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DYM Chapter 728

“Oh ……” Yun Ziyi took the portrait, opened it and took a glance at it, and a familiar feeling immediately came over her.

“What’s wrong? Zi Yi.” Seeming to see that Yun Ziyi was a little dazed, this elder of the Du Tian Sect asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing, I just feel that the person on top of this portrait is so young.” After saying that, Yun Ziyi seemed to realize that her statement was not a reason, and immediately added, “This person looks very temperamental and quite handsome.”

This elder froze for a moment upon hearing this, and then said with a laugh, “The Purple Flower Fairy actually said that this person is handsome, I wonder if this young man will be flattered upon hearing this. Well, this man is important, perhaps he has something very important at stake, remember to tell the sect as soon as you get news of him, we’ll leave first.”

“Yes, Elder Kou.” Yun Ziyi hurriedly agreed before sending the sect’s elders away.

“Miss ……” After Xiao Ling said, Yun Ziyi waved her hand and said, “Let’s also hurry up and go to the Chamber of Commerce, it’s been a little too long out this time.”

Although her tone was calm, Yun Ziyi’s heart wasn’t calm at all. She had now remembered that this man was very much like Mo Ying, and just because others couldn’t see it, didn’t mean she couldn’t see it. At the beginning, in order to confirm whether Mo Ying was lying, she had stared at Ye Mo’s face for a long time, if Mo Ying was not disfigured ……

Could it really be him? If it was him, why did the elders look for such an unnamed person? Although Yun Ziyi could not ask the elders of the sect why they were looking for this person, she could learn about this matter through other means.


Ye Mo set foot in the territory of the Hidden Sect right away. The first feeling was that there were many mountains here, almost mountains after mountains. The aura here was also thicker than other places, although it was still not up to Ye Mo’s ideal state, but it was much thicker than those cities outside.

Ye Mo and Mu Xiao Yun followed Bing Hu’s carriage for nearly three or four days, entering a large area of towering and rolling mountains. Although the road was sparsely populated, Ye Mo also found a few places where many people gathered, according to Ji Yilan. Those were some workshops, and most of these workshops were for the people in the Hidden Sect.

This was because many people were admitted to the outer disciples of the Hidden Sect, but because they had no way to advance in rank for a long time. In the end, they could only fade out of the Hidden Sect and become some marginal people who did odd jobs and engaged in production. There were some who then left the Hidden Sect and then gradually formed some workshops and settlements.

“This is the Ice Lake. It’s the location of our sect.” Ji Yilan pointed at the rolling mountain range in front of him and said.

Ye Mo was shocked in his heart, in his opinion since it was an ice lake, of course it could only be called an ice lake if there was a lake, but here there was not even a small ditch, not to mention a lake.

Seeming to see what Ye Mo and the other disciples were thinking, Ji Yilan said with a faint smile, “You must think that there is no lake here, so why is it called Ice Lake? In fact, if you guys guess from the name, you can only say that you are half right.”

Ye Mo seemed much happier after seeing Ji Yilan return to the ice lake. However, as to why Ji Yilan had used a veil to cover her face, Ye Mo was quite clear. His divine sense had already observed it. This woman was beautiful, but there was a broken face on her face.

It could be said that without this broken face, she would not be worse than Xiao Yun, but because this broken face extended from one side of her cheek to her chin, it directly ruined her entire face. This reminded Ye Mo of that Shen Qian Qian who liked to do business. She was similarly fond of covering her face with something after breaking her face.”

“Ice Lake actually has a lake, once we enter inside the sect, we can see a big lake, and that lake is where our sect’s name comes from. The water of our Ice Lake is so cold that sticking your hand in it is even colder than holding a piece of ice. But there is one thing, it never freezes. That’s why the lake is called the Ice Lake. Not a lake that freezes, but a lake that doesn’t freeze.” Ji Yilan’s expression grew more and more proud as she spoke about the ice lake.

Ye Mo felt the spiritual energy that was much thicker here than outside, and surrounded by green mountains, he even liked it a little in his heart.

After the crowd walked for another two hours, a large green wilderness appeared in front of the crowd, in all sides of this green wilderness were mountains, and in the middle of this wilderness, there was a huge lake.

Ye Mo’s heart moved, this might be the ice lake.

This lake was also a little too beautiful, no wind but there were some subtle fluctuations on the surface of the lake, as if it was like fish lines, with some faint light, and it was much too big compared to his own Luo Yue Lake. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept in, but found that his divine sense was not able to sweep to the bottom of the lake.

Only after Ye Mo entered did he find that the outer disciples and inner disciples here were separated, each in a separate area. The sect, Ice Lake, was not small, with at least hundreds of disciples, but most of them were outer disciples, while there didn’t seem to be many disciples in the inner sect area, and even fewer as far as core disciples were concerned.

Mu Xiaoyun was a core disciple, so she was allowed to enter the core area to cultivate. But Mu Xiaoyun did not want to leave Ye Mo, and Ji Yilan could not do anything about it. Because of the sect rules, even if Mu Xiaoyun’s qualifications were excellent, she could not bring someone who was not related to her into the core area.

Although Ye Mo was Mu Xiaoyun’s husband, relative to the sect of Ice Lake, Ye Mo was an irrelevant person.

So now Mu Xiaoyun and Ye Mo still lived in the outer disciples’ area, but luckily she still had a choice and chose a more secluded place.

Although Mu Xiaoyun had excellent qualifications, there was no way for Mu Xiaoyun to accept the Ice Lake gongfu until her relationship with Ye Mo was resolved.


Faced with Mu Xiaoyun’s stubbornness, there was nothing the Ice Lake side could do. While they were waiting for Mu Xiaoyun to come around, they were also desperately thinking of a solution.

A few days later, because of this matter Ice Lake also held a special meeting where almost all of the core cla*s came. Although Ice Lake was already a third-cla*s sect, it was indeed as they said, the bottom was still there. Apart from Feng Lou, a super expert, there were also several earth-level experts.

A middle-aged woman about the same age as Miao Lan stood up and said, “Lou Lou, I think Mu Xiaoyun is just kind-hearted, and that Mo Ying I’ve seen before, why don’t we do this ……”

After this woman finished, she even used her hand to scratch hard, she was an earth level elder of Ice Lake. Her status in the Ice Lake was second only to Lou Lou and Ji Yilan.

“Absolutely not, Elder Luo you don’t understand the character of this Mu Xiaoyun, if we do this, the only way is to kill Mu Xiaoyun as well. She is deadly devoted to her Sangha, there is no way to change her mind, I wonder if we absorb that Mo Ying into the core disciples as well ……” Ji Yilan was interrupted by Lou Lou before she could finish her words, she just waved her hand, after interrupting Ji Yilan’s words, but did not make a comment. Obviously there was no way for someone like Ye Mo to enter the core disciples.

Miao Lan stood up at this moment and slowly said, “Yilan’s words are very reasonable, Mu Xiaoyun’s character is indeed like that. Talent is rare now, and that Mu Xiaoyun has an important role to play in our sect’s grand competition in a few years. Moreover, Yilan is about to take over full control of Ice Lake’s affairs and really take charge of it. It’s exactly the kind of talent like Xiao Yun that we need to a*sist, so we can’t just do something that breaks our back.”

“Lou Lou, why don’t I go and talk to that Mo Ying. I see that Mo Ying is not an unreasonable person, I believe he can understand the reasoning.” Ji Yilan said again.

Feng Lou nodded, then sighed and said, “So be it, I heard that that Mo Ying is in seclusion now, when he comes out, you go and talk to him. I feel like my condition is getting worse and worse, Yilan’s burden is huge, if I can’t get a large number of backups for my Ice Lake as soon as possible, our Ice Lake’s status as even a third cla*s sect is in danger, hehe ……”

“A mere unqualified fellow is still in seclusion, it’s really ridiculous ……” that Elder Luo snorted coldly once again.


Ye Mo was indeed in seclusion, but he was not in seclusion to cultivate, but to refine pills. Because there was only one ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, he had purposely refined a dozen other pills in order to prevent himself from failing in refining.

Ten days later, when he felt he could refine the ‘Peiyuan Dan’, he took out the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’. These medicinal herbs, such as the Mingxiao Gra*s, Mantian Star and Double-leaved Mushroom, had all been obtained by Ye Mo in the Beizi Mountain, but the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’ was not easy to come by and could not be wasted casually.

Although the ‘Peiyuan Pill’ was two grades higher than the ‘Qi Pill’, Ye Mo had originally been refining pills behind Luo Ying, and after being reborn, he was also refining pills regularly. Together with his original preparation, so this furnace of ‘Peiyuan Dan’ he refined was quite successful, harvesting twelve ‘Peiyuan Dan’.

The full pills of ‘Peiyuan Dan’ were twenty-four pills, and Ye Mo was already very satisfied to get twelve of them.

After he finished making the pills, Ye Mo spoke to Mu Xiaoyun and then began to impact the sixth level of Qi cultivation. In Ye Mo’s plan, after reaching the sixth level of Qi cultivation, he needed to go out and search for some monuments to see if he could help Mu Xiaoyun find a cultivation technique.

The ‘Peiyuan Dan’ immediately turned into bubbling spiritual energy after entering his mouth and began to impact Ye Mo’s meridians. Originally, Ye Mo had already been stuck at the peak of the fifth Qi cultivation layer for a long time, and this time, with the impact of the ‘Peiyuan Dan’, he advanced to the sixth Qi cultivation layer with little effort.

Although he had only advanced from the peak of the fifth level to the sixth level of Qi training, Ye Mo felt that his strength had once again increased by quite a lot. I believe that with his current skills, if he met the newly advanced Xiantian Daogu, he would not let her escape again.

After feeling the abundant true qi in his body, Ye Mo felt that his divine sense had once again become much stronger, and he once again poked his divine sense into the golden dot in his dantian.