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DYM Chapter 729

Originally, Ye Mo only wanted to give it a try, if the divine sense could not enter, he would withdraw it. Advancing to the sixth level of Qi cultivation was within Ye Mo’s expectation and there was nothing to be proud of, but if he could learn what the three pages of golden paper were, this is what made Ye Mo most concerned. Therefore, the first thing he did when he advanced to the sixth level of Qi training was to use his divine sense to detect the golden pages.

Ye Mo’s divine sense once again hit the golden dots and surprisingly, it was not bounced away, Ye Mo was happy in his heart, so he could not enter, it was really because his divine sense cultivation level was too low. And this time, Ye Mo’s divine sense entered the golden dot without the slightest hindrance.

But after Ye Mo’s divine sense entered, in just an instant, Ye Mo felt that his Dantian’s true qi and divine sense were completely absorbed by the golden dot just like last time, as if they were being swallowed by a big mouth, and the speed was even faster than last time. Ye Mo secretly screamed that it was not good and immediately had to withdraw his divine sense, but his divine sense and true qi unexpectedly disappeared without a trace.

Just when Ye Mo thought he was going to vomit blood and pa*s out again, he seemed to see a grey and dull world. A powerful message was poured directly into his mind without even thinking about it.

Ye Mo could even hear a slight thin sound inside his mind before his consciousness was ejected straight out of the golden dot in his dantian.

Although he was ejected straight away, Ye Mo’s heart was bursting with joy, his guess was indeed correct, it was really a world. Although he was ejected in just a few moments, Ye Mo knew that the grey and hazy place was exactly what was inside the golden dot.

The lost true qi and divine sense would be fine once he recovered a bit, and it was already slowly recovering now. To put it plainly. It was still his cultivation level that was too low. Perhaps after his cultivation level reached a certain level, his divine sense would not be able to sweep in again, and this kind of thing would not happen.

Ye Mo was just about to take out a spirit stone to recover his true qi when he suddenly froze, a surge of information had just flooded into his mind, and now it had unexpectedly come together completely.

“At the beginning of the divide of Hong Meng, all the air will last forever …… Pa*sing life to raise the gods. The heart and soul pa*s through the true …… Thinking of God and refining liquid …… The Gate of Creation ……” The opening catchphrase was as clear as if it was engraved in Ye Mo’s mind.

As the first few paragraphs ended, the words “The Divine Creation Decision” were imprinted inside Ye Mo’s mind.

Ye Mo suddenly stood up. His face was filled with shock, it was actually a partial cultivation technique? Other people did not understand the meaning of these words, but Ye Mo knew it too well. This was not only a piece of cultivation dharma. Moreover, it was a piece of cultivation dharma of incomparably high grade, or at least he had not heard of it.

Although Ye Mo was a cultivator, he was only a very low level cultivator in the Luo Yue Continent, and the techniques he cultivated were also average.

Ye Mo took a little look at the cultivation recipe of this dharma, and the method for condensing true qi that he was practicing was not known to be much more powerful than the original. He did not even need to build a foundation before he could condense his true qi into true essence.

What made Ye Mo even more shocked was that it was actually an attributeless cultivation dharma. Although Ye Mo had never seen it, he had heard about the preciousness of attribute-free cultivation dharma dharma. A long time ago in the Luo Yue Continent, an attributeless cultivation spell appeared, and because of the appearance of that spell. It had caused countless sects to perish and countless talented experts to disappear. In the end, it was only because of the disappearance of that spellbook that the matter came to a halt.

But now he had actually obtained such a Dharma Dictate, and if this was known in the Luo Yue Continent, he would have died without a burial place.

The only pity was that the amount of information in this Dharma Dao only stopped at Foundation Establishment. That is to say that there was no merit method after foundation building.

“Maybe my cultivation level is too poor and that’s why I didn’t get more information.” Ye Mo muttered to himself before sitting down slowly once again, this matter came too suddenly and made him think about his future cultivation path.

After Ye Mo read this cultivation dharma all over again, his mood slowly cooled down. It could be said that this cultivation dharma was the most suitable for him to cultivate. This was because he was an eight system spirit root. But the disadvantages also existed, firstly, the resources needed for this cultivation technique were almost unbelievable, and for him to get these resources to cultivate on Earth or in the small world and then cultivate to a certain level was tantamount to dreaming.

Secondly, to cultivate the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ he had to scrap his previous cultivation, which was a great challenge for Ye Mo, or at least he didn’t want to do so just yet. He had managed to advance to the sixth level of Qi cultivation, if all of it was scrapped, even if he had a heaven defying cultivation technique, there was no telling how long it would take to cultivate to the sixth level of Qi cultivation again without resources.

Thirdly, this gong method only goes up to the Foundation Establishment stage, and Ye Mo still didn’t know if he could get the later ones, and even if he could get them, he would have to cultivate to a certain level before he could. What if he couldn’t cultivate it? Even if he could cultivate it, what if there was no more inside the golden dot after he entered it?

In the end, Ye Mo still decided not to cultivate the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ for the time being, he had to have the ability to protect himself. If he could not find a large amount of cultivation resources, he would rather not cultivate this ‘Honmeng Creation Dictate’ with no future for the rest of his life.

But Ye Mo also knew that while he did not cultivate this technique, he could teach it to Mu Xiaoyun, who did not have a cultivation technique, and this attributeless cultivation technique was as suitable for himself as it was for her.

Although it was a cultivation technique that was a waste of resources, Ye Mo was still very happy to find a cultivation technique for Mu Xiaoyun that was suitable for her.

Seeing Ye Mo come out, Mu Xiaoyun immediately greeted her with surprise, this time Ye Mo had been in seclusion for a bit too long, she was even a bit worried.

“Xiao Yun, is that Ji Yilan looking for you again?” With a sweep of Ye Mo’s divine sense, he knew that Ji Yilan had just left.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded and said, “Yes, she did come looking for me a few times, but I didn’t agree with her, I told her that I only needed to be with my Sangha. Today, however, she came to look for you instead, and I said you were in seclusion, so she said she would come again tomorrow.”

“Little Rhyme, I’ve found your cultivation technique, I’ll teach it to you, then you can cultivate it first. I have to go out, just wait here for me to come back.”

Just as Ye Mo finished speaking, Mu Xiaoyun got nervous, she reached out and grabbed Ye Mo and said, “Ye Lang, are you leaving? I want to be with you.”

Ye Mo put his arm around Mu Xiaoyun and said in a soft voice, “You should be safe here now, we all need cultivation resources to cultivate, if we don’t have them, we’ll be stuck like this for the rest of our lives. Your current cultivation level is still too low, and the place I’m going to may be a bit dangerous, so if I bring you with me, it may backfire. I have also told you that my main purpose for coming here is to find cultivation resources.”

“Ye Lang, wouldn’t it be nice for us to just live together and then grow old together? Why do we need to cultivate? I feel like I’m happy now.” Mu Xiaoyun was unwilling to leave Ye Mo from the bottom of her heart, and this was the first time she commented on Ye Mo’s words.

Ye Mo lovingly stroked Mu Xiaoyun’s hair for a long time before saying, “Xiaoyun, in fact, I also want to grow old with you guys slowly like this, that would also be a kind of happiness. But …… I like you guys too much, if I only have a few decades to live, I feel that it is far from enough, I want to be with you guys forever and ever. Moreover, even if we can live our lives in such a bland way, but others may not let us go on in such a bland way. If there was no cultivation, the ten Ye Mo’s of me would have been killed long ago, even the scraps of bones would be gone.”

“Ye Lang, I’m sorry, but, but I really don’t want to leave you.” Mu Xiaoyun knew that Ye Mo’s mind was already made up, and that her Sangha was right, without strength they would have been killed long ago. She could only lower her head and slowly sobbed.

“Xiaoyun, I will teach you the spell first, this spell is called ‘Hongmeng Creation Duel’ ……” Ye Mo didn’t finish his words again this time, before Mu Xiaoyun gagged him with his mouth. Her husband was leaving her, and she had a strong feeling of reluctance in her heart. This was the first time that she took the initiative to do so.

This was the first time Ye Mo had seen such a pa*sionate and fiery Mu Xiaoyun, he could not have imagined that the gentle to the core Mu Xiaoyun had such a fiery side.

Even if Ye Mo had to explain something to Mu Xiaoyun again at this time, he would not say it at this time. The clothes on both of them were thrown off one by one, and only after Mu Xiaoyun hugged Ye Mo**’s lean body did she remember what she had actually done, and she immediately blushed as red as if it was red haze, it was broad daylight.

Mu Xiao Yun would never have thought that she would be this crazy, she was a woman educated as a lady, but at the moment when she was facing the imminent departure of her husband, she could not restrain the impulse inside her. Or perhaps it could not be called an impulse, but a fear. She felt that if her husband left her, she would lose everything, and she really did not want him to leave.

The days she spent with Ye Mo, Mu Xiaoyun had a comfort and happiness that she had never had before, her own Ye Lang treated her so well that even the best husband she had ever seen could not do that. When she left Beizi Mountain, her husband was already the most important person in her life, or rather the only important person.

From the bottom of her heart, she hoped that her husband would take her with him, even if she died, at least she would die with him. However, after listening to Ye Mo’s words, she was afraid that she had really dragged him down with her.

Ye Mo wiped the water stains from the corners of Mu Xiaoyun’s eyes, and his movements gradually became more gentle. At this moment he really wanted to take Mu Xiaoyun with him, but he didn’t dare. The poisonous fog of the ‘Five Embodied Mountain’ was something that he himself did not dare to guarantee his safety, and if he took Mu Xiaoyun with him, it would be even more difficult.


“Xiao Yun, trust me, I’m just going out to look for medicinal herbs, wait for me here, I’ll definitely come back to take you out of here.” After the clouds closed and the rain subsided, it was surprisingly already in the afternoon. But Ye Mo still had to comfort Mu Xiao Yun in his arms, at this time Mu Xiao Yun in Ye Mo’s heart and Luo Ying light snow in general, for Ye Mo are indispensable people.