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DYM Chapter 721

Seeing a hint of difference in Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes, Ji Yilan was finally relieved that she had at least impressed Mu Xiaoyun’s interest in ancient martial arts.

Thinking of this Ji Yilan didn’t dare to hesitate even more, and riding on the heat, she said, “Little Yun, with your qualifications, under the Bing Hu’s gong methods, and the teachings of Grandmother, it is certain that you will enter the Innate, even if it is not impossible to surpa*s your predecessors.”

“Thank you, Senior Sister Yilan.” Although Mu Xiaoyun did not know what Ji Yilan meant, but she was not a fool, she thought it should have something to do with her Sangha.

Ji Yilan nodded and said, “Little Yun, I know that you and your Sangha have a good relationship, and I don’t want to say anything more. It’s just that I heard something today and I want to talk to you about it. It seems that your husband has some relationship with Yu Yu Yan, an outer sect female disciple from Shangqing Mountain, and they seem to have been together before, and they also, also ……”

Mu Xiaoyun looked at Ji Yilan with a calm face, of course she knew what Ji Yilan had in mind, still trying to persuade her to leave her husband and then just try to cultivate.

A girl saying something like abortion made Ji Yilan feel a little shy, but Mu Xiaoyun already knew what Ji Yilan meant. She stood up and said to Ji Yilan, “Thank you for your concern, Senior Sister Yilan. Wives don’t say their husbands’ faults, and I certainly know how Xiang Gong is. Even if what you say is true, it is still someone else who is not abiding by women’s morals and has nothing to do with my husband. My Mu family has been practicing medicine since ancient times, I know …… my husband.”

After a moment’s hesitation, Mu Xiaoyun said again, “Sister Yilan, for Xiaoyun, my greatest luck in this life is that I met my Sanggong. As long as all is well with my husband, that’s Xiao Yun’s happiness, Senior Sister Yilan, I’m leaving.”

As she watched Mu Xiaoyun leave the room, Ji Yilan was still in a daze. There were still such women, how many wooden fish had that Mo Ying cracked in his previous life? Originally, she wanted to go through this matter and then slowly divert Mu Xiaoyun’s attention from Ye Mo, and then slowly input the meaning of cultivation to her. But she didn’t expect that she had failed before she even started.

“Aunt Lan, is there something wrong with what I said? But I feel that what I said was very euphemistic, and there is nothing wrong with it.” Ji Yilan said with a frown.

Behind the screen turned out a middle-aged woman, she looked at Ji Yilan then sighed and said, “This Mu Xiaoyun is really a virtuous woman, not only is she steadfast, but also as smart as she is, her husband was really blessed in his past life when he married her ……” Chuan ”

“Aunt Lan, what are you saying?” Ji Yilan asked, still puzzled.

“Yilan, you still haven’t heard it. That Mu Xiaoyun said that her Mu family has been studying medicine for generations, that means she has long seen that her husband and Yu Yuyan do not have any relationship. Yu Yuyan was still in the body of a girl, she had already seen that, so she didn’t even take it to heart.” Miao Lan shook her head and said.

Ji Yilan looked at Aunt Lan in surprise and asked, “So if this is true, then what I said today is already taking effect?”

Miao Lan still shook her head and said, “You still don’t understand that Mu Xiao Yun, even if this is true, she will still help her husband to speak.

The reason why she said she studied medicine shows that she saw that the matter between her husband and Yu Yuyan was a fake, but not because of that she believed her husband. Rather, she wanted to tell you that her husband was not that kind of person at all, and that she had never doubted her husband since the beginning. So her words are not for her own sake to find a reason to believe her Sangha, but for his Sangha to find a reason to be clean.”

“Ah, surprisingly?” Ji Yilan froze for a while before saying, “But if it’s false, why did that Mo Ying prefer to say that? Could it be that he likes to stain himself?”

Miao Lan was silent for a while, then said, “I don’t understand what this is because of, but that Mo Ying, that is, Mu Xiaoyun’s husband is most likely not a simple character. Today I saw from afar that the sword was about to pierce his neck, yet he was unmoved. It’s hard to believe that this is the guts of an ordinary person.”

“But Aunt Lan, that Mo Ying doesn’t have any qualifications at all, you have to know that without qualifications there is no way to cultivate. What’s so uncomplicated about an ordinary person who can’t cultivate?” Ji Yilan was still a bit confused.

Miao Lan said with a faint smile, “Although I know that that Mo Ying is impossible, not all people without qualifications don’t have the means to cultivate. The legend of Du Du Tian, the ancestor of the Du Tian School, was also unqualified, but he almost broke through the shackles of the Innate Heaven in the end, this is a living example. Nothing can be generalised, and the same applies to cultivation. Mu Xiaoyun’s qualifications are top-notch and she cares a lot about her husband. In future, you should try not to talk about her husband in front of her. There are times when using time to fade away is more effective than your current talk of heavenly hua.”

“Yes, Aunt Lan, I know.” Ji Yilan nodded her head and said cautiously.

In the following days, Ye Mo felt that Ji Yilan and Miao Lan seemed to treat him much better than they had originally. He didn’t bother to think about these things, he didn’t really want to join this sect by joining Ice Lake, but rather as a jumping off point. Ye Mo felt the kindness of Ji Yilan and the others, so of course he had to ask more about things. For Ye Mo, the first thing he had to inquire about was the spiritual herb origin of the Hidden Sect.

For Ye Mo’s unintentional inquiring, Ji Yilan did not care, but Miao Lan paid a little attention. She found that what Ye Mo asked was very directional, not only asking about some places that produced medicinal herbs in abundance, but also asking about the location of Xingjia Mountain.

On top of that, Miao Lan felt that Ye Mo also specifically asked about the locations of the Taiyi Sect and the Cixihang Jingzhai. This made Miao Lan feel a little odd, as the Kun Qian Sect was also one of the three great sects, yet Ye Mo did not ask.

Through these days of inquiring, Ye Mo learned that the territory of the Hidden Sect was actually very large, and there were countless mountains and forests that produced medicinal herbs, of course the most famous one was the Five Embodied Mountains.

Because the medicinal herbs from Mount Wuyun were the best and of the highest grade, when it came to medicinal herbs, almost everyone would think of this place.

However, the mountain is surrounded by poisonous fog all year round and is full of vicious beasts and poisonous snakes, so it is not suitable for collecting medicine. But every five years, the poisonous fog in the mountain will subside, usually for a month, and this is the best time to collect medicine.

This is why all the sects in the Hidden Sect have agreed to enter the mountain once every five years to collect medicine, but even if the fog subsides every five years, there is still a lot of fog, just much less than usual. At this time of year, one must also be prepared for entering the mountain, the main thing being pills to prevent and detoxify the poison. As for those anti-poison masks, they are completely useless because no matter what anti-poison equipment you have, the poisonous mist will eventually invade your body.

There is a quota limit for each sect to enter Mount Wuyun to collect medicine each time, with the average special grade sect having around twenty people, while the third grade sect only has a quota of three people. As for the unranked sects, there were even fewer places.

Ye Mo finally understood what the five places promised by the Kun Qian Sect to Ice Lake last time was all about, it turned out that these five places were related to a large amount of cultivation resources, it looked like this Kun Qian Sect was really willing to pay.

Ye Mo was very happy to learn that the next time to open the mountain for pill picking would be in half a year’s time. He had plenty of herbs in his hand, and now he could completely refine a few antidote pills and then enter the Five Embodied Mountain early.

Ye Mo tried for a few days and was completely unable to break through to the sixth Qi cultivation layer, although it was just a little bit short, but Ye Mo knew that this was because he did not dare to make a big noise inside his subconscious. Although the breakthrough from the fifth level of Qi training to the sixth level of Qi training was not a big deal, but there were many experts on this ship, once there was a little fluctuation, it might be discovered.

Because of the scruples], he had not been able to break through. After understanding this reasoning, Ye Mo simply stopped cultivating. After he said hello to Mu Xiaoyun, he went straight to the Shushan Sword School.

“You are Mo Ying, Liu Lei’s friend?” As soon as Ye Mo arrived, someone immediately knew him.

Ye Mo touched his nose in confusion, thinking to himself that Liu Lei was just an outer disciple, he couldn’t be that famous, right? Why did it make it seem like he was famous?

“Yeah, where is Liu Lei?” Although Ye Mo had already swept the sad-faced Liu Lei with his divine sense, he still asked.

The man who spoke earlier pointed to Liu Lei’s room and then ignored Ye Mo. Although Ye Mo had some doubts in his heart, he knew that these disciples of second-cla*s sects generally looked down on the disciples of third-cla*s sects.

“Hmph, Liu Lei was careless in making friends and he deserved it for making such friends.” Ye Mo heard someone behind him snort coldly at him, but he just frowned and didn’t say anything.

“Brother Mo] What brings you here?” A depressed Liu Lei opened the door to his room, but saw Ye Mo standing in the doorway and subconsciously asked.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Brother Liu, didn’t you say that you wanted me to come and sit down sometime? It looks like you are not very happy, what happened?”

Liu Lei sighed and said, “Brother Mo, since you’re here I won’t hide anything from you. I guess I only have one more day to live, those b*****ds are bullying people too much.”

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo asked with increasing wonder.

Liu Lei eased up a bit before he said, “After you left that day, the people of Shangqing Mountain said that I was meddling in their affairs, and then they had a man called Sima Ping come to challenge me. On impulse, I agreed. But I later learned that this kind of challenge is immortal, that is, when two people go on stage, one must die before the other can come down, this is simply a duel of life and death. “Seeing Ye Mo frowning, Liu Lei lowered his head and said, “Originally, my family had paid too much in financial and material resources to get me to join the Shushan Sword School. Once I died in battle, the downfall of my Liu family in Lanhua City could be imagined.”

“Then why did you accept the Peach War?” Ye Mo asked suspiciously, even if Liu Lei didn’t know that the challenge would be immortal, he had just joined the Hidden Sect, he wouldn’t just accept someone’s challenge like that.

Liu Lei sat down depressed and said, “Because I fell for it.”