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DYM Chapter 727

After hearing the words of Elder Zhang of the Taiyi Sect, all the people in the audience were secretly shocked. If what Elder Zhang said was true, then this was definitely a set-up by someone. No wonder Period Youxin was able to endure the pain of losing his son instead of looking for Xia Chongyan to fight for his life.

“To be able to injure Vice Hall Master Xia and kill Elder Min, and then also to plant evidence to frame him. He even took Wei Wu on a trip to Hang Shui City, and only then did he leave gracefully, this man …… this man ……” One of the elders present said the first half of his sentence in surprise before he could not continue.

Although he could not go on, but those present understood what he meant, he meant that this person had gone against the sky. Those who could do this, apart from experts above the middle Xiantian stage, ordinary people would never be able to do it. Moreover, this person had set up so many suspicious means after killing someone to buy time for his escape, meaning that this person was not seriously injured afterwards.

“And ……” Ling Wushui paused after saying these two words and looked around again before slowly saying, “I found another suspicion, which made me sure that Elder Min was indeed framed by someone, and even this person who framed Elder Min still came from outside ……”

“What ……” Hearing Ling Wushui’s words, almost all the people in the room stood up in surprise. Being able to sit here, of course they knew what was outside. The land of the divine Continent was rumoured to be nothing more than a world of cultivation isolated by the great powers of the past using heavenly means. Although it was only a legend, it became a fact after a long time.

This cultivation world could only cultivate ordinary ancient martial arts now because of the countless years that had pa*sed. But even if one cultivated ancient martial arts, cultivating to the extreme was still astonishing. The high-level cultivators in the small world. Of course they knew what was out there. All along, only people from the small world could go out, while those from outside could never come in. Now this meaning of Ling Wushui was saying that not only did people from outside come in, but they were also able to kill Innate experts.

“Elder Ling, it’s not that we don’t believe your words. It’s just that this is a bit too, too appalling.” Another middle-aged man stood up and said with some surprise.

To them once someone from outside could come in. That was quite a big thing, it was said that the technology outside was so advanced that a single bomb could blow up a city. Even if their ancient martial arts training was powerful. Even if they were powerful in ancient martial arts, they would not be as powerful as such a bomb.

Ling Wushui waved his hand, “This is just my guess, because Elder Min left a word before he died, and that word was a ‘forging’ word. The purpose of this person leaving this word was probably to make our people suspect that it was a message revealed by Elder Min before he died. But he didn’t think that in Divine Continent, when we write the character ‘forge’, there are two dots next to that golden character, while the one he left behind does not.

As far as I know, when this ‘forging’ character is written in the Chinese world outside now. There would be no more two dots. That is why I suspect it is someone from outside. Of course, we cannot rule out that it is someone from inside who has learnt the way it is written outside, but this is really unlikely. Either way though, Elder Min wouldn’t have written it like that.”

As Period Youxin watched the crowd turn back to him, he nodded and said, “That’s right. Elder Min and the square of earth beneath him, we have dug them up and placed them together in the coffin. Because that word was very faint, I only discovered it a few days ago, and I told Elder Ling yesterday. But even so, Xia Chongyan could not release his doubts. For these he could have thought of, and could have done so deliberately.”

Although the gaze that Period Youxin looked at the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ with was still indignant, but everyone could see that he was indeed much more sensible, and even his heart already knew that this matter should have nothing to do with the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’. It was just that he couldn’t find anyone to take revenge on for a while, which was why he was staring at Xia Chongyan with a deadly stare.

Ye Mo definitely could not have imagined that his addition of this word would add to the problem, if he had known this, he would have definitely exterminated Elder Min’s corpse and saved so much suspicion. But at that time, all Ye Mo wanted was to fool him for a period of time in Hang Shui City, so he didn’t think deeply about it.

In fact he had done so, at least the other party did not remember about it until more than twenty days later. But what Ye Mo didn’t expect was that he would have to sit on the same boat with these old guys, even for another month.

“Back then, that bearded man’s gold tickets all came from the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’, and we asked the Purple Flower Fairy of the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’. It was said that he took a whole bunch of gold bricks in exchange for those gold tickets, just where did he get so many gold bricks from? And how did these gold bricks get transported into Hang Shui City?” Zhang Changwen added.

“This man exchanged so many gold tickets at the ‘Divine Merchant Bank’, doesn’t the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ investigate?”

“The ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is just doing business with others and never investigates its customers, I have already asked the Purple Flower Fairy about this matter.” Zhang Changwen immediately replied.

Although Xia Chongyan, the Vice Hall Master of the ‘Weapon Forging Hall’, was silent, Wan Houde said, “This person injured Xia, the Vice Hall Master of my ‘Weapon Forging Hall’, and killed Wei Ping. No matter who he is or where he comes from, my ‘Weapon Forging Hall’ will definitely not let him go.”

A middle-aged woman from the Du Tian Sect sneered, then said blandly, “So what if you don’t let go? You know who he is? Besides, he was able to kill a Xiantian expert, so he is still a Xiantian expert anyways. Even if you, Hall Master Wan, met him, what could you do? But to be an Innate Master at such a young age, this person is also quite remarkable.”

Seeing that Wan Houde was about to get angry, Ling Wushui waved his hand and said, “Apart from Senior Du of the Du Tian Sect, who advanced to Ascended at the age of forty-five, there are no Ascended Masters in their thirties in my Divine Continent. I dare not say whether that person is an Innate Master or not, but Elder Min’s death was a sneak attack, and his wound entered from behind, so it can be seen that even if this person is an Innate Master, his cultivation level is only comparable to Elder Min’s.”

Although Ling Wushui did not say the words that followed, everyone knew that it was to give face to the ‘Twin Sword Sect’, and that it was only on par with Elder Min’s cultivation, which meant it was not enough to worry about.

“Elder Ging Xian, I wonder if your sect’s Daoist Master Ging Hu has returned?” Just when the crowd thought that this meeting was just to dispel Period Youxin’s suspicions about the ‘Forge Weapon Hall’, Ling Wushui suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

Jing Xian shook her head and said, “No, not only did Senior Sister Jing Hu of my sect not return this time, but there was also a core disciple who did not return.”

“But Senior Sister Jing Xian, the news we got was that recently in the secular land, someone from your sect used the Extraordinary Hidden Sect Order to search for a young man named Ye Mo. The first time she went through the method of checking the family register, but then it didn’t work and she issued a portrait. I have the portrait of the one called Ye Mo here, everyone can take a copy of it over.” After Zhang Changwen finished speaking meaningfully, one person handed out a copy of the portrait.

After handing them out, he said once again, “Perhaps when Senior Sister Jing Xian returned to the sect, Daoist Master Jing Hu also returned. This time, the core disciple of the Kunqian Sect, Qi Yulin, has also disappeared, so perhaps Daoist Master Gaihu can know a thing or two about it. So if Daoist Master Gaihu has returned, please also ask Senior Sister Gaixian to tell him.”

“What?” The Daoist nun called Gaixian was obviously shocked by this news, the missing elder of the sect had returned and she didn’t even know about it, instead others knew about it. When Jing Hu came back, why didn’t she return to the sect at the first opportunity, instead of issuing some kind of search warrant in a secular city?”

“Daoist Elder Gaixian, I wonder if the other two returning disciples of your sect have returned from their training trip?” It was another elder of the Kun Qian Sect who asked this question.

What was the point of bringing up the matter of the appearance of the Hu Hu, which they had not informed themselves of at all yesterday? She said coldly, “My sect’s disciples don’t need to worry about your Kun Qian Sect’s elders when they go out for training.

Zhang Changwen also knew that Gai Xian’s character was soft on the outside but tough on the inside, if this went on any longer, she might have to draw her sword and rise up soon. As for the matter of Jing Hu and a few other disciples, it would be better to discuss it below. Originally, he had wanted to use this meeting, under the pressure of many sects, to make Ging Xian reveal what the purpose of Ging Hu’s search warrant was, and how Ging Hu had returned. But now, from the expression on Jing Xian’s face, she really did not know that Jing Hu had returned.

The meeting ended unhappily, but many people had a question in their minds: how did Kaifu return, and why did Kaifu search an ordinary young man?


After Liu Lei’s competition, he had become an inner disciple of Mount Shu. Immediately after Liu Lei became an inner disciple of the sect, an elder accepted him as his disciple. Inner disciples have a lot of pressure to cultivate, and because of their qualifications, their cultivation is far more arduous than that of core disciples. So he had to take out all his time to cultivate on the ship, and of course he didn’t have time to come back to Ye Mo, and Ye Mo hadn’t gone to him either.

After Ye Mo knew that Jing Hu was not on the boat, he did not go out and walk around again. He knew that it was better for him to show as little as possible now.

Therefore, Ye Mo, who had returned to the Ice Lake area, just closed up with Mu Xiaoyun every day, and to put it bluntly, he just shut himself up inside his room and didn’t come out.

Because Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun were husband and wife, even Ji Yilan was too embarra*sed to knock on the door and go in to look for them when they didn’t come out of their room. Although Yun Ziyi suspected Ye Mo and even planned to come over to look for him again, she could only leave with a sigh of relief when she saw the sign saying that she was closed to visitors.

The last few days pa*sed in a hurry, but Ye Mo did not know that he had been spared a lot of things because he had not been out.

When the building boat docked, many disciples of the sect let out a cheer. Although the Houseboat was huge, no one liked living in the sea for a long time.

After disembarking, the disciples of each sect, led by the elders of each sect, quickly left the building boat. Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun, of course, also followed the people from Ice Lake and quickly left the dock, and the huge building boat became empty in a flash.

Yun Ziyi took Xiaoling and the elders of the Du Tian Sect to say goodbye, she had her own business in the Hidden Sect, so although she was a disciple of the Du Tian Sect, she did not have to return to the sect.

“Zi Yi, wait ……” an elder of the Du Tian Sect called out to Yun Zi Yi, then took out a portrait and handed it to her and said, “This person is very important, your Chamber of Commerce is all over the place, you should have someone keep an eye on him. ”

“Oh ……” Yun Ziyi took the portrait and opened it to look at it, and a familiar feeling immediately flooded her heart.