun Ziyi’s words, she did not dare not answer, so she had to say, “Yes, I met the seriously injured Mo Ying on the way to the meeting in the Magnetic West Town, and felt compa*sionate and brought him to the Yu Mansion.”

“I heard people say that you and Mo Ying were seen in the same bed, is there such a thing?” Yun Ziyi smiled lightly and asked unhurriedly.

Yu Yuyan bit her lip, she knew that it was simply too easy for the Purple Flower Fairy to investigate such matters, no matter how much she stonewalled it would still be found out.

Thinking of this she simply put her heart into it and said, “Yes, I had some good feelings for him because I felt that he was very nice and his talk was not ordinary. That night, I had a drink with him and I didn’t expect to get drunk and have sex. I …… us …… and I gave him my first ……. But knowing people, he later went so far as to slander me in front of many people, talking about me and saying that I ……”

At this point Yu Yuyan sobbed, seemingly unable to say the words anymore. Yu Yu Yan knew in her heart that the words that followed, even if she didn’t say anything, Yun Ziyi could still find out.

She did not know the relationship between Ye Mo and Yun Ziyi, and first of all, she put herself in a vulnerable position, her innocence was given to that person, which could easily arouse sympathy from others. Moreover, she believed that it was impossible for the Purple Flower Fairy to tell her words out.

“So that’s how it is, then I’m really sorry for you, Yu Yan. Xiao Ling, send Miss Yu Yan out, and give her a bottle of ‘Embodied Qi Pill’ by the way.” Yun Ziyi said indifferently.

“Yes, Miss.” The green-skirted woman led Yu Yuyan out, but Yu Yuyan was wildly happy in her heart, she didn’t expect to get a bottle of ‘Qi Containment Pill’ with just a few words, knowing that ‘Qi Containment Pill’ was an important pill for Yellow Grade martial artists to cultivate their internal Qi, and it was refined using very precious medicinal herbs.

Not long after, the green-skirted woman called Xiao Ling walked in, then said with some indignation, “Miss, that Mo Ying is really something else. Mu Xiaoyun is really dead-brained to be dead-set on following such a fellow.”

Yun Ziyi smiled lightly, “I don’t know if Mo Ying is something, but I know that this Mo Ying is definitely not simple.”

“Why do you say that, Miss?” Xiao Ling asked strangely.

Yun Ziyi sneered and said, “Because just now this Yu Yuyan lied, she said that she gave her first time to Mo Ying because she was drunk and disorderly. But she is clearly untouched and still in the body of a girl.”

“Ah ……” Xiao Ling let out an ah, then reacted and continued, “But, but why would a big girl want to defile herself?”

Yun Ziyi shook her head and said, “It’s just as well that she defiled herself, but that Mo Ying obviously didn’t do anything to her, yet he admitted it, and even added fuel to the fire by saying that Yu Yuyan had an abortion. So, this Mo Ying is definitely not unusual.”