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DYM Chapter 720

From the bottom of her heart, Yu Yuyan was very surprised and even disbelieved that Ye Mo could appear on the boat. That day, after Yun Ziyi talked to her, she mentioned Mo Ying, and originally Yu Yuyan thought that this Mo Ying might have something to do with the Purple Flower Fairy, but then she thought that it was impossible.

If Mo Ying was related to the Purple Flower Fairy, he wouldn’t be in such a bad shape that he was bullied by Liao Wei. Although she didn’t know what relationship the Purple Huā Fairy had with Ye Mo, Yu Yu Yan didn’t dare to do anything to Ye Mo at this time. She was afraid that if her guess was faulty, then she would be in trouble.

“I really didn’t expect you to still appear here. It seems that Liao Wei is kind-hearted enough to let you go after getting your maiden.” Yu Yu Yan’s thoughts turned to quickly and after casually saying this, she didn’t want to say anything else to Ye Mo.

“Senior sister Yu Yan, who is this ugly monster?” At this moment, several men who were following Yu Yu Yan immediately gathered around, and when they heard Yu Yu Yan’s words to Ye Mo did not seem to be very polite, they wanted to show their hands in front of this senior sister.

Yu Yu Yan coldly snorted and said, “A guy who doesn’t know the sky is high, his woman has been snatched by someone else and he is still smug here, if it were me I would have jumped into the sea long ago, living is a disgrace.”

Originally Yu Yu Yan did not want to talk to Piece Mo more at all, and she wanted to leave after Coconut Elm had said a few words to Ye Mo. But Ye Mo’s sneering eyes upset her, plus many of the senior brothers from Shangqing Mountain stood up for her and immediately became mean.

Ye Mo smiled coldly and said in a faint voice, “People say that a one-night couple has a hundred days of grace, even if it’s dewy, I’ve slept with you and sort of helped you with your abortion, why are you talking so mean?”

If this Yu Yuyan didn’t come to provoke him, Ye Mo would never say such things, or even bother to pay attention to such a woman. But this Yu Yuyan had to come and mess with him, so don’t blame him for not being polite.

Of course Ye Mo knew what Yu Yuyan had in mind, which was to leave a good reputation on Shangqing Mountain. In her mind, it would be best if all the men on Shangqing Mountain were in control and all gathered around her. But he himself was not as good as she wanted him to be, as disgusting as he could be.

“You, shameless when did I have that with you …… despicable villain ……,…” Yu Yu Yan was once again so angry that she trembled.

Ye Mo’s heart grew happier and happier as he said unhurriedly, “Then tell me how that Liao Wei met me? He is your fiancé, right? He didn’t even see us in the same bed, alas this kind of thing really hurts to mention it I am also a person who wants to save face, why do you have to force me to say it ……,…”

“You ……, you …….” Yu Yu Yan was so angry that her face had turned purple, her hands began to tremble and she couldn’t even say a word ……

Although she had calculated that the Purple Huā Fairy would not tell anyone about this matter, as long as she reached the Hidden Sect, no one would investigate such matters, but she did not expect Ye Mo to say it himself.

“You are looking for er ………, senior sister Yu Yan is obviously Yun Ying’s unmarried body, yet you insult her like this, today I, Fan Cheng, will come to teach you a lesson.” A man with a white face following Yu Yan drew the long sword at his waist and was about to strike at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took a strange look at this pale guy but he had some clarity in his heart, but still said unhurriedly, “Clan Cheng, I didn’t expect you to be so experienced with women, you are really a man of many flowers. However, I think you and your senior sister Yu Yan can have a sparring session.”

Of course Clan Cheng could see how Yu Yu Yan was doing, he had wanted to get Yu Yu Yan into his hands now being called out by Ye Mo that he was an old hand at huā bushes, he was even more upset. He even ignored the fact that it was still a long sword in his hand on the boat and stabbed directly at Ye Mo.

Liu Lei had been standing by Ye Mo’s side all this time, and since Ye Mo was in the upper hand in the fight, he did not say anything. Now when Fan Cheng wanted to make a move, he almost did not even think about it and pulled out his scimitar.

Because the sword was almost close to Ye Mo’s body, the fire splashed all over Ye Mo’s body.

Yun Ziyi, who stood watching from afar, even frowned, this Mo Ying did not seem to have the slightest ability on him, but just now, when Fan Cheng’s sword was almost piercing his skin, he did not even blink, let alone change his expression.

It could be said that if the man behind him had not used his scimitar to block Clan Cheng’s sword, Mo Ying would have been seriously injured. Was he really too late to react, or was he simply not afraid? When Yun Ziyi thought of this, she blamed Liu Lei for being nosy.

“This friend from Mount Shu, this is our matter at Mount Shangqing, what do you want to get involved in?” Clan Cheng’s face was a little unpleasant, although he was a yellow level cultivator, but after the exchange of hands just now he knew that the other party’s cultivation would not be worse than his, of course the main thing was that the Shu Mountain Sword School was ranked higher than Mount Shangqing.

Liu Lei was exceptionally comfortable in his heart, if he was not a disciple of Mount Shu now, he would not dare to fight hard against the other party, and it was very comfortable to think about it.

“No noise on the ship, if there are any more noisy fighters, immediately drive them out of the building ship.” Without waiting for Liu Lei to answer, an enforcer came over and said sternly.

When the enforcer came over, the crowd gathered around scattered, expelling from the building ship was no joke, it was throwing into the sea. This endless sea, even if you are capable, being thrown into the sea is a matter of death and no life.

“Brother Mo, why don’t you go to my place to catch up.” Liu Lei pulled Ye Mo and was about to go to their area of Mount Shu.

Ye Mo clasped his fist and said, “We are all in the Hidden Sect in the future, there are plenty of opportunities, and we still have a month on this ship. I still have something to do today, I will come back for a chat when it is done.”

Ye Mo really had something to do, all hu Daoist nuns were not here right now, although he did not dare to refine the Peiyuan Dan now, but he wanted to try to hit the sixth level of Qi training. To him a higher strength here would mean a higher chance of success.

He was just about to ask Ji Yilan what she was doing here when Mu Xiaoyun opened the door. Seeing Ye Mo come back, Mu Xiaoyun immediately pulled him in joy, as if Ye Mo had left her not for a while, but for a long, long time.

“You’re back, Sang-du.” The elation in Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes was genuine, but Ji Yilan looked a little frowned.

However, Ji Yilan quickly recovered and she said politely to Ye Mo, “Brother Mo, I would like to talk to Senior Sister Xiao Yun, I don’t know if it would be convenient.”

Ji Yilan knew that if she wanted to ask Mu Xiaoyun out, the first person she had to get permission from was not Mu Xiaoyun, but her Sangha Mo Ying.

Ye Mo smiled lightly as he looked at Ji Yilan, then said to Mu Xiaoyun, “Xiaoyun, you go ahead, I’ll wait for you in my room. Besides, it’s a bit boring to be with me all day long.”

“Mm. But I won’t be bored at all when I’m with my Sangha.” Although she didn’t necessarily want to learn Ice Lake’s gongfu, Mu Xiaoyun knew that if she wanted to stay with her Sangha at Ice Lake, Ji Yilan couldn’t just be offended.

Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun somewhat speechlessly, she couldn’t figure out that there was still such a woman. She was so good herself, yet she was so obedient to that unattractive husband.

When Mu Xiaoyun and Ji Yilan left, Ye Mo closed the door to his room, then sat down on his knees and put his mind into the golden dot in his dantian.

However, no matter how hard Ye Mo tried, his mind was blocked from penetrating the golden dot, and there was no way to get the golden dot out.

“It should be that the cultivation level is a little too low.” Ye Mo muttered a word to himself as he took out a spirit stone and began to cultivate.

Although there was no ‘Peiyuan Dan’ but the speed of cultivation with a spirit stone was not bad, at this time, Ye Mo would not have to save the spirit stone for fear of wasting it, it was meant to be found for cultivation. In a short while, Ye Mo had completely set aside his distracting thoughts.

“Senior sister Yilan, you called me for something?” Mu Xiaoyun asked politely to Ji Yilan after she sat down.

Ji Yilan hesitated for a moment before saying, “Senior Sister Little Yun, although our Ice Lake is only a third-cla*s hidden sect, it has a deep heritage, and a few decades ago, our Ice Lake was one of the three great hidden sects. The reason why it has fallen is not because my Ice Lake’s gong methods are not good, but there are just no people suitable for cultivation. Or rather there are no talents with excellent qualifications, Senior Sister Yi Yun you have first-cla*s qualifications, I think you can definitely make a name for yourself at our Ice Lake.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister Yilan.” Mu Xiaoyun still maintained a calm expression as she thanked Ji Yilan.

Ji Yilan looked at the incomparably calm Mu Xiaoyun and was somewhat speechless, according to the general practice of ancient martial arts, as long as they knew that there was a future, they could not help themselves, but the Mu Xiaoyun in front of her was simply breezy and did not think of it in the slightest.

“Little Rhyme, do you know about being above Xiantian? After reaching the Ascendant, an ancient martial arts practitioner will have a life expectancy of over two hundred years and can glide through the air for some distance. I’ve heard that there are higher levels after Innate, but right now there are no cultivators on the Divine Continent who have reached Above Innate, that is, Peak Innate is considered a very impressive achievement. It is said that those above Innate can glide even further in the air and can even fly several miles with the help of a piece of feather,” said Ji Yilan, sparing no effort to persuade Mu Xiaoyun to take an interest in cultivation.

Mu Xiaoyun’s expression was still calm, but her heart was not so calm anymore. It turns out that one can only glide through the air when one has reached the level of the Ascended Masters, and there is none in the Divine Continent, yet my husband can fly me thousands of miles. The difference between flying in the air and gliding through the air for a distance is not comparable at all.

When she thought of herself snuggling up to her husband and flying through the air, Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes finally took on a hint of a different look.

Seeing a hint of difference in Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes, Ji Yilan was finally relieved that she had at least impressed Mu Xiaoyun’s interest in ancient martial arts.