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DYM Chapter 725

“I know that female, the genius disciple recruited by Ice Lake, I heard that she is the best first cla*s qualification.”

“So it’s her, I remembered when you said that, it seems that the three great hidden sects also wanted to take her as a disciple that day, only that guy didn’t want to. I can’t believe he didn’t join the Three Great Hidden Sects instead of joining a third cla*s sect, I really can’t figure it out.”

“Yes, yes, it’s really a flower in ……”

“Be careful what you say, although Ice Lake is a third cla*s sect, it still has a deep heritage.”


As soon as Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun arrived at the competition venue, the people on the side immediately talked. Ye Mo acted as if nothing had happened, except that Mu Xiaoyun was angry in her heart when she heard people talking about her Sangha instead.

Yu Yu Yan, who originally wanted to go up and belittle Ye Mo a few times, stopped in her tracks when she heard the words of the others next to her. She finally understood why Ye Mo was able to get on this boat, it turned out that he was here to eat soft rice. She also didn’t expect that the Grade 1 qualified genius she had heard about last time was this Mo Ying’s bride.

Yu Yu Yan snorted coldly and was about to leave with her fellow disciples from Shangqing Mountain. However, as she turned around she suddenly remembered something, and her face suddenly turned a little ugly.

Mu Xiaoyun had appeared here, and was still a first-grade disciple accepted by Ice Lake, so where were the people Liao Wei had sent? Did Liao Wei just let it go without catching Mu Xiaoyun? Liao Wei was afraid of Shangqing Mountain for just letting it go to himself, but how could he be afraid of Mo Ying and Mu Xiao Yun who lived in Huangping Village?

At first, she didn’t think to pay attention to this matter because she knew that Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun would be taken away by the Liao family. Now that she thought about it, she realized that things didn’t seem to be that simple anymore.

“Senior Sister Yu Yan, let’s walk a little further ahead and see how Senior Brother Sima is fuming today. A mere young disciple who has just joined the outer sect dares to fight our Senior Brother Sima, he really doesn’t know how to live or die.” Immediately after Yu Yu Yan turned around, a senior brother from Shangqing Mountain beside her said curtly.

“Senior sister Mu. You’re here too?” Fei Zhen, a newly recruited disciple of Ice Lake, and a few other disciples also came over to watch the fun. When they saw Mu Xiaoyun, they hurriedly came over to greet each other. It was in their minds that Ye Mo was not worthy of Senior Sister Mu. However, they were also new disciples who had just joined Ice Lake, so such things were just thoughts.

Mu Xiaoyun smiled faintly and nodded her head.

“Haha. Brother Mo, I didn’t see you just now, so you’re already here.” When Liu Lei saw Ye Mo, he immediately walked over happily, as he was younger than Ye Mo. Coupled with his admiration for Ye Mo, he simply changed his title to call him. Only when he had experienced it first hand did he know how remarkable the pills Ye Mo had given him were. If this kind of elixir was placed on top of the auction, it would definitely be a sky-high price.

Without waiting for Ye Mo to reply, someone next to him snorted coldly and said, “You’re dying and you’re still so happy. Rather, I admire your courage.”

Liu Lei turned around and looked at the person who spoke, it was that Clan Cheng, a disciple of Shangqing Mountain who had a conflict with him. Immediately, he sneered and said, “Alright, then after I duel with Sima Ping, let’s proceed with the duel, with or without the egg promised. If there are no eggs. Just don’t chirp.”

“Haha, you and I duel? I’d love to kill you myself, except you won’t have the chance to walk up to me.” Clan Cheng laughed harshly, feeling that Liu Lei was just a little too insolent.

Liu Lei stared at Clan Cheng with cold eyes, “I only ask if you have the balls to promise, if not. Just get lost to the side.”

Clan Cheng suddenly laughed loudly again, he raised his hand and clasped his fist and looked around for a moment and said, “Everyone, after this man dueled with senior brother Sima, he even said he had the life to duel with me. Fine, I, Fan Cheng, will agree with him, but I don’t think Senior Brother Sima will give me that chance, haha.”

Liu Lei stopped paying attention to him and turned to Ye Mo and said, “Brother Mo, I heard that this time the handicap is on me to lose, do you want to make a small fortune?”

Ye Mo smiled faintly, he really didn’t look at these small amounts of money. To him, the gold coin thing was really dispensable, what he needed was not gold coins, but spirit herbs and spirit stones.

Suddenly a loud applause erupted from the field, along with some noisy voices. Ye Mo looked up and saw that a man was flying into the ring, his movements were very fluid and he even did a flip in the air before landing steadily on top of the ring. Although he was really ugly looking, his aura was well done.

Sure enough, he was at peak Yellow-rank cultivation, and he didn’t even look thirty years old. Judging from his movements on the stage just now, he was still very good at light body kung fu.

“I’ll go first, this kid is already impatient to live.” Liu Lei greeted Ye Mo and walked up to the ring unhurriedly. That aura was much worse than Sima Ping’s.

Ye Mo secretly laughed, he knew that this Liu Lei was very testy, the reason why he blandly walked onto the stage was because his light body kung fu was not very good, or far inferior to this Sima Ping.


Although the competition site is lively, but the real senior figures rarely come to see it, are some disciple level. More than anything else, it was some businessmen and ordinary people who came to see it, either to make some money in this tournament and then just to watch the fun.

“I heard that Mo Ying and Liu Lei are friends?” Yun Ziyi had already seen the hustle and bustle on the deck even though she hadn’t reached the deck.

“Yes, Miss, it was at Liu Lei’s door that I found Mo Ying yesterday. They should have met in Hang Shui City, shall we go and take a look?” Xiao Ling asked casually.

Yun Ziyi shook her head, “What’s there to see in a mere duel between two Yellow rank martial artists, let’s go, we’re going back ……”

Speaking here Yun Ziyi looked at Mu Xiaoyun next to Ye Mo and shook her head again, “What a pity.”


“The duel begins.” The judge of the match was a Xuan level cultivation patrol guard on the ship, usually such patrol guards were responsible for the security and disputes on the ship. When a dispute could not be resolved, the two parties in dispute would come up to the stage to duel, then this time the patrol guard acted as a judge.

The guards act as a judge, but it’s very simple, they just say “start” and don’t ask about the duel. No matter what method you use to kill your opponent, you win. There is only life and death on this, there is no foul or undeserved.

When Sima Ping heard the judge say that the duel had begun, he smiled and drew the long sword at his waist. With his current cultivation level, he could step into the Xuan level at any time, so where was the worry in dealing with a guy in the middle Yellow level.

“If you call me grandpa three times now and then drill through my crotch, I’ll leave you with one hand and one foot ……,” Sima Ping gave a heated laugh and even paused for a moment before continuing, “Of course, the life still has to be given to me.”

“Stupid, have a life to live before you give me crap ……” Liu Lei did not wait for his own sentence to finish, the scimitar in his hand already brought up a blade mane straight to Sima Ping’s brow with a slash.

How dare you attack strongly? A fierce smile appeared at the corner of Sima Ping’s mouth, but his fierce smile froze in place. The speed of Liu Lei’s slash was too fast, it was simply not the speed that a Yellow-ranked martial artist could achieve. It seemed that he had just seen his slashing movement and the blade had already come to his forehead.

Sima Ping was certain in his heart that it was impossible to slash so fast without Xuan-ranked internal qi. This slash was something that even he could not slash so fast. Sima Ping’s soul suddenly flew away.

If he had known that Liu Lei was of Xuan level cultivation, he would not have been so careless, but he had been careless with a man whose cultivation level was even higher than his.

Almost instantly, Sima Ping broke out in a cold sweat, and he only managed to hastily block it by raising the long sword in his hand.

“Ding dang ……” The scimitar in Liu Lei’s hand barely paused as it still slashed straight down. It was not a fancy move, nor was there any change, it was just a simple slash.

But this slash carried a speed that Sima Ping had not even thought of, and even his long sword could not stop it in the slightest.

When the sword in his hand became lighter, Sima Ping knew immediately that he was finished. Any mistake in a duel could have killed him, and he had made three fatal mistakes.

The first mistake was that he did not understand his opponent’s cultivation level and even thought that his opponent was inferior to him. The second mistake was that he had taken his opponent lightly, and that he had done so against an opponent whose cultivation level was higher than his, allowing him to slash down in front of his eyes.

If these two mistakes were not fatal, then the third mistake, he had surprisingly not thought that the scimitar in his opponent’s hand was an extremely fine weapon equivalent to a magic weapon, and his longsword had not even blocked it for a moment.

Sima Ping felt a chill on his brow, and a heartfelt fear welled up from the bottom of his heart. He had actually lost, or lost in one move. If he had lost in one move, he would have lost, but now he had lost, and he would have lost his life.

Boundless darkness rolled in, and the last thing Sima Ping felt was a strong kick to his chest, and then his whole body went flying. It was then that the blood spilled from his brow, falling from the deck all the way to the sea.

From the time Sima Ping was killed by Liu Lei’s slash, to the time Sima Ping was kicked into the sea by Liu Lei. It was only a moment’s time, and many people hadn’t even adjusted their expressions to cheer Sima Ping before the duel was already over.

The huge contrast brought a sudden silence to the scene.

The contrast between the duel, which had been hotly publicised for days, and the duel ending in just a few moments, was a little too great. If it was Liu Lei who lost, then everyone thought it was deserved, but it was precisely Sima Ping of Shangqing Mountain who lost. Not only did he lose, he also lost ugly and miserably.

“This, how is it possible ……,” muttered Clan Cheng, lost in thought, but a loud shout from Liu Lei made him shiver again.

“Clan Cheng, now it’s your turn, you have just said in front of everyone that you want to duel with me, I, Liu Lei, am here waiting for you to come up. You’re a disciple of Shangqing Mountain, don’t let anyone see you as a shrinking egg.”