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DYM Chapter 722

Seeing Ye Mo’s confusion, Liu Lei sighed and said, “That day when they came they were aggressive, and that Sima Ping also knew one of our inner sect senior brothers from Mount Shu, so no one was willing to speak up for me at all. When Sima Ping challenged me, originally I didn’t say yes either, but I heard someone whisper that Sima Ping had just advanced to the middle Yellow rank, and surprisingly he was the one who came out to challenge.”

Ye Mo looked at Liu Lei, who was already at the peak cultivation of the middle Yellow Grade, and asked somewhat breathlessly, “So you thought you had him beaten and then agreed?”

Liu Lei was silent for a moment, nodded and said, “Later on, that Yu Yu Yan and Fan Cheng said some very unpleasant things, saying something about not being a man without balls, a turtle or something. I thought I was already at the peak of the middle yellow level, so I should have no problem dealing with him, a middle yellow level, and on impulse, I agreed. But only after agreeing did I realise that the challenge on the ship was to be split between life and death. Moreover, that Sima Ping wasn’t even just in the middle Yellow level, but at the peak Yellow level cultivation, so to speak, he was already half step Xuan level, I had no chance of winning.”

Ye Mo had understood and asked again, “Do you know who that person is who said that Sima Ping had just entered the middle Yellow level?”

Liu Lei shook his head, “I was a bit agitated in my heart and had a lot of fire, I just knew that the person who said this must be from our Shu Mountain. To this day, I still haven’t figured out why he had to mislead me instead of helping me when we are all from the same sect?”

Ye Mo sighed and said, “What should I say about you, you must have originally been cultivating in your clan all the time, right? Did you never come out?”

Liu Lei nodded and said, “Yes, I had originally been cultivating in Lanhua City because there were very few people with qualifications in our family. And I have qualifications, so my family usually doesn’t allow me to venture out.”

When Ye Mo thought about it, it was because of Liu Lei’s kind of impulsive character that he was allowed to come out and help himself in Hang Shui City. He did not hesitate to go against that Ma Shilong. If it was a person with a cautious and careful character. He would definitely not do such a thing, and even if he had to help, he would not offend the Ma family’s people without any scruples like this.

After thinking about it, Ye Mo still said, “I think your Shu Mountain has recruited so many outer disciples this time. There must be a second test to go back, which is to select some of you outer disciples to be accepted as inner disciples.”

“Yes, the selection of inner disciples is also very strict. Not only are there competitions, but there are also various tests. But there is one, that is, if you can enter the Xuan level before the age of thirty, then you don’t need any selection and enter the inner sect directly.” Liu Lei immediately excused himself and said.

But only after he finished speaking did Liu Lei react, and he looked at Ye Mo in confusion for a while before asking, “Brother Mo, you mean to say. Someone thinks that after I die, there will be one less person to compete for the inner sect? This, this ……”

In Liu Lei’s mind. If he was framing himself because of this situation. Then the other party was a bit too that too.

Ye Mo had seen too much of this kind of thing, yet he didn’t feel any surprise. Although the cultivation of the Hidden Sect was only ancient martial arts. It was far less competitive than the cultivation sect’s resources, but many people would do anything to achieve their goals, so this little plot was nothing.

Without further explanation, Ye Mo pulled out a scimitar from his back and handed it to Liu Lei and said, “Try this knife.”

Liu Lei took the scimitar handed over by Ye Mo and couldn’t help but say, “Good knife, this knife is much better than the fine steel knife I have.”

After saying that, Liu Lei tried to transport some internal qi into the blade, and suddenly the scimitar in his hand emitted a soft inaudible faint chirp, Liu Lei felt that the scimitar in his hand seemed to have an additional spirituality, as if it had a conversation with him, making him use it even more comfortably.

“Is this a magic weapon? Could it be a product of the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’?” Liu Lei said in surprise as he looked at the scimitar in his hand.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “Technically speaking, this is not a magic weapon yet, but it is close to one. It’s not from the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’, so now I’ll give you this blade.”

“Ah ……” Liu Lei froze for a moment at Ye Mo’s words, but he immediately reacted and hurriedly handed the knife in his hand to Ye Mo, “Brother Mo, this knife is just a bit too valuable for me to accept. ”

Ye Mo pushed the knife back again, then said with a faint smile, “I have plenty of such things, so you can have this one. When you use this knife to cut that Sima Ping’s head tomorrow, it will be worthy of this knife.”

Liu Lei was also very fond of this scimitar, and after hearing Ye Mo’s words, he no longer excused himself and withdrew the scimitar and looked at it carefully for a long time before he said with a heated smile, “Brother Mo, if originally I didn’t have the slightest chance, now that I have this knife, I have at least a 30% chance. I won’t say any more polite words, I’ll take the knife. In fact, the day I met Brother Mo and your wife in Hang Shui City, I knew that Brother Mo was not an ordinary person, and if it seems, it is, haha ……”

Ye Mo smiled slightly, shook his head and said, “If there is only a thirty percent chance, I suggest that it is better for you not to compete.”

Seeing Liu Lei looking at himself in confusion, Ye Mo asked again, “How many people live in this room of yours?”

“Originally there were three people, because after the duel between Sima Ping and I was set, one person moved out instead, and another person, because he likes to gamble, soaks in the gambling tables every day and rarely comes back.” Liu Lei did not know the meaning of Ye Mo’s question, but still answered truthfully.

“Good then, you take this pill, this has the effect of ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’.” Ye Mo took out a ‘Qi cultivation pill’ and handed it to Liu Lei and said.

Liu Lei subconsciously took the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, then replied, “Brother Mo, I don’t know how many similar ‘Ascending Xuan Pills’ I’ve taken, only the first one worked. This kind of pills for me to take are simply useless.”

Although the ‘Ascending Xuan Pill’ was precious, it was not something remarkable to a family disciple like Liu Lei, and it had to be consumed at the peak of the Yellow Grade to have some hope of advancing to the Xuan Grade. In fact, this hope also depended on the qualifications, which were not really great.

Ye Mo laughed, “This one of mine is called ‘Qi cultivation pills’, its effect is much stronger than that ‘ascending Xuan pill’, so you should take it first and then cultivate with luck. I will protect you, it should take around an hour or two.”

Although Ye Mo said it with certainty, Liu Lei was still skeptical, but he didn’t hesitate any longer and directly swallowed the pill in his hand.

As soon as the ‘Qi Peeling Pill’ entered his belly, Liu Lei felt a powerful heat directly hit his dantian and meridians, giving him a feeling of gripping madness.

His face turned red, Liu Lei no longer dared to go down casually and hurriedly sat down to refine the ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’. However, the medicinal power of the ‘Qi cultivation pills’ shook Liu Lei’s heart like thunder, he kept refining it, but the medicinal power kept being new.

There was not the slightest bottleneck in entering the late Yellow level, it was as if the water was flowing. After reaching the late Yellow level, his internal qi was still growing and he soon reached the peak of the late stage.

Although the medicinal power was still there, Ye Mo felt that Liu Lei’s qualifications were far inferior to Luo Hustle’s. Liu Lei was not able to advance to Xuan level cultivation with one ‘Qi cultivation pill’. Ye Mo also knew that although the ‘qi cultivation pills’ were good, the greatest effect was also the first one.

This kind of pills was not of the slightest use to Ye Mo now, and he once again took out a ‘qi cultivation pill’ and threw it into Liu Lei’s mouth.

Liu Lei was already very satisfied now that he had advanced to the late Yellow level, but when Ye Mo took out another ‘Qi Cultivation Pill’, he immediately understood that Ye Mo wanted him to advance to the Xuan level. With an excited heart, he once again began to refine the pill.

Three hours later, Liu Lei felt a ‘boom’ in his body as a powerful internal qi surged up from his dantian. He instantly stood up in excitement, three hours, just three hours, he had actually advanced to the Xuan level.

Ye Mo looked at the excited Liu Lei and said with a faint smile, “Now what are your chances against that Sima Ping?”

Liu Lei, who had been still experiencing his strength suddenly becoming powerful and was still in some disbelief, suddenly laughed loudly after hearing Ye Mo’s words, he was excited from the bottom of his heart.

Sima Ping, a mere yellow ranked martial artist. He, Liu Lei, now had a new weapon and had advanced to the Xuan level, without a ten percent certainty, he might as well jump into the sea.

“Brother Mo, thank ……” Liu Lei knew that this life of his was equal to the one saved by Ye Mo, it was more than a life. Because he was far less than thirty years old this year, it meant that when he arrived at Mount Shu, he didn’t need to go through any second test, he was already an inner disciple.

“Good, you should solidify your cultivation first, I’m going back. I’ll come back tomorrow to cheer you on.” Ye Mo knew that if Sima Ping was just a Yellow Grade martial artist, then Liu Lei had almost a 100 percent hope of killing him.

Ye Mo had just walked out of Liu Lei’s room when he was stopped by a young girl in a green dress. This maiden Ye Mo knew was that Purple Flower Fairy’s maid. She had stopped him once when he was in Hang Shui City, and today was the second time he was stopped by her.

“What is it?” Ye Mo’s tone was somewhat cold, he didn’t want to deal with that Yun Ziyi because he felt that this Yun Ziyi was somewhat sneaky and seemed to be too shrewd as a person, which made him dislike it. A few days ago, when he was clashing with Yu Yu Yan, that Yun Ziyi seemed to be secretly observing his every move.

“Sir Mo, my lady would like to invite you over for a chat.” The green-skirted girl’s voice was much more sincere than the last time in Hang Shui City.

Ye Mo said in a light voice, “Sorry, I’m not available, move aside.”

However, the green-skirted maiden was not at all angry, but smiled serenely before saying, “My lady knows a medicinal herb that can restore your appearance ……”

Ye Mo did not wait for this green-skirted maiden to finish and interrupted her once again, “I am satisfied with my appearance, no need, goodbye.”

“That medicinal herb is called ‘Jia Lan Flower’ ……”

After the green-skirted maiden said ‘Jia Lan Flower’, Ye Mo’s feet shook and he immediately knew it was not good.