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DYM Chapter 730

“Mmm.” Mu Xiaoyun, whose face was a little flushed, curled up in Ye Mo’s arms as if she was a kitten, she believed that if her husband said he would come to take her away, he would definitely come to take her away.

Ye Mo knew that the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ required a lot of cultivation resources, and after he taught this technique to Mu Xiaoyun, he gave most of the pills and spirit stones he had refined to Mu Xiaoyun, and even gave all the gold tickets to Mu Xiaoyun. He himself only left behind a few ‘Pui Yuen Pills’, and some ordinary pills. Apart from the useless ‘Face Preserving Pills’, even the ‘Essence Pills’ that Mu Xiaoyun couldn’t use right now, Ye Mo gave a few to her.

Mu Xiaoyun knew how precious spirit stones were, but Ye Mo said that the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’ required too many cultivation resources and she had to cultivate as quickly as possible before she could.

“Ye Lang, what if they let me learn the Ice Lake’s technique?” Mu Xiaoyun thought of Ye Mo leaving and she was about to enter the core area of the Ice Lake, that would mean cultivating the real Ice Lake gongfu.

Ye Mo said with a faint smile, “You only need to cultivate the ‘Hongmeng Creation Dictate’, as for the Ice Lake’s gong method there is no need to cultivate it at all, just look at it. When the time comes, you just need to use your true qi to simulate Ice Lake’s stances, it won’t take any time at all.”

“Mmm ……” whatever Ye Mo said, Mu Xiaoyun was all hmm, her husband was about to leave, his words should all be remembered before he did.

The two of them were making out and it was already completely dark. Mu Xiaoyun had worked too hard during the day, so after eating in the evening, she went to bed and fell asleep.

Ye Mo, however, did not sleep, as he re-refined Mu Xiaoyun’s flying sword by adding ‘Geng Iron Essence’ to it, and then made a few more pills to put inside Mu Xiaoyun’s ring, before resting.

He didn’t know how long he would be away for before he returned, if it was half a year or a year, he didn’t want Mu Xiaoyun to be unable to advance in her cultivation due to the lack of pills.

The sky was already bright again. Ye Mo had made breakfast. Then he walked to the bedside, looked at the sleeping Mu Xiaoyun, lowered his head and kissed her and said softly, “Xiaoyun. I’m leaving, you cultivate well and don’t send me off. Remember to eat well and sleep well. Then wait for me to come back.”

After saying that Ye Mo turned around and left the room, his divine sense had already swept up Ji Yilan who was coming from afar. To Ji Yilan, Ye Mo didn’t have anything to say, he just stepped onto his flying sword and directly rushed into the clouds and left the ice lake.

Of course Ye Mo knew that Mu Xiaoyun had long since woken up, it was just that he knew that Mu Xiaoyun did not dare to face the sight of himself leaving alone, so he did not point her out.

Mu Xiaoyun ran barefoot to the door and looked at the flying sword that was no longer visible in the sky. There was just no way to control her tears. Last night she woke up in the latter part of the night, she wanted so badly for Ye Mo to come to bed and sleep with her in his arms, but she knew that Ye Mo was doing what he thought he had to do.

In fact. Ye Mo was refining pills in the latter half of the night. She stayed awake and watched him the whole time. It was just because she was with Mu Xiaoyun. So Ye Mo’s mind was so focused when he was refining the pills that he didn’t see that Mu Xiaoyun had woken up long ago. However, when he finished refining the pills, he immediately knew that Mu Xiaoyun had woken up.

“Senior Sister Xiao Yun, what are you …… doing?” Ji Yilan came early in the morning, she wanted to persuade Ye Mo today, so that he would know what a foolish thing it was to delay Mu Xiao Yun here. But when she came over early in the morning, she saw Mu Xiaoyun standing barefoot in the doorway shedding tears.

Mu Xiaoyun wiped the tears that could not be wiped away at all and sobbed, “The Sangha has gone ……”

“Ah ……” Ji Yilan gave a surprised ah, but immediately understood how great a good thing this was.

It should be that Mo Ying had figured out that it was very wrong for him to delay Mu Xiaoyun here, so he took the initiative to leave the ice lake. I didn’t expect him to be a person who knew what was right. Thinking of this, Ji Yilan’s opinion of Mo Ying was much better.

However, Ji Yilan immediately remembered that Mo Ying, an ordinary person, leaving the ice lake and being in this place where the mountains overlapped, this was simply looking for death.

But Ji Yilan glanced at Mu Xiaoyun, who was still in grief, but did not dare to say what was on her mind. What if she said it and Mu Xiaoyun went mad and went after Mo Ying? Ji Yilan knew how dependent and precious Mu Xiaoyun was to her husband. Besides, it would be a good thing for Mu Xiaoyun if Mo Ying died. After a long time, she would come into contact with many handsome men and women, and she would gradually forget about her husband.

“Xiao Yun, is that food on this table?” Ji Yilan saw that breakfast had been prepared on the table in the middle of the room, and the lotus egg on top of the snow-white disk was as beautiful and moving as a pearl falling on a jade plate. A cup of drink made of something that could not be seen was still somewhat hot, in addition to this, there was a plate of green vegetables and a small bowl of fine rice porridge on the table, exquisite beyond compare.

The colour and aroma, together with the faint fragrance of the rice coming from the table, made Ji Yilan, who had not eaten breakfast before, gulp.

“Did your husband make it and then ……” Ji Yilan asked in surprise, in her opinion, Mu Xiaoyun was so virtuous and lovely. Breakfast must have been made by Mu Xiaoyun, but today she had obviously just gotten out of bed, which was why she guessed that Mo Ying had made it.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, “Mm, that was made by Sang-duke and put here for me to eat.”

Ji Yilan suddenly had some clarity, not expecting Mo Ying, that seemingly brash man, to be so attentive. Could this be the reason why Mu Xiaoyun liked him, or couldn’t stay away from him? But Ji Yilan quickly shook her head, it was impossible.

Mu Xiaoyun calmed down a bit and let Ji Yilan sit down, and went to finish washing up and change a set of clothes herself before she walked out and said, “Senior Sister Yilan, if you haven’t had breakfast, come along and have some. There’s still plenty of rice porridge here.”

“Yes, fine.” Ji Yilan had long wanted to eat something from the table, but it was just that Mu Xiaoyun hadn’t said anything, so she was too embarra*sed to take the initiative to ask. Besides, it was just some ordinary rice porridge and lotus egg, not worth much.

But when Ji Yilan took a bite of the melt-in-your-mouth, lingering fragrance of the lotus egg, she immediately knew that it was definitely not something ordinary people could make. She subconsciously looked at Mu Xiaoyun, who was eating with her head down, and asked, “Xiaoyun, is your husband a chef?”

“No.” Mu Xiaoyun shook her head.

Ji Yilan picked up a green vegetable again, but she almost swallowed it, Ji Yilan was sure that even a chef couldn’t cook such a delicious dish.

But she didn’t ask again, and the table was soon finished with Ji Yilan’s food. She looked at Mu Xiaoyun with some displeasure and said, “I’m sorry, Xiaoyun, your husband’s cooking is so delicious that I ate a bit too much.”

“It doesn’t matter, my Sang-un will still cook it for me when he comes back.” Mu Xiaoyun shook her head.

Ji Yilan was just about to speak again when she suddenly felt a heat rising within her body, and her internal qi seemed to have solidified a little more.

Looking at Ji Yilan’s surprised look, Mu Xiaoyun said, “That’s normal, Senior Sister Yilan, you don’t have to worry. Sang-du likes to put some medicinal herbs inside his meals, so it’s somewhat good for cultivation.”

“Ah ……” Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun in shock, although Mu Xiaoyun said it easily, but Ji Yilan knew how bullish someone who could put medicinal herbs into their food was. Could it be that her husband was also a medicine master? Should I talk to my grandma?

After thinking about it, Ji Yilan shook her head, it was better not to tell her grandma. It would be bad if there were any problems with Mu Xiaoyun’s cultivation.

“Xiao Yun, now that your husband has left the ice lake, why don’t you move inside with me?” Ji Yilan finally remembered the main purpose of her visit today.

Mu Xiaoyun nodded, this was what her Sage-Huang had explained to her when he left, she needed to cultivate hard and then wait for him to return.


Wu Yun City, in the Hidden Sect was considered a not small city. This city was three hundred miles away from the Five Embodied Mountains, and people came and went all year round. Most of these people, apart from some merchants, were ancient martial disciples who had come to collect medicinal materials around the Wu Yun Mountain, as well as some disciples who had not developed inside the sect and wanted to find cultivation resources here.

Although the mountain is rich in all kinds of medicinal materials, it takes five years to enter and there is a limit to the number of places available. However, there are several boundless mountain ranges surrounding the mountain, which also produce many medicinal materials. And sometimes, there are some extremely precious medicinal herbs. So many martial artists who cannot enter the Five Embodied Mountains to collect medicinal herbs, collect them in the nearby places.

To enter these mountains to collect herbs, there is a certain amount of danger and some protection is needed. Plus, although the poisonous mist of the Five Embodied Mountains gathers in the Five Embodied Mountains, there are also overflows close to the Five Embodied Mountains, and many precious medicinal herbs are close to the Five Embodied Mountains, so to go and collect these herbs, one must be prepared.

Many of those who have collected herbs are the first to be collected once they have left the mountain. All these demands gathered together have formed the Five Embodied City over a long period of time, so that whether or not it is time for the five-year period to enter the Five Embodied Mountain, the Five Embodied City is always bustling with activity all year round.

After Ye Mo left the Ice Lake, he headed directly to the Five Embodied Mountains. For other people, it might take more than a week for the Ice Lake to travel to the Five Embodied Mountain, but for Ye Mo it was just a matter of less than an hour.

The poisonous fog of the Five Embodied Mountains would not dissipate for another four or five months, but there was no way Ye Mo could wait until a few months later to go in with the others to look for herbs.

Half an hour later, Ye Mo saw the Five Embodied City, he landed his flying sword and entered the Five Embodied City.

One of the reasons why Ye Mo entered Wu Yun City was because he wanted to buy some common things, and another was to inquire about Wu Yun Mountain. He only knew that there was a poisonous fog in the Five Embodied Mountains, but he didn’t know anything about the rest, so it was necessary to do some homework before entering the Five Embodied Mountains.

Ye Mo had just entered the Five Aggregates City when he was attracted by a loud noise.