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DYM Chapter 731

“You bully people too much ……” a clear woman’s voice rang out from the crowd. ( …)

Immediately after this voice, someone sneered, “Bullying people too much? My Taiyi Sect is at least considered a special cla*s sect, would it bully people like you? So many people here saw it just now, who was the one who disobeyed the rules first? How dare you go back on your words and say that I, Jin Cang Liang, am bullying people too much?”

Ye Mo shook his head and was about to walk away, but he immediately stopped after his divine sense swept the object that the man beside the woman was holding, and then he took out a black scarf and covered his face and squeezed into the crowd. The reason why he covered his face was because he was afraid that if he did something here, it would affect Mu Xiaoyun. Luckily, the people around were all attracted by the noise, and no one noticed Ye Mo who had just entered the city.

On one side of the confrontation were two disciples dressed in Taiyi Sect’s clothing, and beside them was a young man with ordinary clothes. On the opposite side of these three, however, was a man and a woman who looked somewhat like a husband and wife. The woman had a somewhat showy face, while the man looked very strong.

The reason why Ye Mo squeezed in was because he saw the man holding a handful of ‘blood oar seeds’, such a large handful of ‘blood oar seeds’ that there were even a dozen of them.

The ‘blood oar seeds’ were the main medicinal herbs used to refine the ‘Great Peel Pill’, although the ‘double-leaf mushroom’ was also one of the medicinal herbs used to refine the ‘Great Peel Pill Although ‘Double-leaved Mushroom’ is also one of the herbs used to make the ‘Great Peiyuan Pill’, ‘Double-leaved Mushroom’ can also make the ‘Peiyuan Pill’, and it is far less precious than ‘Blood Oar Seed’. In the cultivation world a single ‘Blood Oar Seed’ could be sold for twenty to thirty spirit stones, so when Ye Mo saw so many ‘Blood Oar Seeds’, of course he would not let them go. He had come here to look for medicinal herbs.

Besides, Ye Mo knew that he could refine the ‘Peiyuan Dan’ without the ‘Earth Spirit Fruit’, he just couldn’t refine an extremely high quality ‘Accompanying Yuan Dan’, but without the ‘ Blood Oar Seeds’, there was definitely no way to refine the ‘Great Peiyuan Pill’.

“What’s going on?” Ye Mo took the initiative to come out and mind his own business.

Ye Mo’s clothes looked ordinary and smelled a bit odd, and most of all, he was covered with a black scarf. However, there were all sorts of strange and weird people coming over in Wu Yun City all the time. So without knowing the other party’s details, no one would say anything more.

So at Ye Mo’s question, the crowd present just looked. No one came out to answer. But many people were still surprised that a person with a masked face took the initiative to come out and look for trouble. Wasn’t he masking his face to hide? Why would he come out and meddle?

“There’s nothing for you here, if you don’t want to cause trouble. Just get lost.” A man from the Taiyi Sect immediately snorted coldly when he saw a nosy one pop up and said.

The woman was in the middle of a rage fight when Ye Mo came out to ask a question, so of course she wouldn’t let it go and hurriedly stood out and said, “My husband and I have been gathering medicinal herbs near Wu Yun City, and this time we were relatively lucky and gathered twelve ‘Blood Oar Seeds’. But these two people, surprisingly, relying on the fact that their sect is powerful, are going to try to buy our medicinal herbs at a low price through means, and we don’t sell them. They even wanted to buy them by force.”

“Ya Xin, give them the benefit of the doubt, we can’t afford to mess with them and hide.” The man pulled the woman next to him.

Ye Mo laughed, “So it’s a forced purchase, how come there are still such shameless people now?”

“Who are you saying is shameless. We are the disciples of the Taiyi Sect, so be careful what you say.” The disciple of the Taiyi Sect who had just replied seemed to have calmed down his tone a lot because Ye Mo was not scared, although he was still threatening Ye Mo.

Another disciple from the Taiyi Sect suddenly stepped forward and said with a fist clasp, “This friend. We are not trying to buy by force at all. These two collected a dozen ‘Blood Oar Seeds’ and they were selling them here, and two people wanted to buy their ‘Blood Oar Seeds’, then I said the highest bidder would get them, and they agreed. But now after I offered the gold coins, no one offered a higher price and they actually said we were buying by force and stopped selling again. This friend, you comment on the reasoning, is he not keeping his word or am I forcing them to buy?”

“Oh, I wonder how many gold coins you have offered?” Ye Mo suddenly asked in a light voice.

“Fifty gold coins.” The man hesitated for a moment, but still said it.

Ye Mo laughed coldly at this, even here, a random plant of these ‘Blood Oar Seeds’ would be worth five or six hundred gold coins. A mere fifty gold coins, he wanted to buy twelve ‘Blood Oar Seeds’, and this guy even said it with a straight face, his skin was really thick.

Ye Mo looked around and immediately knew that the reason why no one dared to raise the money for fifty gold coins was not that others didn’t want to pay, but that they didn’t dare to pay. From this, it could be seen that these two guys from the Taiyi Sect were rampant here, they calculated that after they bid, no one would definitely dare to raise the money, that’s why they did so, they really did dominate everything.

Thinking of this, Ye Mo smiled lightly at the couple and said, “These two friends, this Taiyi Sect guy is right, aren’t you selling things to the highest bidder? Does it still go to the person with the lower price?”

“You ……” The woman who was expecting Ye Mo to come out and fight just now was furious, she couldn’t imagine that a random person who came out was another guy who was currying favour with the Taiyi Sect.

“Haha …… this friend is just insightful, selling something is of course the highest bidder.” The Taiyi Sect disciple named Ye Mo Roll just now laughed, and it was only at this time that he realized that the hooded man who had come over was also a guy who curried favor with the Taiyi Sect.

The people around shook their heads, but this was something they were used to, to go and offend a disciple of a large sect in Five Embodied City, would it not be an act of seeking death.

Just before the Taiyi Sect disciple’s laughter fell, Ye Mo took out a 10,000 gold ticket and handed it to the man and said, “I’ll give you 10,000 gold coins, the price is higher than theirs, right, if you are satisfied with my price, then this ‘Blood Oar Seed’ will be mine.”

“Ah ……” The man froze for a long time before he reacted, so this masked man was helping them and had offered 10,000 gold coins.

When the woman saw that Ye Mo had offered 10,000, she immediately reacted and immediately grabbed the ‘blood oar’ in the man’s hand and handed it to Ye Mo, taking the gold ticket and said, “Satisfied, extremely satisfied.”

After saying that, he looked at the gold ticket and said gratefully again, “Thanks a lot to this big brother.”

“You’re f*cking looking for death ……” One of the disciples from the Taiyi Sect likewise reacted and immediately became furious and stepped forward to make a move.

Ye Mo’s face sank, a scimitar suddenly appeared in his hand, a light flashed, and this Taiyi Sect disciple who had just spoken was immediately split into two.

The smell of blood spread out in the streets and the surroundings were instantly dead silent. Inside Wu Yun City, although there were often arguments, they were at most just noisy, and even if there was a grudge to kill, it would not be settled in the city. But this masked man was so fierce that he killed someone directly in Five Embodied City, and the person he killed was a disciple of the Taiyi Sect. The sky had turned, this matter was indeed turned upside down.

“You …… how dare you kill a disciple of my Taiyi Sect ……” Another disciple of Taiyi Sect was shocked and angry, pointing at Ye Mo. Just before he could finish his sentence, the scimitar in Ye Mo’s hand flashed again and this same Taiyi Sect disciple who had just been shouting curses was split in half.

The remaining boy immediately turned pale, but he immediately knew that if he spoke one word of nonsense, he would immediately be killed, he simply did not even dare to raise his head and immediately turned around and went away.

The couple also did not expect Ye Mo to kill someone in the city, and to kill someone from the Taiyi Sect, so they were also confused.

But the woman reacted quickly, she knew that if they didn’t leave, they might die without a burial place.

She took out a book and handed it to Ye Mo and said, “This big brother, this is for you. You should hurry up and leave, we are leaving too, see you later.”

After saying this, the woman immediately pulled the man and hurriedly left the city, not daring to stay for a moment at all.

Ye Mo smiled faintly, of course he had killed on purpose. He was about to seek revenge against the Taiyi Sect, and now he was just collecting some interest. In Wu Yun City, he believed that no one dared to do anything to him yet. Even if those experts came over, he had entered the Five Embodied Mountain.

It was only when the couple left in a hurry that the crowd around them stirred up, there had been a killing inside Five Embodied City, and it was a person from the Taiyi Sect who had been killed. This masked man was too bold, he killed someone and still didn’t leave, he was still reading a book in the street.

Ye Mo opened the booklet and flipped it open, surprisingly it was a booklet of where which medicinal herbs were abundant and it was very detailed. This thing was very useful to him, Ye Mo put away the booklet and was a little grateful to the woman.

Ye Mo had just put away the booklet when several wind sounds rang out and at least six martial artists landed beside Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s divine sense swept through them, one half-step Xiantian, three early Earth level, one middle Earth level, and one late Earth level.

“Friend, how dare you kill someone in Wu Yun City, now you put down the weapons in your hands and come with us.” The one who spoke in a stern voice was the late Earth Grade martial artist.

Ye Mo suddenly smiled coldly, “Are there any people from the Taiyi Sect here?”

“I am from the Taiyi Sect, so what about you? You are a mere Xuan level martial artist, how dare you kill my Taiyi Sect’s people in Wu Yun City ……” The late Earth level martial artist’s voice was even colder than Ye Mo’s, if he didn’t know Ye Mo’s origin now, he would have killed Ye Mo long ago.

“Very well, it is the people of the Taiyi Sect that I am killing.” As Ye Mo’s words fell, his body immediately flickered.

The late Earth Grade martial artist seemed to see a blade light falling from his brow, and was immediately scared out of his mind, and without even thinking, he was about to dodge out of the way. Only as soon as his body moved, he felt an invisible force pushing him back into position.

The next moment, he only felt a chill on his brow, “Inner Qi Wall, Innate ……” Just before he could finish these words, he immediately fell into darkness.

Looking at one of the late stage earth level experts who had come along, he had fallen to the ground and died without even surviving a single move under his opponent’s blade. Apart from a bloodstain on his brow, everything seemed to be normal, and the remaining five people were stunned.

“Inner Qi into a wall, Innate expert ……” The half-step Innate muttered the words in full.