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DYM Chapter 723

Ye Mo’s mind was deliberate, when he suddenly heard some subtle changes after the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, he knew that he had been watched by Yun Ziyi.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out, and he really saw a room a hundred and fifty meters away, face Yun Ziyi was holding a telescope in her hand.

Ye Mo sneered in his heart, even something like a telescope was there. It could be seen that this Yun Ziyi had gotten a lot of advanced products outside, so I don’t know what method she used to get in and out.

The reason why Ye Mo felt bad just now was because after the green-skirted woman said ‘Jia Lan Flower’ to herself, Ye Mo knew that Yun Ziyi was suspecting him. And the reason why Yun Ziyi mentioned the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ was to see how he would behave. If he was really the bearded man of the auction, he would definitely care about the ‘Jia Lan Flower’.

Although Ye Mo did not know what use the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ had in the ancient martial world, Ye Mo knew that the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ must have an extremely important role, otherwise Yun Ziyi would not have used this flower to test him.

The first time in Hang Shui City, the Purple Flower Fairy was trying to invite Mu Xiaoyun. And today, she actually invited herself directly, which was too odd. I had heard that the Purple Flower Fairy was very arrogant and did not treat men very well, so it was too bizarre for her to invite herself at this time.

He had purchased a large amount of spirit herbs and also ores on top of the auction, plus the way he had behaved after the green-skirted woman had told him about the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ that he wanted the most.

Ye Mo then knew that Yun Ziyi most likely knew some clues and she was suspecting that he was the bearded man at the auction. So using a precious medicinal herb like the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ to test himself, his hasty performance would only add to her suspicions.

However, after thinking about it, Ye Mo just couldn’t think of what had gone wrong with him. He had taken Xiao Yun out of the city, killed a few people, and then flew back to Hang Shui City in stealth, who else would know about such a thing besides Xiao Yun? Why would Yun Ziyi suspect him? It was reasonable to say that he was the one who should not be suspected at all.

Not only did Yun Ziyi suspect him. She even used the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ to test him. One should know that the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ was one of the three main medicines used to refine the ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’, so one could imagine its importance to Ye Mo.

The three main spirit herbs for the ‘Foundation Building Pill’, ‘Green Flower and Green Leaf Gra*s’, Ye Mo already had, and was now raising it in Luo Yue. ‘Bitter Decade’ Ye Mo already had a direction. He should be able to find it inside the small world, and the only thing he didn’t have a clue about was the ‘Jia Lan Flower’. How could Yun Ziyi know how desperate he was for the ‘Jia Lan Flower’? And use such a thing to test him?

Seeing Ye Mo stop in his tracks and start to frown. The green-skirted girl smiled again and asked, “Duke Mo ……”

“Lead the way in front.” Ye Mo said in a light voice.

Since Yun Ziyi already suspected him and had tested him, he might as well face it. At least he had to know from what he had revealed a breach to make her suspicious. Of course there was another important thing, which was that Ye Mo’s desire for the ‘Jia Lan Flower’ was very strong.

After seeing the resources inside the small world, Ye Mo already had an intuitive understanding of cultivating to the peak of Qi cultivation, and if nothing unexpected happened, he should be able to cultivate to the peak of Qi cultivation. If he could cultivate to the peak of Qi cultivation, then Luo Ying and others who were even better qualified than him. If he could cultivate to the peak of Qi cultivation, then Luo Ying and the others, who were even better qualified than him, would have no problem cultivating to the peak of Qi cultivation.

Therefore, for the sake of their future cultivation prospects, he had to obtain the ‘Jia Lan Flower’. Without the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, there would be no ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’. The ‘Foundation Establishment Pill’ was different from other pills. At least Ye Mo did not know other ‘Foundation Building Pill’ recipes. His recipe was necessary to use the ‘Jia Lan Flower’.

Seeing Ye Mo come with Xiao Ling, a faint smile appeared on the corner of Yun Ziyi’s mouth. In his heart, he was greatly relieved.

“If I’m not wrong, it should be him, he is a person with very many secrets.” Yun Ziyi muttered and put away the binoculars in her hand.

“Miss, Duke Mo is visiting.” The green-skirted girl led Ye Mo to call out right at the door.

Ye Mo was slandering in his heart, he had clearly invited himself to come, but he had to say that he had taken the initiative to visit.

Yun Ziyi walked to the door and opened it, revealing a very sweet smile, then politely said in an unusually soft voice, “Duke Mo, it’s an honour to meet you, please come in. Xiao Ling, go and pour a cup of tea over for Sir Mo.”

“Yes, Miss.” The green-skirted woman hurriedly left to make the tea.

“Sir Mo, it is rude to take the liberty of inviting you here, please have a seat.” Yun Ziyi was very polite to Ye Mo, as if she was facing an elder with great strength.

Ye Mo surveyed the room, the whole room looked very light and elegant, and it also had a kindly smell.

However, Ye Mo couldn’t feel any kindness at all, he directly fixed his gaze on Yun Ziyi. It had to be said that Yun Ziyi was a beautiful woman, no less than Xiao Yun, with a tall figure and beautiful hair draped over her shoulders. The traces of make-up could barely be seen on her goose egg face, but Ye Mo still knew that she was wearing extremely light make-up.

The bulging front bosom showed at a glance that no restraint had been used inside the dress, appearing natural and elegant. She also had a faint smile at the corners of her mouth all the time, giving off a seemingly cordial look.

However, Ye Mo had a very strange feeling towards this kind of beautiful woman, although she looked very cordial, but in Ye Mo’s feeling came, it was far less cordial and natural than with Mu Xiao Yun. Yun Ziyi reminded him of An Ning whom he had met at the altar, they had one feature in common, they were both very beautiful, but they just made Ye Mo feel a faint sense of awkwardness.

The young girl called Xiao Ling brought two cups of light green tea and then withdrew from the room.

“This is the fog tea produced by the Fog Peak of Yun Du Mountain, how about a taste, Mr. Mo?” Yun Ziyi’s face turned a little red from Ye Mo’s look, but it was not good enough to make an angry face. She could only sit opposite Ye Mo and said as she lifted the cup in her hand.

After saying that, she added, “Yun Du Mountain is the mountain gate of the Du Yun Sect, while Misty Peak is the highest mountain peak in Yun Du Mountain. Although I have been tending to the business of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, I am actually a disciple of the Duoyun Sect.”

The Purple Flower Immortal was a disciple of the Duoyun Sect, something Ye Mo had known for a long time, it wasn’t something confidential.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo’s heart moved, Yun Ziyi had been taking care of business at the ‘Divine Commerce Bank’. The ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ is also owned by the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, could it be that she saw him when he went to the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’ that day to exchange gold bricks for gold tickets? If she did, she wouldn’t necessarily recognise it. Besides, he was very careful that day, his divine sense was always out, she should not have seen it.

Ye Mo nodded, picked up the cup and took a sip, then said, “It’s very thirst quenching.”

This kind of tea carried a faint hint of rhythm, but it was far from aura. Ye Mo had also drank spirit tea in the cultivation world, a cup of really good spirit tea would cost hundreds of spirit stones, even the original Ye Mo could not afford the same.

When the Purple Flower Fairy heard Ye Mo’s comment, her mouth opened speechlessly, but she quickly reacted and said with a sweet smile, “Duke Mo’s tasting comment is really something else.”

After finishing her sentence without waiting for Ye Mo’s reply, Yun Ziyi said again, “Duke Mo’s wife is truly the most beautiful woman on earth, Duke Mo is truly blessed.”

Listening to Yun Ziyi’s words without any nourishment, Ye Mo made up his mind that as long as Yun Ziyi didn’t take the initiative to say it, he would pretend to be confused.

Now that Yun Ziyi said that, Ye Mo also smiled lightly and said, “You are not bad looking either.”

After Yun Ziyi heard Ye Mo’s words, there was slightly anger in her eyes, but she quickly returned to normal as she smiled sweetly again and said, “I heard that Duke Mo didn’t have any qualifications after the Ice Lake test, but I feel that you have a very unusual temperament, so how could you not have any qualifications?”

Seeing that Ye Mo did not interface, Yun Ziyi suddenly said, “Duke Mo, I have an instrument here for testing qualifications, if you are willing, you can test it again at my place. This one I have for testing qualifications is not quite the same as others’, and it should be relatively much more accurate.”

When Ye Mo heard Yun Ziyi’s words, his heart was also moved, he really wanted to know what his qualifications were, or was curious to know how his spiritual roots were and why he was so slow in cultivating.

Seeing that Ye Mo was somewhat impressed, Yun Ziyi stood up and took out a qualification testing instrument from a cupboard nearby.

As soon as this instrument was placed on the table, Ye Mo was greatly surprised in his heart. This was already not much different from what was used to test spiritual roots in the cultivation world, but instead of five orbs, there were eight orbs on it, which meant that this instrument could also test for different spiritual roots.

To be honest, Ye Mo was moved, he was eager to try out his spiritual roots.

“Back then, my Ice Lake’s Ancestor Du was tested to have no qualifications, yet he ended up cultivating to the highest realm of the Divine Continent. So the ancestor thought that the test for qualifications was not very reliable, so he went around looking for a new instrument to test qualifications, and finally he found this in an ancient cave. Then after the ancestor tested it with this, he found that he was not unqualified, but a first level qualification.” When Yun Ziyi saw Ye Mo reveal a surprised expression, she had to explain.

What Ye Mo was thinking in his heart was that since the Du Tian Sect had an instrument that could test out the different spirit roots, why didn’t the other sects have one?

Seeming to understand Ye Mo’s thoughts, Yun Ziyi said again, “Actually, this instrument is not much more useful than the ones outside, because there are so few people with the same qualifications as the ancestor, almost none. Even if there were, he had manifested it during his cultivation. Nowadays, most of the people who participate in the Hidden Sect’s disciple selection are martial artists who have cultivated, so if he has no qualifications and cultivates at an exceptionally fast pace, then you don’t need to test it to know.”

Ye Mo nodded his head, indicating that he understood. It would be strange if there were different spirit roots everywhere.

“If you have internal qi, you can try putting your hand into this apparatus and take a look with your luck.” Yun Ziyi said with a smile. She didn’t even say what if Ye Mo didn’t have internal qi, as if she knew that Ye Mo must have internal true qi in general.