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DYM Chapter 719

Three days pa*sed in a flash, and if there was a sect with the biggest harvest this time, there was no one better than Ice Lake. Ice Lake, a third-cla*s hidden sect, had not only received the highest qualified Mu Xiaoyun in the whole field, but also a second-cla*s qualified Fei Zhen.

What was most exciting for Ye Mo was not the time to recruit disciples, but the fact that these sects were about to return to the Hidden Sect.

The return to the Hidden Sect however was not a single sect saying they would leave, but a multitude of sects all gathered together. Then came several days of continuous carriage rides, and when the carriage stopped at the endless sea, Ye Mo realised why the Hidden Sect was difficult to enter.

Even if there was no wind, the huge waves still rolled up several feet high, and a tall building-like building boat was parked above the somewhat monotonous pier.

Apart from this tall building boat, Ye Mo saw some small wooden boats in the distance, these boats were just fishing boats. At most, such fishing boats could only reach a certain distance out to sea, and a little further away would likely be swept over by the waves.

Ye Mo’s divine sense once again landed on the building boat, which was still a steel building boat, and even had a steam engine to pull it. This building ship not only had a steam engine traction, but also had sails, only the sails were not erected, it should be a backup.

It turns out that the Hidden Sects are all concentrated on the opposite side of the sea, no wonder it is much harder for ordinary people to get to the Hidden Sects. This kind of steel building ship is really difficult for ordinary people to build, except for the financial and human resources in the Hidden Sect. Perhaps the people in the Hidden Sect had even captured some technology personnel from outside in order to build this kind of steel building ship.

The Ice Lake was relatively low, at the back of the line. But Ye Mo also knew something through other people’s conversations. The people from the Hidden Sect came over here through the building ships. Usually, it was only four times a year. Because of this, there were residences in the various Hidden Sects in Hang Shui City, and their affairs were given to the offices stationed in Hang Shui to handle.

People in general need all sorts of identity verification to enter the Hidden Sect from outside, but getting out of the Hidden Sect is simple.

The building ship is huge and each sect has its own area. Although Ice Lake is a third cla*s sect, it also has its own area. This area not only had its own kitchen but also accommodation, with a total of a dozen rooms. This is enough for a small sect like Ice Lake, but of course, this is also because Ice Lake recruits fewer disciples. Some sects, on the other hand, had many disciples. This made it necessary for many disciples to live in one room.

Although most of the people on this boat were from the Hidden Sect, there were also some people from outside who came up, who were not from the Hidden Sect, but needed to go to the Hidden Sect’s workshop to do business. So they also came up with them. For these merchants, it was just two or three times a year.

Ye Mo paid attention and observed that the areas of the Extraordinary Sects and First Cla*s Sects were the best, all with sea views, and the places were much too wide. Those areas for unranked or ordinary merchants were the worst, but this building ship was so big that even if it was very bad, it wasn’t that bad.

“Little Sister Rhyme, why don’t you sleep with me tonight and we’ll talk.” Ji Yilan’s voice was clear and crisp. Although she was the head of a sect, she called Mu Xiaoyun as Senior Sister because she was not very old.

Mu Xiaoyun blushed and said softly, “I’m sorry Senior Sister Yilan, I want to be with my Sangha.”

Ji Yilan and the few people around them all looked at Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun speechlessly, these two were a little too sticky.

“Xiao Yun, after you arrive at the sect, you are to live in the core disciple cultivation area, your Sang-du will live outside. You have to learn to live at a distance from your Sangha, it’s not a matter of a day or two.”

Miao Lan saw this. He hurriedly interjected.

Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and said, “I will live in whatever place my Sang-pau lives in. I won’t be separated from my Sang-du.”

“……” Miao Lan looked at Mu Xiaoyun even more speechlessly, this girl was so pretty, how could she be so brain dead? What’s so good about that ugly guy? How could she not forget?

“Your husband is also inside the sect, but your husband can’t cultivate. So you don’t need to worry about him, only you can cultivate faster. Only then can you help your Xiang Gong ……” Miao Lan thought for half a day before finding a sentence to comfort Mu Xiaoyun.

But after hearing Miao Lan’s words, Mu Xiaoyun even said directly, “I am with my Sangha.”

“Brother Mo, Senior Sister Xiao Yun cultivates faster when she is with us, if she is with you, every day …… this will affect her cultivation progress, you can persuade Xiao Yun.” Ji Yilan saw that Xiao Yun was a bit deadheaded, so she had to let Ye Mo persuade Mu Xiao Yun.

Ye Mo smiled faintly and said indifferently, “Xiao Yun is my mother, she must stay with me.”

“You ……” Ji Yilan looked at Ye Mo in anger and could not speak, she had seen selfish people, but she had never really seen one as selfish as this disfigured man in front of her. Even if he couldn’t cultivate himself, he still delayed his mother’s cultivation for his own selfish desires. Mu Xiaoyun with this Mo Ying was really a flower in a cow dung.

Ye Mo didn’t bother to explain, he knew that Mu Xiaoyun was a pure wood spirit root and was thinking of ways to help her find cultivation techniques. There was no way he would let her learn those ancient martial arts, such things were just rubbish to him.

When Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun’s determined expression, she knew that it would be unrealistic to persuade Mu Xiaoyun, and that if she said anything else to her, she might turn against her. In her heart it seemed that the most important thing was her Sangha, and apart from her Sangha, everything else could be ignored.

“Alright then.” Ji Yilan sighed and took Miao Lan away, she could only slowly persuade her later.

When Ji Yilan left, Ye Mo immediately closed the door behind him and then said to Mu Xiaoyun, “Xiaoyun, I now know that you should be a pure wood spirit root, the reason why your cultivation was originally very slow, that wasn’t because of your poor qualifications, but because there was a problem with the cultivation technique I gave you. I don’t have a wood cultivation technique yet, so don’t practice your technique for now, you can practice it again when I find a good one.”

“Mm, I’ll listen to you.” Mu Xiaoyun did not have any objections to Ye Mo’s words, if Xiang Gong said he found a good cultivation technique, he could definitely find one.

Ye Mo also didn’t have a wood cultivation technique right now, the only way was to go to Xingjia Mountain and take a look. He had learned from that cultivator in the South Pole that there was a cultivation relic in Xingjia Mountain.

“Also, I’ll go out and have a look later. I’m a bit worried that one of my enemies is also on this boat, so if she is on the boat, we should be careful.” Ye Mo thought about Jing Hu, this boat was heading to the Hidden Sect, I wonder if Jing Hu would be on the same boat.

“Sang-du, I will accompany you.” Mu Xiaoyun immediately said.

Ye Mo shook his hand, “You were tested as a first level qualification, so many people know you, you should stay here and wait for me, I will be back soon.”

“Aunt Miao, does a woman’s have to stick together every day when they have a husband?” Ji Yilan really couldn’t figure out why Mu Xiaoyun didn’t want to leave Ye Mo even one step.

Miao Lan shook her head, “There is no such thing, but if it is a new marriage will not want to separate, after a long time, it will slowly peter out. That Mu Xiao Yun we have also investigated, she is an ordinary woman from Huangping. To put it plainly, she has not met any powerful people. When she has seen more handsome youngsters in the future, perhaps her opinion will change. Yilan, don’t be anxious, let’s talk about this slowly.”


Ye Mo left the area of the ice lake, his divine sense was very careful, especially when he approached the Cixi Jingzhai. When finally he very carefully swept the area of Cichang Jingzhai and found no Jing Hu, then he put his mind down.

He didn’t care if he found a single Yu, but if his fight with him alerted others, then it would be a bad idea. It looked like she thought she hadn’t come up, so maybe she was still out searching for him, or maybe she had gone back to the Hidden Sect first. But Ye Mo knew that either way, Gao Hu would not let him go.

Suddenly Ye Mo’s heart tightened as he felt a gaze staring at him, seemingly watching his every movement. He did not turn around, but carefully released his divine sense.

Ye Mo’s divine sense quickly scanned who was staring at him, and it turned out to be the Purple Flower Fairy that he and Mu Xiaoyun had met when they first arrived at Hang Shui City.

He didn’t expect this Purple Flower Fairy to be on this boat, Ye Mo frowned, he asked himself that there was nothing special about his performance, why was this woman paying attention to an insignificant gra*sroots like him? Moreover, he and this Purple Flower Fairy did not cross paths in any way, Ye Mo certainly would not be so narcissistic that the Purple Flower Fairy would come to spy on a person whose appearance was very ugly like him out of love and admiration.

No matter what her purpose was, Ye Mo did not want to come into contact with this woman, and he quickened his pace, wanting to quickly pa*s through the area of the Second Grade Hidden Sect.

“Brother Mo, you’re up here too?” A familiar voice tinged with surprise made Ye Mo pause for a moment, and he immediately heard that the one calling him was Liu Lei. Since Liu Lei called him, it meant that he had also been chosen.

“Haha, I’m currently an outer disciple of the Shu Mountain Sword Sect, when I return to Shu Mountain, if I play well, I might even be able to advance to inner disciple. Brother Mo, which sect are you in now?” Liu Lei had a face of excitement, not only was he excited to meet Ye Mo, an old acquaintance, but more so because he could join the Shu Mountain Sword Sect.

One should know that although the Shushan Sword Sect was only a second cla*s hidden sect, its status was still above the many second cla*s hidden sects.

“I’m at Ice Lake, Brother Liu, I really didn’t expect to meet you here.” For the Shu Shan Sword School, Ye Mo had always wanted to visit. He was curious to know if this Mount Shu was the same place as the one rumoured outside.

“It’s you ……,” another cold voice rang out.

Ye Mo turned around and saw Yu Yu Yan staring at him, but the expression on Yu Yu Yan’s face was a bit odd, it didn’t seem to be just anger, but also a very strange expression.