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DYM Chapter 734

Ice Lake was also one of the three special grade sects in the Hidden Sect a few decades ago, but after the Great Competition a few decades ago, Ice Lake fell from the special grade sect. And then a civil unrest broke out in Ice Lake, so now it has fallen to the edge of being a third-cla*s sect. Or rather, if it weren’t for the fact that Ice Lake still had an unfathomable Feng Lou, Ice Lake wouldn’t even be able to keep its third-cla*s sect, and maybe even their residence, Ice Lake, wouldn’t be able to keep it now.

But recently, Ice Lake has become famous again, and one of the reasons is that it has recruited a talented disciple, Mu Xiaoyun. Of course this is not the most important reason for Ice Lake’s fame, the most important reason is that Yun Ziyi, the actual head of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, has increased her contacts with Ice Lake. In recent years, she had often interacted with Ice Lake and had even become a friend of Ji Yilan and Mu Xiaoyun.

To Chapter 734 – Looking to the sky knows that every five years after the Five Embodied Mountains, the poisonous mist inside will thin bó once, and many sects will send people in to collect some precious medicinal herbs. The last time the poisonous fog in the Mountain thinned out, the sect members who went in to collect medicinal herbs brought back very few medicinal herbs.

Not only were the herbs collected few, but they were also of a very low grade, with most of them being only one or two years old.

Without precious medicinal herbs, cultivation is even more difficult. The role of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is even more obvious: the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ has stored a large number of medicinal materials and liquid medicines, and even many pills and pellets over the years. So if you befriend the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’, not only can you get a large amount of cultivation resources at a low price, but you can also make your opponents fearful because the strength of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ is really not inferior to any other! Waiting for the Hidden Sect.

The fact that Ice Lake was now befriended by the ‘God Chamber of Commerce’ certainly provoked envy. One had to know that many precious cultivation resources could not be bought just by having money.

On top of that Fairy Violet Huā’s fame was likewise to some extent no less than the head of a first cla*s sect her initiative to befriend Ice Lake would of course increase Ice Lake’s fame. However, everyone thought that Yun Ziyi’s reason for befriending Ice Lake was simple, it was simply because of Mu Xiaoyun. Because of Mu Xiaoyun Chapter 734 – Looking out for Rhyme, Ice Lake had just gotten lucky.

Not only was Mu Xiaoyun a genius in the first level of qualification, but she was also a stunning beauty, and Yun Ziyi had wanted to befriend her when she was in Hang Shui City. Now that Mu Xiaoyun had joined the Hidden Sect’s Ice Lake, it just made people feel that it was only natural for Fairy Zihuā to go to the Ice Lake.

As for the Mo Ying who was with Mu Xiaoyun at Hang Shui City, he had long been forgotten to who knows where. How could such a person be worthy of the fairy-like genius disciple Mu Xiaoyun?

The Ice Lake was originally a symbol of the Ice Lake Sect, and at this time, on top of one of the highest rocks on the shore of the Ice Lake, a blue-skirted woman stood there dumbfounded, staring into the distance.

The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

For three years, *Qihang text* she came here every day to see her husband, but she had seen all kinds of people coming and going in the ice lake, but she hadn’t seen him. If it wasn’t for the fact that her husband had instructed her when he left to wait for him at the ice lake and not to wander off, she would have left the ice lake long ago to look for him.

“Sage-hun, I’m already at the third level of Qi training, why haven’t you come back yet?” Mu Xiaoyun murmured, her eyes seemed to be looking outside, yet they didn’t seem to be gathered anywhere at all.

“Senior sister Xiao Yun, let’s go back, sister Zi Yi has sent a few invitations for the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discourse Meeting’ then we can go together.” When Ji Yilan saw Mu Xiaoyun standing still, she sighed and walked over and said.

There was really nothing she could do about Mu Xiaoyun. She didn’t know how many times she had persuaded her but she never listened to herself, she spent a lot of time every day standing here waiting for her husband and it was rain, wind, lightning and snow without any hindrance. The rock had two footprints on it, but she was still the same.

If she had spent all that time training, she would have been an earth-level martial artist. But even so, Mu Xiaoyun was still a peak Xuan-level martial artist, and she had even cultivated her ‘Star Rain Technique’ to the sixth level, while she herself had only cultivated to the fifth level.

Mu Xiaoyun came back to her senses, she unconsciously looked at Ji Yilan, walked down from the boulder, took a moment to slow down, and then slowly said to Ji Yilan, “Senior sister Yilan, I don’t want to go to that a*sembly, you guys go.”

After saying that Mu Xiaoyun turned around and returned to her *Qing Yi Er Ya* own residence, from two years ago, she once again lived back where she lived with Ye Mo. Although Ji Yilan and grandma helpless, but Mu Xiaoyun’s natural talent is indeed a little too perfect, simply can not see her cultivation, she is already the peak of Xuan level cultivation, which to any person would not dare to imagine.

So when Mu Xiaoyun wanted to live in the place where the outer disciples lived, Ji Yilan and Lou Lou had no choice but to let her go.

When she heard Mu Xiaoyun say that she did not want to go to the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Conference’, Ji Yilan became very anxious and said, “Sister Xiaoyun, you must attend the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Conference’ this time. Do you know how hard it is to get this post? Our sect originally only had one, but then it was sister Zi Yi who helped to get a few.”

Hearing Ji Yilan’s words, Mu Xiaoyun looked back at her suspiciously, then asked, “Sister Yilan, my Sangha just asked me to wait for him at the Ice Lake, what if I leave and he comes and can’t find me? And I don’t like that kind of scene either, so why must I participate?”

Ji Yilan looked at Mu Xiaoyun somewhat speechlessly and said, “Sister Xiaoyun, you know that there is still one year to go before the competition for third-cla*s sects to advance to second-cla*s sects. And those who participate in the competition must all be under thirty years old, Xiao Yun you are the main force of our Ice Lake, you must participate.”

Mu Xiao Yun nodded and said, “I know, I’ll go back during the competition, but I don’t want to go to the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Arts Competition’, I want to stay here and wait for my husband.”

Ji Yilan had to say:, “The main purpose of the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discourse Meeting’ is to hold the next time a third cla*s sect is promoted to a second cla*s sect, inside that meeting almost all the participants who can get in will be there, many of them will get to know each other a bit and even have some live competitions. If you can learn about other people’s cultivation and moves and come back to improve your own moves, it will be extremely beneficial for you to win. Moreover, the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discourse’ will also talk to each other about cultivation tips. It is a very important thing for a martial artist to exchange cultivation tips with others. There are things that don’t come from just cultivating.”

After a pause Ji Yilan continued, “Of course there is another most important thing, that is the registration for the sect promotion competition in a year’s time is also in Tan Cheng, even if you don’t want to go to the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discourse Meeting’ you still have to go to Tan Cheng to register in person.”

In Mu Xiaoyun’s mind, she was originally a cultivator, and it was all taught by her Sangha. She didn’t even want to go to the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Discourse’ to have any exchanges with others, but she couldn’t refuse to go to the competition for Ice Lake. Ice Lake had been nothing but kind to her over the past few years, and to say that she had to excuse herself even if she had to go and do a little help with the competition, she just couldn’t do it.

“That’s fine, it’s just that my husband ……” Mu Xiaoyun knew there was no way she could refuse.

Before Mu Xiaoyun’s words were fully spoken Ji Yilan knew what she meant and quickly said, “You don’t have to worry about your Sangha, I have already spoken to Lou Lou, during the time you are not at the Ice Lake, once your Sangha returns, the Ice Lake will immediately fly an eagle to send you a message. You will be able to return to the Ice Lake whenever you like surely it will not affect your meeting with your Sangha.”

“Ah, that’s not necessary, you just need to tell my Sang-duke where I am and he will go and pick me up.” Mu Xiaoyun said in a hurry, for her it was the fear of missing the time to meet with Ye Mo.

She believed her Sang-du must have been delayed because of something, otherwise Sang-du would not have forgotten her, she believed him.

Sandalwood City, it can be said that this is the largest city within the Hidden Sect. In the Hidden Sect Sandalwood City is equivalent to the Hang Shui City outside. If one were to say that outside of the Divine Continent, Sandalwood City would be exactly equivalent to the capital of each country.

If it is said that Wu Yun City only has a lot of people in the herbal medicine business, then there are people in Sandalwood City who do all kinds of business. Moreover, Sandalwood City was located in the middle of the Hidden Sects, that is, the various Hidden Sects did not need to make too many detours to get to Sandalwood City.

This time, the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Arts Conference’ is a conference for young people to attend, so this time of year is even more crowded with people coming to Sandalwood. Even those who are not qualified to enter the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Competition’ will come to take their chances.

The reason is that at the ‘Hidden Sect Martial Arts Conference’, some of the pills and low-level gong methods that are not needed by the disciples of the great sects are sold at low prices. If you can find a gong method or *Qihang text* get some cultivation pills, that’s luck. If you accidentally get picked up by a sect and accepted as a disciple, that would be the luck of all luck.

The city of Sandalwood is different from other cities, there are innate experts here, and not just one or two, so no one in Sandalwood dares to cause trouble, unless they don’t want to live anymore. No matter how big you are, no matter how capable you are, Sandalwood is not a place for you to cause trouble.

When Mu Xiaoyun and the others arrived at Sandalwood City, it was already overcrowded. Just like back in Hang Shui City, there were even more people coming and going than there were in Xing Shui City.

There was no need to even consider a place to stay, it was simply impossible to find, and the prices were quite amazing.

But the disciples of Ice Lake didn’t have to worry, their accommodation had already been prepared by someone. , the headquarters of the ‘Divine Chamber of Commerce’ was in Sandalwood City, so Mu Xiaoyun and the others’ accommodation had been arranged long ago.

After settling down, Ji Yilan came to Mu Xiaoyun’s room at the first opportunity, she saw that Mu Xiaoyun was somewhat lost in thought, she couldn’t help but give a secret sigh and then said, “Xiaoyun, why don’t we go for a walk in the streets, the current Sandalwood City is very lively, it’s not good to be bored inside at home all the time.”

Hearing Ji Yilan’s words, Mu Xiaoyun thought of the time when Sang-duk was in Hang Shui City, when Sang-duk flew out at night with her and flew back again, and the scene when she and Sang-duk wandered around Hang Shui City together and then bought some small things to come, and her heart missed Ye Mo even more.

If only Sage-Gong were here, I could have gone out with him. It was just with Senior Sister Yilan, but Mu Xiaoyun was lacking in interest.

“Sorry, Senior Sister Yilan, I don’t want to go out, I’ll just stay here.” Mu Xiaoyun shook her head and refused Ji Yilan’s offer.

For the next two days, apart from registering for the competition, Mu Xiaoyun never left her place, which left Ji Yilan without the slightest recourse.

On the third day, when the Hidden Sect Martial Competition had already started, Yun Ziyi suddenly came rushing to Mu Xiaoyun and said, “Sister Xiaoyun, I think I saw your husband just now.”