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DYM Chapter 75-76

Chapter 75

With a woman as beautiful as Ning Qingxue, although Ye Mo had not seen her back, he could imagine that it must be white and nèn smooth. But now her back was all black and blue, so it was clear how much force the person who had beaten her had used. Seeing the injuries on Ning Qingxue’s back, Ye Mo’s murderous intent surged up once again, the Song family, he would definitely not let go.

Ye Mo untied Ning Qingxue’s Wenxiōng, the 108 silver needles in his hand had already turned into some residual shadows and fell into Ning Qingxue’s back, while both palms kept pressing and rubbing on Ning Qingxue’s body, his true qi slowly seeped into Ning Qingxue’s body with Ye Mo’s palms, slowly repairing her broken meridians, internal organs and broken spine.

Luckily, Ye Mo had some pills that he had put here for Ning Qingxue, otherwise with Ning Qingxue’s injuries, it would have been really difficult to heal her in one night.

As the broken and damaged meridians and internal organs in Ning Qingxue’s body were gradually repaired by Ye Mo’s true essence, Ye Mo’s face became paler and paler. Originally, he thought that he would be able to repair the injured meridians in Ning Qingxue’s body in an hour or so at most, but now it was already two hours and he had only just finished healing about half of the meridians.

Beans of sweat fell on Ning Qingxue’s back, but Ye Mo didn’t dare to stop, because once he stopped, not only would he have abandoned his previous work, but it would be even more difficult to help her heal later.

If only there was a spirit stone, or a spirit qi recovery pill, even if it was the lowest grade pill, it would be good. As Ye Mo felt the true essence in his body dwindling, he could only fantasize about having such an elixir.

Another hour pa*sed, and Ye Mo’s hand that was kneading Ning Qingxue’s back was already starting to tremble. Although he felt that the true essence in his body could no longer hold on, Ye Mo still had to hold on. Although he knew that he was likely to be equally wasted if this went on, he had no choice.

He had overestimated his true essence cultivation level and underestimated Ning Qingxue’s injuries.

Although Ye Mo’s face was gradually becoming unsightly, Ning Qingxue’s skin was slowly turning a healthy white. The layer of bruises on her back seemed like a layer of cloth that Ye Mo had uncovered. Her face was gradually rosy, and her skin, which was tense from the pain, gradually relaxed.

Although her meridians were sealed by Ye Mo and she couldn’t wake up for a while, it could be seen from her tightly furrowed brows, but it was as if she felt something.

Ye Mo bit through the tip of his tongue and forcibly poured in the last trace of true essence. Continuing to knead Ning Qingxue’s meridians, another half an hour pa*sed, and after Ye Mo finished repairing the last injury in Ning Qingxue’s body, he could no longer hold back and pounced on Ning Qingxue’s back in one go.

As soon as Ye Mo’s face touched the smooth skin on Ning Qingxue’s back, a faint fragrance entered his nose, causing Ye Mo to jolt, and then he thought of Luo Ying. He hurriedly got up, helped Ning Qingxue tie her Wenxiōng, and helped her put on her blouse, before turning her over. Poor Ye Mo, he had never fiddled with such things as the Wenxiōng before, and the two small straps made him work for half a day, almost making him sweat before he tied them.

It was only at this point that Ye Mo discovered the fullness of Ning Qingxue’s front xiōng, the two big bulging white rabbits were about to squeeze out, making Ye Mo wonder in his heart how he hadn’t noticed it normally. The two bunnies were so big that they were not noticed.

However, now Ye Mo was very tired and took a short rest, helped Ning Qingxue unlock the closed meridians and let her sleep. Before he left, Ye Mo packed his things inside the small box again, looked at Ning Qingxue’s hand that was clinging to the box, sighed, and finally did not take the small box away, not even taking the same things inside.

When Ye Mo left the small courtyard, he estimated that it was almost three o’clock. He found a secluded place to rest for an hour, and probably at close to four o’clock, Ye Mo had basically recovered his seventh level of strength. Only because of helping Ning Qingxue heal her injuries just now, his true essence was a little less stable. However, Ye Mo thought that this was enough, and only then did he head to the residence where Wang Peng was called Brother Hu.

When Ye Mo came, the guard at the entrance of the villa was lying on top of the table taking a nap, Ye Mo casually knocked him out and then entered the house to turn off the monitoring computer. He knew that this computer must be connected to other computers, but since the computer with the capture card was switched off, other computers could no longer monitor it, so he didn’t know if there was any other monitoring.

What was strange to Ye Mo was that when he tumbled inside the villa, there was still a room with the light still on. Ye Mo walked in a bit and swept his divine sense in. Inside, there were indeed a few people still discussing something, surprisingly they hadn’t slept yet.

The one surnamed Hu was really there, but in addition to that, there was also a young man in his twenties, whose face surprisingly looked three times similar to Song Shaowen. There were also two strong men standing at the door, Ye Mo mō over and with just two slaps, these two strong men fell down.

“Brother Hu. That Wang Peng did a good job today, with those two little girls accompanying him for a night, Qian Shiping shouldn’t be pushing things around. I don’t believe it, with Qian Shiping’s help, this Ye still has nowhere to run.” The young man’s voice was not loud, but it was full of confidence.

The man called Hu nodded and said, “Young Tan is right, although Qian Shiping is not good, the power behind him is sometimes more useful than an official wanted notice, I’m just afraid that a few old guys under his father will oppose it.”

“Opposition? Thousand Dragon Heads is the only son of Thousand Shiping, even if he wants the moon in the sky, he will pick it for him. With such a large power of Thousand Dragons, he can say that there are ten times more ways than ours to find out Ye Mo. Although my Song family is one of the five great clans, there are some things that are not good to do openly after all, leaving them to Thousand Dragons is the best.” This young Tan had a high regard for Thousand Dragon Heads, but clearly had some disdain for Thousand Shi Ping.

After a pause, he said, “Tianji is getting worse and worse, how dare he get these two straw men to take Ning Qingxue, not only did he fail to get her here, but he also got a mess. Otherwise, having Ning Qingxue here is much better than those two schoolgirls. And I also want to enjoy the taste of the capital’s number one beauty, accomplished and defeated guys.”

He even gave a cold snort after saying that.

“Tianji and his two henchmen, I’ll take care of them, now they’re in the basement reflecting on their waking up. But looking at that Ning Qingxue, it seems that she still has some affection for that wastrel Ye Mo, maybe we can use this to block Ye Mo in Ninghai.” The middle-aged man called Hu said.

Shao Tan shook his head, “You’re somewhat underestimating Ye Mo, according to my recent investigation of him, I found out that this is a typical guy who plays the pig and eats the tiger. Not only is he incredibly skilled, but he is also very cunning. If this wasn’t the case, there would be no need for me to alert someone like Thousand Dragons. After all, if such a matter were to get out, it wouldn’t do my Song family any good.”

Ye Mo had fully understood that this Tan Shao should be someone from the Song Family and had come to specifically capture himself. yīn by mistake, he had injured Ning Qingxue.

Ye Mo’s divine sense swept out and indeed found three kneeling men inside the basement, and in a bedroom not far away, he once again saw two girls cloaked and naked lying on the chuáng, with a youth beside them.

But the two girls were covered in bruises, and it was not clear whether they had fallen asleep or pa*sed out mí. It looked like these two girls were the student girls that young Tan had spoken of. Ye Mo suddenly noticed that one of the girls was somewhat familiar, and was soon able to find out that this girl was from Ninghai University, or a top ten ranked school girl.

“It’s getting late, go rest first Brother Hu, I’m going to rest too.” After saying this Tan Shao stood up.

Before this Brother Hu could speak, the door was kicked open, while a cold voice said, “There is no need to rest, there is plenty of time for you to take your time from today onwards.”


Chapter 76

“It’s you, Ye Mo.” The man called Hu immediately recognized the person who came was Ye Mo, he had seen Ye Mo’s photo countless times long ago. Without even thinking, he returned his hand and struck out with a punch, the wind of the punch surprisingly did not leak out.

As soon as Ye Mo took a look, he knew that this Hu was really an expert, just like he thought. Ye Mo wanted to try out how strong his fist was, and also struck out with a punch.

“The sound of bones breaking rang out as Ye Mo took two steps backwards and came to the door again. But Hu took two steps backwards at the same time and crashed into Tan Shao’s body.

When the two fists met, both of them actually had broken bones in their fists. Ye Mo’s eyes were cold, it was true that his physical skills were indeed nothing in this place now. Although he had only recovered 70%, there were definitely people who were more powerful than this Hu.

“Late Yellow Grade ……” Hu’s eyes showed shock as he spat out four words at the same time. However, after his hand bone was broken, he didn’t dare to continue fighting against Ye Mo because he didn’t have Ye Mo’s kind of ability to use true essence to recover his broken bone. Although he had cultivated his internal qi, this broken bone, it would take about a month to repair.

When Tan Shao saw that Ye Mo was evenly matched with Hu, a trace of fear appeared in his eyes, it was obvious that he did not expect Ye Mo to be so powerful, honestly, he had not seen anyone more powerful than Hu. It was said that Brother Hu was an ancient martial disciple, this Ye Mo could actually block one of Brother Hu’s punches, this couldn’t help but make him a little appalled.

Although he didn’t know what ‘late yellow rank’ meant, Ye Mo reckoned that it should be a martial arts ranking term here.

Seeing that Ye Mo was so skilled, Tan Shao took out his mobile phone and was about to call. Ye Mo already knew that this guy was from the Song family and had come to arrest him, so he didn’t have any desire to show any mercy at all and casually struck an iron nail with his hand.

Before this young Tan’s mobile phone number was dialed, an iron nail had already hit him in the eyebrow.

“You actually killed Song Shao Tan?” This Brother Hu saw Ye Mo raise his hand and killed Song Shao Tan, his eyes showed a look of shock and anger.

Ye Mo smiled lightly, “I also killed Song Shaowen, why, do you have an idea?”

Hu’s eyes immediately narrowed, yes, Ye Mo had even killed Song Shaowen, killing another Song Shaotan would not put any pressure on him at all.

“If you are willing to answer a few questions for me, maybe I can let you live today.” Ye Mo finished his sentence and stared coldly at this Brother Hu.

“Haha, letting me Hu Qiu a way out? How much of an advantage did you take just now? Since you are here today, don’t leave.” Hu Qiu’s intact hand pulled out a whip from somewhere and immediately leapt up, the whip in his hand turned into a whip shadow and wrapped it towards Ye Mo.

So fast, Ye Mo looked at the stacked whip shadows, but at this moment, he didn’t dare to bully hard into it. If it was before he helped Ning Qingxue to heal, he could still grab the other party’s whip by force against force, but at this moment, although he had almost recovered nearly 70%, he still had insufficient breath. Ye Mo understood his current situation and immediately dodged to get out of the way.

Only because the room was too small, his back was still swept by the whip and a burst of burning pain came from it. Ye Mo knew that this blow had removed at least one layer of skin and definitely brought out a not-so-shallow blood mark.

Seeing that the whip was effective, Hu Qiu was even more aggressive and finished his turn almost instantly, the whip shadow in his hand swept in again.

Ye Mo had to secretly sigh that this Hu’s whip was really well practiced, understanding that he was already at a disadvantage as he only knew how to dodge his opponent’s whip in this room. Since this was the case, he might as well do it the hard way. Ye Mo once again raised his true essence, his hand already raised three iron nails at the same time, while his hand looked at the back end of the whip shadow and grabbed it.

Hu Qiu’s heart was shocked, he could not imagine that someone would dare to grab his whip with his bare hands in the midst of such a violent whip shadow.

“The whip in his hand went even faster, and the whip shadows overlapped, making it impossible to distinguish clearly.

He understood that Ye Mo was trying to kill both of them, and unless he withdrew his whip to defend himself, the nails would hit his body.

Hu Qiu grunted coldly, “A two-way fight with me? Instead of withdrawing his whip, he simply turned his body sideways. One of the three iron spikes was dodged, while the other two hit Hu Qiu’s left side of his chest with unerring accuracy.

Hu Qiu surprisingly took two nails hard and did not withdraw his long whip. He knew how powerful Ye Mo was and desperately wanted to hit him with his whip even though he had taken two nails from him. His whip was extremely powerful and fast, and he believed that not only would Ye Mo not be able to catch it, but he would also be seriously injured by the whip, and that injury was definitely not comparable to two iron nails that hit him in non-vital parts.

But Hu Qiu was not a cultivator, he did not know that there was such a thing as divine sense. By the time he reacted, Ye Mo had already grabbed the tip of his whip with unerring accuracy.

A powerful force came and Ye Mo felt a surge in his chest and knew in his heart that it was not good, although he had grabbed the whip, the after-effects of helping Ning Qingxue heal just now had come and he even felt a burst of exhaustion that he was going to vomit out.

Ye Mo knew that he was at the end of his rope and did not dare to hesitate, he concentrated his last true essence for a moment while Hu Qiu was dazed and kicked Hu Qiu in the chest.

Only at this time did Hu Qiu completely understand that the Ye Mo in front of him could find the correct whip body among his Shadowless Whip and even caught it. Could he actually be a Xuan level expert?

“You are Xuan level ……” Hu Qiu pointed at Ye Mo and said a few words, spurting out a mouthful of blood furiously and fell to the ground and died immediately.

Ye Mo let out a long breath, it was too risky to come here today, he almost left his little life here. He had almost left his life here. He had said that he had captured this Hu alive to ask him something, but it seemed that he had overestimated himself. There are really capable people everywhere in this world, just that one has not met them. From what this Hu Qiu said before he died, there is also something called Xuan level which is one level higher than him.

Ye Mo felt a pang of dizziness as he held onto the wall and walked out, looking at the room not far away, the youth who had plagued two young girls should be Qian Shiping, the son of Thousand Dragons. Ye Mo kicked open the room and pulled out this Qian Shiping.

“Who are you? How dare you be so bold?” Qian Shiping was pulled up in his sleep, stunned for a moment, looked at the somewhat weak Ye Mo, remembered his situation, and immediately wanted to lash out.

“The person who killed you.” Ye Mo took a breath, having just kicked the door with some more effort.

“Kill me? Hahaha, do you know who I am? If you kill me, even if you go all over the country, you won’t have anywhere to hide. You think ……” Qian Shiping was still screaming, but an iron nail had already penetrated into his eyebrow, he couldn’t believe until his death that this man in front of him really dared to kill him, his old man was the head of a thousand dragons, but his consciousness had blurred up.

Ye Mo dared not delay any longer, he felt himself getting weaker and weaker, he walked to the basement, looked at the three people inside who were kneeling and reflecting, without hesitation three iron nails pierced out, the three people died without any reaction at all. As for the two people in the other room, Ye Mo didn’t bother with them, they were probably Qian Shiping’s followers.

This was the only thing on Ye Mo’s mind, what he did today was too risky, he did not expect Hu Qiu’s skills to be so powerful, so powerful that it was somewhat beyond his expectation. If Hu Qiu was not overconfident in his whip, whether he, Ye Mo, could walk out today was still a different matter.