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DYM Chapter 733

Although it had been four days since he left Wuyun City, Ye Mo had not entered the Wuyun Mountain, he was only following the pamphlet the woman had given him to search for spiritual medicines on the outskirts. At the same time, it was also to test the effect of the antidote pill he had made.

After four or five days of testing, Ye Mo felt that his antidote pills were still good, and some of the overflowing poisonous fog could not help him. However, the poisonous mist at the entrance was too corrosive, so one could imagine that once inside, it might be even more corrosive. As a precaution, Ye Mo still endured the pain and used some materials to refine a set of armour that protected his head and feet.

The reason why he said he endured the pain was that Ye Mo knew that his current cultivation level was too low. Even if he used too many good materials, the armour he refined would only be a lower grade magic weapon at most. Once he came out of the Five Embodied Mountains, this Lower Grade Dharma Armour would be completely useless. This set of lower grade armour, however, wasted half of his ‘Geng Iron Essence’, in addition to some of the ‘Five Elements Stones’ and numerous other remaining ores.

To Ye Mo, apart from medicinal materials, the rest of his materials were just as scarce.

In the early morning of the fifth day, Ye Mo was already standing at the entrance of the Five Embodied Mountain, a fog with a burst of fishy smell overflowed from the entrance, even if Ye Mo had swallowed the antidote pill, he still felt a little dizzy.

The poisonous fog of the Five Embodied Mountain was indeed extraordinary, this was far from those thin poisonous fogs around. However, Ye Mo only thought for a moment before slowly stepping into the cloudy Five Embodied Mountain. To him, even if this poisonous fog was fatally dangerous, he still had to give it a try in the face of the path of cultivation.

As soon as Ye Mo stepped into the entrance of the Five Aggregate Mountains. Those poisonous fogs seemed to have a spiritual nature. They swarmed and completely wrapped Ye Mo up in an instant.

A ‘crackling’ sound rang out all around Ye Mo, even with a ‘snorting’ sound of corrosion. Ye Mo looked down and saw the clothes on the outside of his armor consuming away at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into nothingness in the blink of an eye.

“How powerful.” Ye Mo was secretly surprised, if he hadn’t refined a set of armor, even if his antidote pills were powerful, he would only be able to save his life and would not be able to collect herbs in here at all.

But how could there be medicinal herbs in here when the poisonous mist was so powerfully corrosive? Ye Mo thought about this. Immediately, his divine sense swept out, and sure enough, all that caught his eyes were trees that did not fear corrosion, and there was not a single spiritual medicine.

Ye Mo frowned for a moment, he did not suspect that there were medicinal herbs on Mount Wuyun. If there were no medicinal herbs, how could anyone collect them for so many years?

Thinking of this, Ye Mo simply stepped onto his flying sword, he wanted to fly over quickly, even to the highest altitude. However, he was soon disappointed, there was even an air ban here, there was no way to fly, even if he did, he could only stick to the ground.

Thinking about the air ban, Ye Mo couldn’t help but feel cautious in his heart. Since there was a ban, it meant that there were really cultivators here.

Not being able to fly, Ye Mo simply started to run forward. And even if he was running, Ye Mo felt a strong resistance. An hour later, Ye Mo rushed out of the poisonous fog layer and finally understood the reason why medicinal herbs grew here.

This was simply an aura resort, the aura of the mountains inside was so much stronger than outside that one glance could not even see the borders. And the main thing is that the mountains inside are not surrounded by poisonous fog. That is to say, as long as you break through the poisonous fog layer outside, you can enter inside to collect medicinal herbs.

Another thing that Ye Mo also noticed was that the fishy poisonous fog layer was only at the outermost ten miles. In the middle of the Aura Mountains and the fishy poisonous fog layer, there is also an ordinary poisonous fog layer for tens of miles, which is also poisonous. But there is no fishy smell and no corrosion. Moreover, there are still some medicinal herbs and plants living inside this poisonous fog layer, and they even grow very well. Even some animals were not afraid of this poisonous fog.

But at the same time, Ye Mo also saw that although there were many different kinds of spiritual medicines in here, the vintage was very low, and it seemed that many herbs with sufficient vintage had been taken away. Moreover, there were indeed poisonous snakes, insects and ants everywhere in here, and even many fierce tigers, leopards and wolves. Perhaps the fact that they had grown in a place with good spiritual energy for years had led to the fact that the ferocity of these beasts was far from that of the ordinary beasts outside.

As for why there was not only no poisonous fog in such a large mountain range inside, but also a great deal of spiritual energy. Those poisonous fogs even just surrounded this mountain range and did not enter the mountain range inside. Ye Mo didn’t even need to look around to understand what the reason for this was.

Combined with the air ban in front of him, Ye Mo already knew that this mountain range without poisonous fog had a huge formation. It was just that his skills could not see it right now. These poisonous fogs were surrounding this mountain range with medicinal herbs because of the formation.

Ye Mo knew that with his current cultivation level, it was simply unrealistic for him to understand this huge formation. However, Ye Mo also knew that this formation should have been left behind by someone a long time ago, so he didn’t need to understand it, he just needed to concentrate on gathering medicinal herbs.

Although the medicinal herbs on the periphery were generally not of long standing, Ye Mo still found quite a few herbs of sufficient vintage inside. After all, the area inside where the medicinal herbs grew was so vast that a collection every five years would not be able to be completely picked up.

Because Ye Mo did not have a medicinal garden to preserve these herbs, in order to not let the medicinal properties of the herbs be lost, he decided that when the herbs had accumulated to a certain level, he would go back and start making pills.

Ye Mo was so immersed in the endless medicinal herbs that he even forgot about time. Hui Chun Gra*s, Snow Needle, Silver Leaf Fruit, Water Earth Blue, Red Heart Gra*s, Fallen Earth Yellow, Three Flower Gra*s, Ming Tian Ma, Three Colour Mushroom, Thousand Illusion Flower, Yan Lie Gra*s …… He did not know just how many medicinal herbs he had collected.

The medicinal herbs inside the ring had been piled up in heaps, and had even been piled up into small mountain bags. But at the same time, Ye Mo also found numerous corpses inside this mountain range, not knowing whether the people collecting medicinal herbs died by cutting each other down. Or were there some people who didn’t want to leave this place and wanted to stay for the full five years, but died in the middle when something went wrong.

“There are enough medicinal herbs, we should go back and refine pills earlier.” Ye Mo said to himself as he looked at the medicinal herbs piled up inside his ring.

Over this period of time, Ye Mo knew that after crossing this aura mountain range where medicinal herbs grew, there was another layer of poisonous fog at the innermost part. After pa*sing through this poisonous fog inside, one could enter the core part of the Wu Yun Mountain, the place where Yun Ziyi said he could find the ‘Jia Lan Flower’.

But Ye Mo also went to observe, this layer of poisonous fog inside was more than twice as corrosive as the outer layer of the Five Embodied Mountain, and it was estimated that it would not get thinner all year round, no wonder no one had ever gone inside. I just don’t know how Yun Ziyi knew there was a ‘Jia Lan Flower’ inside, perhaps she was lying.

Ye Mo estimated that it had been two or three months since he entered the Five Embodied Mountain, so in order not to let Mu Xiaoyun worry, he decided to enter inside and try to get out sooner.

Ye Mo entered the layer of poisonous fog inside as fast as he could, but Ye Mo felt a strong resistance, which was far too strong than outside. His walking speed also became extremely slow, even as if he was a snail.

An hour later, Ye Mo’s cold sweat was already coming out, he had walked for a whole hour, but there was still an endless poisonous fog in front of him. This was certainly not what worried him the most, what worried Ye Mo the most was that his armour was actually starting to corrode.

He had used a lot of good materials for this lower grade magic armour, and a large part of the materials Ye Mo had collected had been filled into this armour. When he first entered the Five Embodied Mountain, the poisonous fog was corrosive, but it didn’t have much effect. But now, the further he went inside, the more the armour corroded. If it wasn’t for this armour, he wouldn’t know what the result would be if he only relied on those antidote pills.

Should he exit? This thought of Ye Mo’s turned only slightly and was immediately dismissed. Not to mention whether he could retreat, even if he could, he didn’t know when he would be able to get the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, besides, if he retreated now, he might be left empty-handed.

Another hour later, when Ye Mo felt that his armour was about to be corroded away at any moment, his eyes suddenly emptied and a large area of green appeared in front of him.

Did it finally come out? Ye Mo breathed a sigh of relief in his heart and was immediately drawn to the scene in front of him. This was simply an ancient spirit medicine garden, it was just unknown how long it had been, the herbs inside this medicine garden were all of very high vintage and many had even died on their own. The ones that were alive might not be the ones that were there at the beginning, but the ones that grew out on their own later on.

Ye Mo’s divine sense then swept inside the medicinal herbs inside the medicinal garden, Nine Leaf Orchid, Boat Return Flower, Double Leaf Roland, Purple Back Green Lotus ……

Looking at these herbs, Ye Mo was almost dumbfounded, what kind of medicine were these? Although he had never seen them in the flesh, as a disciple studying alchemy, he had seen all these medicinal herbs on top of the picture books. Ye Mo had never imagined that one day, he would be able to see them in the flesh.

Against the heavens, really against the heavens, he even felt his hands trembling. These were all medicinal herbs used by senior cultivators, medicinal herbs used by old monsters at the Jiedan and YuanYing stages.

His eyes swept over the outside of the medicinal garden and finally saw the ‘Jia Lan Flower’. The ‘Jia Lan Flower’, which was extremely precious to Ye Mo, was just a random wild gra*s growing outside the Medicine Garden and had no qualifications to enter the Medicine Garden.

Ye Mo held back his excitement and the urge to immediately go up to it, and his divine sense repeatedly swept around the medicinal garden until he was sure that there was nothing wrong with it and that it was indeed just a medicinal garden, then he slowly walked towards the medicinal garden.

Ye Mo carefully walked to the entrance of the medicinal garden and stayed for a while, finding no problems, before he bent down and dug up the three ‘Jia Lan flowers’ that were together. But just as he was digging up the ‘Jia Lan Flower’, he suddenly felt a powerful spatial pressure squeezing over, Ye Mo’s heart was shocked and he immediately knew it was not good. Without thinking, he had to retreat.

But that powerful pressure and suction force made it impossible for Ye Mo to move a single bit. The black poisonous fog swept over in the same way, and Ye Mo disappeared in the same place then.