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DYM Chapter 732

The scene fell silent with these words, an innate expert could be said to be a horizontal existence in Five Embodied City. ( …) And an Innate expert who killed a late Earth-ranked master in seconds would be even less of an ordinary Innate.

“You want to arrest me?” Ye Mo suddenly looked at the half-step innate martial artist and asked.

“No, no, senior, it’s because ……” The martial artist saw Ye Mo’s gaze looking at him and was suddenly covered in cold sweat, he knew that with the killing nature of the masked devil in front of him, if he just said a random wrong word, he might be killed.

Ye Mo’s light tone rang out again, “Is it because I killed someone from the Taiyi Sect? You are right, I just like to kill people from the Taiyi Sect. The few of you who are still members of the Taiyi Sect, sign up yourselves.”

“No, none of us are from the Taiyi Sect, except for the one who just ……” The innate expert immediately replied with trepidation when he heard Ye Mo’s question.

“If not why are you still standing here? Get lost all, I need to buy something in Wu Yun City, if I meet you few unenlightened ones again, I won’t bother to talk.” Ye Mo turned around and left after he finished speaking.

When these five people saw Ye Mo leave, they secretly sighed in relief, the meaning of lazily talking, they certainly understood it.

“City Lord ……”

“Don’t bother with this person, let’s go back immediately and immediately send back word of what happened here to the Taiyi Sect ……”


A few of the top bra*s of Wu Yun City came and went quickly, the only difference was that six people came and only five went back.

Almost all of Ye Mo’s gold tickets went to Mu Xiaoyun, but there were still some bits and pieces of gold tickets on him. It added up to sixty to seventy thousand gold coins. He hadn’t expected there to be a Five Embodied City here, so seeing this Five Embodied City, of course he had to use these gold coins to buy medicinal herbs.

Sixty thousand gold coins for medicinal herbs was indeed a lot to buy. Not every medicinal herb was as expensive as ‘Blood Oar Seeds’.

The news that Ye Mo had killed someone and several city supervisors came to stop it and were also killed by Ye Mo immediately spread throughout Wu Yun City. So wherever Ye Mo went, no one dared to look at him more than once. Even if they did look. Even if they did, they only dared to secretly hide to the side and watch.

When Ye Mo entered the various herb shops to buy herbs, the shopkeepers offered prices that were even a little bit cheaper than the purchase price, just because they were afraid of offending this god of killing. He was afraid of offending this god of killing.

Ye Mo was a bit speechless, the reason why he killed was because those guys were from the Taiyi Sect. And here he believed that Taiyi Sect had no way to take him. With ordinary people, he was not the kind of pervert who would kill at the drop of a hat. But since others took the initiative to lower the price down, he wouldn’t be stupid enough to say that this price is not right, I want to increase the money for you.

Ye Mo had a rich harvest in Wu Yun City, most of the medicinal herbs harvested here were still fresh, presumably because of the proximity to the medicinal herb gathering place.

Half a day later, Ye Mo finally left Wu Yun City in a big way amidst many worried eyes. What rea*sured all the people of Wu Yun City was that although this man was quick to kill, he was very trustworthy in his purchases and did not return the price.

Thinking about the fact that Ye Mo had killed a disciple of the Taiyi Sect. And since the Taiyi Sect had always been strong, and there were not a few people who had suffered losses from them, many people’s psyches were on Ye Mo’s side. However, such thoughts could only be thought about, they did not dare to say it out loud.


Someone was killing people in Wu Yun City, and they were specifically killing disciples of the Taiyi Sect. This matter immediately became a sensation. Not only the innate experts of the Taiyi Sect, but also the rest of the sects rushed to Wu Yun City at the first opportunity. Who the hell was this person? How dare he be so bold.

Not long ago, someone dared to kill people from the ‘Twin Sword Sect’ and the ‘Forge Hall’ outside Hang Shui City, and now someone openly killed people from the Taiyi Sect in Wu Yun City, were there just so many ruthless people now?

After receiving this news, Yun Ziyi stood in front of one of the balconies of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ building and pondered for a long time. Only then did she say to the green-skirted girl behind her, “Xiao Ling, pack up, I’m going to make a trip to the Ice Lake to visit Elder Feng Lou.”

What she wanted to see was not Feng Lou, but the Mo Ying who had joined the Ice Lake. When a protest against an existence that killed the peak of the earth level in seconds appeared in Wu Yun City, she remembered that bearded man, and she also remembered Mo Ying, because she knew that Mo Ying had an interest in Wu Yun Mountain.

A few days later, inside the secret room of the Ice Lake, the increasingly pale Elder Feng sat on top of a soft couch, with Ji Yilan and Miao Lan all sitting at the bottom.

“Mo Ying is gone?” Old Feng’s voice was calm, not the slightest fluctuation could be seen.

Ji Yilan stood up and said with her head bowed, “Yes, Lou Lou, but I didn’t persuade him to leave, he left of his own accord because he knew that staying here would delay Little Sister Yun. I was going to talk to him that morning, but he had already left.”

“But why do I get the feeling that you have something to hide in your heart? Is there something you’re hiding from your grandmother?” Her words were still calm, but the unquestionable tone of her voice made Ji Yilan tremble subconsciously.

“I’m sorry, grandma, that Mo Ying, he, he might be a medicine master ……” Ji Yilan knew that in front of grandma, she had nothing to hide.

“What?” Feng Lou’s bland and uninteresting eyes suddenly emerged with a brilliant light and she abruptly stood up. But a moment later, she sat down again, but her hands were still shaking.

Only after a long time did she say, “Why didn’t you tell me? You were afraid I would move strong?”

Ji Yilan lowered her head; her grandma knew her well, but how could she not know her own grandma? Feng Lou was the kind of person who disdained all means to achieve her goal, once she learned that Mo Ying was a Pill Master, then Mo Ying would not be able to see the light of day again in his life. Not only would he have to give up all his pill maker skills, but he would also have to stay at the Ice Lake to refine pills forever.

Given Lou Lou’s character, she would rather ban a pill maker, or rather kill a pill maker, than have that pill maker serve another sect. Even if Lou Lou did not do so, but the most precious thing a pill maker had was his pill refining skills, so how could he give an account of them? And if he didn’t give an account, there was only one way to die in the face of the basilisk.

The glare on Feng Lou’s face flashed and her eyes flickered, no one knew what she was thinking at this time.

Ji Yilan suddenly fell to her knees at once, “Lou Lou. Please don’t make things difficult for Xiao Yun. She doesn’t know anything about this, she doesn’t even know her husband. She has only met him for two months and she doesn’t even know that he is a medicine master.”

“You’re afraid that I’ll make things difficult for that Mo Ying and make Mu Xiaoyun’s heart stray, so you’re hiding it from me aren’t you?” The grandmother’s voice once again regained its calmness.

“Yes, in fact I was just guessing, that Mo Ying wasn’t necessarily a pill master either. I just heard Xiao Yun say that. He likes to put medicine into his meals and then eating it will be beneficial ……” Ji Yilan said carefully.

Feng Lou sighed and said, “Yilan, get up. Your heart is too soft. I really don’t know if it is right or wrong to leave the ice lake to you. Your nature is really not suitable to be a Sect Leader, hey ……”

There was a pause for a moment. Feng Lou said again, “Do you know what a pill master means to a sect? That Mo Ying can fuse medicine into his meals, so he is obviously a pill master, and a pretty powerful senior pill master at that. But you, surprisingly, let him go.”

“Lou Lou, that Mo Ying is just an ordinary person ……,” Ji Yilan was just about to speak, but Feng Lou waved her hand.

Feng Lou said indifferently, “Yilan, do you think a medicine master would be an ordinary person?”

She stopped Ji Yilan’s words and then said, “I just got word that five days ago someone killed someone from the Taiyi Sect in Wu Yun City and named the Taiyi Sect. He killed someone. It was because of a medicinal herb called ‘Blood Oar’ and that Mo Ying was a pill refiner ……”

Ji Yilan uttered in surprise as she immediately said, “Grandma, how is this possible, that Mo Ying left the ice lake just five days ago in the morning. Even if he could fly, he couldn’t have gone to Wu Yun City to kill someone five days ago. Besides, Lou Lou, he has no qualifications, even if he can refine pills, he is just an ordinary pill maker.”

Hearing Ji Yilan’s words. Grandmother Feng frowned, and only after a moment did she say to herself, “That would be impossible. Besides, he’s only in his twenties, no matter how unbelievable he is or isn’t a pill master, it’s impossible for him to kill a late earth level expert in seconds, I’m the one who’s overthinking it.”

After saying this, Old Mother Feng asked another question, “How is that Mu Xiaoyun’s cultivation progress?”

Hearing that Lou Lou asked about Mu Xiaoyun, Ji Yilan immediately became happy and hurriedly said, “Xiaoyun’s qualifications are very good, in only five days, she has cultivated the ‘Starry Rain Technique’ to the second level, and at the same time, she has entered the middle Yellow Grade.”

“It’s surprising that it’s so fast, it’s really worthy of the first level qualification ……,” it was Feng Lou who was also surprised when she heard Ji Yilan’s words.

Just at this time, the house butler who had been outside stood at the door and said, “Lou Lou, Sect Leader Yilan, the Purple Flower Fairy from the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ has come to visit.”

Feng Lou was stunned, and it was Ji Yilan who was also frozen. Although the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was only a chamber of commerce, its power was not to be underestimated. Moreover, the Purple Flower Fairy of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was even more famous, and even the Extraordinary Hidden Sects and First Cla*s Hidden Sects would give some face to the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’.

It was a little too strange that the head of such a large Chamber of Commerce would take the initiative to visit the Ice Lake, this matter was also a little too strange.

“Invite the Purple Flower Fairy in.” Although Feng Lou did not understand what was going on, she had experienced a lot of things, so of course she would not lose her composure because of this point.

“Yun Ziyi has met senior Feng Lou and met Sect Leader Yilan.” Yun Ziyi, dressed in a purple dress, walked in with a joyful smile on her face.

Ji Yilan hurriedly stood up and said, “It’s an honour to meet the Purple Flower Fairy at the Ice Lake, sister Ziyi, please have a seat.”

“Thank you very much.” Just as Yun Ziyi sat down, Miao Lan brought a cup of tea.

Seeing Yun Ziyi sitting down, Ji Yilan smiled and asked, “Sister Ziyi, you are so busy with your Chamber of Commerce, how come you still have time to come to my Ice Lake?”

Of course, Ji Yilan knew that the Purple Flower Fairy had inadvertently pa*sed by and then come in for a look, she must have come here for something.

Yun Ziyi said with a faint smile, “I had a meeting with Mu Xiaoyun and her husband Mo Ying in Hang Shui, so I happened to pa*s by the Ice Lake today, so I dropped by to see them.”

Of course Ji Yilan didn’t believe that Yun Ziyi had come to see Mo Ying, she had mostly come for Mu Xiaoyun and said with a sudden sense of alarm, “Xiaoyun has been trying to cultivate the Ice Lake technique now, while Mo Ying has already left the Ice Lake.”

“What?” When Yun Ziyi heard the news that Ye Mo had left the Ice Lake, she was so surprised that she still didn’t realize that she had spilled the tea on the table. There was only one voice in her heart, was it really him?