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DYM Chapter 724

AnYe Mo didn’t say anything, he knew that since Yun Ziyi suspected him, it meant that she had some evidence. If she wanted to expose him, she wouldn’t have had to ask him to come here, instead she would have gone straight to deal with the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’.

Ye Mo put his hand into the testing instrument and tried to transport some true qi. The testing instrument suddenly ‘buzzed’ and all eight orbs on it lit up, although they were not as bright as the one Mu Xiaoyun tested, but it was enough to surprise Ye Mo.

Could it be that he was a spirit root of eight systems? But this kind of spirit root Ye Mo had never heard of, he had only heard of the five lineage miscellaneous spirit root. He had only heard of the five-system miscellaneous spirit roots, but an eight-system miscellaneous spirit root was simply unheard of.

He knew that the spirit roots in the cultivation world were divided into gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and ice, lightning and wind. There was also a kind of spirit root which was the dark spirit root, but the dark spirit root was usually derived according to the merit method and could not be considered a spirit root exactly.

Under normal circumstances, those who carry a different spirit root are only one, not to mention two different spirit roots, even with any five elemental spirit roots can not exist at the same time with a different spirit root.

But not only can they exist at the same time, they also have eight kinds of spiritual roots coexisting, it would be strange if they can cultivate faster. Even if the five miscellaneous spiritual roots are trash qualifications, the eight miscellaneous spiritual roots should be the fighter of trash.

If Ye Mo didn’t understand the situation, Yun Ziyi didn’t even understand it. The test showed that the five balls were all bright, which was the worst qualification, but only slightly better than no qualification at all. But this Mo Ying had eight balls all lit up, his qualifications were so bad that it was unbelievable. No wonder he was tested elsewhere and had no spiritual roots.

It was simply impossible to cultivate with such qualifications, and Yun Ziyi once again began to doubt her own guesses. To say that he could kill a Xiantian and wound a half-step Xiantian with such qualifications was something she herself wouldn’t believe.

Could it be that her own guesses were really wrong? In Yun Ziyi’s opinion, if Ye Mo was the person she guessed, then Ye Mo should be a first-cla*s qualification like the Du Tian Sect Ancestor.

But what still left Yun Ziyi a little puzzled was this. If this Mo Ying in front of her was not that bearded man, why did his back resemble that bearded man so much? And why did he behave a little abnormally when he heard ‘Jia Lan Huā’ just now? Could it be that these were all coincidences?

Ye Mo saw Yun Ziyi’s expression. Immediately, he knew that although she suspected himself, she wasn’t particularly sure.

Thinking of this, he laughed to himself. “It’s really the worst qualification, I knew it.”

Because Ye Mo might not be the person she was looking for, Yun Ziyi no longer wanted to continue chatting with Ye Mo, and she picked up her cup and was about to send him away.

But since Ye Mo was here, of course he had to ask about the ‘Jia Lan Huā’, it was related to his foundation building and could not be sloppy.

“Fairy Violet Huā, I wonder what you are looking for me to do? Is it just to help me test my qualifications? But my qualifications have been known for a long time?” Ye Mo saw that Yun Ziyi was somewhat not too eager to talk on, and sneered in his heart, this woman was really ****ing realistic. When she suspected herself, she called over. When she found out that she wasn’t the person she wanted to find, she started to get impatient.

Yun Ziyi said with a faint smile, “Duke Mo, I’m really sorry, to be honest. Originally I thought you were an acquaintance of mine, but now it has been proven that you are not. But I don’t know why Gongzi Mo was a little lost in thought when he heard ‘Jia Lan Huā’?”

Ye Mo sneered and said, “The reason why I lost my mind when I heard about the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ is because the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ can indeed restore my appearance. That was told to me by a senior, I just heard that this kind of huā is very precious. Originally, when your maid said that there were medicinal herbs that could restore my appearance, I was very unconvinced. But after hearing that it was ‘Jia Lan Huā’, I believed it instead.”

Yun Ziyi had fully understood that she had misunderstood this Mo Ying, it turned out that what he cared about was that ‘Jia Lan Huā’ could restore his appearance.

Yun Ziyi smiled faintly and said unhurriedly, “I’m sorry Mr. Mo, I admit that I used some tricks in order to get you to come over. But the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ is not something that ordinary people can obtain, it is said that those who obtain the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ can 100% advance to the Ascendant, and the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ It is also a spiritual object for comprehending the legendary realm above the Ascendant. So I don’t have this kind of huā.”

This woman was really a snob, of course Ye Mo knew that she didn’t have ‘Jia Lan Huā’, if she had this herb, he would have swept it with his divine sense as soon as he entered. However, being tricked by a woman like this, Ye Mo was still not happy in his heart, and his face immediately sank.

As if sensing Ye Mo’s displeasure, Yun Ziyi said blandly, “Although I know that the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ is ruthlessly important to you, let me give you a piece of advice, even if you get this kind of huā, there is no way to keep it. Even, there is even a greater loss. Besides, although I, Yun Ziyi, am not exactly pretty, but I am not ugly to any extent either. It’s not so hard for me to invite you here.”

Ye Mo let out another cold laugh, “Fairy Zihuā, you are pretty, but in my eyes, the prettiest person is my wife. Honestly, if I had to choose, I would rather stay at home with my wife.”

Although Yun Ziyi did not make her words clear, Ye Mo already knew what she meant, which was to say that even if he got this kind of huā, he would still be the material to be killed.

Seeing that Ye Mo did not want to leave, and that his words carried some disdain, Yun Ziyi became a little annoyed. She stood up and said, ”The ‘Jia Lan Huā’ is said to be found in the deepest part of the ‘Wu Yun Mountain’, but don’t talk about going to the deepest part of the ‘Wu Yun Mountain’ It is very difficult to find the Jia Lan Huā and even to enter the Five Embodied Mountains to save one’s life. I have a map of the ‘Five Embodied Mountains’ here, so I’ll give it to you, so take care of yourself.”

After saying that, Yun Ziyi took out a sheepskin map and threw it in front of Ye Mo, the two of them were already talking.

Ye Mo picked up the map and looked at it a little, and sure enough, what herbs were on each place on it was clearly marked, only that this was all about the periphery, and nothing about the inside. But this was enough for Ye Mo, even as long as he knew the news that the ‘Jia Lan Huā’ was in the ‘Wu Yun Mountain’, he was satisfied.

Ye Mo put the map away before he stood up and said, “Thank you, Fairy Zihuā, how much is the map?”

The corner of Yun Ziyi’s mouth curled up slightly and said with the same hint of disdain, “I don’t want the money, it’s considered a gift for you. Although you have already cultivated out your inner qi, I suggest that you should not go to that place. Umm …… I’m being paranoid, no gift.”

Only after Yun Ziyi finished the first half of her sentence did she remember that even if this Mo Ying in front of her wanted to go in, she had to be qualified, right, she didn’t need to say that at all.

“Good, even if I owe you a favour, farewell.” Ye Mo no longer wanted to talk nonsense with this Yun Ziyi, turned around and left. In fact, he still had several questions to ask, namely where was the ancient cave discovered by the ancestor of the Du Tian Sect, and how did Yun Ziyi contact the outside world, or even why did she suspect herself. But Ye Mo knew that even if he asked these questions, there would be no answers.

“Miss ……,” the green-skirted girl walked in and called out when she saw Ye Mo’s back as he left.

Yun Ziyi rubbed her head and said, “There’s something strange about him, but it shouldn’t be that person, he really is the equivalent of having no qualifications.”


Ye Mo was in a good mood, not only did he learn about the origin of the ‘Jia Lan Huā’, but he also got a pair of maps. He had also made that eunuch who was suspicious of him withdraw her suspicions.

When Ye Mo pushed open the door to his room, Mu Xiaoyun, who was talking to Ji Yilan inside the room, immediately stood up and called out sweetly, “Sang-du.”

“Brother Mo is back.” Ji Yilan was also very understanding and said goodbye to leave.

Ye Mo was in a good mood, his own Little Rhyme was still good.

“Just now, a person from Shangqing Mountain came over and said that someone from Shangqing Mountain was dueling with Liu Lei people from Shu Mountain and asked us to go and watch the fun. Because a stranger came, Senior Sister Yilan was afraid that I would suffer a loss, so she took the initiative to come over.” Mu Xiaoyun immediately told Ye Mo about what happened during the time Ye Mo left.

Ye Mo smiled and said, “Very well, tomorrow we will go together to watch the fun, and by the way, we will see how Liu Lei kills people.”

Mu Xiaoyun smiled serenely, of course she knew exactly what was in her husband’s mind. Sage-hun went out just to see Liu Lei, he must have learnt about it. Sister Yilan came over and said that that Liu Lei was definitely not a match for Sima Ping, but Mu Xiaoyun did not think so.

She believed that since Xiang Gong knew about this matter, then Liu Lei would definitely not lose to anyone else.


The building ship has to travel inside the boundless sea for more than a month, for most people, this month or so is boring and dull, so a large amount of entertainment industry has been derived. But for most people who practise ancient martial arts, they rarely spend their time elsewhere, so the casinos and entertainment places are for ordinary merchants.

But there is nothing more fascinating than the dueling on a houseboat. Not only ancient martial arts practitioners, but also ordinary merchants like to watch such duels, and they also offer certain handicaps. So the dueling arena of the building ship is very big and it is also on the deck level of the building ship.

And today’s duel between Sima Ping and Liu Lei was even more eye-catching, because it was not only a duel between two yellow-ranked martial artists, but also a matter of honour between the ‘Shu Shan Sword School’ and the ‘Shang Qing Mountain’.

Even though a small duel was nothing, many people with a heart of gold made articles through such things and liked to make a big deal out of small matters.

When Ye Mo brought Mu Xiaoyun to the duel site on the deck, the place was already crowded with people watching.