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DYM Chapter 726

“Boom”, the atmosphere at the scene once again heated up because of Liu Lei’s words. That Sima Pinglai of Shangqing Mountain was an embroidered pillow, not useful in appearance. He talks a big game, but when it comes to his head, he is a coward.

Not to mention Shangqing Mountain, the expressions of some disciples of Mount Shu changed when they looked at Liu Lei. Just now Liu Lei had killed Sima Ping with a single move, although the move was somewhat suspicious of a sneak attack, but that was really a move that killed the enemy, and that was not all, at the end Liu Lei even kicked Sima Ping into the sea.

Now Liu Lei challenged Clan Cheng again and all eyes were on Clan Cheng. Cheers were always reserved for the victor, and as for Sima Ping just now, there was no one left to remember.

Clan Cheng’s face was pale as he looked at Liu Lei who had a disdainful face, suddenly he felt his legs shaking a little, he saw the many people around him staring at him, he suddenly shouted out, “Liu Lei, you sneak attack, what kind of heroic man is that? If you didn’t sneak attack, how could you a*sa*sinate Senior Brother Sima?”

Liu Lei suddenly laughed, “That’s right, I did sneak attack, so what are you going to do? You can sue me for breaking the rules, you can bite me. Now it’s time for us to duel, Master is giving you the chance to sneak attack, come on, don’t pin your balls.”

Clan Cheng’s words immediately caused a burst of ridicule and mockery from the scene, on the dueling stage, don’t say sneak attack, no matter what means you use, as long as you can kill your opponent, you win. There was no such thing as a sneak attack, and this Clan Cheng was scared.

“Eggless ghost, roll ……”

“Rubbish ……”

Sarcasm and ridicule were rolling in, but Clan Cheng’s face was getting paler and paler. He knew that even if Liu Lei had sneaked up on him, he would be sure to die if he went up there. Sima Ping blocked it with his sword, and even Liu Lei’s scimitar could not be delayed for a moment. He would definitely be looking for death if he went up there.

Liu Lei was definitely not a middle yellow level cultivator. Cold sweat was pouring down.

“Clan Cheng, since you don’t dare to come up, don’t blame me for going down to kill you.” Liu Lei’s cold laughing voice came out, and Clan Cheng’s soul flew away.

Of course he knew about dueling, the other party proposed a duel you could disagree, but once you agreed, it was a deathless duel unless the other party took the initiative to bypa*s you.

Just now he was afraid that others wouldn’t know and even took the initiative to clasp his fist and say it out loud, now everyone knew that he was going to duel with Liu Lei. Even if he didn’t dare to go up. Liu Lei could still come down and kill him. And the people around him were not allowed to interfere.

Because Fan Cheng didn’t dare to go up to the stage to die, some people started to sneer again. Even the people from Shangqing Mountain had their faces disgraced and had moved aside from Clan Cheng. A man from his own sect had agreed to someone else’s challenge, but now he was afraid to go up to the dueling platform for fear of death, which was definitely a matter of shame.

Clan Cheng, who could no longer bear it, suddenly rushed towards the ring like a madman. He took the long sword in his hand and stabbed directly at Liu Lei, without any rules or regulations.

Liu Lei shook his head and let go of the longsword with a slight dodge. Liu Lei felt that both duels were not challenging, if he had known that, he would not have attacked that Sima Ping suddenly, at least he could have seen what Sima Ping was capable of.

Before the match started, no one would have thought that this match would end with this result. Even Ye Mo did not expect it. That Sima Ping was so unbeatable.

There was no heat to watch, the crowd left, the expert who hosted this handicap won big, although the odds were very low, but there were really very few wins for Liu Lei.

In a corner place, a middle-aged man suddenly muttered to himself. “This Liu Lei was recruited by me, he clearly only has a peak cultivation of middle yellow level, how come he suddenly has Xuan level internal qi bursting out? Did he hide his cultivation, or did he have some strange encounter on the boat?”

Liu Lei had won the tournament and secretly won a large amount of gold coins, and his heart was overjoyed. He was about to come to find Ye Mo when he was stopped by one of Shu Shan’s senior brothers, saying that an elder from Shu Shan wanted to see him.

Ye Mo watched Liu Lei leave, knowing that after this competition, he could at least get an inner disciple as a disciple. The status of an inner disciple of a second cla*s hidden sect was still quite good.


“What? You’re saying that Liu Lei of the Shushan Sword Sect won? Sima Ping is at the peak of Yellow rank, while that Liu Lei only has a mid Yellow rank cultivation, how did he win?” Yun Ziyi stood up in surprise when she heard Xiao Ling’s words.

The match between Liu Lei and Sima Ping was not worth a look to someone like her, but as the main head of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, she still knew who lost and who won. But the truth was exactly the opposite of what she had expected, and this result was simply too unexpected.

“Miss, that Liu Lei not only won against Sima Ping, but he also killed him in one move. It was said that that Sima Ping didn’t even have a chance to resist, and later on another disciple of Shangqing Mountain, Fan Cheng, went up on stage to duel with Liu Lei and was killed in the same move.” The green-skirted girl answered truthfully.

Yun Ziyi frowned and pondered for a long time before saying, “Could it be that our information was wrong? Liu Lei is not a Yellow-ranked martial artist at all, but is already a Xuan-ranked martial artist?”

But how was that possible when one thought about it more carefully? She had a roster of all Xuan level martial artists under thirty, so if Liu Lei was a Xuan level martial artist under thirty, she would have pulled Liu Lei in long ago.

No, that Mo Ying went to Liu Lei’s room yesterday before coming to me, could this be related to that Mo Ying? Or did one still not see through him? Even if he hadn’t seen through him, he couldn’t have made Liu Lei so powerful within a few hours, right?

Yun Ziyi shook her head then said, “Xiao Ling, you go and ask around about Liu Lei of the Shushan Sword School later and see what his situation is.”

News of Liu Lei soon came out, and it turned out that Liu Lei had once obtained a ‘Liu Qing Luo’ plant with two small flowers on it. And Liu Lei’s original intention was to take one of them to impact the Xuan level when he reached the peak of the Yellow level. When he reached the peak of the Xuan level, he would then take another one to impact the Earth level.

However, the plan failed to catch up with the change, and because of Sima Ping’s challenge, he had to take two of them at once, and in the last few days, he advanced from the middle Yellow level to the early Xuan level.

Because Liu Lei had already advanced to Xuan level, and he was not yet thirty years old, he was now an inner disciple of the Shushan Sword Sect.

“Surprisingly, it’s ‘Liu Qingluo’, no wonder he can advance to Xuan level, that’s a medicinal material to advance to Earth level, what a pity. He’s really lucky, ‘Liu Qing Luo’ is something that is hard to come across.” Yun Ziyi muttered to herself again as she listened to Liu Lei’s news.


And at this time on this building ship, the heads of the major hidden sects were all gathered together. Although they were said to be the main figures of the major hidden sects, they were actually still some special and first cla*s sects, and there were just several second cla*s sects.

What they discussed was certainly not about Liu Lei, although Liu Lei had made a big splash, but because his rank was still too low, he could not yet influence the brains of these hidden sects. They were still gathered together for the matter of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’.

Although it was none of the other sects’ business when the two sects, the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’, got into trouble, the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall ‘ both had numerous befriended sects.

The ‘Twin Sons Sword Sect’ had numerous beautiful female disciples, and these female disciples all knew a dual cultivation technique. Once they double cultivated with a man, these double cultivation techniques would not affect the man’s cultivation, but would instead promote each other. So many male disciples of the sects married female disciples of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ as a way to increase their cultivation speed, so the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ had many allies.

But the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ had even more support from many sects, as the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’s’ weapons and magic weapons were top-notch. Most of the hidden sects would buy magic weapons and weaponry from the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’, so there were just as many sects that had befriended the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’.

Once the ‘Twin Sword Sects’ and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ got into a fight, the implications would be more extensive, and even many other sects would be involved. As a special cla*s sect and a first cla*s sect, they did not want such a thing to happen.

Because of this, both the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Forge Hall’ tried their best to persuade on both sides after the incident at the auction.

Because of this, although the ‘Twin Sword Sect’s’ Sect Leader, Period Youxin, and the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’s’ Wan Houde still disliked each other, they were able to restrain their impulses after so many days and did not come into greater conflict. More to the point, of course, they had also discovered that there were many suspicions about this matter.

Because everyone knew what this gathering was about, there was talk everywhere in the venue. Period Youxin, who had been somewhat restrained, could not seem to restrain himself again when he heard the chatter of others and thought of his son’s tragic death, as he stared angrily at Xia Chongyan and Wan Houde, the deputy hall master of the ‘Forged Fist Hall’.

Not waiting for the argument between Period Youxin and Wan Houde of the ‘Fist-Forging Hall’ to start up again, a lean old man from the Taiyi Sect stood up and said, “Sect Leader Period, don’t be upset. I have analyzed this matter repeatedly with Brother Ling of Kunqian, and Senior Sister Jing Xian of Cihang Jingzhai also thinks that there is something fishy about this matter. It is because of this reason that we have called everyone together again today.”

This old man was called Zhang Changwen, a Xiantian elder of the Taiyi Sect, and when he spoke, basically those present had to give some face. So the scene, which was still chattering, suddenly quietened down.

Seeing that everyone had quieted down, the old man said again, “We have analysed five major points of suspicion. Firstly, the bearded man knew that someone would be watching him when he made the purchase, but he still swaggered out in the carriage, which was tantamount to attracting people to follow him. Secondly, the bearded man and his companion were not accounted for afterwards. Thirdly, Wei Wu was clearly trying to escape, so why did he go outside Hang Shui City to buy a samurai suit, which was tantamount to deliberately giving away the trail. To say that he deliberately set up a maze would be a bit too much.

Fourthly, if it was really Vice Hall Master Xia who did this, he would not have returned to Hang Shui City even though he was injured, and let Wei Wu escape. Of course the biggest suspicion is still the fifth point, although Elder Min Zhifeng of the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ was wounded by a sword, he died from the sword first, before the sword entered the original wound. I think as long as Wei Wu is not a fool, he would not deliberately make such a false impression that Elder Min Zhifeng was killed by him.”